Author's Note: So this fanfic is inspired by the movie "Imagine Me and You" (Which is an awesome movie btw) Which means that unfortunately for some time Brittany is with Sam =P. I will have you all rest assured that I am by no means a Bram shipper and Brittana is my OTP. So yeah. Also I apologize for the slowish start but I promise to get the Brittana going in future chapters. Oh and finally this is my first fic that i've written so please have mercy if it's bad.. =]

Brittany POV

"Come on! We're going to be late!" my mother says.

"Calm down Anne okay. The bride can't technically be late. Everyone else is simply early." My father says and flashes a goofy smile at me. My mother shoots him a dirty look, the kind of look that my father would always claim could kill.

"Mom seriously we're not going to even be remotely late." I say as an attempt to calm her down. Her face is becoming slightly red as if she could explode at any given moment, which would be tragic considering I'm about to get married. My little sister groans slightly in response to having barely any space in the taxi due to my dress, which takes up about half of the space in the car. I feel a little bad that my mom, dad, and sister hardly have room to breathe but it's technically not my fault since my mother urged us to take one taxi in hopes that we would arrive at the church more quickly than taking two. I see the church in the distance and turn to see a smile slightly forming on my mother's face, but as soon as a smile barely forms it's replaced by a grimace as the taxi takes a sharp turn into the parking lot of the church. The moment the taxi halted to a stop my mother dove out. She quickly walks around the car and opens the door. As I get out she quickly gives me a peck on the cheek.

"Oh sweetie you look absolutely beautiful. Now quickly get inside! Come on honey this is you're big day!" My mother says and smiles. I have never really understood why brides make such a big deal out of their wedding. Ever since I was a little girl I had imagined having a small wedding with my family and closest friends on a golf course because the grass is so soft that nobody would have to wear uncomfortable high heels. But as soon as Sam and I got engaged, my mother hired a professional wedding planner who would plan a huge wedding appropriate for a "Pierce". The type of wedding I didn't want, but of course I agreed with my mother's plans of having a big wedding at a big church with a guest list of over 200 containing many names that I did not recognize. I simply agreed because I didn't want to disappoint my mother. And once Sam was told he could invite his entire laser tag team he became so excited that I just didn't want to burst his bubble. As I walk in the church I see all the fancy decorations. I'll admit it's pretty stunning but it just doesn't feel like it's my wedding. It feels like I'm a guest at a posh British girl's wedding. I look inside the main room to see a lot of people sitting in the rows. I see a couple of familiar faces. Although I know it's not time to go in yet a part of me just wants to run down the aisle, say my vows, have the priest say "You may now kiss the bride" to Sam, have Sam kiss me, and just get this over with. I had suggested to Sam that we could just run away to Vegas to get married but he thought it would be disrespectful to my parents since he knew how much this wedding means to them. Since high school, when Sam and I had started dating he had always tried to impress my parents. It wasn't an easy task, but with a couple of Elvis Presley imitations and Sam's easy going personality, he had won them over. Yet it still felt like he was still trying to impress them.

"Brittany!" I hear a voice whisper behind me. I turn to see its Quinn, my maid of honor and best-friend. "Wow, you look stunning Britt." She says as I walk towards her.

"Thanks Quinn." I say nervously. I'm beginning to feel a little anxious.

"Your mother told me to tell you to go inside the room to get ready." Quinn says. I furrow my brows in confusion. I was as ready as I could be. But I knew if I didn't go Quinn would force me to. I quickly hugged Quinn and walked over to the room. I knocked just to make sure it was the right room.

"Come in sweetheart." I heard my mother say. I walk in the room.

"I'm already ready." I say simply. My mother smiles at me.

"Oh I know. I just wanted you to wear this." My mother says and pulls out a lovely diamond necklace. She hands it to me and I put it around my neck. The necklace seems to catch every bit of light in the room and reflects it. "I wore this necklace when I married your father." She says with a tiny smile tugging on her lips.

"Thank you. I love you, Mom." I say and hug her. I quickly feel my eyes water.

"Now now, this is no time for crying." My mother says as tears begin to form in her own eyes. "I have to go sweetie I'll see you out there!" My mom says and walks out the door. As soon as she walked out Kurt, the wedding planner entered.

"Brittany I have bad news." He says with a frown on his face.

"What is it?" I say calmly. Kurt begins to pace back and forth.

"Well you know the wedding singer you liked at Blaine and I's wedding?" Kurt says nervously. I slowly nod. "Yeah well Rachel called in sick so she is sending in one of her backup singers." Kurt said with a nervous gulp.

Santana POV

"Rachel Barbra Berry, one of these days I swear I will fucking murder you." I say on the phone.

"Santana calm down. I'm sick." Rachel says in her loud chirpy voice on the other line.

"Rachel you are such a bad liar." I say annoyingly. I hear Rachel take a deep breath on the other line.

"Fine, you caught me! I have a big audition." Rachel says excitedly.

"Rachel, if it's another independent film about a grandmother with Alzheimer's that randomly requires you to be topless, a sight I don't think anyone in this world would want to see except Finnocence the Dough Boy I swear I'm not going to talk you out of it." I say.

"I'm ignoring most of what you just said. But no it's Les Misérables! It's a once in a lifetime opportunity!" Rachel says loudly, making me wish I was born deaf. I roll my eyes even though she can't see me.

"Rachel, you do know that Les Misérables is on DVD by now right? Meaning the only people who would actually go to see it would be weird theater junkies. Remember last time how those weirdoes followed you all the way to your apartment!" I say.

"Well this time is different." Rachel says quietly.

"How?" I say, tapping my foot impatiently.

"Well, I forgot to tell you, but I'm in New York City." Rachel says. "See I heard that Les Misérables was going to be brought back to Broadway so I just had to come to audition. This could be my big break into theater!" Rachel says with a squeal at the end.

"What about the shop, or your wedding singer duties?" I say angrily. It was so typical of Rachel Berry to just drop everything she has in order to follow her dreams. I had worked with Rachel from the start. If it weren't for me her music shop wouldn't be as successful as it is today.

"Listen Santana, if I don't get the role I'll be back in no time, but if I do then well..." She says nervously.

"Well what" I say.

"Well then I'm moving up here, and the shop would be yours." Rachel says.

"Oh, well just because you're offering me the shop if you get the role does not change the fact that I am pissed off that I have to cancel my date to go to some stupid wedding to cover for you." I say as I get in my car. I'm wearing a simple red dress, simple but hot. I had plans to go to dinner with a girl I met online, but since Rachel called saying it was urgent that I had to attend the wedding to fill in for her since originally I had taken the day off and prerecorded my voice so that Sugar could just lip sync as back up while Rachel annoyingly belted out love songs.

"I'll get you a better date." Rachel says simply. I cringe at the thought. The last time Rachel set me up with someone, it was with a creepy girl who I could have sworn tried to slip in some roofies in my drink.

"Uh no, I'd rather not. So where's this stupid wedding at?" I say. Rachel gives me the directions and I hang up and drive towards the wedding.

Brittany POV

I watch as Kurt paces all around the room.

"Kurt, stop pacing you're going to get dizzy and vomit out a rainbow." I say. Kurt turns and looks at me with a confused expression on his face. "So Rachel is going to have one of her backup singers sing instead of her, so what? Honestly Kurt it's not like I'm going to fire you because Rachel can't make it." Kurt manages to smile.

"Okay thanks Britt. I'll make sure to tell Blaine that he's not singing with Rachel." Kurt says "I'm pretty sure he'll be relieved because last time he had to sing a duet with Rachel she tried to kiss him!" Kurt says and quietly laughs to himself. He looks down at his watch. "Oh I better go, it's almost show time. Just remember don't rush down the aisle and hold the bouquet lower than your chest because everyone wants to see your beautiful face and dress." Kurt gently hugs me and walks out the door. I look at the digital clock on the dresser to see I have around 10 minutes till I walk down the aisle.

"You ready sweetheart?" My dad says as the organ begins to play the wedding march. I quickly nod as we begin to walk down the aisle it all feels as if I'm in a dream. I grip my father's arm tightly. I see everyone stand up as we walk in slowly. Kurt, who is sitting next to Blaine, smiles at me and gives me thumbs up. Quinn is over by the altar beside all of the bridesmaids and smiles and nods reassuringly. I look over to Sam who is beaming with tears brimming in his eyes. As we reach the altar my dad kisses my cheek and hugs me.

"I love you sweetheart." He says, slightly choking on his words.

"Love you too dad." I say. I look to Sam who smiles at me. I look down as the preacher begins to speak.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered together here in the sign of God, and in the face of this company, to join together this man and this woman in holy matrimony..."

Santana POV

I arrive at the church. It's a quarter to 3 and the reception begins at 6. Great, I'm early. I look to see a familiar van in the parking lot. A big white pedophile type van reading "Rachel Berry Band" I walk towards it to see the band and Sugar.

"Sugar you're not going to sing." I say angrily because I know for a fact she's going to want to sing. Sugar gave me a questioning look.

"Oh I know." Sugar says simply.

"Then why are you here?" I say becoming immediately annoyed; I flash her one of my signature bitch looks.

"Well originally I was going to lip sync the entire gig without taking any song requests but then I thought why not call Santana over so she can sing and I can get laid. So that's why I paid Rachel to tell you that you have to sing at this wedding. I'm thinking maybe I can get that cutie pie Blaine Anderson drunk enough to take home with me." Sugar says. I shake my head.

"Sugar, Blaine is married and gay." I say. Sugar glared at me.

"Not in Chicago!" She says with a smirk.

"Actually, I'm pretty sure gay marriage is legal now in Illinois." I say. Sugar frowns.

"DAMN GAY PEOPLE!" She says loudly. ""Asperser's sorry… I just really want to get laid." I roll my eyes. I look over to the courtyard to see the stage. The band had already set everything up."You should probably go in for sound check." I walk over to the stage. All of the decorations of the reception are a little over done.

"Check check." I say awkwardly into the microphone. It's weird only seeing two microphones. Usually for the weddings that the Rachel Berry Band performs at there are 3 microphones. One in the front of the stage for Rachel, another for Sugar to Rachel's right, and lastly one on Rachel's left for me. Rachel had told me earlier that the groom planned to sing a song and that I should perform a song with Blaine since he can keep up with anyone vocally. John, Scott, and Derik all wave at me. There not ones for talking and I liked that about them. They simply played anything Rachel or I would tell them to without question, it was a little weird though that it seemed like they knew how to play every song ever written.

Brittany POV

The entire ceremony passed by in a blur. One moment the preacher was going on and on about love and before I knew it I said my vows and Sam leaned in and kissed me. It wasn't the kind of kiss people see in movies where they're long and passionate; it was short and slightly awkward. I hear someone tap their glass to make a loud CLINK noise.

"I would like a couple of words." Sam says and stands up. He begins to tell the story of how we met and fell in love, and then he goes on about how much he loves me. I nod my head as he talks and laugh when everyone else does. Sam sits down.

"That went well." I say to him, he smiles.

"Yeah thanks I spent hours writing it. Did you want to add or say anything? And no wedding day problems that I'm not aware of, I hope?" Sam says. I shake my head.

"Nah I'm not really good at math or speeches." I say, Sam looks confused for a second but then smiles and nods. "And well Kurt told me that Rachel couldn't make it tonight so she sent one of her backup singers instead to sing for her." Sam nods. I look over to see the band on the stage.

"Seriously though bro, that singer is hot. Nice choice." Puck says to Sam as I'm eating. I turn to see the woman up on stage. She smiles to the audience.

"Hi everyone, I'm Santana Lopez and this is The Rachel Berry Band." She says in a raspy sort of voice. The music begins and I instantly recognize the song as Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide" as she began to sing I absentmindedly stare at her trying to take all of her performance like the way her eyes scan the audience, making it seem as though she's singing to each individual in the audience or how she puts her hands over her stomach, it's all mesmerizing and I can't seem to want to stop staring at her. I begin to realize how creepy I must look so I try to look down. As soon as I look down I see her eyes flicker over in my direction. I smile and feel myself blush a little. The song ends and I quickly get up and clap.

"Wow she's pretty good" Sam says

"Damn straight. Puckasaurus is totally nailing that." Puck says with a smirk. Sam laughs and high fives Puck. I roll my eyes. Typical Puck thinking he can get with any girl he wants.

"Shut up Puck." I mumble, but he clearly doesn't hear me. Sam gently elbows me and gives me a questioning look.

"You okay?" He whispers quietly in my ear. I nod.

"I'm just a little tired" I say. He smiles.

"Well the party has just begun Mrs. Evans!" Sam says and pumps his fist in the air. "I'm going to go get a drink." He gets up, and kisses my cheek.

Santana POV

After singing for an hour straight Sugar finally brings me a water bottle.

"It's about damn time. I nearly croaked at the end of "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston, honestly I'm 90% sure she probably rolled in her grave a little." I say. Sugar frowns.

"I thought it was perfect. So how many more songs left?" Sugar asks.

"Well the DJ is coming in around 10 minutes. The groom wants to perform a song, but I'm pretty sure he's hammer drunk. Will you go grab Blaine?" I say. Without question Sugar nods and goes off to find Blaine. Moments later I catch a whiff of raspberry scented gel. I scrunch my nose up a little because the smell is annoying.

"Hey Santana, awesome job so far; Sugar said you were looking for me?" Blaine says and raises up one of his triangular eyebrows.

"Yeah Rachel requested that you sing a song with me." I say plainly. Blaine laughs slightly.

"Gosh even when she's not here she's still bossing everyone. You're not going to try and kiss me like she did right? Because as much as I think women are beautiful and sweet I'm a perfect gold star gay." Blaine in a low whisper, I laugh at the thought because Blaine is honestly too gay to function and any girl wanting to challenge that probably had some sort of defective gaydar.

"Don't worry Anderson-Hummel I play for your team." I say simply. Blaine's eyes widen and both of his eyebrows rise in shock.

"Oh, well I never would have guessed. Well let's do this then. I was thinking something maybe top 40?" He says. I roll my eyes.

"You play acoustic guitar right?" I ask. Blaine nods with a confused look on his face.

"Okay we're playing this." I say and hand him the sheet music to "Valerie" by Amy Winehouse. I step up to the microphone.

"Hey everybody this is the last song I'm singing." I say. Blaine begins to play the guitar. I look to the crowd and begin to sing. I spot the bride and I lock eyes with her. Even from the stage I can see perfectly that her eyes are a bright blue. Her hair perfectly in a fishtail braid, my voice shakes a little as she smiles at me. After what seems like forever I turn away and look at Blaine, who's swaying along while he plays. I sing the last words and immediately look to the beautiful bride, who just like every other song I sang got up and began to clap. "Thank you." I say and walk off the stage with Blaine. He puts up his hand, waiting for me to high five him.

"Awesome job Lopez, seriously you killed it!" He says happily. I smile and high five him.

"Not too bad yourself Anderson-Hummel." I say and walk towards Sugar who is sitting alone at the open bar.

"Hey Santana." Sugar says slightly slurring her words."You did well up there."

"Thanks." I say plainly.

"I'd like to dedicate this song to the beautiful Mrs. Evans" I hear coming from the speakers. I turn to see the groom, who is probably drunk, up on stage. I hear the music begin and instantly recognize the song as Mcfly's "Love Is Easy". I scrunch up my nose; I never really liked boy bands. I look to see that the bride is simply smiling, looking slightly embarrassed.

"Where are the bathrooms?" I ask Sugar, Sugar shrugs. "Just great." I mumble to myself. I get up and search for a bathroom. I enter the church and begin to look around.

Brittany POV

I get up and go to the bathroom down the right hand side of the church. I'm instantly glad that my dress isn't too long because then I'd have to get Quinn to help me. I get out of the stall and begin to wash my hands; as I scrub my hands I hear something drop down the sink. I look to see my wedding ring absent from my ring finger on my left hand. I instantly begin to panic. I quickly reach over to lock the door when someone pushes it open.

"Don't come in!" I say nervously fearing it might be Quinn, or worse, my mother.

"Oh hell no I have needed to go to the bathroom since I got here." I hear an unfamiliar raspy voice say. I let go of the door to see it's the woman who performed instead of Rachel. "Oh I'm sorry." She says sweetly. I shake my head.

"No I'm sorry. I thought you were someone else." I say. She smiles.

"Oh okay." She says. She goes in the stall. I pretend to be washing my hands. I hear her flush and she gets out.

"Excuse me can I uh, wash my hands?" She says. I suddenly get confused but I realize there's only one sink.

"Oh of course you can." I say and move out of her way. "You were really great up there. You have a really nice voice and you're also really pretty." I say but instantly put my hand over my mouth. The Latina smirks.

"Thanks." She says. "So uh no offence but uh why are you just hanging out here, like aren't you supposed to be out there partying it up?"

"Uh… well… my ring sort of dropped down the drain…" I say nervously.

"Oh… hold on a second." She says and sticks her head out the door of the bathroom, checking to see if anyone is around. "Okay watch the door." She says and gently pulls me towards the door sending a sort of shock through my body at her sudden touch. Speechlessly I nod.

"So what's your name?" I say quietly. She turns around with wide eyes.

"Hmm?" She says.

""I'm Brittany, Brittany S. Pierce which sounds like Brittany Spierce but please don't compare me to Britney Spears because I'll never live up to her greatness." I say with a little disappointment. "Although I have had dreams where I could sing and dance just as well as Britney Spears." The Latina laughs.

"Okay I promise I won't. I'm Santana." She says with a smile.

"Well Santana, I'm glad you came to my wedding because after watching you perform I much rather hear you sing than have to tolerate Rachel's singing, which sounds like the shrieks of a banshee." I say, Santana laughs loudly.

"That is one way to put it." She says smiling. "Well I think I can get it out since it's not too far in." I nod. "Oh I got it!" Santana says and quickly examines it. "As far as I can tell there's no damage to the ring." I sigh in relief and quickly hug her.

"Oh thanks! You're a life saver!" I say. She smiles and shrugs.

"I just happened to show up at the right time." Santana says.

"Can you help me put the ring back on? I think I'll drop it if I do." I say a little nervously.

"Sure." Santana says and grabs my left hand. My stomach does a little flip and she gently slides the ring up my finger I look at her brown eyes which remind me of sweet chocolate. She lets go of my hand and looks up at me. For a second she looks into my eyes but quickly turns away.

"I better… uh … go "She says awkwardly.

"Okay… Thanks Santana" I say. She quickly walks out the door. I check myself in the mirror to make sure that my makeup and hair is still okay. I hear the door open "San…" I say. I quickly turn around to see it's Sam.