Picard rubbed his forehead out of frustration. Dealing with alien diplomats could be quite tiring, but he knew just what he needed to calm down. Captain Jean-Luc Picard stumbled over to the replicator, mumbling, "Earl Grey, hot."

Suddenly, a torrent of boiling tea sprang from the replicator, scalding the Captain head to toe, as it began to flood his ready room. He spluttered and flailed, but he was helpless as he drowned in tea.

Riker screamed in alarm as the door to the Captain's ready room burst open, flooding the Bridge, with tasty, fragrant, scalding tea. The turbolifts filled up as well, spewing tea into other areas of the ship. Within the hour, the Enterprise floated dead in the middle of deep space, leaking liquids from the docking hatches, shuttle bays, and torpedo tubes. Eventually, the only thing that indicated the presence of the Galaxy-class starship was an ever-growing sphere of Earl Grey, hot.