Chapter 4: Po's Girlfriend

Tigress kept watching Po with the fox with intense eyes. The fox was smiling and had one paw on her hip and her other paw was near Po's chest. Her finger kept tracing circles around Po's chest and Tigress didn't like this. "This is a family affair why is that little easy girl here?" Stacey asked checking her language because the kids could hear their conversation. But then the kids ran off and out of ear distance.

"Whoa it was be Halloween, look who just flew in? The Wicked Witch of the Valley", Joey said as he stared at Carla and Po.

"Such an Ice Queen from what Stacey told me", Jordan said frowning at Carla.

"Little tramp why did she have to come here?" Zoey said blushing at the words she had used.

"You know why cuz, that little gold digger probably found out that Po's the Dragon Warrior and now wants to get back with him just so she can say she is dating the Dragon Warrior", Stacey said glaring at Carla as the fox was batting her eyes at Po.

"So, what is the story with her and Po?" Tigress asked not liking how this Carla girl was looking at Po.

"It all started way back in the day when we first became the Outlaws", Stacey began. "When we first started out we sang songs mostly for a few gold coins but then we started getting popular. We get a couple of fans sign a few autographs but then that is when Carla showed up. Apparently she was a huge fan of the Outlaws and immediately wanted to date Po. And Po sorry to say fell in love with Carla and first everything was okay but then it changed. Carla became very demanding and wanted to dance on stage when we sang our songs. Po asked if we were cool with and we didn't mind but it was the way she danced revealing parts of her body and one time she was trying to strip on stage. Luckily Po stopped her before any clothes came off for there were kids in the audience. We call ourselves Outlaws but if kids are involved are songs are kid friendly and what she was doing was just wrong. Then Po tried to talk to her about it and she was yelling at him saying he didn't trust her even though she cheated on him lots of times. But the final straw came when Po decided to quit being part of our group and learn about Kung Fu. He would still play if we needed him but he wanted to quit. When he told Carla about it oh man she went ballistic saying he was a stupid worthless panda that needed to jump off a cliff and that he was not worthy of her. Then she left him broken hearted and so depressed. He didn't eat for days or slept and Zoey and I made a plan. We found Carla making out with some guy and climbed on a roof and covered her and her boy toy with brown gravy mixed with hot sauce and mud. It was funny as hell she screamed so loud the Emperor of China could hear her. Soon Po felt better and got over her and life moved on. Now she is back and will do anything to wiggle her way back into his heart. So, we have to do something to save our cuz and your brother", Stacey said finishing her story.

"You forget one thing little sis", Joey said.

"What is that?" Stacey asked.

"Remember every family gathering all of us promised that we would behave and not have any fights or do anything to ruin the family gathering", Joey said sadly.

"Oh yeah forgot all about that", Stacey said sadly.

"Poor Po how can we get Carla out of here without using violence for you know she will cause a scene", Zoey said sipping her tea.

"Let me handle it I didn't promise anything to anyone", Tigress said as she got up and walked over to Po and Carla.

"Five gold pieces says Tigress knocks her into China", Joey said slyly.

"Make it ten", Stacey said getting a good view of the show.

"You two are so immature. Make it fifteen and I am in", Zoey said looking at the show that was about to begin.

"So, Po how you been? You look really sexy in that outfit", Carla said stroking his fur.

"Thanks I am fine uh so what is new with you?" Po asked nervously. He was trying to be polite but he wished Carla would stop touching him for he did not like it. This woman broke his heart into pieces and now here she was again acting like nothing ever happened.

"I been doing a lot of growing up and I must apologize to you. You were so sweet and kind to me and I treated you so horribly", Carla began as she made a sad face.

"Oh you mean when you broke my heart and told me to go jump off a cliff", Po asked in a cold voice.

"Yes, Po that was spoken by an immature girl that didn't know when she had a good thing", Carla said pouting. "I am so sorry for hurting you and I wanted to see if we could start again?" she asked. "I mean we were so cute and happy together remember?" she asked him in a sly tone.

"I don't know", Po said.

"Please Po surely the great and kind Dragon Warrior could forgive me and give me a second chance", Carla said getting closer. Po took a step back but Carla put her arms around his neck and was getting closer.

"Carla stop it I don't want too!" Po snapped trying to get away.

"Oh come on Po we both know you will enjoy it", Carla said as her lips were just inches away from Po's lips.

"Excuse me", came a voice. Po and Carla turned around to see Tigress giving Carla a deathly stare with her arms crossed.

"Hey Tigress", Po said finally freeing himself from Carla's grip.

"Po what was taking so long you told me you were getting drinks and I was getting worried?" Tigress asked sweetly as she made a frown.

"Oh sorry I was distracted", Po said in an apologetic tone as he glanced at Carla with an annoyed look.

"It is okay Po I forgive you", Tigress said with a seductive smile. Then she walked over to Po and wrapped her arm around his arm.

"Excuse me but who are you?" Carla asked in a snobbish tone.

"Oh where are my manners? My name is Tigress, I am Po's girlfriend", she said firmly giving Carla a cold smile.

"You are his girlfriend?" Carla asked in shock and even Po was shocked but part of him was saying thank you Great Creator in the Sky my dream has come true.

"Yes, I am his girlfriend", Tigress said tightening her grip on Po's arm but not too hard where it would hurt him.

"I see so Po how much are you paying her to say that?" Carla said with an evil smirk.

"He isn't paying me he loves me", Tigress growled.

"Oh please honey he would drop you for me in a heartbeat. Everyone knows he still wants me", Carla said smugly.

"The only thing I want is for you to leave for this is a family reunion and you were not invited", Po said firmly holding Tigress's by her waist and glaring at Carla.

"How come she is here then?" Carla asked pointing at Tigress in disgust.

"She was invited by me", Po said. "Now Carla I don't want any trouble just leave quietly and leave me alone. For I would not date you even if you were the last female on Earth", Po said firmly.

"So, you would not date all of this?" Carla said motioning to her body.

"Not even if you paid me", Po snapped.

"Unbelievable you bastard you are turning me down so you can suck face with that monster!" Carla screamed angrily. Just then she was about to hit Po when Bam! Tigress hit her so hard Carla flew into the wall and was knocked out cold.

"Alright Tigress!" Joey exclaimed as he collected the money from his sister and cousin.

"No one lays a finger on my Po while I am around!" Tigress hissed. Then she turned to Po and said", Would you like to dance?"

"Absolutely", Po said as he took her paw. He led her to the dance floor as a slow song came on. He held her by the waist and she wrapped her arms around his neck. Tigress knew she had to tell Po the truth but what Po spoke first. "Listen Ti thanks for doing that. I didn't want to be with Carla for she was so mean to me and I am sorry that she called you a monster. I know that was all an act but thanks it meant a lot to me that you care enough about me to pretend to be my girlfriend in order to save me from girls like Carla", Po said with a smile. Tigress took a deep breath and stared right at him and began to speak.

"Po back there was not an act. I should have said something earlier but I do have feelings for you. I began to respect you after you defeated Tia-Lung and I fell in love after you defeated Shen. This may sound creepy but once we got back I was so freaked by my nightmares of losing you that I would watch you sleep and follow you around secretly whenever you left because I was afraid if I left you out of my sight then you would be taken away from me. You were right I was jealous of Song and that goat girl you were going to marry. When you were going to get married I wished it was me walking down that aisle instead of her. But I didn't say anything because I wanted you to be happy but I was jumping up and down with happiness when you didn't get married but sad because you got hurt. If you don't love me back I understand but I would really like to be your girlfriend", Tigress said fighting back tears.

"Wow Ti I am the luckiest guy in the world I thought a wonderful and awesome girl like you would never look twice at a guy like me. But I would be honored and very happy to have you as my girlfriend", Po said.

"Really?" Tigress asked in shock. Po's answer was a kiss as Tigress purred from pleasure as she deepened the kiss.

"You two pay up", Zoey said as her cousins handed her some gold coins. Soon night fell and Po said good bye to his family as they told each other to write each other and they would try to visit more. Po took Tigress back to the Jade Palace and walked her to her room.

"Good night kitten", Po said with a smile.

"Sweet dreams my Dragon Warrior", Tigress said softly. They kissed again and then went to bed and once their heads hit the pillow. At the same time they both said", Best Family Reunion ever". Then they drifted off to sleep dreaming about being in each other's arms.

The End

Author's Note: Hope you all enjoyed this last chapter. I had so much fun with this story I might write a sequel. Po's cousins come back into town and need Po's help for there is a contest of Battle of the Bands and they need Po's help in defeating an old nemesis. If the idea sounds good to you all I will write it if not I am leaving the story here. But I may write it if anyone has any song request let me know and please review. Till next time.