New Bella Chapter 1 - New girl

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BPOV (Age 10)

Today is my first day at Forks Public School, I'm extremely nervous because I am overweight, ugly,have frizzy hair, wear glasses and have an acne problem.

During the school holiday's I moved in with my Dad, Charlie Swan. We are both very quiet and easy going.

I quickly had a shower using my calming strawberry shampoo, I dried off and stared at myself in the mirror, I'm hideous. I've got rolls and it's gross. Oh well. I quickly chucked on some jeans, a long sleeved blue shirt and a green sweater. I chucked on my blue converse, brushed my hair and teeth and went downstairs for breakfast.

I scoffed down my cheerios and walked to school, as I was walking through the school gates I heard some girls laughing and whispering. I just ignored them, I walked to the front office and Mr's Cope showed me to my classroom.

I was in 4B I was with Miss Belmont, I noticed a big group at the back of the class. They were inhumanly beautiful, the other well they looked like followers. I walked to my assigned seat and got out Romeo and Juliet, I felt someone tap my shoulder and I turned around.

"Who are you? Why are you sitting at my table?" The handsome bronze haired, emerald eyed boy asked rudely, I shrunk back into my seat.

"The teacher told me to sit here." I answered quietly, the others were whispering and snickering now and were pointing me out.

"Great, I have to sit next to a whale." He said sarcasticly. I just looked down and tears started to well up, I didn't let them fall though.

"Edward come back over here!" The pixie like girl called, Edward strutted back over to his group and continued their conversation.


I walked to the cafeteria and bought a donut, grilled cheese sandwich and an apple. I went and sat one of the tables at the back, I didn't want to draw to much attention to myself.

The Cullen's and Hale's as they call themselves, sat down in the middle of the cafeteria. Everyone was talking and having a good time, while I was sitting at the back like a loner.

Once I finished my lunch I went and dumped it in the bin, I walked to the bathroom to wash my hands.

I saw that gorgeous super model, Rosalie, applying some lipgloss, I walked past her accidently knocking her into the mirror. I mumbled an apology and quickly went to the sink, I washed my hands and dried them off before heading back to the cafeteria.

I sat back down in my seat and pulled out Romeo and Juliet to finsih reading it for the 30th time, I saw the Cullen's and Hale's stalk over to me. They looked angry especially Rosalie.

"Hello smelly belly, you knocked Rosalie in the girls bathroom. You should have said sorry, now your going to get it." Alice sneered, I shrunk back into my seat and started packing my stuff back up ready to leave.

"Your not going anywhere smelly." Emmett said viciously, I just ignored them and continued packing up.

"Do not ignore me!" Emmett yelled, I winced from the volume of his voice. As I stood up Rosalie pushed me back into the wall and glared at me.

"If you tell anyone about this you will be a goner!" Rosalie whispered, it only made her scarier. I nodded quickly and she pushed me onto the ground, I couldn't hold the tears in any longer.

That's when it all started.