Last chapter saw Link asleep and Samus moving on to the next room not to mention the fact that Samus also has a Charge function for the Plasmite Revolver that she obtained. The real question is... What is going to happen next? Well I could tell you but I would end up getting vaporized.



I had left the room of the "mini boss" but not before seeing Link fall asleep and also not before getting a scan of the creature that was with him. The scan was most disturbing though as I read over it.

^Morphology: Dragon
Subject name: Alira,
Alira is bonded to Link due to an event in the past. The event is not known but it seems that what ever had happened granted the two with unusual abilities. Alira has the ability to take on a Humanoid shape but still retains her dragon apparel. It also seems that she can "Merge" with Link granting him increased abilities but decreasing his natural defense and speed. While in the "Merge" Alira is also subjected to the same fate as Link if he were to die.

The two are inseparable most of the time and amongst the Dragon culture would be considered mates. As Link fights Alira gathers what information she can on the opponents. Due to their mind link it is more like a single mind than two as the information she gathers he gets at the same time. The team that these two make is quite formidable and should not be challenged. If you are seen as a friend then ensure it does not turn into hatred.

WARNING: Alira, like most female dragons, is possessive of Link, her friend and life mate. As such other females could be seen as potential enemies despite the fact that the two are bound.^

It was disturbing in many ways but none that could be openly discerned. It was at this time that I began wondering what had happened to Link in his past that such a thing should be done. I was not disgusted by it at all in fact just the opposite. The DNA scans of both Link and Alira detailed one thing easily. They were equally human and dragon while Link showed the human aspect and Alira the Dragon, which made since considering.

As I contemplated their relationship I began wondering about my own life and who would succeed my legacy as a legendary Bounty Hunter.


Samus opened another door and found that she was face to face with an Eye door. She shot it three times with a charged shot from her gun and entered the now open door. Upon entering she found her self in a rather large room that expanded to an exceedingly high height. She began wondering what would be hiding out in here and was ready for it. A few hours passed and nothing happened.

"Ok... Note to self: Twin Dungeons require both people to be in the mini boss and main boss rooms for anything to happen. Also the puzzles are annoying to the extent of near suicide." Samus said as she sat down on the ground.

While sitting she started in on an analysis of both Link and Alira, even though it was through the Eye Piece that Link wore, she was still able to get the information she wanted. What she learned was quite astounding but nothing on their past just that Link was starting to exhibit more and more draconic traits but still remain human. It was quite amazing and interesting and she also knew that she had to hide the data in highly secured encryption coding that only she could open.

If the federation were to learn of this ,and them who knew what would happen. Link's world would possibly be ransacked and reduced to ruin due to some thought of a threat residing there.

"Adam. Pull up the current stats of all active bounty hunters." Samus said.

Soon she was granted the sight of all the bounty hunters.

(With Link and Alira)

Link awoke a few minutes later and was staring up at Alira.

"Let me guess. I got hurt pretty bad and you had to nurse me back to health right?" Link asked as he opened his eyes.

"Well of course. What else am I supposed to do?" Alira stated. "The injuries weren't as bad as they seemed but they were still bad enough. I'm sorry about the merge. I know how much of a strain it puts on you and..." Alira was cut short as Link simply reached up and silenced her by touching a finger to her draconic lips.

"No need to apologize besides we're still alive are we not?" Link said as he got to his feet and lifted Alira to hers. "Now let's get going, we got a dungeon to complete."

Alira could only smile as she followed Link through the next set of doors and into a room with a large chest in it. This was where the dungeon item must be kept. In any case Alira wanted to be by Link's side no matter what, even on their journey across the various lands. She remained by Link's side, at least till that battle with Ganondorf. She wanted to fight by Link's side but that accursed barrier stopped her and Link had to fight him alone.

"Alira? Alira? You there?" Link asked as he waved a hand in her face. She snapped at his hand like she always did but allowed him to get it out of the way.

"Yes of course I'm here. Where else would I be?" She asked slightly incredulously. She had been thinking and Link knew it, he always did wave his hand in front of her face if only to annoy her. She didn't mind it really and only snapped at his hand only to watch him snap it back to him but smile afterwards.

Link was smiling as they left the chamber and went about finding the Boss Key and also the boss door. A few hours of traveling across invisible platforms they got the boss key on the second floor. Now they had to find the boss door. As they wondered around it turned out that they had to go through the Dragon Statue room, only to find a set of stairs.

The stairs led to an underground path that was nothing more than a convoluted maze that would produce madness in others. The maze was quite articulate in it's layout and design that it irritated the two. A few hours of traveling the corridors of the maze Link and Alira found a set of stairs. Upon emerging from the stair well they beheld a massive set of double doors, below which was a symbol and glyph on the ground. Unfortunately there was a void where the symbol was supposed to be.

Link took the key that they had gotten and turned it so as to place it into the void where the Symbol went. Upon doing so the gears of the door began to grind and it slowly opened inwards. Link and Alira looked at each other for a moment before walking in. As they did Alira shifted to her full dragon form while Link readied his sword for battle, The sword glowed with emerald light but not enough to be noticed.

And another chapter done.

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