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Derek's POV

Three nights, Simon and I had been camped out, trying to reach Chloe. Three nights of being in the warehouse. Three nights of being with Simon, trying to cajole him into eating healthy, trying to keep warm while sleeping on the cold ground, and of hearing about Chloe.

Chloe was nice. Okay, she was more than nice. She was extremely nice. When I had freaked her out with talk of magic and scared her with stories of necromancers, she hadn't flipped her shit too much. She had surprised me with being strong under her niceties. She hadn't let me bully her. Under her small frame, she had the temper of someone four times her size.

She had also stayed with me when I had almost Changed. The night that she and Simon were supposed to break out of the Lyle house to find Simon's and my dad, she had come to find me in the backyard, in the throes of the horrible, painful process of a Change. I'm a werewolf and Chloe didn't know that when she saw me twisted over, with my muscles and frame moving into a more canine physique. She also saw me puke all over the grass and when I say all over, I mean it. She had been brave and she had stayed with me. It meant a whole lot.

So, yeah, she was something else. But hearing about it for three days whenever all other topics of conversation died was starting to get to me. Not that I wasn't happy that Simon liked a girl. And that she, for once, seemed to not be an airhead who would screw with him long enough to break his heart. But hearing about it bugged me. I didn't know why and I wasn't delving into it anytime soon.

Finally, one night, I pointed out that he hadn't stopped talking about her. He then proceeded to tell me how she was different. She wasn't your usual girl. She was more and he really liked her. He was worried about her. The way he talked, well, he didn't say love, but it sounded like there was a possibility for him. And so for once when he said he really liked a girl, I believed him. I was happy for him. Until the third night, two nights since we had last seen her, I had a dream.

I don't usually remember my dreams. But I sure as hell couldn't get this one out of my head. Simon and I were hanging out at the park, like old times. Him trying to pick up girl's in between basketball games, me just enjoying the exercise and fresh air. And, of course, watching the show as he tried to get girls' numbers, sometimes being shot down hard, a good amount of the time getting a number or a date for next friday. I shot a basketball into the net and heard the gratifying sound of a swish as it went in. Then I looked down and saw Chloe. She was sitting on the grass, headphones plugged into an Ipod, watching us play. No, not us. Me. Her legs were crossed at the ankles in front of her and she was leaning back on her hands, eyes glued to me. She smiled when I saw her and waved me over. I looked at Simon who was walking over to a group of girl's, then jogged over, knowing our game was on pause.

"Hey." She smiled.

"Hey." I sounded less certain.

She patted the ground next to her and said, "Sit for a minute. Simon's busy for now."
I looked at Simon talking to the cutest girl he could find in the group. "That doesn't bother you?"

"Why would it?" She looked confused. "I have you to talk to."

Then she shyly put her hand on mine, small fingers weaving with my large ones.

Then I woke up, on the ground, alone. Simon returned from peeing minutes later and by that time I had stopped the blush on my cheeks. No. Hell Fuck Shitty Fuckwad No.

And yet I couldn't get that out of my head. Not while we packed up out stuff and hid it in the warehouse. Not while we ate energy bars and hardly passable produce for breakfast. Not the look on her face or the feel of her fingers on mine. Oh, god.

I shook myself visibly trying to rid myself of that image. "You okay, bro?" Simon asked, smiling at me. "Bugs crawl in your clothes last night?"

"Nah, I sent them all your way." Inside I pushed any stupid thoughts down and we left to go to the warehouse. It was almost ten.