Hi. I kinda forgot this existed. I'm so sorry I left you all hanging. Thank you to everyone who has ever loved my story and stuck by me. Thank you to those who still read it, even though I last updated years ago. I love you all. Here's some more for you to enjoy.

Derek's POV

I nodded, as if I expected her to be coming towards us. I was still a little taken aback at home normal Chloe made it sound for Liz to be dead.

I looked across the yard, making sure that no one was around to see us scurry through.

"You wanted to lead. So lead. She'll catch up." Chloe's tone was impatient. I knew that she was eager to leave, but I had no idea what was going on. She seemed to know more.

As I tried to think of my options, she started forward. I reached out, grabbing onto her too big sleeves before she could go too far forward. Her jacket was outrageously big on her and the neoprene fabric crinkled under my light touch. She looked back, her big blue eyes searching my face.

"I gotta know what I'm walking into."

"Two Edison Group guards discreetly patrolling the yard-"

"Edison Group?" My mind pulled up all the things I knew about Edison, trying to understand her words. I pushed aside the thoughts as she continued as if I hadn't spoken.

"And Tori's mom, plus the guy who shot at you Saturday night. But of all of them, Tori's mom is the one to watch." Chloe looked at the yard as she spoke, worry creeping into her face. The expression raised my anxiety. Why was she so worried?

"Tori's mom? Edison Group" I tried to pull together the randomness of her words into cohesive thought. "What's-"

"Derek?" Her voice broke through the spiral of thought.


She tilted her head up, her eyes looking into my face with an expression that made my chest squeeze "Do you trust me?"

More than I probably should trust anyone other than Simon and Dad. "Course," I managed to grunt out. A micro expression of surprise seemed to flit across her face, almost too quickly to see. She hadn't expected me to trust her at all. It was good that she couldn't see just how far that trust extended.

"Then, yes, I know you want details. But we don't have time. Not if Simon's back there and Tori's mom's on her way. She's a witch, and she's not afraid to use her spells. Good enough?" Her tone was level and helped to let me keep it together. I hated not knowing everything. I hated the unknown.

I looked across the yard, almost wishing I could see SOMETHING to help me piece together the confusing tendrils of information I had been given. I didn't have enough information. The thought irritated me. But I could feel Chloe's gaze on me and I knew she had the answers that I needed. I just had to make sure she didn't leave my side until I could find out the answers. I knew she would eventually have to go on her own, but until then, she was a comfort on my side. I just had to protect her.

I felt my resolve harden. "Stay behind me." My voice was quiet, but I kept the tone strict. I was not happy about going back on to the factory land with her in tow. It was dangerous to leave her behind however. I needed to get Simon and we would all go. Together.

Chloe kept whispering when it was safe to move forward, her connection with the dead Liz our safety net. I used all of my senses despite our ghost protection detail, frowning in concentration as I attempted to hear and smell any danger.

Soon we were standing behind a minivan at the edge of the neighborhood, almost on the factory land. We could see a few cars ahead of us, and a small group talking near by. I recognized one from the night we escaped and another was Tori's mom. The third man was a mystery, but Chloe seemed unsurprised by any of their presence.

"Where's Simon?"

"On the other side of them. Tori?"

"I left her over there-" She pointed toward the yard. "She went around back to watch the rear entrance. Hopefully, she's lying low and staying put."

The image of Tori doing anything smart and responsible made me want to laugh. "If it was you, yeah. Tori?" I snorted. Chloe's cheeks slightly tinged pink before she shook her head slightly, focusing on the scene before us. I stared at her cheeks, certain that I had imagined the coloring.

We can slip across this road and cut through the next yard. Then we can circle-" As she spoke she started forward. I grabbed her arm, feeling the delicate shape under my hands.

Ignoring the feel of her, I explained. "Dog." I jerked my chin toward the damn thing. "It was inside earlier."

She turned and saw the tiny dog, a piece of fluff eyeing me like it was about to attack. It had been staring the whole time we had stood there.

"Oh, my god! It's a killer pomeranian." She looked up at me, a smirk on her lips. Her eyes were lit up as she spoke. "It's a tough call, but I think you can take him."

I glared at her as she mocked me. No, I wasn't afraid of the size of the dog. I started to explain. "That's not-"

The wind changed and the dog went rigid. I stopped and pulled Chloe back behind me. "Fuck." The dog whined long and low, it's brain trying to figure out the best plan. Then it's overbred mind decided it had the ability to defend itself against me. It began to lunge at the fence, going crazy as it barked and yapped at me. It's tiny teeth hit the fence as it tried single mindedly to get to me. I walked backwards, keeping Chloe away from the dog until we went behind the minivan where the dog couldn't see us. Now that it had smelled me, it wouldn't stop for a while though. Chloe's eyes were big and her mouth was open a bit as she looked up at me, confusion on her face.

"It smelled me. The werewolf thing."

"Do they always do that?"

I shook my head. "I used to just make them nervous. They'd steer clear, maybe bark a bit. Now?" I threw my hand towards the dog that still was going berserk. " I get this. We need to shut it up." I had no idea how to do that though.

"I'll-wait. Liz!" She called out, not loud, but loud enough that I internally winced. After a moment, she spoke to the open air where I assumed Liz stood.

Stood? Floated? No idea.

"Could you distract that dog? I think he wants to play fetch."

What? "Play fetch?" I looked at the spot where she was looking, then back to Chloe. "What-?"

She gestured me forward toward the end of the van and pointed. I swung my eyes to the yard where the dog was. I gazed through the wire fence. I watched as a stick levitated off the ground. It shook wildly from one end. The dog watched it, still barking. It flew through the air. The dog immediately turned its beady eyes back to me, continuing to bark. The stick was back, tapping the dog on the back. This time, it flew away and the dog raced after it.

Chloe's voice turned me away. "Remember Liz thought she had a poltergeist? Turned out she is the poltergeist. She's a half demon with the power of telekinesis."

I turned back to the dog. "Huh." I watched the stick raise again and the dog played with the invisible Liz. I shook my head, trying to remember if I had ever even thought she might be anything.

Finally, after another moment of watching the dog, Chloe pulled me along the street, whispering that the coast was clear. I followed after her, feeling her little hands on my arm much too clearly.