The sun was bright and huge and welcoming. Its color was one he had seen many, many times before: The color of a thousand golden suns, his mother had called it once...Oh how he hated it! All of it: The morning birds, the blooming flowers, the warm sun! It all conspired against him.

Idiots. Idiots all around him: it was the one thought that ran through Scar's mind as he walked along the worn down path with the Lion King: Mufasa.

Scar growled to himself at the thought of his brother. Oh how he dispised him!

Mufasa. The Lion King. The Ladies' man. Father's favorite...Scar shook his head. Why should he care about that old fool anyways?

Another growl.

"Is there something bothering you, brother?"

"Besides having to tag along on your morning stroll with your chicken, I cannot think of anything, no." Scar retorted. Zazu gasped and huffed on Mufasa's shoulder. The King laughed. Scar's scowl deepened. Mufasa took the hint and cleared his throat. Maybe casual conversation was best.

"So...Sarabi has told me the pride is planning an anniversary for Sarafina and Sefu." Scar remained quiet. That usually meant he was keeping a crude comment to himself. Mufasa smiled to himself. Scar tried to hide himself from others, and he succeed with all in the pride. All but him.

The Lion King glanced up at Zazu. The bird nodded knowingly.

Suddenly, Scar saw Zazu fly ahead of them. He didn't want to ponder why, but couldn't help thinking Mufasa was about to lecture him.

"Scar..." And right he was. He stayed silent. Mufasa took this as his cue to continue.

" must go to this celebration. It would mean a lot to Sarafina-"

"I am going to stop you right there. When did I start to mean 'a lot' to someone?" Scar stopped walking, never actually looking at Mufasa. The older brother sighed softly in frustration.

"You know you have always been important to the pride. Father-"

"Do NOT bring that old geyser into this!"

"Will you just go?! For Sarafina."

"And what, may I ask, is the importance of that random lioness to me?" Mufasa seemed hurt.


"I believe you meant to say Scar." And that was it. Scar turned around and walked towards Pride Rock. The two brothers absentmindingly shook their heads in sync. This was how most of their conversations usually ended.

Scar wondered why he even agreed to take a morning stroll with the one lion he hated the most. Then again, he did that every morning without question. Why was this sunrise stroll any different? Then he remembered, and he thought about it again and his blood boiled again.

Mufasa wondered why his friend and brother were so stubborn. Why were they so shy? It did not take a genius to figure it out. It was not a difficult situation for Mufasa. In fact, it was not that hard for one to admit...Mufasa paused and stared into the horizon. The sky was becoming a brighter blue; such a beautiful color. The sun was rising; its color the color of a thousand golden suns, as a wise lioness had once put it...

Maybe it was not as easy as the King thought.

*Author note: This is my first story here on this website, and I'm pretty uneasy about it. All comments are welcome. If you enjoy the first chapter, I'll think of writing more.*