Your Cape, Master.

AN: Just a bunch of random little stories about Descole and his cape. I had this idea for a while, and just decided to post it now that I have an account. This does not fit in with my other story or the Alternate Universe for The Trouble With Akbadain either.

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Misthallery - A Rare Case of Luck.

Raymond had been expecting Descole to return cape-less. He always did. His master's many escapades often ended in him losing his cape, and it was always Raymond who was able to find it.

So far, his master's cape had been sliced to pieces, savaged by dogs, ripped to shreds by tree branches, trampled into the mud by horses, singed, set alight, doused in oil, dyed red, blown away, eaten by a shark, nailed to a bench, been wired up to an electric current, drawn on, soaked, locked in a door, thrown down a garbage chute - the list went on and on.

And so as Raymond waited by the carefully concealed carriage, he couldn't help but wonder what state Descole's cape would be in this time.

It didn't take very long before his master melted silently out of the trees, wearing a deep scowl and a worried expression and a -

"Master!" Raymond exclaimed suddenly, causing Descole to glance up, more than a little surprised.

"What?" he snapped, but Raymond ignored his sharp tone, as he always did.

"Your cape!"

The result was instantaneous. Descole's face morphed into one of great concern as he grabbed a handful of said object and pulled it around and in front of his face.

"Why?" he asked, "What's wrong? Has something happened to it?"

"No," said his butler, "It's perfectly normal."

There was a stunned silence.

" ...So it is." Descole said finally. "Well, that is good news."

And he entered the carriage with a new sort of spring in his step.

Raymond shook his head and took up the reins, enjoying the fact that, for once, his master had gotten out of this relatively well.

That is until Descole started to tell him about what had happened in the aftermath of his 'unmasking'.

After all, good things weren't really made to last.

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