ok guys this is something that I am going to work on and... well there are some people who say that it should not be done and some who say it should. those that say it should not be done say that it would not mix well and those who say it should see how to do it.

a fusion of Metroid and Zelda as a 2 player co-op game with Samus and Link as the main characters.

This story is my idea for such a thing as a stand alone game so I hope you guys like it. enjoy.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own characters from Metroid or Zelda but the story line, plot, planet, and such I do own.

(Within a floating island fortress that radiates with a sinister aura)

A young man clad in green colored clothing walked into a large vaulted chamber. The walls were decorated with tapestries of war and victory. The windows were covered with curtains the color of blood. The floor was large square stones while ahead was a set of stairs that lead up to a throne of sorts where a man sat.

This man wore black armor that was large and looked heavy. His skin was darkened as if baked by sun light yet his hair was orange. The cape he wore was much like the curtains in the room, red as blood. He sat up in the throne and looked at the young man who had entered.

"So the Hero of Hyrule has finally arrived. I was wondering what was taking you so long. No matter you are here now. hah hah hah. I suppose you already know who I am but none the less I shall introduce myself. I am Ganondorf king of evil and Ruler of Hyrule." He spoke with a menacing voice. "Might I even ask who you are boy?"

The young man drew his sword and spoke with a voice that did not break an inch, "My name is Link and I am here to end your rule of terror."

"Ha ha ha ha ha... Such strong words from one so weak. Then again I probably should not discredit you since several times in the past I had been defeated by many hero's with such a name." Ganondorf said.

"Then this should be easier than I thought." Link said with a cocky tone.

"Enough talk. Let's end this here and now." Ganondorf said as he unsheathed a large two handed sword.

Link drew the Master Sword and took the Hylian Shield from his back. He stood his ground and waited for the big brute to make his move.

Ganondorf rushed forward and swung the large sword downwards at Link who swiftly brought his sword up to block the attack. They were stuck in a stand off of strength. Who would win this battle was unknown at this point.

Link slammed his whole body into the maneuver and threw Ganondorf back. Link then slashed Ganonforf several times before the attacks were blocked.

"Not bad boy." Ganondorf said as he leaped back and slammed the ground causing the floor to start falling away. "Let's see how well you keep your balance."

The ground was shaking violently as the floor fell away. Link was actually staggering quite a bit and nearly fell to the ground.

Ganondorf took this opportunity to send Link flying into the wall behind him.

With a sharp intake of breath and a groan of pain Link got up from the ground as it stopped shaking. Link's eyes were furious now and the Triforce of Courage emblem was shining brighter now. He rushed Ganondorf so fast that Ganon had to react quicker.

The reaction was too slow still and Link laid into Ganondorf with a powerful series of slashes and stabs. After the fury wore off Ganondorf staggered backwards looking bloody and badly cut up. He kept his feet still and decided on one last ditch effort to bring an end to this battle.

Ganondorf began chanting a spell while Link was recovering from using so much energy in such an attack.

"Awaken spirit of time and space. Transcend the boundaries of the worlds. Rend a path unto a world shrouded by sorrow and loss. Open the gateway to a land broken yet whole. Shimaltra vortes!" Ganondorf said with force.

A rift opened beneath the two of them and they were sent through the portal and to a different land, world, and planet. Ganondorf's spell had worked but not only did it work it had also dragged away all of Link's equipment. He was weaponless, and hand no equipment except for the Hero's Tunic.

Ganondorf didn't fare too well either as his sword was taken from him.

Eventually Link landed on the surface of some strange alien world that was vastly unknown to him and he had no weapon to defend himself against any possible enemies that would possibly show up.

Ganondorf was deposited from the rift portal on the top of a mountain that was shrouded by clouds of deepest black. It was not cold at the top but instead quite hot almost excruciating.

(Meanwhile elsewhere in space many galaxies and universes away.)

FLoating out in the vastness of space a Space Pirate vessel was stationary as if waiting on something. Just beyond their scanner range A yellow and orange gun ship seemed to hover. Studying, waiting, observing.

^Scans of Pirate vessel indicate the presence of Ridley as well as several thousand Pirate bio forms. Approach and confrontation is ill advised. Ships weapon systems consist of Ion cannons and the Dread Defense turret amongst others.^

Samus sat back in the command chair and let out an exasperated sigh.

"Well there goes that plan... Adam scan the area for possible ambush and stealth points in order to get closer to the vessel." Samus said to her ship computer.

"Scanning immediate area now." Adam said "Possible ambush and stealth points found. The asteroid field would provide sufficient cover but is highly dangerous to traverse."

"Well the Asteroid field huh. Alright. Adam set a course." Samus said just before the ships engines kicked on and propelled itself towards the vast asteroid field that was blocked the progress of the Space Pirate vessel.

The asteroids were flying past rather fast and the ship was evading them rather quickly as well. Soon the Space Pirate ship was drawing closer and had not seemed to have detected Samus' approach.

"So far so good. Adam, set the ship down on the nearest largest Asteroid. I want to get a full analysis of their ship to see what they are up to." Samus said as she activated her Power Suit and ran a systems check on it.

"Already on it..." Adam said as the ship began landing on a large asteroid. "Scans are in progress."

"Good. Alert me to any immediate change of the readings." Samus said as she turned to another screen to observe the condition of the ship and the asteroid. Everything was good.

"Samus sudden change in the readings of the Space Pirate vessel. They are powering up their engines along with some kind of device. The power readings from it are beyond measure." Adam said actually sounding astounded.

"Then lets get closer and forget not being detected." Samus said as she turned back to the front. "If it's one thing I hate more than Space Pirates. It's Space Pirates with some kind of device I know nothing about." with that the ship surged through the asteroid field and towards the Space Pirate ship.

In a matter of moment the Space Pirates detected Samus' ship and sounded the alarm. Some weapons fire followed but Samus evaded them easily.

"Adam. Protocol seven zero two niner Delta." Samus said.

"Affirmative. Transferring data to Power Suit." Adam said but instead he transferred the data, himself, to the Zero Suit Data scanner. Which looked a bit like a combination of an ear piece and eye piece. "Transfer complete."

At that the weapon fire from the Pirate vessel stopped and a loud explosion of sorts sounded and shook the ship. Instead of shrapnel and debris floating around what was seen was some kind of dimensional portal.

"Samus, scans have determined that the portal we are seeing is a higher form of the dimension portal from Aether. Proceed with caution." Adam said.

"Noted. Now lets go." Samus said as she shoved the pilot controls all the way forward for full speed.

They approached the portal and shot through it quickly. Everything blacked out. Samus was knocked out and her Power Suit was disabled. The ships power systems went offline. The ship began shaking violently. No sound was heard from within. Nothing save the sound of the machinery breaking apart and clanging around slightly.

Then everything lit up but the machinery was still dead and Samus was still out cold. The ship crashed into solid ground. The cockpit broke apart and went skidding across the ground breaking apart while the rest remained behind sticking in the ground.

The only sound to be heard was a faint whirring noise along with the sound of a voice. Then there was the sound of natural wildlife moving about.

"Samus? Samus responde. Samus?..." The voice droned on.

Alright first chapter done. and it is quite descriptive too oddly enough. in any case this chapter sets the stage for what is fully going on... catch the Other M reference?