Chapter 36: Announce.

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I wake up at the feeling of my skin burning. The feeling lasts for some seconds and then disappears. When I open my eyes, the sunlight hurts them; I slowly sit up and turn my head to the sides, trying to figure out where I am.

There's a lake in front of me; a forest in the other side of the lake and there's a strange metal structure at my left. The Cornucopia. The Hunger Games, here's where I am. Foxface, where is she? Did she survive the spiders?

The burning sensation returns, and I look at my body. I'm not burning, but parts of my body are covered in bandages, some are lacking flesh and others are bleeding slightly. The wounds don't seem so serious, but after the burning sensation they start itching.

-You woke up. – I hear Foxface's voice at my back.

I turn around to see my ally handing me a bottle of water. I take it and pour the clear liquid into the ground. We might be allies, but I won't drink anything that has been out of my sight for a long time. I don't really like the idea of drinking my own poison.

-What are you doing? – She asks with a frown on her face.

-Making sure I don't make the mistake of drinking poison. - I say innocently.

Blood starts oozing from my arms and I notice that I have been scratching them unconsciously.

-Don't do it. – She says pointing my bleeding arms. – It took a lot of time for you to stop bleeding after I took you out of the lake. I tried to cover all your wounds but we didn't have enough bandages.

-Thanks. – I reply as I refill the bottle with water from the lake.

-You're welcome. – She smiles and hands me my backpack. – Here are your things; I took them out of the lake some hours ago. That's why some things are still wet.

-Thanks again. – I say. – Do you know what happened to my bow and arrows?

-No, but I guess you left them in the tree where we were hiding. You didn't have them with you when we jumped into the lake.

-How much time has happened since we jumped into the lake?

-A day and a half.

-And who died?

-Marvel, the boy from 10, Thresh, and the girl from 4.

-So, we made it to the final eight. Who is still alive?

-Glimmer, Clove, Cato, the boy from 3, Peeta, Rue, you and me. – She looks nervously to the ground, and then she looks at me in the eye. – Do you want to break the alliance now?

We got to the final eight and I'm not looking forward to the final two, but she has been conscious for more time than me after the spider attack, so I need her for information. – No. – I say. – We can stick together for a while more.

-What are we going to do? – She asks clearly relieved about our alliance.

-First, we need to know what happened to the other tributes…

-Glimmer, Clove and Cato are hiding in the forest, near a stream. – She interrupts me. – Peeta isn't with them. – She adds when she sees my questioning face.

-Fine. What happened with their supplies?

-The spiders destroyed most of them. We can go and check if there's something useful. – She says.

-Sure, but later. – I say. – First, I have to get my bow and arrows. We are running out of food and, since the Career's supplies were destroyed, our only source of food will be hunting.

-Well, let's get that bow. – She says.

We pack our things, and we start walking around the lake. We would arrive faster swimming than walking, but if walking is difficult, swimming is impossible.

After what seem to be hours, we arrive to the edge of the forest .Foxface was right, my bow and arrows are in the tree. We don't hunt; I just prepare some snares because we still have some dried beef and crackers.

We decide to have dinner and camp up in the trees. The careers probably won't return here and with a bit of luck, there has been enough fun for the Gamemakers.

-How was your life before you fell from the plane? – She asks suddenly.

-Easier. - I say. – Most of the time. How was your life before the Hunger Games?

-Easier too. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and change the Reaping.

-I don't wish that. I wish I could go back in time and change the Games. –I sigh.

The sun goes down and we fall asleep, but we wake up at the sound of trumpets and drums. The trumpets and drums are just used to announce the victor or a call to a feast. That must be, a call for a feast.

-Congratulations! – Claudius Templesmith's voice booms. – For the ones who made it into the final eight! – He stops for a moment and then continues. – I have a surprise for every one of you! – He makes another pause. – There has been a rule change. – Did I heard right? We don't even have specified rules. – This year, the Gamemakers have allowed two tributes to win. -Two victors? You have to be kidding me. There have never been two victors. This has to be a trap, making us to make alliance and then smashing all of our hopes. – Yes, you heard right. We'll have two victors this year, as long as they are from the same District. – He haves us a moment to process the information. – That's all and may the odds be ever in your favor.

-Same district. – I mumble distracted. – Peeta. – I turn to meet Foxface's eyes.

-Your district partner is still alive. – She mutters cautiously.

-What happened with yours? – I ask.

-Died in the bloodbath. He was beheaded by Cato. – She says. – You can go, if you want.

-I don't… - I start saying before remembering the "Star-crossed lovers" – I'll start searching for him in the morning. You can come with me if you want.

-No. It will make things worse. – She replies. – Tomorrow morning, we part ways.

-Let's have some sleep. – I say as I drift away.

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