Saw the movie for the first time on March 12. Loved it instantly, only seen it three times and I felt compelled to write a fanfic so here you are.

Summer POV

My eyes slowly opened, I felt a burning sensation throughout my body as though I had the control over the sun itself. What was I doing here? Where exactly is here? I stood and looked around. I was near a large lake in a small forest. I looked up and saw the moon. I heard a voice in my mind.

"You are Amanda Summers, the spirit of summer itself. Find your sister; she's waiting for you."

Something told me to trust the voice. I quickly started running.

Autumn POV

I awoke with a start and shrieked in surprise as I hit the ground. I frowned and rubbed my head. Why was I in a tree? My eyes widened with horror as the memories came flooding back. My hand flew to my neck where I could feel a rope. It was all real.

I whipped out the dagger at my side as I heard approaching footsteps. A girl around my age, 17, came into view. She had shoulder length hair that matched the golden color of the sun, lightly tanned skin, an hourglass figure and eyes the color of sapphires. She carried a bow and a quiver of arrows on her back, and wore a sky blue tank top and shorts the color of the ocean and remained barefoot. The scar across her left cheek from her ear to her chin was evidence that she was a fighter. I knew who she was immediately, she was my sister.

Summer POV

The girl before me had waist length hair that was a mixture of the color of all autumn leaves and spiked up a bit and curved upwards here and there, pale skin, very thin, and eyes the color of hardened redwood sap. She wore an orange T-shirt, black jeans and a pair of boots.


"Amanda!" She ran forward and hugged me. We were together again and nothing would stop me from protecting my little sister.

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