"Steve Loses His Virginity"

"So handsome," Phil whispered, continuing to kiss his way down Steve's chest. "So beautifully made. God, your parents did a good job."

"That's the serum," Steve said, watching Phil with intense interest.

"You're forgetting." Phil bit the patch of skin just below Steve's navel. "The first pictures I ever saw of you were from before the serum." He kissed the bite mark, and Steve groaned. "I thought you were beautiful then."



When Steve had approached Coulson at the Avengers Mansion one day, the agent had no idea what was going to happen.

"I want to learn about sex," Steve said bluntly. Phil's jaw nearly dropped. "I tried the internet, but the stuff on there is just plain scary. There aren't many people I know who'd I'd trust this to. And when it comes to convenience, it's either got to be your or Bruce. Bruce has his… issues, and I don't think he's available anyway. Clint and Natasha said that you're single, and that you have a crush on me. Is this true?"

Phil's brain had kind of hit pause at the word 'sex'; he ran through the rest of Steve's convoluted speech in his head, picking out only the relevant information.

"Yes," he said. "What do you want to know?"

As it turned out, what Steve wanted to 'know' was the full experience. Full. Experience. Both sides of the coin. And Phil had always been an excellent – and thorough – teacher, in all that he did.

Which is why they had selected a time and place (Friday, Phil's room, nine p.m.), and Phil had made sure they would be well-equipped and, just as important, left alone.

Which is why he had undressed Steve slowly, the dim lighting painting shadows on his muscles, making them stand out.

Which is why they fell to the bed naked, Steve's head on the pillows, and Phil straddling his body.

"How do you want to start?" he asked. Steve shrugged.

"I don't know," he said. "You're here to tell me."

Phil bit his lip, trying to ignore the sharp spike of lust that made its way down his body in a flash. He leaned down and kissed Steve gently. The soldier had clearly had experience in this, because he soon took over, and the kiss took on a decidedly French flavour. Phil gasped, sliding his body down further, and moaned into Steve's mouth when he felt the erection behind him.

"That's it," he whispered. "Yes. We'll play it this way."

It was gratifying to hear Steve's noise of disappointment as Phil broke the kiss, and reached over to his nightstand to retrieve the essential items. He rocked backwards, enjoying the dark look in Steve's eyes, as he opened the box of condoms. He took one, tossed the box to the other side of the bed, and slid further down until he was over Steve's legs.

"Sensitive, huh?" he asked as Steve's hips bucked up. Phil sat on the soldier's thighs to hold him down while he sheathed Steve's erection in the condom. He'd warmed the lube by sitting it on a hot water bottle earlier. Now, stretching himself out, he was glad his last boyfriend had shown him that trick. "Ready?"

"Yeah," Steve said. "This is all real important, isn't it?"

"What, the protection and the lubrication? Yeah, it is." He spoke through gritted teeth. Steve seemed to be getting impatient, if the fidgeting of his hands was any indication. He moved up, held steady, and lowered himself with a loud groan.

"Oh, yes," Steve hissed. He grabbed Phil's hips, stopping him. "Hold it. Just… let me get myself together, okay?"

Phil couldn't speak; he just nodded, gripping Steve's muscled arms. He was having trouble keeping control as well; and as the one leading this liaison, he had to maintain some degree of composure. It wouldn't do for things to end… abruptly.

It wasn't long before he was bracing himself as Steve pulled him down, right to the hilt. Phil grit his teeth, his short fingernails leaving moon-shaped indentations in Steve's skin, and tried to lift. Steve held him in place.

"Where d'you think you're going, soldier?" he said.

"N-nowhere. But this is… this is how it's…" Steve began to move him back forth, and Phil gasped shakily. "How it's done?" he finished weakly.

"Okay." Steve let go. Half-disappointed and half-relieved, Phil began to raise and lower himself, just slowly at first, getting used to Steve's size. It had been way too long, and he was feeling the burn of overwhelming friction.

"You see?" he said. Steve nodded politely. Phil could have shot himself. Of course it would take more than this to move a super soldier. The super soldier. He leaned forward to rest his lower arms on Steve's chest, his elbows nearly touching the perfect six-pack. Like this, he had more control, and he raised his hips, further this time, and lowered with more force.

"Oh God, that's it," Steve said. Phil basked in his look of shocked ecstasy, and did it again. Each time, Steve's hips bucked in reaction, hitting all the rights spots inside. "Oh, Coulson, that's so good."

Phil chuckled. That stopped when Steve grabbed his thighs. The sheer power in those hands made him whimper.

"Call me Phil," he whispered.

"Phil… yes, Phil… Can I…?"

Phil nodded hastily, not caring what the captain was asking. He shivered as one hand began to move up to cup his ass. A finger from the other dipped down, tracing his balls, then stroking where he and Steve were so intimately connected. He shuddered, sheathing himself with more speed. Steve moaned, and Phil felt it right through his entire body. He clenched, and Steve clutched his hips.

"More," his said, and he began to push Phil up and down, faster, harder, and Phil collapsed onto his chest. This was so good. Being taken with such strength – he was sure there would be hand-shaped bruises – nearly blew his mind.

"You're so strong," Phil said, and he licked the perspiration on Steve's chest and neck, moving up to the soldier's jaw. "So good. So sexy." Steve huffed a short laugh, and sped up his movements. Phil whimpered again, and buried his face in Steve's neck, unable to speak anymore.

"Mmm…" Steve thrust up once more, and Phil could feel the warmth and pulsations that signalled Steve's climax. He forced himself to calm down, and waited for the soldier to let go. The moment he did, Phil climbed off, wincing at the loss. Steve made a small noise, then looked at Phil.

"You want the other side of the coin?" the agent asked. Steve looked blank for a moment, then grinned, and nodded.

"So you didn't…?"

"No. I made sure I didn't." Steve looked a bit disappointed. "If I wasn't being careful, I wouldn't have lasted even halfway through. You made it kind of difficult when you took over like that." Phil grinned. "Very sexy. You're a natural."

"So are you going to…?" Steve gestured vaguely. "Soon?"

"Just catching my breath." He maintained eye contact as he opened another condom, and slowly slid it on. He picked up the bottle of lube, knowing he'd have to be even more careful. This was Steve's first time, and it had to be good. No. It had to be great. It had to be the best. Maybe if it was really good, Steve would want to do this with him again?

He coated his fingers, then lowered his hand between Steve's legs.

"I'm going to stretch you out first," Phil said. Steve nodded. "Using plenty of lubrication. There are a number of things you can use for this, but specially-made lube is the best and safest." He slid one finger in, and paid attention to the way Steve's eyes screwed shut immediately. "Failing that, saliva or Vaseline."


"Yeah." Phil made sure to spread the lube. "Ready for another finger?"

"Of course. It takes a lot to hurt me."

Phil hummed as he added another finger, and began to scissor Steve open. "Relax as much as you can." Steve looked at him. "It helps."

Steve's head dropped back onto the pillows, and Phil was able to add another finger comfortably, and stretch the soldier further. He'd probably be okay after another minute of this. A deeper probe caused a hitch in Steve's breath. Phil grinned. There it was.

"What was that?" Steve asked, looking at Phil slack-jawed. The agent fought the urge to waggle his eyebrows.

"Your prostate," he said. "Like this?"

"Oh yeah."

"It gets better when something… bigger, is poking it."

Steve moaned. Phil took that as his cue. He lined up, holding Steve's partial erection out of the way, and began to push in.

"Don't you look gorgeous," he remarked, stroking Steve's cheek gently. The soldier looked up at him, and Phil leaned down for a kiss. The moment their tongues met, he pushed halfway in. Steve bucked, impaling himself further. In seconds, Phil was completely submerged, and it took every remaining breath in his body not to finish then and there.

"Are you going to move?" Steve mumbled into his mouth. Phil felt a twinge of frustration, but reminded himself that Steve was a chemically-enhanced being who healed faster than almost anyone else. Of course he was less sensitive.

"Sure thing," he said. He pulled out nearly the whole way, then thrust back in.

Steve was quite vocal, telling Phil what he liked, when to pick up the pace, or force, or depth. Phil peppered his skin with kisses and nips, caressing his face and sides, and entangling his fingers in Steve's blonde hair. All the time, his body automatically responded to Steve's demands, both physical and verbal. It was like they were made for each other.

"How's that?" Phil whispered. Steve was hard again, hips undulating against Phil's. It was sexy, and beautiful, and so much more.

"Good. So good."

Without being asked, Phil's smooth thrusts hit Steve's sensitive spot harder, becoming relentless in his need to get both of them off before he melted from the heat. Steve was still tight, and hot, and gripped Phil so wonderfully. Each clench brought him closer to the edge.

"You're the most gorgeous man I've ever known," Phil said. "Gorgeous eyes," he kissed Steve's eyelids, "gorgeous lips," kissed them, "gorgeous hands," entwined their fingers, "and an even more gorgeous soul. Adore you so much. So much."

Steve bit his bottom lip. He moaned when Phil began to jerk him off with a spit-covered palm.

"Will you come for me? Come for me, Steve."

He squeezed, twisted his hand, and Steve erupted, his body arching off the bed. Phil let go, thrusting as long as he could, even after Steve had relaxed back into the mattress. Once he was too soft and sensitive, Phil pulled out, removed and tied off both condoms, and threw them with unerring accuracy into the wastebasket. That done, he collapsed onto the bed beside Steve, and turned his head to look at the soldier as he cleaned him off with tissues.

"Okay?" he asked. Steve nodded, breathing faster than usual. "How're you feeling?"

Steve grinned slowly, and rolled onto his side to face Phil, stilling his hand. "That was great. It was… it was life-changing. I never knew sex could be that good. Some of the stuff I read online kind of scared the heck out of me." He patted Phil's shoulder. "Thanks, Agent Coulson."


"That's right. Thanks, Phil."

"You're welcome," Phil said, a bit hurt and confused. "Stay as long as you want." Please stay. "There's no hurry."

"Nah. Better not. Nobody knows that I'm here; they won't know where to find me."

"Oh. Okay. You can, uh, come back anytime. I'm always there for you; whatever you need."

Steve smiled, but shook his head. "I won't bother you about this again. I know it was kind of an imposition in the first place. Now I know there's nothing to be scared about," he shrugged, "I'm okay with doing it with other people."

Phil felt like he'd been kicked in the gut. No, worse than that. It felt like when Loki killed him (for all that he hadn't stayed dead). A stab wound, right in the left side of the chest. Steve was too busy getting up and getting dressed to notice his anguish.

"Thanks again, Phil." He realised that Steve was already clothed and at the bedroom door, smiling back at Phil. "See you later. Have a nice night!"

"Yeah. You, too," Phil said softly. Steve waved as he left, closing the door gently behind him.

Phil put away the box of condoms and the bottle, threw out the tissues, and then lay back on his bed where he had deflowered Steve Rogers, the man he couldn't help but love.

And wonder where he had gone wrong.

Steve returned to his room, feeling different. He didn't think that losing his virginity really would turn out to be such a big thing, change him so much.

But being that close to someone, being treated like something precious – instead of thinking that his strength made it unnecessary to take care of him – and having such nice, flattering things said made him feel so warm, and so alive. And the feeling of being in someone, and having someone else in him… he didn't know which was better. Just having that shared body and complete intimacy.

He blushed as the memory made him hard again. His skin was losing its sensitivity already, and he had to hurry. He could have gone back to Phil's room – it was closer – but he'd taken up enough of the agent's time. Besides, with his line of work, he needed as much sleep as he could get. Just one of the hazards of working for SHIELD.

Back in his room, Steve locked the door, collapsed onto his bed, and worked his pants down enough to pull his erection out, and work it until he was spent again, replaying the look on Phil's face as he spoke.

He couldn't wait to have sex again. Lots of people had already shown interest; he had some great choices to pick from.

Who should he choose first?

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