alright... so we see that Link and Samus have encountered the first mini boss... (took me a few chapters) anyways... This enemy features a few aspects. ONE: Elite Pirate size, TWO: Space Pirate wall climbing and jumping. THREE: Weak point on head, FOUR: prolly gonna add in a zelda type weapon.

so yeah read and enjoy. and to those who were wanting a Samus and Link pairing I am sorry that I disappointed you guys but please keep reading this story and you may find that the pairing already made is perfect for the story. If you still want a SamLink pairing then read A Blast in the Pastfor that ok.

Samus: ok I was seriously expecting something different but this creature is good.

Link: This fight will be quite interesting.

Alira: Just be careful Link. *Alira wrapped a wing around Link who smiled at the gesture.*

Adam: Scans indicate that the creature is a Pirate class creature but it carries the weapons of some kind of pig like demon.

Link: Pig like demon? oh wait... I've heard this tale of history once before. Ganondorf was once to have taken the form of a pig like beast. *laughs* Quite funny actually.

Alira: *Laughing slightly* Well certainly he won't be any trouble for us. Right Link?

Link: Right. *Link grinned as he managed to hug Alira to him as she was in her anthro from.*

(With Samus)


This creature was the size of an Elite Pirate but the obvious weak point on it's head could not be missed. I began firing at it once it landed on my side of the split room. Yet something was a touch off. It did not seem to be bothered much with just my attacks. Something was entirely off and yet I did not know what it was other than I was missing my Power Suit and all of it's superior fire power.

As I kept fighting the creature it climbed the wall, fired a beam at me, and leaped to the other side to where Link was. I did not have anything to do for the moment but saw that there was some kind of crystal formation nearby and I also took note that there were certain object that would crash to the ground, or in this case right onto the creatures head.

I shot the crystal and watched as a chunk of stone crush the creatures head and dropped it to the ground. Link began slashing it's head, namely the crystal like formation on it's head.


Link had slashed the creature quite a few times before it got back to its feet. It climbed the wall and leaped over to where Samus was. She began firing at the crystal and knocked it back to a spot beneath a stone formation in the ceiling. Just as she was about to turn and shoot the crystal she was knocked to the ground by the creature. She was laying there. Face first on the stone. Defenseless. The Plasmite revolver had been knocked from her hands and the creature was holding her down.

She could feel the life being crushed from her body. She could barely breath, her sight was fading a bit, and her senses were becoming blurred. She blacked out...

[Black out]

She stood in an endless void of darkness. She could hear voices all around yet there was nothing there. She saw images of Old Bird and Grey Voice. She saw images of her parents. Then she saw an image of the Baby Metroid as well as Adam Malkovich. All beings that were important to her and they were all either dead or disappeared.

The images all froze in place and were lit up.

The one of her parents burst into violent flames. The one of Old Bird and Grey Voice simply faded away. The image of the Baby Metroid got blasted by Mother Brain's Brain Laser. The image of Adam Malkovich shriveled up and crumbled to dust.


Samus couldn't do anything as she was frozen in place as well when the image of Chozodia appeared only to be destroyed by an explosion of great magnitude.

"YOU COULDN'T STOP IT ALL FROM HAPPENING." The voice said accusingly.

"You're right. I couldn't stop it." Samus said as she stood there with her eyes closed. "My parents died when I was three. They were killed by Ridley and his Space Pirates. Old Bird and Gray Voice had escaped Zebes before the Space Pirates could fully invade. I was closer to twenty years old at that time. Chozodia was ruined because of my actions but also because of the Space Pirates. Adam Malkovich gave his life so that I could bring an end to the Bottled Ship. And the Baby... The Baby was killed because it was trying to save my life."

Samus stood taller and opened her eyes. "But you are right I could not stop any of it from happening but what can I do about all of that? It's in the past and as I have always said. My past is not a memory. It's a force at my back that pushes and steers. Whether I like where it leads me or not. But like any story... The past needs resolution for what's past... is prologue." She said with a fire in her eyes.

For a moment it seemed that the darkness smiled.

"You have come far young one." Said an elderly and all too familiar voice. "You have accepted your limitations and have allowed your past to be a strength to you. The Ultimate destiny for you was to become the TRUE Metroid. The TRUE warrior... against ALL things evil."

The hooded figure removed it's hood and revealed who it was. A rather old yet somewhat tall chozo stood in front of Samus.

Samus smiled, "Old Bird. Been many years since I last saw you alive."

"While it seems that I am alive I am only contacting you from many many light years away. The Metroid DNA and the Chozo DNA that flow through your body have yet to be fully awakened. Yes you are a super athlete and are able to absorb the parasite known as X. There is MORE to the two DNA's than you realize. Now for them to awaken." Old Bird said. "Now ... Wake up... Wake up and good bye."

The sound of something clattering to the ground sounded in the darkness then it all vanished.

[outside Samus' Mind]

Samus had thrown the creature off of her and she had gotten to her feet. She grabbed the Plasmaite Revolver but the creature had jumped over to Link's side of the room and was immediately crushed by a rock and it's head slashed open by Link's sword.

Link was hit a few times but was then trapped and bit quite a few times. The creature was not fairing too well either and was nearing death.

It leaped across the gap but never made it as Samus had charged the revolver and released the shot at the crystal formation.

The creature was somehow stopped in it's path as if it had hit a barrier and it fell into the depths of the pit.

(with Link)

Link shook him self a bit as Alira ended the Merge so that she could tend Link's wounds. She had placed Link in her lap and was doing what she could to restore his health. A few poultices and a small herbal poultice, made from a crushed Heart Flower, were able to heal a few of Link's more serious wounds.

A slight groan came from his lips and he rolled slightly but otherwise remained on his back. Alira only smiled a worried smile as he fell asleep. She thought to go on ahead and get the item that he would have to use in this place to reach the boss room but decided against it so she could keep an eye on him. She looked across the pit and saw that Samus was standing there for a moment before she walked off through a door on her side of the chamber.

"Sleep well for now... my loving hero." Alira said softly as she stroked Link's hair.

Ok... uh... is it just me or does it seem that I am focusing too much on the pairing of Link and Alira? oh well I have my reasons. For one... instead of the trash MA material that some people write on here with the actions in said stories being called "love" I am writing out the actual full relationship between Link and Alira. showing the way they feel for each other, how they react to each other, and what they do for the other during instance x (x=variable).

Alira: *sighs with a smile* You fight well Link.

Link: *ZzZZzzzzZZzZ*

Samus: I guess I am just going to have to go on from here myself huh.

Entity: Seems that way.

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