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Po's Family Reunion

Chapter 1: An Invitation

It was a bright and beautiful day in the Jade Palace. Shifu decided to be nice and give everyone the day off. So, Mantis went to go meditate in the hills and Crane flew off to do some painting. Viper heard of a ribbon dancing festival in the nearby village and went to see it while Monkey went to another festival that had a joke contest. Shifu went to the Pool of Sacred Tears to practice Inner Peace and that just left Tigress and Po. Tigress decided to do some training and Po had nothing planned until the Stork who brought the mail came by. Po thought it was a bit strange for the mail was delivered early but he took the envelope for the Stork said it was urgent. Po thanked him and gave him some gold coins for his trouble. When he read the note his eye went big and he did a fist pump. "Awesome today is the big day!" he exclaimed and ran down the hallway. Tigress was in the training hall working up a sweat when she heard Po scream. Thinking he was being attacked she rushed out to find him. Somehow they ran into each other and Po being the bigger one knocked Tigress to the ground. "Oh I am so sorry Tigress here let me help you up", Po said in an apologetic tone as he took Tigress's paw and lifted her to her feet.

"Po what is wrong I heard you screaming is the palace under attack?" Tigress asked looking around for any intruders.

"What oh no sorry I wasn't panic screaming I was just excited sorry again if I worried you", Po said as he walked passed her. "See you later Ti go back to training oh and I won't be back till real late", he said.

"Wait a minute where are you going?" Tigress asked with interest. Usually if Po was excited about something he would burst in and tell everyone. Instead he was just going to rush off without telling anyone anything. Normally Tigress wouldn't mind but ever since they defeated Shen she became very protective over Po. Once they returned her nightmares would freak her out so bad she would sneak into Po's room just to make sure he was still there. Sometimes she would watch him sleep for a few minutes then return to her room. If he ever went anywhere she would follow him to keep him safe. She knew it sounded weird and maybe she looked like a stalker but when Tigress almost lost Po it scared her. Then her true feelings for him were revealed and she wasn't brave enough to tell him but brave enough to protect him from harm.

"I just have plans is all don't worry", Po said as he tried to run passed her but she jumped in his way.

"What kind of plans?" she asked crossing her arms.

"Look just go back to training Ti I really don't have time to talk. I am sorry but I really have to go", Po said.

"Just tell me where you are going in case something happens and I need to find you", Tigress said trying to sound casual.

"Okay my dad managed to contact all of my relatives and I am supposed to get my big sister, her husband, and kids from the boat", Po said.

"Family Reunion huh, sounds like fun. So, why didn't you want to tell me about it?" Tigress asked.

"Well usually when I tell you something you don't really care and just go train so I thought I wouldn't waste your time by telling you", Po said as a frown came to his face. It was true every time Po was excited about something Tigress would just roll her eyes say it was a waste of time and then go train. He wished she was a bit more enthusiastic but then again she wouldn't be Tigress, the woman he loved. He always had a huge crush on her but too scared to say anything so he just kept quiet. He almost said that he loved her when they stopped Shen but was afraid she wouldn't feel the same. When he hugged her and she stiffened up he thought maybe she wouldn't love him the way he did her so he just kept her as a friend.

"Po, you are right", Tigress said. Po was shocked he was expecting to get hit and then have Tigress yell at him but not this.

"I am?" he questioned.

"Yes, you are I judge things too quickly and I made mistakes that way", Tigress said mostly referring to how she treated Po on his first day at the Jade Palace. "So, can I come to your family reunion?" she asked politely. His eyes went wide but then a smile came to his face.

"Sure it would be awesome if you really want too I mean". Po said.

"Yes, I really want too", Tigress said with a smile.

"Well follow me", Po said and Tigress and him rushed off toward the docks. They made it just in time to see a ship dropping off passengers. Po looked all around until his face lit up. "Zoe, Zoey over here!" he called waving his arms. A gray goose holding a brown baby goose came running up to him. She was followed by a bigger male brown goose with green eyes and two little grey boy gooses that had blue eyes.

"Po!" Zoey exclaimed as she gently hugged her brother.

"Hey big sis how you been?" Po asked as he gently hugged her.

"Oh just fine little bro and my you lost weight I can barely put my arms around you", Zoey said in a gentle tone. She came to Po's shoulder had grey feathers and blue eyes.

"Hey Matt how is my favorite brother-in-law?" Po asked the male goose.

"Just fine Po", Matt said.

"Oh my gosh is that little Meela?" Po asked as he scooped up the baby goose. Just then the two smaller boy gooses came up to him.

"Uncle Po, Uncle Po!" they exclaimed jumping up and down.

"Zen, Chan how are my favorite nephews?" he asked the younger boys.

"We are good. Hey can you teach us some Kung Fu", Chan asked with excitement.

"And give us a tour of the Jade Palace?" Zen asked.

"Now boys that is enough I am sure your Uncle Po will do the best he can but we are here to see family not bother Uncle Po at his job", their mother said firmly.

"Yes mam", the boys said.

"And who is this young lady?"Zoey said smiling at Tigress.

Po turned to see Tigress and his eyes widened as he said", Oh where are my manners. Tigress this is my older sister Zoey, her husband Matt, their two sons Chan and Zen, and this little one is their daughter Meela".

"Please to meet you all", Tigress said with a bow.

"Wow the Master Tigress from the Furious Five awesome", Zen exclaimed.

"Can I have your autograph Master Tigress?" Chan asked.

"Kids I am sure Master Tigress did not come here to be bothered with autographs", their father snapped.

"We're sorry Master Tigress", the boys said.

"It is okay maybe later I will show you some Kung Fu moves", Tigress promised with a smile.

"Awesome!" the boys cheered and gave each other a high five.

"So you are the famous Tigress, my brother talks a lot about you. How long have you two been dating?" Zoey asked. Tigress's eyes widened as a blush came to her face but before she said anything Po said something first.

"Zoe I told you we are just friends and we battle evil people together but we are not dating", Po said firmly. As much as he wished he was dating her but he didn't want to embarrass Tigress where she would change her mind and decide not to come.

"Oh my mistake you just talk about her so much I thought you two were dating please forgive me", Zoey said. Tigress just nodded as Matt thought it would be best to go to Mr. Ping's shop for the reunion.

"You talk about me?" Tigress asked.

"It is all good I assure you. My sister thinks since I talk about you and say how awesome you are she thought we were dating so I am sorry if she embarrassed you", Po said softly.

"It is okay I like her", Tigress said with a smile.

"Really so you still want to come and meet the rest of my relatives?" Po asked in a hopeful voice.

"Sure let's go", Tigress said as she took him by the arm and they went to Mr. Ping's store.

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