Chapter 1: Falling from the sky.

I'm falling.

My desperate hands try to find something able to stop my falling, but my brain knows that's something useless. I'm in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, near Australia, seriously what can I find?

Then it hits me, Australia, The Great Coral Reef, if I fall near to eat, I'm dead.

I forced my eyes to open, and what I see is not the deep blue of the ocean, instead I can see green, white and more colors that don't even look real. Pink are too shiny, greens are extremely bright and yellows hurt my eyes. I'm falling in some strange kind of city. Oh my god, I'm dead.

No, I jumped from the plane because I wanted to live, now I'm not going to lose all my hopes, I have to live, I have to survive but the ground is near it will be better if I close my eyes.

I'm just starting to feel the changes in temperature, pressure, and oxygen levels that indicate how near to the ground I am when my back hits the floor and I get unconscious. The last thing I see is an old man that is standing a few meters away from me.

The first thing that I see when I wake up is white. I am trying to figure out where I am when I hear a voice.

-Who are you? - Says the voice in a hard tone. - Where have you come from?

I'm not sure if I will be able to respond so I'm surprised when I find myself answering:

-Why should I answer to you? I don't even know you.

I make an effort to sit down but I notice that I have some kind of belt around the waist, the voice noticed my efforts and pressed a button in the wall that made the bed in which I am move and now I'm looking directly into a pair of snake-like eyes that belong to an old man whit some white hairs and little wrinkles around his eyes and in his forehead. I'm not afraid of him, but there's something in his eyes that makes me think he is used to authority.

-Do you want to play a game? – His tone makes me angry, he is talking to me like if I was a baby. – Rules are simple: I will tell you something about me and then you will tell me something about you. Will you play?

- Yes. I don't have any other option, right?

-My name is Coriolanus Snow. What's your name?

- Carolyne. – His face says that he wants to know my full name. – Carolyne Jane Sunshine.

- I'm 53 years old, and you?

-I'm 10 and a half.

He starts laughing and that makes my anger grow. Yes I'm ten but I'm not a normal girl and he doesn't know it, so I decide to say:

-Yes. I'm ten. Do you have a problem with it? Perhaps I can kill you.

- No, of course no.

-The why the hell are you laughing?

-I'm not laughing of you, I'm laughing at myself.

I must have looked confused because he continue saying:

-Because a ten year-old girl is threatening me.

-I'm not a common girl, you should know it.

- And what's the reason you consider yourself different from other girls?

He said this in such an annoying tone that I answer:

-My mind works in a different way than yours and I have been trained to be a spy, which means I know how to kill you in many different ways.

-So you are a spy? From what country?

-France, and I want to know where I am.

-You are in the Capitol, the city that rules over Panem.

Capitol, Panem, what the hell is that? I'm starting to think if this guy is insane.

He looks at me and says:

-Nobody knows about us, not even the UN or the USA, we are invisible to all the Outer Word.

-If nobody in Panem knows about the "Outer World", how do you know about the UN and the USA?

-I have gone there many times, and in that way you are in clear disadvantage, I know your world but you don't know mine.

He is right, I'm in clear disadvantage, he can kill me in seconds and he knows this, even if I tried to escape his soldiers would find me. My mind tells me that if I want to survive I need to look innocent and harmless, even if that hurts my pride.

I'm starting to think what I should do now when his voice surprises me again.

-What are we going to do with you, Miss Sunshine?

I don't answer, because I know that in the moment my mouth opens I will start shouting bad words at him and that won't help me look innocent and harmless.

-I think I'll send you to one of the districts, but first you should learn something about Panem and hits history.

Then he stands up, turns around and walks to the door. Few seconds after he walks away I start to feel dizzy and then I faint.