Chapter 33: Allies for a day.

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It's midday when the careers return to their tributes hunt. As soon as they leave, I get off the tree and run to the lake. I fill my bottle with water and add some iodine to purify it. The instructions in the bottle say that I have to wait for thirty minutes before drinking the water, so I take off most of my clothes and hide them between some bushes and then I jump into the lake. I swim for some minutes, wash my hair and body and then get out of the lake. I was using my underwear while I was swimming, so I just have to put on the rest of my clothes.

I start checking my wounds; the one in the cheek is not so deep, I just have to clean it constantly until it heals itself; the wound in my arm is deeper and it will get an infection if I'm not careful enough. I cut a piece of the lower part of my shirt and wrap it around the wound, wishing for the best.

Now, that I have finished cleaning myself, I move to the pile of supplies. I start checking for some food before getting my bow. I've got some apples and bread, when I feel someone moving behind some boxes of supplies; it can't be any of the careers, they are hunting and they can't have returned yet. It's pretty impossible to be any of the other tributes…except…

-Foxface. – I say as a knife appears next to my neck and a hand crashes my back into some boxes.

-Finch. – She says annoyed. – My name is Finch Tedier. Why do you insist on calling me Foxface?

-There are three reasons for that. One, because it's true. Admit it; you look similar to a fox. – I hear her growling at my back. – Two, because it's kind of funny to see you getting annoyed at that. – She shifts her position; I turn my neck a little and see that she is lying over some boxes. – And three, because I want.

-You realize that I can open your throat if I want, right? – She threatens me and presses the knife harder against my neck.

I grin at the sky. – You won't. – I say with confidence.

-How can you be so sure? – She asks trying to sound determinate to kill me.

-Because, if you really wanted to kill me, you would have done it when you could. – I say as I kick a box near me. The box crashes, and the boxes over it collapse to the ground. Foxface lies knocked out in the ground.

I hear some footsteps and look around. I see no one, but I won't take any chances. I take Foxface in my arms and walk into the woods. There I hide us behind some tall bushes and wait for Foxface to wake up.

-Did you just have to do that? – She hisses at me when she gets conscious again.

-You had a knife against my neck. What else could I do? – I reply.

-I don't know. Maybe you could have taken the knife from my hand or attacked me with your knife. – She suggests sarcastically.

-Well, it could have been worse, considering that part of our deal was that I would kill you if I ever saw you again. - I say evilly, enjoying the panicked look in her eyes.

-We can be allies. – She suggests hopefully.

-How can I be sure that you won't stab me in the back?

-I won't, because you spared my life once.

-Fine we can be allies, but we have to separate when it comes to the last eight. Deal?


-Do you have something to eat, Foxface? – I ask, adding the "Foxface" just to annoy her.

-When are you going to stop calling me that? – she says clearly annoyed.

-When you earn my respect. – I say grinning.

-And, when will that happen?

-I don't know, that's up to you.

-As you wish. – She sighs. – Do you want something to eat?

-Sure. I'm starving. What do you have to eat?

-Right know? Anything. All my supplies are in a cave in the other side of the lake. – She says.

We see the smoke of a fire, and we look at the career camp; the careers have arrived and they are preparing their lunch.

-We can't return to your cave, but I have some food here. – I say, as I reach for my backpack and start taking the apples, bread, crackers and dried beef out.

We finish eating; the careers return to their hunt.

-I think we must find a shelter to pass the night. – I say.

-What do you think about the cave? – She suggests.

-It sounds good to me. – I say, as we start walking to the other side.

We arrive to the cave and sit there, waiting for the sound of a cannon. The sound goes down and no one has died today.

-What do you think would happen? – I ask.


-What do you think that the Gamemakers would do?


-Tomorrow or tonight.

-I don't know. I think that the most important question here is what we are going to do if something happens tomorrow.

-Nothing is going to happen tomorrow. It's going to happen tonight. And I've got a plan. – I say, showing some nightlock berries in my hand.

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