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Last Chapter

And with that…

Sailor Venus had watched Malachite vanished. It was after the battle where she almost killed herself and brought about many people's deaths if not for Yaten, a secret mini-goddess appearing and the Senshi for stopping Mal's plans.

The blonde Senshi casted a glance at her friends; she felt horrible at what she was about to do!

I let myself get manipulated by a former enemy who I learned I had once shared a brief romance with, how can I ever forgive myself?

Moon and Yaten (who had returned to his human form to snap Mina out of it) were in the forefront with Mars, and Mercury being next, than Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto and finally the demon siblings, the fox, Kawasari and the dog, Luca.

Venus couldn't keep the look of surprise at seeing Kawasari with them and the child as she wondered why they didn't skedaddle when they had the chance.

Thinking about those two she had also felt their emotions during the time when her powers were active and felt nothing but anger and sorrow going through them.

They had a horrid life back then, dealing with these Senshi that used our name along with being half-demons as well? Venus thought as she looked at Luca.

The dog boy's face still looked solemn but he was happy that he could help her out. He came to his own conclusion about the Senshi and didn't hate them as he thought he did.

Looking at his sister however she still looked annoyed.

Kawasari had a frown on her face looking at Sailor Venus who caused all this to happen. The purple long-haired fox still viewed the Senshi as a nuisance and wouldn't be friends with them but she could set aside her issues for the moment since she had finally gotten some licks against Malachite.

I hope that bastard's soul gets tormented! She griped in her head.

Sailor Venus was still at a loss for words. She tried forming a sentence but it came short until Eternal Sailor Moon held her hands gently.

"Minako-chan, I'm happy you are back to yourself!" She then threw her arms around her. "We were worried for you and thought you wouldn't be coming back!

It took a second for things to link up until she wrapped her arms around her friend as well. "I'm sorry; I didn't know all this would happen because of my weakness!"

"What do you mean by that, Venus?" Mercury asked concerned.

Jupiter chimed in. "You had no clue that Malachite would come back and brainwash you!"

Sailor Venus shook her head. "Even if that were the case, those feelings came from a real place, they weren't just put there as a convenience!" She spoke. "My dreams not being realized, the frustration I felt of everyone accomplishing their dreams and hopes; I doubted our friendship and for what, so I could be worshipped as some goddess with no moral boundaries!"

It took a couple of moments for her to calm down. Sailor Mars spoke next.

"Minako-chan, those emotions doesn't make you some horrible monster, it makes you human." The raven-haired kindly stated. "Life is hard and it's never easy. I'm not saying everything will be fine and dandy since as we all know life sucks sometimes, even for ones whose life is perfect. We are here for you Venus, even if we are apart."

She sported a smile at Venus who returned it. Knowing she was on a roll with this she flicked the blonde's forehead with a finger which got a yelp from her.

"That is for teaming up with Malachite! Let's not have a repeat of that all right?"

Venus nodded as the others gave her encouragement and didn't hold ill will towards what happened.

Looking around the desolate place Pluto seemed to be in thought. During that process I could have sworn I saw a dark image of someone around Venus…it looks like Alderic won't be the only one we have to contend with!

"It is time we got back to civilization guys!" Eternal Sailor Moon said brightly. "We have a couple more days left of Golden week and I want to end it on a good note!"

The others agreed as they left the mansion. Luca waited behind with Kawasari who had confronted Pluto.

The two stared down at each other for a moment before the fox-eared girl put out her hand.

Sailor Pluto raised a quizzical eye brow at that.

"Like I said I won't be friends with you guys but I can put a kind of truce between us!" She stated gruffly. "I don't support my father's views in how he manipulated us by giving Malachite our hearts! I'm in this for me along with…" she gave a glance to Luca. "I owe you for letting my brother experience true emotions other than ones of apathy."

The red-eyed woman took her hand and shook it. Even though it didn't change anything it was a small step.

Luca approached the two and gave a genuine smile to Pluto. "I'm glad I get to speak with you like this Pluto. I hope we can talk again!"

Kawasari's eyes widened. "Within reason, I don't want you hanging out with them constantly, besides we need to figure out what we will do in this time!"

"Hmmm well I thought I should go to school!" Luca offered.

"You want to go to school? You are a demon who far surpasses the feeble humans!" Kawasari argued.

Luca shook his head. "I think I need to learn some things so I'm not introverted. It will also give me a reason to control my powers if I have limitations and not let actions dictate my choices!"

"It is one way for him to know he can't do what he wants, I think you should support that Kawasari," Pluto replied.

Kawasari scoffed. "Tch, fine but we need documents and stuff and a name to show that we aren't some out of time demons and you have to stay in human disguise!"

"I can make the proper arrangements in a couple of days," Sailor Pluto chimed in. "I will just need a last name to call you two…"

Making a face Kawasari sighed. "I can think of one,' Habara' will be our last name!"

Luca looked confused for a moment at their designated last name.

"I am using some words of that place you like, you know with all those merchandise you like to buy?"

That got a smile on his face. "Akihabara?!"

She waved a hand. "Yeah, it's a new start for us and we are living in a new time period so we should adapt to the human ways of living, it is part of our heritage."

"Just know after this I want nothing to do with you personally, but if Luca wants to he can come visit you, I won't stop him." Kawasari crossed her arms as she said this.

Pluto had a look of surprise but she did smile. "That is all right with me…"

A couple of days later after the battle Minako and the rest of the Senshi had hung out and doing lots of things; shopping, playing around, looking at hot guys (Yaten wasn't amused) and catching up on stuff.

They had all stayed at Setsuna's condo until the end of the week. The blue-eyed girl saw Artemis and immediately apologized for her actions but he brushed it off and licked her face. He was happy knowing she was fine and back to normal.

It was Saturday afternoon and the others had decided to do some personal time; Makoto, Usagi and Yaten went to an arcade to play the latest games while Ami went to the library to refresh her memory with some stuff for a test while Rei went to see how her grandfather and Yuuchiro were doing.

Setsuna had been absent for a couple of days getting Kawasari and Luca settled in their new lives as a family.

Minako was happy to have the place to her since it gave her time to think. She hasn't had any episodes with her latent empathy powers coming awake and was fine with that.

She had begun remembering that dream she had for an instant when Mal first entered her dreams.

It felt like a fog being lifted and she could see it clearly, Malachite appearing after that, influencing her, making her question everything she believed in however he had been kind at times. Even if he was bad he did at least love her.

Her thoughts soon went to the one she saw in the beginning and didn't even know that teenagers name but felt relief that he interfered when he did. Even if it was something little it had an impact on how everything went about.

Whoever he was I hope he knows I'm grateful to him. Thanks..

Chuckling she then thought about what she wanted with her life; to sing. She could admit that she dropped the ball and it would get hard however through her friends she realized that she had to keep going for what she wanted.

Her thoughts soon moved to Yaten Kou; it had been a while since he arrived and he had completed his mission but what now? Would he go back to Kinmoku and continue his mission?

Placing a hand against her chest she felt sad about him leaving. Even if it was a pretense, she didn't want him to go! She wanted to continue seeing him and go to school!

He was always in my heart; even after all this time. I don't care that he has a different persona, I fell in love with Yaten and that's all that matters to me!

Getting up from her temporary bed she saw Artemis asleep and she petted his head.

She then wrote a note for him to meet her somewhere.

Leaving the place it was the afternoon going on dusk as she headed to a club.

Setsuna was finishing up the procedure with Kawasari and Luca as they were at Malachite's mansion which would be their house.

The half-bred demons were lucky that Setsuna dabbled in the legal stuff, given that she's lived for over millennia she needed something to occupy her time when she stepped out of the time gates from time to time.

Handing a legal document for Kawasari to sign she spoke. "This will have your current age, birth date and a set amount of money to your account. I am amazed you had all his account information?"

Kawasari smirked as she signed the parchment. "It's not like he cared about any of this stuff and I needed new clothes so I just memorized the card number!"

The brown spiky haired boy only sighed. "Good thing he's dead or you could have been sued!"

"Bah, like I care, he wouldn't have found out. However he is loaded, we have enough to live off for a while but I will be getting a job so we don't let this go to our heads!"

Handing her the document Setsuna looked it over, making sure there were no loopholes or anything. "That is a good action to take."

Kawasari flipped her hair in an arrogant fashion. "I don't need you agreeing with me. All I want is to live my life without any influence from our father!"

Brining that up Luca looked concerned. "He won't give up you know? He has something planned. He already brought back Areno!"

The fox tailed girl frowned. "That's true; he did get our hearts back to us. For a while I have sensed our oldest sibling, Aria!"

Luca looked scared. He was learning to control the facial features on his face. He kind of missed having a bored look on his face. "She's out?!"

Setsuna had also been sensing an odd power. "It seems he is gathering your siblings. This doesn't boat well for us!"

"Aria is the oldest out of all of us, I just wonder if he will revive the other four?" Luca spoke.

Kawasari didn't say anything as she was dreading the worst.

The mature woman decided put their minds at ease. "I have seen he won't be active for a while so we will have a time of peace,"

This made Luca happy. He didn't want to worry about his father bothering them. He needed to think about his entrance exams along with getting back those figurines from that kid!

"He brought back Malachite for something? Was it because father wants you Senshi to activate your latent powers?" Kawasari asked.

Setsuna didn't speak at first as she gathered the papers and placed them in a suit case. "Even I don't know what he is planning but we Senshi will be there to stop him!"

"You do that but don't expect me or Luca to get involved!" She said.

Setsuna understood.

Luca then asked a question. "I wonder though, if Malachite had reclaimed all of his soul for a moment when Minako had her potential unlocked what happened to him afterword? I know he's dead but…"

The Senshi of time thought for a moment and brought out her Time staff. A glow radiated from the treasure on top of the stick and showed a projection of a certain place in Japan.

"During my downtime when not helping you I have looked at a different time period. It is a world where I have a counterpart and contacted her through telepathy, since we are the same person."

She then brought up some teenagers with Digimon.

"This world is designated "Accel', home to a reality where digital monsters and various other warriors wander about. I became curious when a teenager named Kensuke Rainer, briefly connected our world to his during a dream drop. Minako and Malachite briefly experienced that phenomenon before the rift closed."

Luca's eyes brightened up. "That dude is a digi destined, from that anime I heard about?!"

Kawasari only scoffed. "God, a universe where digimon are real; is there a hulk or something there too?"

Setsuna sweat dropped briefly. I won't say anything. From what Accel-Pluto mentioned Haruka was still pissed about that before she and Michiru ended up with SHIELD!

She continued with the commentary. "He is the digi destined of unity; he will unify three worlds linked to each other by fate. He is a brash young man and not known for holding any punches. Apparently he has more than one partner and is now on a mission to save someone important."

The fox eared girl looked bored. "Why bring this up?"

"I'm getting to that; a man known as Greil, has started a war against him and has made these abominations known as Bio-strikers. He has joined Malachite with a digimon."

She then showed a picture of Malachite in a different form of that of a bug with big claws and barely saw his face.

"He has not found peace that Minako had hoped for and I for one will not tell her," Setsuna's face took on a dark look. "That fate suits him best for being a monster to her he has turned into one!"

Luca and Kawasari also didn't feel anything for their former employer.

The boy got curious. "Does this Ken wait on the side lines and let his digimon battle?"

Setsuna shook her head. "At first he did but he got some upgrade where he turns to a legendary 'Ascendant', a myth turned reality for the three universes connected."

She showed a random scene with said boy in his Ascendant form (that looked like a Gundam) and slicing up some of his enemies.

"That is so cool! Ken is a Gundam!" Luca cried excitedly!

Kawasari became more amazed by how ruthless he was being as she saw him kick some bird man in the crotch. I hope I never meet this dude, I get the feeling he'd kill me with no regret….This made her decided that it's not always best to piss off certain people.

Then she had a thought. "Malachite has been dead for a couple of days now, how is he in that place?"

"The flow of time is different in that universe so even if we saw Malachite 'die' here, he was revived a while ago there."

Setsuna also observed a random past battle. He is unique, my Accel version is correct. Again, I hope this boy completes whatever destiny is in stored for him…I might as well warn my Uranus and Neptune not to be as judgmental as their counterparts. I don't want to see them jailed!

She cut off the scene. "That is what is happening to Malachite. Along with no Luca," She answered the boy's unheard question. "I cannot take you to that universe for I don't have those kinds of abilities. Along with not being able to step foot in that universe as a Pluto there. I only telepathically contacted her. There are rules we have to follow."

Luca dropped his head but still was impressed by what he saw. An Ascendant huh?

Then Setsuna checked her cell phone and it was a text from Minako.

"Interesting, Minako wants us to meet her at this club tonight?" Setsuna spoke.

Luca looked interested but Kawasari just scoffed.

"Come on, let's go!" Luca spoke like a kid physically his age!

Kawasari rolled her eyes. "Fine let's see what Barbie has in stored?"

Setsuna nodded and gathered her things. While going there she would file away all the documents and soon Luca and Kawasari would be settled.

At the club, Usagi was getting pumped at the atmosphere going around; people dancing to the beat. She was drinking an alcoholic beverage and her cheeks were flushed.

"WHOOO, feel that beat!" The moon bunny cried out.

Ami, Makoto, Yaten and a human Artemis (who saw the note) dropped their heads in embarrassment.

Hotaru looked amused as she drank some water while Rei had to drag in her friend from the dance floor.

"I can't believe you got drunk off of a sip!" Rei lectured. "And you wonder why Mamoru-san worries about you!"

Usagi hugged her. "Don't be angry Rei, come on dance with me!" She started throwing her hands in the air and waving like she just don't care!

Seeing this Rei put her hands down quick. "You are not doing that!"

"I think we can assume Usagi is embracing her inner party girl?" Yaten quipped as he drank a gin and tonic.

"It only a phase and Usagi-chan is responsibly from what I hear from Mamoru-san," Ami answered.

"Well it's been a rough couple of days for all of us; from discovering about a past before Queen Serenity's reign, to fighting off heartless!" Makoto answered.

Hotaru finished her water as she got up in the conversation. "It is amazing hearing about that. I don't think we have seen the last of this Alderic person since he is tied to our fate." Along with that wolf demon named Areno…why did he offer me that warning to come help the others?

"Whatever happens as long as you stick together nothing can stop you guys!" The handsome blonde stated. "Luna is happy that you girls got your Eternal forms and we will discuss everything that's happened on a later date but now I wonder why Minako wanted us here."

Everyone contemplated what he said. She did send them that text message unexpectedly. They thought she wanted to get some rest from what happened but she seemed to be doing fine.

"Maybe she is going to surprise a certain guy in our group!" Usagi chimed in as she looked at Yaten. "You did show your feelings for her Yaten-kun!"

The silver-haired teen coughed as he turned away. "That's not important!"

Makoto soon spotted Setsuna with Luca and Kawasari.

As soon as Usagi saw him she beamed straight at the poor dog boy and hugged him tight. "Ohhh, you are just the cutest thing!"

Luca still couldn't get the fact he could never escape her presence?! He's part demon so why did he end up like this every time?

"Ack, can't breathe!" He choked at as Makoto and Rei got Usagi under control.

Yaten walked to Kawasari who looked indifferent at him. They hadn't talked since she played him that one time.

"I'm amazed they let Luca in here?" He began.

Kawasari only rolled her eyes. "I had him change to his adult form, nothing serious!"

Yaten turned to see the pup still in the embrace of the bunny, even Ami had decided to pinch he's cheeks.

Sweat dropping he sighed. "I heard what's been happening, you won't be fighting us?"

The purple pony tailed girl scoffed. "I have no reason to fight, I only want to stay out of what my father is planning, even though I get the feeling I'll be up in it sooner or later." She eyed him with suspicion. "You seem calmer, are you together with Barbie yet?"

Yaten babbled out a response. "Look just because I said I liked her doesn't mean we are going steady or anything! Besides I haven't had a chance to talk things through with her…"

"I don't get why you are hesitating. You might be some alien but your life is finite, you won't live for 1000 years! Just talk with her!"

He became amazed that she was giving him advice.

She blushed as she turned away. "Get over it, it's not like I hate you!"

The green-eyed teen smiled. "My opinion of you has improved as well!"

Before anything could be said a DJ appeared. "Hey hope you guys are doing great! Now we have a special someone who would like to dedicate a song to someone in general! You might recognize her as the one who jammed out to Nami Tamaki's song Reason a couple of days ago! I'd like to introduce Minako Aino!"

The Senshi and two demons had a look of bewilderment on their faces at seeing her; she wore a simple white dress, pink choker and her patented red ribbon in her long Revlon hair was yellow.

Minako held a microphone in her hand. "Hello everyone, I'm Minako! I'm here to express my love and gratitude to a couple of my friends and someone special in mind as well! I hope you enjoy this song!"

Throwing a wink at the crowed the people applauded and cheered. Majority of the people here had indeed watched the Rainbow Bridge contest and enjoyed it! They wondered what she would sing.

You can do this girl, just sing from the heart! She encouraged herself as she took a breath and began the song as she casted a look at her friends and Yaten.

(The World God Only Knows character song Kanon Love Call begins!)

"I cannot see anything within the darkness

I have found it, a small light

I'll continue to walk without getting lost anymore

Reaching straight in front

I cannot hear anything within the illusion

I have found it, a small voice

I will sing, this melody

It will all spread across the sky"

At this moment a pair of transparent wings appeared behind her that the Senshi along with Kawasari and Luca could see (to their surprise). A golden light also illuminated the area.

"My heart is connected to yours

The warmth I want to feel right now

It fills the world with light

Wherever I go, I can feel it, the voice

My love call, to you "

She smiled to her friends and continued with the next verse, the transparent wings still there.

"I overflow with tears for my soul is lonely

I have found it, a small love

I will think of it, the song's image

It will echo wherever, I LOVE YOU"

She thought about all that happened to her, letting her true feelings shine.

"Even if I stumble because I'm exhausted

I don't need to look at the goal of this map-less road

I'll keep moving on, looking forward

I'll reach the place where you are"

The glow around reached as she shined like a star.

"My heart is connected to yours

The warmth I always want to feel

It fills the world with light

Wherever I go, I can feel it, the love

My love call (to you)"

(Song ends)

She finished the song with a whisper and she got a lot of applause! The glow that surrounded her died down and the wings vanished but she was happy.

The Senshi could feel her sincere words coming from that song and it had a profound effect on them. Their hearts felt lighter in a sense.

"Minako did a good job with that song!" Ami complimented as she placed a hand to her chest. "I feel strangely happy!"

Artemis agreed with the genius. "It is peculiar but it's not bad. I wonder what it is?"

Setsuna had a thought. "It looks like her honest feelings tapped into the reservoir of her latent talents and brought about the feelings she was feeling the most; happiness."

"Do you think Mina-chan will be all right?" Usagi exuberantly asked as Minako had wanted to talk to Yaten alone.

Rei smirked. "I think she will manage!"

Kawasari and Luca were a little further from the group but they were also touched by her song. Even Kawasari couldn't say anything negative.

"Hey sis, that was a good performance!" He said giving a smile. "Those were her honest emotions and she didn't even need her Senshi abilities."

She agreed with her brother. "Well I guess she will be good competition when I decide to start-up my singing career as well!"

Luca only sighed. "I guess you have a rivalry with a Senshi?"

The purple haired teen smiled. "Hey I made a truce that I wouldn't fight them but nothing about doing something like this!"

"Whatever you say sis…" The boy placed his hands behind his head as he looked at Setsuna and smiled. She noticed this and smiled back. Rei noticed too and turned her head from him.

She would always think of him as a brat but she didn't dislike the kid and he felt the same way about her.

(Rozen Maiden Traumend Hikari no Rasenritsu (Spiral Melody of Light) starts)

Outside Minako had taken them to the roof of the club. The moon was high in the sky and the weather was warm with a trail of wind blowing.

Yaten had indeed enjoyed her performance. It resonated with his heart at the lyrics she was saying.

He didn't say anything to her as he became mesmerized by how strong she became. Yaten was about to say something until Minako had taken the first swing.

"I hope you enjoyed it Yaten-kun," She began as she faced his way. "That song was especially for you. It is my apology to you for what happened."

Yaten walked to her and looked at the scenery below them. "It was a beautiful song. You did wonderfully with it."

They didn't speak for a couple of moments.

"I've decided something, I'm going to continue going to school however I will be working on this dream of mine," She said.

"You are?"

She nodded. "I realized now I shouldn't have given up so easy. Life is hard but you can't let it bury you or you will become lost."

"That is true, I'm happy you found what you are looking for Mina; what makes you happy!" He smiled at her.

She grew quiet. "That does indeed bring me happiness; when I was singing for a moment I felt such exhilaration and peacefulness that I thought I would die from the happiness I was feeling. That's what I want. For everyone to find happiness in any situation even in the bad times I want my songs to reach them!"

The blonde leaned against his shoulder which he didn't move from.

"I do love you Yaten Kou!" She spoke the sacred words.

Yaten smiled. "I love you too."

She spoke again. "That is my feelings for you. I would want to start something with you but…"

The male casted an understanding smile. "You feel that after everything you have to rediscover more on what you want, right?"

Minako gave a brief nod. "As much as I want to, I think it would be bad for the both of us at this time. You can love someone however it doesn't mean you will ultimately end up together!"

"That is words of truth; I love you as well but don't want you rushing into anything serious just yet."

She held his hand. "I love you for who you are Yaten kou; all your persona and I love you at your being, please don't ever forget that!"

He brought his hand to her chin and lifted it up ever slightly. "Minako Aino; goddess of love; Senshi; I love you for who you are!"

"But for now," She muttered

"We must be apart," He uttered.

"Until we are both ready…" They said at the same time.

He kissed her on the lips and she returned the passion which he was giving.

The wind blew their hair as the kiss ended.

Wrapping his arms around her shoulders he hugged her. "There is no rush, take all the time you want."

She wrapped her arms around his neck. "I just wanted to tell you that Yaten-kun. But even if that's tomorrow's problem, just kiss me for now, let's let the dream continue a while longer…"

And they did.

In America Michiru Kaioh aka Sailor Neptune had finished her performance in a Roman theater of Pachelbel's Canon and was relaxing in the outside pool of the residence that she and her girlfriend, Haruka Tenoh, who was Sailor Uranus, were staying in.

The sea-green woman wore a one piece blue swimsuit and wore a simple bracelet on her left wrist. Michiru enjoyed taking a swim at night, it was refreshing.

As she went for another lap a sandy blonde haired woman (who resembled a man) came outside with a bottle of red wine and was wearing a white shirt with khakis.

"Hey Michiru, come have some with me?" She called out as she stared pouring the wine.

Michiru heard and swam to the edge of the pool and got out. Water glistened off her body as if she were an ephemeral being.

Haruka smiled at her. "Looking beautiful as always Michiru…"

The mermaid smiled as she drank a cup slowly.

"I heard the performance you did was excellent as always," The blue-eyed woman appraised. "Pachelbel's Canon is a rather hard piece to do."

Finishing her cup she placed her green hair behind her ears. "It is indeed but I like the challenge."

She then looked at Haruka. "How was the driving circuit?"

The tomboy answered with a laugh. "Awesome, those Americans' know how to drive but I was able to get the win in the end!"

"As always that competitive spirit always finds a way to stick out its head!" She giggled like an aristocrat.

After speaking of other stuff Michiru relaxed in the pool as Haruka stuck her feet in the water.

"I hear that the girls had an interesting adventure while we were away." Haruka brought up.

Turning her head over Michiru listened.

"Hotaru contacted me with Setsuna and apparently something will be going down soon which we will need to get involved in."

"I wonder what it could be…" Michiru wondered as she summoned her Deep Aqua Mirror. "My talisman has been giving strange vibes. I fear darkness is descending upon us once again."

Haruka tightened her fist. "That means we will be seeing action shortly. Setsuna mentioned that she will be getting us updated with something that happened in the past. Along with the girls had awakened to their Eternal forms."

Michiru smiled. "I guess we need to get on the ball with this; we don't want them getting big heads!

"Hmmm you're right as usual."

The duo looked at the moon.

"I wonder what lies in store for us." Michiru whispered.

"We'll have to wait and see…" Haruka mentioned. "We can face this coming threat together."

The couple held each other while the night continued on.

The alchemist was in his own home as he known what happened to Malachite. He gave a wicked smile. "That fool accomplished more than I hoped for, now the other 8 need to gain access to the power of the gods…"

Images of the Senshi appeared on the wall. "That was the first key I needed. With my children I will take revenge on them along with those Senshi that bared their name in the past!"

He thought about the former Senshi that brought ruin to his home. "They are not gone for they will come back. I wonder who will win this race; them or me?"

The man snapped his fingers again and another image appeared with different figures. "I will not be beaten by shades of the past, I relish in facing all who oppose me."

Alderic then thought of his four children that were revived. "Aria and Areno will be no problem but Kawasari and Luca have already placed me aside, I'll have to rectify that problem soon. I will bring back my other children to make this an even fight."

He then started laughing. "Queen Serenity you should have destroyed me when you the chance presented itself; now my play will begin!"

(Song ends)

The End…or is it?

Minako: Hey I hope you readers enjoyed this story! It's sad to announce that this is indeed, the last chapter!

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Michiru: Now, now at least we had a scene; we will be a bigger asset in the next story. I think it's about time to wrap this up? Minako if you would be so kind?

Minako: Right Michiru-san, so stay tuned to the follow-up with this story titled Scions of a Broken Kingdom! Sounds ominous don't you agree Yaten?

Yaten: It certainly does Mina-chan. We would like to thank everyone who's read this story and we will see you again down the line!

Minako: Not sure when but don't be surprised when it happens!


The story ends after 12 chapters!

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Minako and Yaten did indeed show their feelings for one another but they aren't official just yet. I thought it's best that part waited till later. She did experience heartache again so got to give her some time.

If it sounds like a cop-out, sorry.

That song Mina sang is from the anime The World God Only Knows. Her latent powers are still sealed but I'll say she tapped into it naturally so who knows she might gain access (and the other Senshi) in the next story.

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If you are wondering what's going on with Ken, I'd suggest reading Digimon Accell Stream (if you happen to be a fan of Digimon and it captured your interest).

It's linked to two other series stories as well that had two crossovers to another author named Kainus, his stories are good too!

This story will be seeing a sequel with all the Senshi and maybe the remaining Star lights as well. I can't leave it hanging since Michiru and Haruka haven't gotten their Eternal forms or the remaining kids of Alderic.

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And it continues…