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Chapter 10

Love falls.

Meioh Condo

It had been a couple of hours since the battle that nearly destroyed Tokyo.

The Senshi were nearly defeated by Luca, who had unleashed his hidden powers, but thanks to some help from Artemis, Moon and Healer, Setsuna, Rei, Ami and Makoto had been able to reach the last evolution of their Senshi abilities.

The spiky brown-haired dog boy had rested in Setsuna's bed since his defeat and being watched by the ever suspicious Rei.

With her powers she sealed his blood lust and cut off half his powers. He wouldn't be able to cause much damage if he should decide to fight them but Setsuna and to no surprise Usagi and Ami hoped that he would listen.

The silver-haired teen idol was getting anxious as they waited for Luca to awake. During this time he was thinking Minako and how she was.

They haven't been able to locate her and he had a feeling that things were going to take a turn for the worst soon.

If only I was honest with her when I had the chance! He berated in his head. I know the others don't blame me but I can't help but think that this is my fault!

Placing a hand to his head he pushed back his bangs covering his eyes. If we don't stop whatever Malachite is going to do, Mina very well could die!

Discovering that the Senshi had other powers bestowed upon them wasn't far from his mind as well. Finding out that they were, allegedly, related to upper deities was a stretch to the Kinmoku native.

But then again Pluto wouldn't lie about information like this. Also given she is the daughter of the Greek god of time, Chronos, it very well could be true.

Another matter was with Alderic and how he played a part in this. From reviving a part of Malachite's soul though alchemy, his involvement with trying to cause an upheaval during a period before the Silver Millennium and using his own half-bred children.

All these mysterious are confusing. I wonder if we will find a way to connect them all together. Yaten wondered.

He looked around the room to see everyone contemplating their next move. They had to get to Minako before it was too late.

As he was about to go see the sleeping Luca, Setsuna, who was busy skimming through a book looked up sharply at the window and her eyes grew wide!

Yaten noticed the movement and looked to see archaic alchemist at the window sill.

Makoto got in front of Ami and Usagi as Setsuna went to the window to open it.

The honey-haired man gave a smile as he walked in like he owned the place. He looked around and gave a polite bow to the long-haired woman.

"Setsuna, it's been some time hasn't it?" He said as Setsuna only glared at him.

He looked hurt that she was giving him the silent treatment. "What's wrong, I 'm not here to start a battle…"

"I know you wouldn't, you are a twisted person but you do have some honor…" She responded. "That 's why I let you in, against my better judgment." SHe mentioned as an afterthought.

Usagi looked at the man with weary eyes. She couldn't grasp that he has lived for a long time and still looked the same.

Mother never mentioned him when I was growing up? This man, who doesn't seem at all dangerous, could become an enemy beyond anything we could comprehend. She thought then noticed how she was becoming more regal and calm.

She pushed it aside as maturing and Alderic noticed her and gave a polite bow.

"My, the ever beautiful new princess of the fallen kingdom, you resemble your mother in many respects, child." He complimented.

Usagi grew hesitant at his sugar-coated words while Makoto narrowed her eyes at him.

"Don't try to butter us up, punk," She snapped tightening her hand to a fist. "We know about you!"

He gave a bored look at the amazon. "Really, you know about me?" The alchemist took notice on Makoto and Ami and scoffed. "I won't try anything heinous just yet, I am only here to help my son…"

He brought out a small box from his pocket and they all got closer.

"What is in there, Alderic?" Setsuna questioned.

"Something the boy needs, once I'm done I will leave him in your care as he was foolish enough to get beaten by the likes of you!" He replied.

Makoto and Yaten didn't trust him for a minute as they stared at the box he had.

Before anything else could be done Setsuna spoke. "Let him pass through you two,"

This made the duo give questionable looks at the oldest woman.

"Alderic has given his word that he won't do anything. His goal corresponds with ours, that's why he is helping us, for now." She explained.

"Yeah, but you said he is…" Yaten began but Setsuna shot him down with a stare.

"We will need Luca's help to find Minako."

That stopped Yaten there as she mentioned the Senshi of Love.

Yaten let him through along with Makato and he walked to Setsuna's room.

"I hope you know what you are doing Setsuna…" Makoto began. "If he is as you say, we should get rid of him now!"

"I don't think that's wise at this moment, Makoto." The ever calm Ami said. "We can't fight two battles at once. We should go for our most current enemy and save Minako. We will deal with him later…"

Usagi also concurred with the genius. "She's right, there are still things we don't understand yet, but we will figure them out. Now let's go!"

She, Ami and Setsuna went to the room with Makoto and Yaten trailing behind them.

Setsuna's room

Rei was looking at the sleeping child and thought about what happened in the battle. She had resorted to attacks she thought she would never do.

I was ruthless to him. I know he was destroying things and almost killed us but I don't think I could ever do that to anyone unless they drove me to a point I couldn't take… She contemplated.

She was happy that she purified his demon blood but it still left a bad aftertaste the actions she too. I'm wondering if there is some truth in the matter of those upper deities. Could I be as ruthless as…

Rei didn't finish her train of thought as she looked up to see the man who convinced Usagi to teleport them to Tokyo.

Getting up she brandished a ofuda and held it up defensively. "You decide to show up when we are at our most vulnerable, men, you never change!"

Alderic looked amused at what she was doing. "You know how to wield those talismans with skill, princess of Mars. But I am not here to fight…"

She gave him a look. "Than what do you want…"

Setsuna appeared with the others. "He has something to give to his son Rei,"

Looking to see her friends she still was suspicious. "If you let him, then I guess it's safe to assume he won't do anything…" She said and went to the others, not before showing him the ofuda. "I know how to paralyze humans with these, just give me a reason to try!"

Alderic ignored her threat with a smile. "One day, you will be a formidable enemy princess of Mars."

He then went to his son and lightly placed a hand over his head.

The dog-eared boy groaned.

"Luca, I know I gave him you and Kawasari's hearts and I won't make any excuses for that," He explained. "I have my reasons for doing this but now you are free from his control."

He opened the wooden chest and a red glow came from it. Luca's heart then went back to his body and he looked relaxed then he did a moment ago.

"Was that…" Ami began, hesitating at the prospect of what she suspected.

Alderic got up from the bed and nodded to her. "It was his heart princess of Mercury and I have retrieved it to give back to his rightful owner."

The others looked green after that (namely Yaten, Makoto, Usagi, and Rei).

"Malachite had them as a back up if those two didn't follow what he said. Now however that partnership is broken. I have no affiliation with him anymore!"

"Even though it was you who started all this?" Yaten yelled at him.

For a moment his face took on a dark look. "My reasons are my own, child, you will learn why I have caused all this. My war with you all will begin but only if Malachite is stopped!"

The more aggressive Senshi stood ready as they were about to attack him but Setsuna calmed them down.

"Not the time for this," She told the others and looked at Alderic. "I know you can't be trusted but for now I will concede my thanks for helping Luca…"

"You were always fond of him Setsuna. I leave it to you to watch him,"

The others moved away from the doorway so he could get through.

Setsuna, Rei and Yaten headed to the living room where he was about to leave.

"I do have one thing to say, when we next meet, I will be an enemy and you won't stop what I have planned for you all!"

The alchemist gave a glance to Yaten. "The person you care for won't last if you don't hurry."

He then vanished leaving them confused and angry.

Yaten called out to him but it was in vain. "That bastard, it's like he takes pleasure in all this."

Setsuna only sighed at the man's taste. "He is eccentric, now let's go back to check Luca…"

As she left Rei snarked. "Eccentric is a nice way of saying he's a sadist!"

This got a laugh out of Yaten. "Thanks for that Rei-san."

The raven haired teen gave a smile.

When they returned Ami was checking Luca's vital signs with her high-tech mini-computer. "The pain he had racking through his body has subsided. He probably won't wake until the morning."

"Damn when we most needed him!" Makoto cursed.

"He is a child Makoto, he needs his rest." Usagi sounded like a mother as she placed the covers over his form.

"He's a kid that nearly wiped us out, we were only lucky to achieve are next phase of power before anything bad could happen," Rei brought up but didn't sound angry.

"This is true, I think this change has happened for a reason," Setsuna brought up. "With the coming days, we will need everything we have to stop Malachite."

Yaten looked at the boy and thought about his sister. "I wonder if Kawasari is doing all right?"

"That's right, you and Minako fought against her earlier didn't you?" Makoto said. "I remember seeing her singing when they were broadcasting the singing competition from the Rainbow Bridge."

Ami and Usagi agreed.

"Yeah, Minako really rocked that song!" An enthused Usagi said. "I don't understand why she never went pro?"

Rei had a thoughtful look. "It is strange given that she passed that contest when the Starlights were here three years ago."

Yaten looked sad for an instant. "I think I might have pushed her to do that."

The girls looked at him. "I only thought that if she did it, she would realize that her true passion is singing but it didn't go as planned since Kawasari had a good voice as well and it dampened her spirit."

Thinking about that brought the green-eyed male pain. "She looked distraught after that…"

Then he felt a thump on his head to see that Makoto did that.

"Minako has been rather sensitive about her dream for a while now and I for one am happy that you convinced her too. " The tall girl said. "Even if she wasn't going to win, this might have been a good thing that she stop thinking negatively about everything."

"Yeah but…" Yaten began but Rei interrupted him.

"She's right Yaten, even if we don't want to face the negativity that comes to fulfilling our dreams, she has to learn that she is not the only one who's faced disappointment."

Ami agreed. "It's not something we say to one another given that it's a depressing thing however we each haven't had an easy time but we continued to prosper to get the ending we want. If Mina tries hard and doesn't give up she can become a great signer."

Usagi went to Yaten and held his hands. "We are not saying it will be easy. Nothing ever is but we have to remind her of all the happy things she has. Not everything will go correctly but we each want to support her and have her support us as well."

Yaten smiled at the pure hearted bunny. "She really is lucky to have friends like you,"

"She will be even more happy having you with her," Rei mentioned while crossing her arms.

Setsuna felt happy about the amount of faith they had for bringing back Minako. Maybe we can overcome anything…even Alderic?

"I think it's time to get some rest for tomorrow!" The garnet eyed woman said to the rest. "I sense something will happen that day?"

This made the people in the room concerned.

"What do you know Setsuna?" Usagi asked.

Setsuna closed her eyes. "I feel that Malachite will begin that ritual earlier then we suspected."

This drew a gasp from Usagi. "But I thought we had time?"

"Not anymore, so we will need the pup's consideration!" Makoto said. "Only he knows where they are!"

They all could agree on that.

"In the morning we will ask. But we have to convince him since we did beat him, I just hope he will help us." Ami stated.

The Senshi than returned to their rooms to sleep with Setsuna being left with Luca.

"I am assuming you heard everything, Luca?" Setsuna asked him.

The boy only nodded. "I've heard everything since my heart returned."

"Will you help us?"

Luca didn't answer for a moment. "I nearly killed you all. I still have my issues with you Setsuna but I can tell you girls aren't bad. I'll aid you but I'm only doing this to get to Kawasari and flee that place. I won't stand to help you all!"

Setsuna looked at the boy. "That's all we ask Luca. Nothing's settled as of yet until Alderic is stopped. That battle will happen soon."

She then placed a hand over his cheek, which he didn't mind. "I am glad that you are talking to me again…"

The brown spiky haired demon slightly blushed. "Don't think put much thought in it. But…I'll say thanks big sister Setsuna!"

He then went back to sleep.

With a smile Setsuna opened her window and the moon was still covered by clouds. "I pray we can stop him."

Next Morning

It was the morning and after everyone had gotten cleaned up the team had come back to Setsuna's room to see how Luca was doing.

The boy had a frown on his face as he saw the female entourage. He didn't say anything to them as he was back to his normal self; not showing emotion.

When it looked like he wasn't going to say anything Rei went to him and clonked him on the head.

He looked surprised by that and narrowed his eyes. "What was that for, priestess?!"

Rei looked innocent. "I don't know, something about a kid not being energetic is freaky to me. I thought that would have gotten you to loosen up a bit."

"I don't need to hear that from you!" He snapped.

Setsuna got worried for Luca but didn't say anything. She knew that this was what he needed for the moment.

He started growling like a puppy, which made Usagi squeal and hug him tight! "Oh you are just soooo cute, Luca-kun!" She gushed over him as he tried un-clawing Usagi's grip.

"Let…me…go!" He squeaked out.

Makoto grabbed Usagi by the scruff of her neck and moved her from him.

What the hell is wrong with her, The kid thought bewildered. Is this really the moon princess that I battled last night? And what's with them acting unconcerned like this? I nearly killed them?

Seeing the look of confusion on his face Ami went to him. "I am guessing that we are acting different from the battle last night?"

He gave a surprised glance to the bookworm and got quiet. She's observant!

When he didn't say anything Yaten went up next. "Look while you were sleeping we decided that we aren't going to destroy you or seal you up if that's what you are wondering!"

This made the boy give him a glance. "What do you mean?"

"What it means, brat," Rei began as he gave her a withering glare. "That we aren't going to eradicate you, but you will take responsiblity for the damage you caused by helping us!"

Even though he decided with Setsuna last night he wanted to be stubborn. "What makes you think I need to help you? You are an enemy and I could very well-!"

He didn't get a chance to finish as Rei flicked him on his forehead which he made him yelp.

"Stop acting like you are a composed old man," Rei yelled at him. "For fuck sake, you are a child! I get that you aren't aging anytime soon and have wisdom beyond your years but just be happy and not gloomy!"

Luca looked surprised by the way she was talking to him. He then got angry and obnoxious . "Will you shut up, stop telling me what I have to do, you decrepit old crone!"

The others backed away slowly as metaphoric fire appeared around Rei. "WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?!"

The pup's animal senses kicked in as he actually started shivering at the now towering girl. "I…I…" He squeaked out. "I called you a decrepit -!"

He felt another blow to his head as he collapsed again.

"Rei, don't kill the poor boy!" Usagi and Ami pleaded while Yaten, Makoto and Setsuna let them be.

The priestess returned to normal and scoffed.

Luca rubbed the knot on his head and for some reason he felt lighter. What is this I'm feeling? He grabbed his chest with apprehension.

"Luca, you are experiencing feelings of joy." Setsuna said as he looked at her. "I know about the blood coursing through your veins and how they needed sealing but since it's gone and Rei purified it, you can go about experiencing these feelings without restraint."

The boy looked at her and the others. She's right, I know my powers are severely sealed by that damn priestess but I don't think I have to worry about my blood driving me mad without my consent.

He thought about how his mother or Kawasari had to be with him to calm him down. Is it because I doubted that I couldn't be like the rest that made me think I had to have a limiter?

Usagi went to the boy next and sat next to him on the bed. "Hello Luca, I know this is the first time we are meeting however we can be friends!"

Luca's eyes widened. "Friends…with you?"

She giggled. "Not just with me but all of us!"

He looked at them and he saw they didn't look menacing (except for Rei, he concluded she was gonna be a pain in his ass).

"Even if you started as an enemy, we aren't the cold-blooded killers you make us out to perceive." Ami started.

Makoto agreed. "We don't know much about what are predecessors did but just know we wouldn't do a thing like that. We are warriors of justice."

Rei had his arms folded looking on cynically. "Even if we must answer for the sins of the past we won't let it dictate us how we are in the present."

"So will you please help us save Minako? Even its just telling us the location to Malachite's place?" Yaten stated.

Luca saw the look of earnest in their eyes and thought about his own problem with wanting to save his sister.

"I will help you," He said solemnly. "You girls seem nice and I shouldn't place the blame of the past on you but know that even if I say this the rest of my family won't!"

"Gods, there are more of you?" Rei snapped which made Makoto lightly shove her elbow to her stomach.

"We will worry about that later, now we need your help Luca." Setsuna said.

The boy nodded until his stomach growled loudly. Luca got red in the face as that happened.

"I…I would like too but can I have some food first?" He asked them.

Usagi laughed. "Of course, Makoto-chan is a fabulous cook, she can satisfy your hunger!"

Makoto gave a wink to the boy. "I can whip up something quick, give me a couple of minutes."

With that she, Ami and Usagi left.

Rei gave the boy a glare. "Males and your stomachs, you are all the same!"

"Well women can't let things go, so that's your curse!" Luca snapped right back.

"What you say brat?!" Rei yelled.

"I'm simply stating a fact!" Luca cried!

Setsuna coughed trying to get their attention until they just gave her a glare which made her step back in fright.

"Shut up!"

"Stay out of this!"

The guardian of time left the room quickly as they continued their spat.

Yaten only looked indifferent at what was going on and remembered he wanted to check on Artemis and left.

As they continued arguing about the difference between men and women Luca felt alive for the first time. I think I can begin to think of them as friends?

After waiting Luca ate his full of pancakes and milk and he liked Makoto's cooking and praised to the gods that he wouldn't mind eating her cooking again.

Eating his fill he got washed up and came back out wearing his usual attire; beige pants, black shirt under a brown vest.

"I'm ready to take you where Malachite is!" He said. "I won't be able to help much due to someone's annoying charms." He looked at said person and she glared right back.

"Now, now, let's go, stop Malachite, save Minako and come back to enjoy the remaining of Golden week before we all head back to school!" Usagi said happily.

The others sweatdropped at how positive she was being but knew she was only trying to lighten their spirits.

"We must make sure Malachite's plans fall under!" Yaten began. "If he releases her inner powers then…"

"Not to worry, we got this!" Makoto said making a bicep. "We kicked Malachite's ass before and we will do it again!"

Rei raised an eyebrow. "We kicked the youma's ass, not Malachite. Sailor Moon was the one to do that while we were unconscious…as usual!"

This made Ami and Makoto think about that. They always seemed to get beat up and then leave it to Sailor Moon to save the day.

"Now that you say that, we are always relying on her to save us," Makoto began.

Usagi gave a weird look at the way she implied it.

"And even though we've gotten stronger Usagi is always the center of the attacks?" The blue haired teen said next.

"Yeah, we get the blunt of it and she finishes it off? That's balanced!" Rei started on the bunny as she had tears in her eyes.

"Waaaa, don't yell at me Rei, it's not my fault!" Usagi cried, the tears flowing down her cheeks in comedic fashion.

Luca dropped his head. These idiots are the ones to knock me on my ass?

As if reading his mind Rei smacked him against his head.

"What you do that for?!" He started. "Idiotic crone!"

She narrowed her eyes. "I got the feeling you said something about us, brat!"

The two started a stare off before Ami placing her hands on their shoulders smiling.

"None of that, you two." She said pleasantly enough but with their aware senses they could tell she held power under the sugary words.

They immediately stopped.

Yaten looked anxious along with Setsuna.

"Are the peanut gallery done with the nonsense?" Stated the Star Senshi.

Usagi smiled. "Yep, let's do this!"

This garnered sighs from Yaten and Setsuna but they smiled as well.

Now getting serious Usagi had a look of determination. "It's time to free Minako's heart from Malachite and her own insecurities! We won't lose a friend!" She looked at Luca. "Along with help Luca's older sister."

Luca blushed and looked down at his shoes. Usagi, Ami and Makoto wanted to hug the boy, he was just that adorable.

Rei only scoffed at him, she wasn't going to let the brat's cuteness rub off on her! Yaten was more concerned about Minako so didn't harbor any "big sibling" characteristics.

Then he led them to where Malachite's home was.

Malachite's mansion

In the mansion Malachite was preparing for releasing Minako's inner powers. He was in a newly furnished area for the ritual.

Kawasari looked annoyed at still being a captive but waited patiently. She had her heart back due to Areno making an appearance. She was no longer under his control which she was happy about.

I'll wait for my moment and kill that arrogant bastard! She thought with malice.

Malachite was finishing up a transmutation circle with the sign of Venus's planetary sign in the middle.

"It's just about done. Now all I need is the woman of the hour!"

Then he heard footsteps descending from the stairs and looked to see Minako, she wore a short blue skirt, with a white duster behind and a white tank top. The blonde still wore his pendant but it made her more twisted, except for Malachite.

"Are you ready my love?" She asked flipping her hair behind her.

The green long-haired man smiled. "Yes, once I make this last preparation it will start!"

Minako looked at Kawasari and smiled. "Looks like I will win it all Kawa-chan?"

The blonde had taken pleasure of talking down to the half bred fox teen (to Kawasari's annoyance).

"Everything will go my way and I will have everything I want when this power is free from its bonds!" Minako excitedly said.

The fox eared teen moved her hair from her face. Her purple hair wasn't in the patented pony tail from being stuck in that cage. "You know you've changed…I have my issues with you Senshi but I'd never thought you'd be used!"

Minako looked at her with contempt. "I am not being manipulated! These are my real feelings!"

Kawasari only snorted. "And since it is your feelings running rampant you are just bitchen cause you couldn't handle anything!"

"What did you say to me trash?" She screamed as Mina got in front of the cage.

"You heard me! I don't give an f about you but come one, grow up already!" Kawasari yelled until Mina slapped her hard.

Holding her throbbing cheek Minako's eyes glowed dark. "Once this is done you will be my first victim!"

She walked to Malachite, who looked happy at what she did.

You better get here in time Yaten Kou…she won't last longer! She thought.

After Malachite finished he sensed something coming and a viewing screen appeared.

They saw Luca leading Yaten, Setsuna and the Inner Senshi, to Minako's shock.

When she saw them she felt gripped her chest. "Why are they here?" She whispered.

Malachite looked at her with concern until the pendant's influence kicked in and that moment of weakness was gone.

"Nevermind, those bitches are going to get what they deserve!" She said as the screen zoomed in on Usagi. "Little pacifist bitch, she'll be bowing down to me soon! Isn't that right Mal-chan?"

The green-haired man held her hands. "Yes, and I will make her rue the day she trifled in our affairs!"

He gave her a kiss which she returned.

After a moment she broke it off. "What will you do then? They have arrived?"

Malachite seemed calm. "Not to worry I have insurance!" He closed the screen and a sigil appeared across the hall. A portal formed and the monsters he wanted to summon appeared.

This brought a smile to Mina's face. "That will take care of them!"

He nodded and then his alternate personae, Roa appeared. "You called me master?"

"Roa you will lead these creatures to stop the Senshi," He commanded. "Along with guard the inner parts of this mansion."

The long blue haired man bowed to him and gave Mina a quick kiss on the lips. "I won't fail you!" And he vanished.

Minako looked on in ecstasy, while Malachite only scoffed at his persona. "No need to look like that Minako!"

The blonde gave him a smirk. "Why not, he is you after all. Besides I was happy that you changed forms for me!"

The former general of Endymion's court only coughed. "Now to business, step in the sigil Mina!"

The blonde gave Kawasari a smile. "The next time I step out I will become a goddess!"

Then she walked in the middle and a shield surrounded her. Malachite then began the ritual.

After this everyone will bow to me! Once this is done I can retrieve all of my soul! Than after getting rid of the Senshi I am gunning for you Ken! He thought obsessively.

Outskirts of Malachite's mansion

After they had arrived it had taken them an hour to reach the area.

"I hope Artemis won't be mad that we left him." A concerned Ami said to the rest.

Yaten replied, "He is still fatigued and wanted us to go without him. He's trusting us to get Minako back!"

Makoto nodded. "And we will, without fail!"

As they walked Luca felt something was wrong.

"This is strange, it wasn't like this before?" Luca stated.

Rei and Setsuna looked around sensing hostility around the area.

"The reality of this place has shifted. I didn't think he could do this!" Setsuna stated. "I'm guessing that's why it took us longer than needed to get here!"

"Wait, what does that mean?" Usagi mentioned.

Ami took the reins. "The area has changed from what Setsuna is implying."

The blonde meat ball headed girl laughed. "I can leave it to you Ami, to explain the most difficult of explanations!"

"Don't be proud of that fact!" Rei sarcastically said.

"Back off, at least I ask questions trying not to become ignorant like you!" Usagi exclaimed.

The two were about to argue until Luca smelled something foul. "Stop talking, something is coming!"

With that they saw that the sun being blocked by a shadow and looked up.

It was a strange sight. It looked like the shadow got closer and closer!

"Move now!" Luca screamed but it was too late.


A massive monster with yellow beady eyes, with tusks roared in triumph. It had purple/magenta/pink skin and had the emblem of a heartless. It was called Behemoth and it crushed the Senshi and Luca!

As the Behemoth looked like to continue lay there it felt an intense pressure under the skin of the stomach.

Growling in pain it bellowed and was thrown off. Luca, who had picked up the monster, had red eyes and his canine teeth bore angrily. He had protected them before Behemoth belly-flopped them to death.

Usagi's hair stood on end as she saw the massive monstrosity. "What the heck is that thing?"

Getting a better view of the heart tattooed on its stomach Yaten had a drop of sweat coming down his neck. "That jerk has called a Behemoth to kill us?"

They all looked at him in silence which made him uncomfortable.

"Are you a secret gamer or something Yaten?" Makoto asked.

"Not now!" He yelled as the monster got back up, its stomps causing earthquakes.

Setsuna narrowed her eyes. "He is calling this heartless to being with his new-found powers. We need to banish this threat!"

"Damn and we are almost there to Minako!" Yaten slammed his hand to the ground.

Luca called back to them. "Maybe you should make with the sentai transformations already, I'm not as strong as I was thanks to a certain priestess!"

"Get over it brat!" Said priestess yelled.

Usagi reeled in her fear. "Time to do this girls!"

Then to Luca's surprise the Senshi held out their star brooches (Usagi's was a heart brooch), and Yaten held out his hand with his attached bracelet with two clipped on feather accessories

"Moon Eternal,"

"Mars Eternal, "

"Mercury Eternal,"

"Jupiter Eternal,"

"Pluto Eternal,"

"Axis power,"

"Make up!" They all yelled at the same time.

After a flash of color five Eternals and Axis Star Healer stood ready to battle.

Luca looked on in awe at what he saw. I could have sworn I saw something a boy's not supposed to see until he's old enough?

Eternal Sailor Moon flashed him a peace sign. "We are ready!"

The boy nodded his head as he looked at the Behemoth until another shadow casted the sun from view.

He looked shocked as another came crashing down on them, until an ice pillar slammed the gullet stopping another belly flop.

Eternal Sailor Mercury had her hands to the ground channeling her powers. "I'm glad I stopped it in time!" She then called a second pillar to hold up the monster.

Eternal Sailor Jupiter held up her arms and storm clouds entered the vicinity. "Supreme Thunder Clash!"

A hail of lightning struck the monster as it roared in pain. Seeing its companion hurt sent the other heartless to a rampage and storming at them!

Before it could however a giant snake of fire came to view and swallowed the monster, burning it alive.

Luca looked to see Eternal Sailor Mars with her hand out. "Don't fall in love kid!" She quipped.

The boy only scoffed. "Like I'd ever fall for you!"

As the scorching flames died down it looked to still stand until a sword slash to the neck ended the monster's rampage.

Axis Healer, with her arm jutted out with her Aura Sword looked serious. "We don't have time, let's go!"

Eternal Sailor Moon finished off the behemoth that Mercury and Jupiter took care of and saw three more come out of a portal.

"Incoming guys!" She called.

Pluto could tell that Malachite wanted them to remain there as the ritual was already taking place. "He won't let us interfere!"

"We have to split up then!" Axis Healer said firing a Sensitive Inferno volley at the approaching heartless slowing them down.

"Axis Healer, take Pluto, Mars and Luca with you!" Moon ordered. "Jupiter, Mercury and I can handle them!"

Mars looked surprised. "I can stay here to back you up!"

The blue-eyed teen shook her head. "You are needed in there more! Don't worry, I am not just a princess, I am a warrior of justice like the rest of you!"

Looking at her best friend Mars could tell she was right. "Punish them in the name of the moon!"

Eternal Sailor Moon smiled and held out her tier at the hoard. "Are you ready you two?"

The pony tailed brunette, Eternal Sailor Jupiter smirked as electricity coursed through her body. "Oh yeah, I'm about to cut loose!"

Eternal Sailor Mercury sported a blue aura as the ground near her turned to ice. "It's going to become an early winter for these abominations!"

Eternal Sailor Pluto nodded and held Luca. "Then we go to that mansion!" Her wings appeared on the back and took off!

Healer flew using her own power and Mars hesitated for a second before going with them.

As they saw the mansion over the forest Wyvern heartless started attacking in droves.

"Should have known he wouldn't make this easy" Mars said using her Fire Soul to burn some to a crisp.

Pluto dodged some as she continued holding Luca. Holding her Garnet Staff ahead of her she unleashed her Dead Scream to incinerate them.

More portals appeared and the wyvern appeared again.

"This is endless, we need to stop them at the source!" Axis Healer yelled slashing a wyvern's wings off making crash to the ground.

As they were about to get over come by the army of Heartless, a figure appeared before them!

The person wore a similar outfit like the rest of the Eternal Sailor's but with different colors. She had white high-heeled boots with violet at the top, a purple star brooch in the middle. The girl's bow was dark red while the back was purple. Her skirt was purple and the second layer was violet.

The Senshi wore a tiara with a purple stone in the middle, star choker and her hair was black that went to her upper shoulders.

She looked around 16 and had purple eyes and pale skin. The teen held a weapon which was the Silent Glaive that showed which planet's protection she was under.

"The Senshi of Death has arrived!" she called as she gave her a weapon a twirl. "Eternal Sailor Saturn is here!"

Healer, Mars and Luca yelled in shock as Pluto looked surprised.

"How is she…Sailor Saturn!" Mars cried.

The gothic warrior turned around and gave them a smile. "I am sorry for not arriving sooner!"

Healer spoke next. "And she's even an Eternal?!"

Luca didn't say anything.

"Sailor Saturn, I thought I told you to stay where you were?" Pluto began.

The black-haired teen shook her head. "I felt it important that I come here. Besides Pluto-mama," She refered her secondary parent by her name "Things haven't been easy for me since I've dealt with someone who is connected to this!"

Before Pluto could ask Healer saw that the heartless haven't attacked. "I'm curious as well but that will have to wait! Can you keep them busy?"

Eternal Sailor Saturn gave a firm nod. "I can hold them off as I aid the princess and the others! Get moving!"

Healer gave a relieved smile and jetted to the mansion.

Pluto wanted to ask but was stopped by Luca. "Setsuna, we have to go!"

The tan Senshi let it go. "We will discuss things after we save Minako!" She then flew off.

Mars gave her some encouragement. "Show them what you're made off!" She then was gone.

Saturn smiled and turned her glare to the heartless.

A purple glow appeared around her frame as she looked like the angel of death itself. Thrusting out her Glaive she began her attack.

"Creatures born out of hearts, know the coming of silence; Filament Plume!"

A dome of energy encased the flying heartless and they floated in the sphere of nothingness. Dark energy soon ran rampant inside as it destroyed them.

The rest of the heartless not in contact with the dome looked fearful at her.

This shit is bogus, let's get out of here! One thought as he jetted out of there!

The rest followed but Saturn didn't let them get away. "Sorry but I won't let you escape my wrath!"

Eternal Sailor Saturn flew towards them and swung her deathly glaive in horizontal and diagonal strikes wiping them out!

Taking a breath she saw Moon, Jupiter and Mercury handling the behemoths. "I better go and aid them. Won't they be surprised by seeing me like this?"

The Senshi of Death and Rebirth would soon join her moon princess!

Malachite's mansion

(I know what you did last summer soundtrack Hush begins!)

Healer, Pluto, with Luca and Mars had arrived in the front of the mansion and entered.

It looked deserted. "He must have moved everything somewhere else?" Luca said leading them. "But I can smell Kawasari is near along with magic is in the air?"

Healer and the two didn't like where this was leading.

"Show us the way!" Healer said to Luca who nodded.

He was about to go until a lance stopped him in his tracks. Before he got impaled he jumped away and slid to where Pluto and the others were.

Healer glared intently at Roa who had another lance in his hands. "Roa!"

"That's right, I am here to stop you from proceeding!" He said spinning the lance overhead.

The silver-haired Senshi wanted to fight him but grew concerned for Minako. The more time they wasted the closer for the ritual to start or finish!

"You can't stop what will be," Roa stated. "Why not let Mina have what she wants? If you loved her than you would allow this to happen!"

Healer froze when he said that. Is she really happy with him?

Roa's face grew had as he charged straight for Healer until a fire arrow knocked him back and crashing to a wall!

Turning around Mars lowered her hands. "I think I'll handle him, Pluto go with Healer and stop Malachite! The shade's mine!"

Pluto nodded as she and Luca rushed ahead.

"Don't hesitate Healer, be honest with your feelings when you face Minako!" Mars urged.

Healer smiled and soon caught up to Pluto and Luca.

Roa got up from the ground and applauded. "Well, looks like I let them escape, whatever will I do?"

Eternal Sailor Mars only smiled at him. "You can let me banish you to where you belong?"

Giving a whimsical look he chuckled. "I can't do that but how about I do that to you?" He glided to bring his lance to impale her!

The Solider of Passion brought her fingers together and conjured a ball of flame and threw it at him.

He slammed the fire-ball to the ceiling causing debris to fall which Mars glided away from.

"You are skilled, I'm impressed!" He said.

"Don't be, because once I'm through you'll be wailing in my flames!" She stated getting into the battle.

Main Chamber

The trio arrived and Luca saw Kawasari caged up! He automatically went to her while Pluto and Healer sprinted towards Malachite to stop the ritual.

Luca got to Kawasari, who looked surprised to see him. "Luca, are you all right?"

The boy gave a quick nod. "I'm here to release you!" He was going to touch it but he sensed that would be bad.

"He's protecting it with magic!" She warned him.

"Dammit, that means they have to beat Malachite!" Luca stated.

Kawasari was going to ask him why he was with Senshi later.

"Star Sensitive Inferno!" She yelled.

"Dead Scream." Pluto chanted as their attacks slammed to the barrier surrounding him.

He looked at them and laughed. "You are too late, fools!" Wind arced through the chamber as he had finished!

The two Senshi looked on in horror as Minako floated to the ground.

"Minako!" Healer screamed.

The blonde opened her eyes as she looked to see Healer with a distraught face along with Pluto.

"Hmmm Yaten-kun it's you?" She whispered.

Pluto pointed her staff at Malachite. "You fool, what did you do?"

Malachite only laughed. "The one thing I said I'd do, her powers are free!"

Minako felt different. A power she never felt before. "He's right, I can feel all the emotions you are exhibiting! I feel like I can twist it to my way of thinking!"

"No Minako, don't!" Healer cried but the blue-eyed teen glared at her, her planetary sign was dark.

"Don't what? It's too late, I will finally govern this world with Malachite, everything that I lost I will reclaim. Love will be the only reason which I will control!"

Then in a surprising gesture she grabbed her star broach, which was dark-colored as well.

"Venus Dark, make up!" She cried.

A dark pillar surrounded her and soon became Dark Eternal Sailor Venus! Her attire the same but black and her hair was light brown instead of sunny blonde. She could sense the feelings going through Healer and Pluto.

"I will do all that but first I have to rid myself of you annoyances!" She said and brandished a dark heart chain.

Malachite floated near her and held a grimoire in his hands. "After this we will rule all the world with the power of love!"

Everyone in the chamber looked at the two, in particular Sailor Venus and wondering if they could survive this battle.

"The love is gone!" Venus smirked.

(Song ends)

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