Your Cape, Master.

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Akbadain - It Can Only Get Worse From Here.

Raymond had hoped that his master wouldn't do anything stupid this time. That he might just let it go and walk away.

But this is Descole we're talking about here. So, of course, he had to go impromptu skydiving - scaring his butler witless, mind you - run towards an onslaught of bullets, and then, God forbid, throw his cape off into sandy oblivion.

Raymond immediately started devising cape-retrieving tactics in his head.

He watched as Descole kicked his way through the soldiers, dodged their flying knuckles, and then he reached Reinel.

Raymond knew what was going to happen before it did. Next thing he knew, he was impromptu skydiving as well, running across the desert as fast as his legs would carry him as his master was thrown to the ground and overwhelmed by the soldier thugs. Then Reinel was beside Descole's head, reaching down and -


Targent was engulfed in white smoke as Raymond grabbed his master, pulled him upright, and then yanked him along behind him as they sprinted quickly out of Targent's way, dropping another smoke bomb behind him, just to be sure.

Raymond was very glad that he was privy to the face behind Descole's mask. If it were otherwise, he didn't know what would happen - but was sure that it wouldn't be good.

He was also very glad that - surprise, surprise - he stumbled upon his master's cape as he ran, and so he scooped it up and brought it with him.

Once they stopped running, Raymond glanced at his master's unusually bare face. Descole's lilac eyes were full of relief, and he offered his butler a half smile.

"Thank you."

Raymond was so shocked that he could only nod, and then he held up his master's cape.

"Your Cape, Master."

Descole took it and looked at the tattered edges with an almost melancholy expression.

"Another cape ruined," he said, "It's lucky that I have a few spares. And thank goodness we brought that spare mask."

'Lucky', Raymond thought, as in 'It's good that I asked my ever thoughtful butler to go to the tailor to ask him to make about one hundred copies of the same item of clothing.'

But Raymond did care about Descole, and he didn't know what would happen if he left the scientist to fend for himself, so he kept quiet.

After all, that was just about as bad as it would get.

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