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Pairing: Itachi Uchiha & Naruto Uzumaki

Summary: Uchiha family vacations were always a pain in the ass. That is until Naruto attends and leaves an everlasting impression in Itachi's heart.

First Impressions



Dinner had been a relative affair for the most part.

They had all retreated to their respective bedrooms around nine and after practically throwing Sakura out of his bedroom, Itachi finally let his tired body relax for a few moments. He let a particularly long sigh escape from his lips. The flight had been quite tiring, coupled with his constant efforts of warding off any concealed advances that his wonderful fiancé had gone through the courtesy of making.

To say he was grateful for locking himself away in his room would have been a very grand understatement.

After taking a shower in the spacious, French-modeled bathroom attached to his room and slipping into his black, silk pajamas, he settled some of the paperwork he managed to sneak in passed his watchful mother on his desk.

He was already more than halfway into the night before deciding to finally give it a rest. There were a few cricks in his neck that took little effort to pop back into place and once he was successfully able to move without the strain of stiff muscles he shut off the lamp perched by his desk he, sliding his reading glasses back into their case before placing it inside the drawer in his nightstand.

Licking his dry lips and taking notice to the dryness of his throat, he exited from his room; very conscious of the fact other people were still fast asleep in the dead of the night. He took careful strides down the hall, walking with extra cautiousness passed his parent's quarters since his mother had that maternal instinct to wake up when one of her children were roaming about the house in the wee hours of the night. Passing up Sakura's room, he also took exceptionally silent steps until reaching the stairs leading to the bottom floor.

The marble steps were cold against the pads of his feet and he realized too late that he should have made an effort to at least done on a pair of slippers before heading out.

It wasn't until he arrived at the threshold of the first floor that he realized he wasn't the only occupant awake when a dim light streamed into the den area coming from the next room. Upon reaching the kitchen he noted that the gods were definitely on his side for the tonight.

Naruto was perched one of the stools by the island, bare back facing Itachi while the lights from the vent over the stove cast alluring shadows along the man's body, accentuating sinewy biceps and the muscles decorating a sun-kissed back. The man only had on a pair of black gym shorts, the thin material doing nothing to hide strong thighs and shapely legs from Itachi's prying eyes.

He felt his cock grow heavy at the sight and watched with rapt interest as Naruto raised what looked to be a cookie to his mouth, biting it and then chewing on the snack with obvious relish, the coarse muscles of his neck rippling underneath honey-colored skin as he washed it down with a cup of milk. The moan that reverberated deep in the blond's chest was of apparent delight ascertained from the midnight snack, one that Itachi could bet was something that resonated from the heavens themselves.

His eyes followed a stray rivulet of milk that escaped the corner of Naruto's lips, trailing down a chiseled jaw all the way to a bobbing Adam's apple. The cup was emptied and torn away from eager lips with a satisfied aaah before it was set back down onto the table.

It was then Itachi wondered what the chances were of getting caught screwing the life out of the man before him would be. Surely his mother would have a heart attack.

Stifling the sinister smile that had spread across his usually indifferent countenance he strode forward, the audible padding of his bare feet across cold porcelain tiles causing the object of his latest desires to turn around, dazzling yet startled blue eyes taking in his domineering frame.

"Oh, Itachi, it's you." Naruto breathed a sigh of relief, scratching the back of his head sheepishly as he offered the newcomer an impish grin. "I thought you were Sasuke for a minute. Hopefully you aren't here to gripe at me for squeezing in a late night snack, eh?"

The older man regarded him with amused scarlet eyes, not even bothering to hide the full-blown smirk that had already settled across his lips.

"Not at all, Naruto-kun. There is no harm in gluttony at midnight." He informed while opening the refrigerator door and pulling out a cold water bottle to quench his parched throat. There was a scoff behind him and he turned ever so slightly, peripherals on the lightly blushing blond whose bottom lip was jutting out in the cutest way. Itachi swallowed thickly, gulping down the water with much more difficulty than it should have.

"Are you calling me fat?" Naruto questioned, slightly offended that he was being teased for partaking in bad habits. It wasn't his fault he had a black hole for a stomach!

A deep chuckle reverberated from Itachi's chest as he sealed the water bottle, the husky timbre sending unconscious shivers down Naruto's spine, something of which the older Uchiha took immediate note of.

"Quite the contrary. I don't think you have an ounce of fat in your body."

The grin was back full force and Naruto made to stand so the island didn't hide away his toned body from Itachi's twinkling eyes. He flexed his arm in a prideful manner, his chest puffing out and head held high as his bicep bulged quite noticeably. For a third time that day, Itachi marveled at the physical prowess and childish mannerisms of his current infatuation, wondering to himself why on earth he found himself so attracted to someone completely opposite from him.

His eyes trailed down.

Oh, yesss.

"It appears I'm mistaken." The comment startled the exalting blond, confused blue eyes following the line of sight of the other man's watchful gaze. He blushed intensely.

Turning around self-consciously he put his hands to shield his plump backside away from prying eyes even though his front side was facing the older Uchiha.

"Yeah, well, that's something I can't really tone down. It's not one of my favorite attributes…" he trailed off, face still hot and red under Itachi's scrutiny. There was a slight quirk of the older man's lip, a movement that did not go unnoticed by Naruto and he found himself grinning in return.

"Hey, what are you doing up so late anyway? I thought all Uchihas need their beauty sleep to keep up with their stunning good looks?" the last part came out lightly, teasingly as Naruto rinsed out his empty cup and set it on the rack to dry.

Itachi hummed, eyes distantly staring at nothing in particular, "Is that something you've gathered from my foolish little brother?"

Naruto pursed his lips in concentration. "Huh, I guess so. He's always so grumpy in the mornings!" A fond smile appeared and blue eyes softened at the recollection. The older man exhaled breathily, almost as if to laugh but Naruto knew from experience that Uchihas never laughed so openly unless much, much alcohol was involved.

"I suppose that hasn't changed from when we were younger."

The statement seemed to make Naruto visibly perk up, eyes wide and innocently gazing at Itachi in a new light. Impenetrable red eyes met his and despite the younger feeling all kinds of prickling on his skin, he didn't let his gaze waver. Fifteen years of friendship with that domineering and intimidating jerk Sasuke meant a very stubborn temperament on his part.

"You know, I don't really recall you ever being around when we were younger." He licked his lips, eyebrows furrowing together as he pondered. Itachi traced the slim morsel intently, a spark of hunger flashing across his eyes momentarily before he ripped his gaze away from the innocent display, a heat pooling in the pit of his stomach.

Calm strides led him to seat himself on one of the stools, one away from where Naruto sat while blue eyes quietly observed as Itachi settled an elbow on the table.

Naruto unconsciously straightened, watching intently as the older Uchiha rested his cheek against a pale hand. He knew that the man before him was decidedly showing a side not many had the privilege to see. Uchiha Itachi was a renowned businessman known for his tactful ruthlessness, domineering superiority, and his dashing good looks. Every rival newspaper Naruto had ever cared to read had testified to those characterized facts. Everything about the man screamed rich and powerful, ranging from the quality of his suits to the slight sway of his hips when he strode that it seemed to ooze from his very pores and Naruto knew more than anyone how important it was to uphold an image.

What Itachi was displaying to him now, this relaxed aura of comfort and familiarity was astounding in and of itself. Naruto, despite his own professional status, felt extremely honored.

"My time mostly consisted of work and school back then." Itachi's voice had grown soft but still held its velveteen quality. Nimble, tan fingers traced the fillings in between the porcelain tiles of the table in an act of nervousness as Naruto worried his bottom lip between his teeth.

"I remember now," he took a breath, eyes meeting Itachi's smoldering ones. "Sasuke used to complain about it, but I recall you always being in a different world the few times I did see you." The words came out without much thought, the serene atmosphere getting the best of him and he flushed as the realization of his words hit him.

"O-Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be so straightforward." The hasty apology earned him a sly smirk that caused a flush to race up his neck and to the tips of his ears. He coughed into his hand to release some of the tension from the atmosphere that had become a bit more suffocating than Naruto remembered it to be.

"It's quite alright, Naruto-kun. Although, I didn't realize you paid so much attention to me." The teasing statement caused the blond to promptly sputter and Itachi released a dark chuckle, crimson eyes admiring the ashen lashes dusking across honey-colored skin as they lowered in embarrassment.

"It wasn't like that!" he vociferated crossly and Itachi glanced at the staircase, hoping that the loud exclamation hadn't woken anybody up.

"I was going off curiosity is all." He huffed in conclusion, staring determinedly at Itachi. The older man simply held his astute expression; his posture still seemingly relaxed which Naruto was inwardly thankful for.

"Curiosity?" Itachi questioned, a slender eyebrow raised.

Naruto gestured his hand flippantly, as if he was having an everyday conversation with someone who wasn't Uchiha Itachi, Japan's number one business mogul, the most influential man besides Uchiha Fugaku.

"A lot of my teachers in high school talked about you so I wanted to see for myself what was so great about…you." He finished lamely, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly.

The smirk widened and Naruto gulped when Itachi stood, smoothening out the non-existent crinkles in his silk pajamas. Despite being prideful and outright tenacious, Naruto squirmed underneath the twinkling yet smoldering gaze of his best friend's older brother, unnerved that the men could bring out such a shy and unsettled side of him.

What the fuck am I saying? I'm Uzumaki Naruto, goddammit, not some pansy little bitch! Clearing his throat Naruto stood as well, cursing the older man's intimidating height that only added to his superiority. Unperturbed, Naruto glared up fiercely, which only seemed to amuse Itachi further.

"Have you found it, Naruto-kun?" the husky inquiry snapped Naruto out of whatever obstinate reverie he'd been berating himself with.

Naruto blinked bemusedly, "Found what?"

Itachi's eyes flashed momentarily with something he couldn't quite decipher but it was gone just as fast as it had appeared. The man moved and Naruto stiffened when Itachi's face was merely inches away beside him, warm breath fanning over his ear almost seductively. It elicited an unwanted shiver throughout his body and he stopped breathing unconditionally.

"Whatever it is that is 'so great about me'? Surely even you have managed to come up with numerous findings despite your…ignorance."

Naruto didn't have to turn to see the sinister smirk stretching across pale lips even further. The air around them thickened and Naruto exhaled through his nose as evenly as he could, letting his hyperaware muscles relax. He would not, under any circumstances, let this man, however capriciously devious and painstakingly ethereal beauty he possessed, get the best of him.

There were too many supercilious men (and women, no matter how scarce) in his profession that, just by glancing at his appearance, deemed him to be easily and pathetically acquiescent. But if Uzumaki Naruto was anything, he was extremely ardent about independency. He was not easily manipulated nor would he be so placidly demeaned by something as superficial as hierarchy.

In Itachi's eyes, he could see it plainly and as clear as day. This man wanted to control him simply for the assumption that he was just ordinary. Well, Itachi could eat shit because Uzumaki Naruto was anything but!

With narrowed eyes Naruto stepped back, all previous discomfiture gone from his rigid posture and the darkened hue of his eyes expressed his unwavering resolve to never back down. A smirk of his own split across his face and Naruto was pleased to note the inquisitive expression cross Itachi's face for a split-second. Arms crossed at his chest, Naruto raised an eyebrow before speaking in an inflectionless tone.

"I can't say that I have, Itachi-san. In fact, all I see before me now is a typical businessman. Nothing extraordinary. Surely even someone such as myself could have deduced that." He pushed passed the man without so much as a backward glance.

Scarlet eyes watched his every movement, the color having darkened considerably, almost malevolently for an infinitesimal moment. Itachi pursed his lips and straightened as the clicking of a door shutting closed echoed down the stairs.

If he hadn't wanted Naruto before, he sure as hell wanted him now.

No one was allowed to belittle his presence so impudently as if he was some other Joe on the street.

This wasn't just a simple quest to obtain the object of his carnal desires and satisfy the raging hunger burning in him ever since he'd laid eyes on the spunky idiot. No, this ranged far from that now. His venerable status had been demeaned and now, his imperious nature wanted to pillage and plunder anything and everything that made Naruto the person he was.

Oh yes, this would be one memorable family vacation.

No shrill alarm had ever awoken Itachi to his everyday, seven in the morning punctuality. His internal clock and obstinate need for precise perfection was eternally engrained into his mind that he had no reason for such a frivolous thing. With the last vestiges of sleep-haze departing from his mind, Itachi went about preparing himself for the awaiting morning with his family. No doubt his mother was already troubling herself with waking up the less prompt inhabitants.

It was an hour before he made his way down to the kitchen clad in ankle-length navy-blue khakis and a tucked in white button-down shirt, the folded cuffs a satin red. The pleasant aroma of bacon and eggs assaulting his nose the instant he reached the platform, the inkling of a smile gracing his placid features because despite his prodigious status, there was nothing quite like mother's cooking.

As secretly eager as he was to get food into his stomach, Itachi halted at the threshold, eyes taking in the unexpected sight before him.

Mikoto was the first to notice him, her usual motherly smile plastered on upon seeing her eldest son.

"Come and sit, Itachi. I'm almost done here." As if to further prove her claim she gentle placed the rolled omelets on a rectangular porcelain plate with a grace only mothers seemed to possess.

Itachi paid her little attention, his eyes never leaving the man leaning casually against island table, arms spread nonchalantly and a smirk settling across his pale lips.

Vermillion eyes caught scarlet ones, and a slender eyebrow was arched expectantly.

"Itachi." The name rolled of the man's tongue, his voice a sonorous baritone.

Itachi didn't falter, an easy smirk stretching across his own lips as he took in midnight black locks that curled in every which direction, contrasting attractively with alabaster skin and equipoising with twin hues of twinkling vermillion.

"Shisui." He spoke the name dispassionately.

A deep, euphonious laugh reverberated from his cousin, his head thrown back slightly to reveal a healthy expanse of pale neck, the flawless porcelain-like flesh stretching down to reveal the defining lines of chiseled pectorals that his dark grey button-down did little to hide.

"Pleasant as ever I see."

A wry grin was offered and the hardened features of renowned Uchiha Itachi softened with little reluctance as he strode toward the man he hadn't seen in almost a year.

Their embrace was brief and one-armed with a strong pat of the back, but it did not deter the emotions conveyed. Indeed, they had missed each other. Emails didn't quite reach the heart.

"I hope the states have been treating you well." Itachi began and took a seat beside his cousin.

Shisui gave a curt nod, resting his chin upon his propped arm as he flickered his gaze onto the plates his aunt Mikoto placed on the table.

"Ah, as well as expected from American hospitality I suppose. It's so much different from Japan. I miss home." The man huffed almost petulantly and Itachi chuckled. He was familiar with the western part of the world as well, and hadn't faired well on such foreign land, so he could only imagine how homesick Shisui was.

"Although, I should be able to return come November." A long, drawn out sigh escaped his lips and then he slouched in his seat. "I would have arrived sooner if it hadn't been for the flight delay. How's work? I'm surprised you've still retained your sanity. Impressed, more like it."

Itachi's lips quirked upwards slightly, listening to Shisui's annoyed yet eager recounts, his body unconsciously relaxing the only way it could when he was around his childhood companion.

"Just like I am impressed how you haven't caused father's western company to collapse." He rebutted without hesitancy and, as expected, Shisui pouted.

"Maa, maa, you're so cruel!" A toothy grin sprouted forth and Itachi's brow rose. "So I guess you haven't completely changed. You still have some of your usual Itachi-ness." The grin softened into something less guarded, more softened with vermillion eyes downcast and glazed.

Itachi kept his eyes on him but remained quiet, chest constricting with a succinct kind of pain, but then evanesced just as quickly. Trust to cause reactions from even the ruthless Uchiha Itachi with that heart of his forever placed on his proverbial sleeve.

"Despite your father's rather…well-known clashing with Tsunade-sama, she's got enough potential to pass off as an Uchiha. She's been on a rampage since our arrival and she's only kicked ass once!" Itachi highly doubted the woman would ever want to associate herself with their surname, but if the woman's tactics were as ruthless as her rather appalling habit of drinking, then he surmised his father had made a wise decision to merge with the Senju Corporation and extend a sister company to the western hemisphere.

Once his overthrow of Akatsuki came to fruition, Uchiha Inc. would be so much more powerful than ever imagined.

Shisui was only serving as a temporary liaison for his father and Tsunade, as well as making sure things ran smoothly and efficiently since the start of the Senju-Uchiha project. And once the man was finished with his duties, Itachi would request his assistance, because if he trusted anyone, it was Uchiha Shisui.

There was a clatter of plates against porcelain tiles, successfully snapping him out of his machinations and tuning him back into whatever voluble ramblings Shisui was going on about.

"-and he was so cute and energetic! I can't believe that wench was hiding him for so long! It sure livened up the office the few weeks he was there. Something about a report or whatever…who knows, but I hope he returns before I leave."

Itachi's eyebrows furrowed. "Who?"

Shisui was startled at the sudden inquisition, having thought his cousin had zoned out long ago. "Tsunade's nephew."


"Yeah, his name's N-"

But before the man could finish there was a loud clatter of the glass doors opening, a swoosh of air passing across the room and the bright morning sun streamed in where the sheer, white curtains had been blocking its rays. Mikoto clicked her tongue in annoyance, shielding the breakfast from the gust of wind so the food wouldn't turn cold.

A disheveled head of spikey saffron hair was the first thing that caught their eye. It was so bright and lively it could have been mistaken as a second sun. Then the dazzling pair of sapphire orbs attached to an angular face, the person's even tan noticeable with the sunlight behind him. The man adorned a sleeveless, bright orange hoodie with dark blue khaki shorts adorning his obviously lean body. His black sandals clanked against tiled floors as he walked into the kitchen with an annoyed Sasuke trailing behind him.

"I told you it was too windy to take a walk, dobe."

"Shut up, teme. You just don't like to do anything romantic."

"Who the hell likes taking long walks on the beach, moron?"

"Anyone who has a heart, asshole."

Sasuke let out a snort, hands stuffing themselves into his pockets. "I'm betting you put that on your media profile."

"Shut up!"

"Boys." Mikoto chided, but she couldn't help the smile at pair's childlike insouciance. "Sasuke, come say hello to your cousin."

Sasuke looked disturbed for a moment, before his dark eyes swiveled to the man sitting beside his brother with his mouth slightly agape, vermillion eyes stuck on Naruto who was sneakily hovering over his practically-mother-figure's shoulder, wide blue eyes searching for something to shove in his mouth.

She slapped his wandering hand with her chopsticks and he ducked away like a hurt puppy, grimacing but offering a sheepish smile nonetheless. Sasuke let out a snort. Jeez, the dobe would never make it as a ninja.


The man in question twisted around in surprise, eyes widening upon landing on Shisui's awe struck face. Itachi was thoroughly confused by now, but did not let it show. Especially when his cousin practically leaped out of his chair to meet Naruto in an unexpected bear hug.

Just what the hell?

"Shisui! I thought I'd never see you again! Man, is it great to see you!" they separated with twin expressions of pure rapture on their polar opposite faces.

Itachi's eyes narrowed unconsciously, hands clenching into fists by his side and he spared Sasuke an inquiring look, which was met by a bewildered shrug of the shoulders. Both brothers continued to watch in interest.

Naruto grin was dazzling, pearly whites spread for the world to see. "What are you doing here?"

Shisui rolled his eyes. "What? Didn't I tell you I was an Uchiha?"

The blond was seriously confused, and his countenance showed it. "What?! But you hardly even act like one!"

His exclamation was met with a deep chuckle and an adorable flush appeared on Naruto's scarred cheeks, his posture all of a sudden becoming timid under Shisui's intense gaze. "Didn't Sasuke tell you I was his cousin?" the older man inquired, sparing his cousin a glance.

Naruto averted his gaze then. "Well…you see…I didn't exactly tell him about you…." He trailed off, unsure. A playful moue formed on Shisui's lips.

"You didn't mention us to him? Are you that ashamed of me, Naruto?" the blonde's mouth gaped open at the obvious tease.

"Of course not, Shisui! I just didn't want the teme to know is all. I wouldn't have heard the end of it then." Naruto explained hastily, the mere thought of such a disconcerting notion unsettling him. "He thinks every guy I meet is out to get me. Whatever the hell that means."

If Itachi wasn't the epitome of the Uchiha clan, he probably would have fallen from his chair when his beloved cousin's hand all too suddenly shot out top grip Naruto's own, pale thumb caressing the expanse of caramel-colored skin before bringing it up to his pale pink lips.

"Oh, but Naruto, you don't even know the half of it."

Itachi stiffened all over.

To hell with relaxation. He needed to prepare for war.


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