New Bella Chapter 5 - Shock


Beep, Beep, Beep!

It's only 6:30am! Charlie must have set it yesterday expecting me to sleep in, hope he did that to Scott and Will aswell. I rubbed my eyes and sat up, I walked downstairs and slowly ate a bowl of cheerios. 'Since it's now only 6:40 I may as well work out for 30 minutes or so' I thought.

Thank God school doesn't start until 8:55am, I changed into a pair of sweats and a tight t-shirt and chucked on my joggers. I walked back down the stairs and entered the gym, I got on the tredmill and set it about halfway.

40 Minutes Later...

I walked back inside and Sue and Charlie were eating some toast together, they look so cute together!

"Morning Dad, Morning Sue." I said walking by, they muttered a hello back and continued talking, typical.

Scott and Will are still sleeping, if they don't hurry up and shower I'm going to pour cold water over their heads. I mean it.

I walked into Scott's room first and shook him, he just groaned and swatted me away. I rolled my eyes and walked into Will's, I did the same thing to him and he rolled over. Idiots.

I walked into the kitchen to get 2 cups, I filled them with freezing cold water and ice cubes. "Whatcha doing Bells?" Charlie asked eyeing me carefully, I just laughed and headed upstairs. They're going to be in for a shock!

I stood over Will grinning like a maniac and tipped the water on his head, luckily these walls were soundproof otherwise I wouldn't be able to get Scott. "Holy shit Bells! Thanks a lot now I'm absolutely freezing!" He yelled at me, I just stuck my tongue out childishly out at him and muttered a get dressed.

I walked over to Scott's room standing over him grinning like I was crazy. Again. I slowly tipped the water onto his head and he immediately sat up and looked pissed. Oh well, he'll get over it. "What the hell was that for?!" Scott asked rudely, I just walked past him to go and have a shower.

I used my calming fruit shampoo and let the hot water relax my muscles. After my shower I blow dried my hair and straightened it once again, I only have 30 minutes until we have to leave. I went into my closet and grabbed a pair of torn white skinny jeans with a royal blue cut off at the belly button singlet and a cardigan. I put on my favourite pair of black wedge heels.

I look smoking hot! I doubt the boys will let me out! I went back into the bathroom and applied mascara and had the smokey eye look, I put on some clear lipgloss and brushed my teeth. Once I finished I grabbed my bag and headed out, the boys were waiting downstairs.

"Our cars are here Bells." Will said, I just squealed, grabbed my keys and went to greet my babies. I was trying to decide what car to choose when I finally chose the nissan 350z.

"Will got into my car and Scott got into his Jeep, "Wanna race you guys?" They nooded their heads quickly and we all started our cars up and lined up in a row out the front of the driveway. "3,2,1, GO!" I yelled, we raced off and turned and twisted until I saw the entrance for the school.

I raced in through the gates first and pulled into a nearby carpark, I won! I saw other people gaping at our cars, Scott came second and Will came third. I did a little victory dance and the boys just scoffed and started fake crying.

We were the talk of the school at the moment, except their probably thinking I'm not Bella, I'm a completely new student they haven't heard of. Boy were they wrong, I'm going to get revenge on them so good they won't know whats hit them. Hehehehehe.

They guys mouths were hanging open and the girls were glaring at me, I just strutted my way to the office and got my schedule, I had all of my classes with Will and Scott. I got Charlie to call in for that favour, we found our lockers which were all next to each other.

Bella, Will and Scott's Schedule:

Music -Mr Clemet

Biology - Mr Banner


History - Mr's Belmont

English - Ms Dawson


Gym - Mr Delboux

Math - Ms Stanley

I grabbed my books for my next class and we all headed towards music. We walked into the classroom and all eyes snapped to us, I looked at the class and I saw all of the Hale's and Cullen's sitting together in the middle. "Thats them." I said pointing with my eyes, Will growled quietly and Scott was having trouble keeping his cool.

"Class we have 3 new students, please make them feel welcome." Mr Clemet said, "Please introduce yourselves." He motioned for Scott to start.

"Hi, I'm Scott Black and I love to play ice hockey." He said walking to the back of the room where the only spare table left was.

"I'm Will and I play basketball and baseball." Will said and quickly walked to the back table, I heard some wolf whistles and I blushed a light shade of red. The Cullen boys are staring at me with wide eyes, they have so much lust I think I can feel it.

"I'm Bella Swan and I love to play the guitar and party." They looked at me in shock, I mean I don't blame them. I am hot after all, Rosalie looked at me with so much more hatred then before, probably jealous. I don't blame her.

I walked over to Scott and Will and sat down, I saw all of them looking at us, they didn't expect me to look like this did they? No because they only think the worst of people. Assholes.

Mr Clemet started his lesson and this term we are doing guitar, Scott, Will and I could play extremely well. This is going to be a piece of cake.

Edward Cullen was staring at me intensly during the whole lesson, I'm starting to get really annoyed, all he can think about is how sexy girls look. He's a fuck wit. I swear if he gives me trouble ever again I'm going to fucking punch his lights out.


Saved by the bell, I walked to the biology lab and went up to the teacher to sign my note, "Would you like to introduce yourself?" Mr Banner asked, I just shook my head no, the class oohed.

"Miss Swan, we have assigned seats. Your next to Edward Cullen, Edward raise your hand." Mr Banner said.

"I know who he is." I snapped before sitting next to fuckward, I sat as far away as possible from fuckward and paid as much attention to Mr Banner's lecture as I possibly could. I could feel fuckward burning holes into the side of my head. Gosh could this boy get any more annoying.

"Gotta problem?!" I sneered at him, he shook his head no and looked down. Hehehehehe.

RPOV (Earlier this morning.)

I heard that Isabella Swan was coming back today, she's in for it again. I'm never going to forget what she did that day in grade 4, she ruined my perfect face! There is no doubt in this world that she is fat, ugly, nerdy and friendless. Is it even possible to be so ugly?

My first class is music so I slowly made my way over there with my group, we sat down in the middle of the classroom as usual and waited until Mr Clemet started his lesson.

About 5 minutes after the bell went 1 girl and 2 boys entered the classroom, I haven't heard of these 3 who are they? The brunette girl was possibly even more beautiful and hot than me, the boys well they are sexy but not as sexy as Emmett.

I found out the two boys were Will and Scott, the girl was about to introduce herself. I could put her into our group. "I'm Bella Swan." They were the only words I heard and I can say I'm 100% shocked. How? It's on.

I glared at her with so much hatred, but surprisingly it didn't affect her. She glared straight back, now I know how she felt all of those years ago.


The bell has finally gone so now I can go to lunch, I saw Will and Scott lined up, I walked over to them and we did our fist bump.

We went and sat at the back of the cafeteria and chatted about random things until the Cullen's and Hale's walked over to us.

"Hey Belly, why'd you leave? We were having so much fun." Rosalie sneered, I growled and Will and Scott looked at me shocked, I rarely ever growl. I was about to lose my temper and Will and Scott won't be able to hold me down.

"You know what blondie? I left because I was feeling so bad about myself and I couldn't do anything about it. No matter what I did it still wasn't good enough. My parents split up in grade 2 how do you think I feel? I didn't have my mother as a role model! You have everything you could possibly want so back the fuck off!" I yelled at Rosalie, she looked shocked, angry and sad.

"I-I didn't know it was like that." Alice whispered to Jasper. He hugged her and she brightened up a little. I huffed and sat back down, Edward looked guilty. I'm so not falling for it.

End of the day...

We raced back to the house again and of course I won, we went to the kitchen to grab some snacks before heading into the rumpus room. I sat in a bean bag and the boys spread out on the lounge. So many thoughts are running through my head, I'm starting to get a headache.

We played Grand Theft Auto for a few hours before we got called down for dinner.