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This is really an experimental story. I just decided to type it up when I got bored. Think of this as a short story. It will probably be a couple of chapters before it ends.

Anyway this is a Mina-centric story. She's my favorite and thought I'd try it out. Mina's in college and one day finds a couple of surprises when's she's on campus.

Why are they here? Will this change her for the better or for worse?

Let's see shall we!

Chapter 1

Surprises Everywhere!

It was a sunny day in Tokyo as a nineteen year old girl was sleeping in her comfy bed. She was slightly drooling on the side of her mouth. She had a goofy grin on her face as she hugged her pillow tight.

As this was going on a white cat with a crescent moon on the forehead work up with a start as the alarm clock was going off.

The cat lazily looked at the clock and was about to go back to sleep until he re-saw what it said and scrambled to his keepers bed!

"Minako!" the male cat cried hopping on the girls sleeping figure. "Wake up, you're going be late for class!"

The young woman moaned and muttered "five more minutes!" and went to sleep.

The white cat sighed in annoyance. "I'm sorry to do this Mina but," he then chomped down on her foot.

Giving a scream of pain, Minako Aino aka Sailor Venus, zipped out of bed and started jumping up and down.

"Artemis, why'd you do that!" she yelled angrily at her guardian cat.

The cat pointed his paw at the clock which Mina followed and she blanched at the time!

"Oh god!" she wailed and went to the bathroom to wash her face. "I only have 10 minutes to make it to my first class!"

Artemis walked up to the bathroom as he lectured the girl. "You shouldn't have stayed up all night Minako. I thought after surveillance you'd head back home, not head to the nearest club and mac on guys!"

Mina finished brushing her teeth and started with her long blonde hair. "Hey it's my college years Arty!" she complained to him. "I'm going to have to experience all this stuff now before I become someone of society in three years!"

She finished with her hair and put on light make up. Mina then took out what she was going to wear; a brown short sleeve shirt with nice blue jeans. Over her clothes she had a light-brown colored jacket.

The teen grabbed her bag with her materials for her class. "Besides Artemis, I don't know why I'm still doing that stuff. I mean it's been three years since Galaxia incident and nothing bad has happened since!"

Artemis gave her a look. "Just because that is the case Mina, anything could happen!"

She rolled her eyes. "I don't think we will be dealing with anymore threats. The world has been saved and we can live our lives in peace!" she looked at the clock and saw she had five minutes!

"Oh man, my English teacher is going to nag me again! I'll see you later Arty!" she cried as she ran out of her room.

Artemis sighed. "What am I going to do with that girl?"

It was true what she said though. Three years have passed after Sailor Galaxia came to earth and stole the star seeds of the people of Earth. Thanks to Sailor Moon, the world was at peace and nothing bad was going on that needed the Senshi's attention.

With that moment of peace the girls went their separate ways but still held a strong bond of friendship. Each went to college as a way to find out what they wanted to do, even Usagi, to Rei and Mamoru's surprise.

Minako went to a local college and stayed in a dorm. She was taking basic education classes. Her dream was to become an idol but she felt like she didn't want to slack off to that stuff. Who knows what her idol career would lead her if she didn't know her left from her right.

As she was running to her class she saw how sunny it was and smiled. "It looks like it's gonna be a good day!"

Before she got in the doors she saw someone with medium-length long hair which was light green. He wore a suit and tie. She became intrigued on who he was.

As the man turned her eyes got wide with fright. "Malachite?" she whispered horrified at the former general.

She didn't move as he saw her staring at her. My god, why is he here? How is he here? Her mind raced.

The grown man walked up to her and she looked like she was about to attack him.

When he got closer he gave her a mild look. "Young lady, you need to get to class!" the man said. "I know this is college but don't use this time to goof off!"

After that he walked off to whatever he was going to do.

Minako was still frozen at what he said. She was angry yet perplexed. "Did he not know who I was? That was Malachite, the head general of Mamoru's old guard?" she asked.

The blonde remembered that Sailor Moon vaporized him. How in the world was he alive?

She wanted to dwell on it more but high tailed her ass to class. Unfortunately she would be late and get a demerit for being late.

As she griped in her head about not going to a club for a while she noticed a guy with long silver hair in a pony tail He wore a nice buttoned shirt and black jeans. He was writing what the professor was putting on the board.

Mina peered down at him in curiosity and then noticed who he was.

"OH MY GOD IT'S YATEN KOU!" she yelled happily!

Everyone in the class stared at her like she had three heads. Yaten just gave her a raised eyebrow.

The professor coughed and rubbed his temples. "Ms. Aino why did you just scream like you just enjoyed yourself?" he asked without shame.

This made Mina blush and sat back down. "I'm sorry Mr. Takahata!" she muttered.

"Well, since you brought it to everyone's attention, yes we have a new student! Would you please stand up Mr. Yaten?" the middle-age teacher said.

Yaten Kou stood up and waved quickly and sat back down.

"There are you happy Ms. Aino, you got a good look at him!" he stated while rolling his eyes.

Minako was still red face to say anything.

The young male looked back at her and gave her a smirk. "It's nice seeing you again, Minako!" he whispered. "Next time, tone down the fan girl stuff all right?"

Mina smiled at him.

By the goddess it's been years since I last seen him with the Starlights! She thought in her head. I wonder why he's back after all this time? Along with where are Seiya and Taiki.

She was curious upon his appearance. Last time she remembered they were heading back with Princess Kakyuu to their planet to rebuild.

I never thought I 'd see him again…I mean her! She frantically said to herself.

During the Startlights time on earth they took on the appearance of teenage boys and the group's name was the Three Lights, who were a music group even though they were female.

They sang songs and became a huge sensation but their real mission was to find their princess.

They eventually found her and then the battle with Galaxia commenced, which resulted in Mina and the Inner Senshi dying.

All she remembered was Sailor Moon reviving her and the rest of the Senshi after their star seeds were taken.

Why is he back? Oh well I can catch up with him after class! She thought happily.

Yaten on the other hand had a serious look on his face as he quickly glanced at Minako.

I'm not sure why Princess Kakyuu wanted me to come here. All she said was that Mina would be in danger. Of all the people I had to deal with… he griped.

He didn't hate her it's just that with her personality it made him anxious. How could someone be spontaneous and not think of the consequences?

Even though she shined when she sang at that talent competition. Yaten thought with fondness.

Yaten had been thinking about the Senshi of Love for a while but didn't want to admit any of this to Taiki and Seiya.

I can't believe I'm going through the same thing that Seiya went with Usagi-chan! Everyone knows how that drama ended! He griped in thought.

He took another glance at the bubbly girl as she tried writing down what the professor was saying.

A blush crept on his face. This is nothing but a phase!

In an empty class room Malachite finished with his class. He was wiping the board off.

The green-haired man turned around to see his entire class lying lifeless on the floor.

He gave a wicked chuckle. Looks like I went overboard?! Minako I need all my strength if I'm going to deal with you. I am alive, at least part of me.

The man closed his door and an orb came into his hands. The orb spilled dark light which enveloped the bodies absorbed them.

Malachite smiled. "I'm a part of the fallen Malachite! I am an echo of his wish for you Princess of Venus!"

So that is the first chapter. Not my best and I just came up with this on the fly.

Yaten of the Starlights has returned and is on a mission to look after Mina. The Senshi of Love is happy to see him but shocked in seeing Malachite again.

Will she figure out what he is planning for her?

Interesting tidbit I got the name Takahata from Baka and Test! Along with Negima with another Takahata, I decided to give that professor that name.

I can't say if I'm a Yaten/Mina fan given that Yaten really is a female in her Senshi form but I'll give it a chance to see what I can do!

Actually this is my first Senshi only fan fiction.

I have another called Senshi Continuum which has different crossovers with FF7/Blazblue/Inuyasha, Fate Stay Night!

Like I said this is experimental story. I could end it in the next chapter or expand on it a little?

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