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Heartache has finally appeared for Minako as she catches Yaten with Kawasari due to a curse on him.

Malachite informs the fox teen about the hidden abilities that the Senshi potentially have and how he wants to use Minako's powers to take control of people's hearts and rule over them like a god.

Pluto and Luca confronted Alderic who has his own machinations but whether if it comes ahead is uncertain.

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Chapter 7

What lies in sorrow?

Minako's tears ran down her face at seeing Yaten, who was in bed without a shirt and appeared groggy and Kawasari, who was wearing a bathrobe with her hair down.

The fox teen glanced at Yaten, who was still in bed and back at Mina, who had gripped her chest as if in physical pain.

Taking a breath she choked out a response. "Yaten, why did you do this to me?"

Mina then sprinted out of the room not taking a glance back.

I don't have anything left! Mina thought in despair. It took a couple of moments until she was outside and passed a concerned Artemis who followed her.

"Mina, what's wrong?!" he called out but his charge ignored him.

Artemis had a serious frown on his face as he looked back at the place she left. What could have happened in there? Does it have something to do with Yaten-kun?

Kawasari looked impassive as she saw what happened but had a feeling of guilt going through her.

True she despised the Senshi with a passion but doing something like this was unforgivable in her opinion.

Giving a sigh she unhooked her robe and stood in her usual attire, a blue Cheongsam with a red sash in the middle. She had given the impression that she did something with Yaten but it was nothing more than a ruse.

She jumped to her own conclusion on what happened. She thought in her head. It was planned that I would go all the way but I think Malachite should have some kinks in his plan. I won't be used by a madman!

Even though placing the geass on Yaten she was never planning anything illicit of any sort. She might have been the demon of illusion but she had her pride.

Furthermore what he's planning is beyond what I want to happen. I will deal with the Senshi in my way. Not by his or my father's wishes.

Walking to Yaten's bedside she placed two fingers on his forehead and dispelled the curse.

It took a couple of moments until the silver-haired teen woke up with a start and looked at the purple haired teen.

He narrowed his eyes. "What did you do Kawasari?"

She only gave him an indifferent glance. "I only did what I was ordered Yaten. Or should I call you Sailor Star Healer?"

He had a look of surprise but quickly got over it. "So you did know who I was. I'm going on a guess that you also know that I know who you are as well?"

Kawasari gave a nod. "The time for pretenses is over."

Yaten couldn't have agreed more and got up from the bed. Taking a glance down he noticed he still had his pants on.

"You didn't do anything. Count me surprised on that." He spoke. "I thought you hated her?"

The fox eared teen scoffed. "I hate all the Senshi, don't get it confused! I was never planning on doing something that perverted. I am not some call girl!"

Yaten took a moment to get his thoughts together. That's good for me but I'm still hazy on how I got here? I did see Mina here though and she looked crushed! He felt guilty for their earlier argument. I was on my way to apologise until she came.

"Since you know about us I have to ask," he began. "I became informed by my princess that an evil is trying to get Minako, is that you?"

Kawasari had a look of amazement. "I am not after her in general as I have a hatred for the ones who eradicated my family and friends but I am working with someone who does." She mentioned the last part with hesitation.

He could only think of one person. "Is this person Malachite?"

She confirmed his hunch. "That is correct. He is going by two persona's so you and that cat can't figure him out."

"I can figure out that his first alias is Lyner Lea, a college professor at the college and the next is Roa?" Yaten stated. "I wonder how he is able to create two of him."

Having a bored expression she told him that info as well. "Apparently when he was revived certain powers were granted to him. That is the only reason I can think off. The person to do that was my father Alderic."

Hearing that name Yaten looked at her. "Your father revived him, he must have a lot of power?"

Snorting she answered. "He doesn't have that much ability. He uses alchemy that's all. However he's proficient in it enough to add his own tricks of course using that he was able to bring back a part of Malachite's soul from the abyss."

Yaten became amazed on how easy she was telling him all this.

"Going on that Malachite is not the person the Senshi faced all those years ago. He's a shadow of his former self and developed his own ego as a result. He's using this as a way to control the populace of the world!"

He froze as he heard that. "What but how can he do that?"

She gave him a cynical smirk. "Why with the Senshi of Love!"

His mind spun as he heard that. Is this what Princess Kakyuu meant by keeping an eye on Minako but how could she do anything?

Seeing the look on his face she answered his inquiry. "I will go on the assumption that father told Malachite of the Senshi's hidden abilities," Kawasari began. "Even though I have my doubts since father has a thing for the dramatics I'm starting to question if I am mistaken…"

Thinking on what she revealed things were becoming clearer to Yaten. Everything is coming to focus.

Wanting to know why she was doing things he asked. "Why would an enemy tell me this? You fought us nearly a month ago and swore vengeance on what the Senshi allegedly did?"

When hearing what the starlight said Kawasari growled. "I won't go into that again but mark what I say the truth will come." She had a look of not being moved on that issue. "That is irrelevant now. What happens now is up for you to decide."

She turned away and headed to the living room. Not wanting to get left in her room he grabbed his shirt and followed.

Upon entering he saw that she had a cup of Jack Daniels and drank it from a cup.

"I still don't know what you are playing. Telling me is plans and proving his guilt, are you going to help me?"

Finishing her drink she answered. "My only goal was to lead her to Malachite's hands which I did."

He growled at that. "It's your fault she found out like that!"

Not taking any heed she ignored him and continued her drink. "If my understanding is correct you didn't tell her your exact mission which means it's wasted. Now what happens with her has much blame to pass to you as well?"

Hearing enough he slapped the cup from her hand and it broke on the floor. "You don't care what you did? You purposely led her to his hands!"

Giving him a glare she tossed her long hair. "I care for my safety in the matter. I am betting on you as a Senshi to stop Malachite's plans! Once he's gone I can be free from him. Now don't you have to find her?"

Yaten glared at her for a moment before taking off and going outside hoping to find Minako.

Once she was alone she sighed. "My life is already over the moment I gave that information…"

"That is correct fox!" A male voice declared.

Turning around she saw Roa with a sickening glare. "I had a feeling you'd pull something like this so I created this shadow to follow you!" He walked towards her.

Kawasari narrowed her eyes dangerously at him. "Now that the Senshi is almost to you, are you going to get rid of me?"

"Don't be dramatic, I still need you alive. I think it's time I got Luca involved in this!" he stated.

When she heard her younger brother mentioned her eyes went feral. "I will not have you stain his hands with blood!" she roared as her demonic energy started crackling.

Holding his hand over his eyes he laughed. "Why not, he has more power then you! When he realizes I have you captive he will do as I say."

As she was about to strike against him he held his hand out and pressed hard. She gasped in pain and went to her knees.

"I have your hearts from Alderic. You won't go anywhere without my say so. Now it's time I begin this act of the play!"

Snapping his fingers a dark stream went over her body binding her by chains. Growling in frustration she couldn't get free.

"You won't escape that for a time. Now it's time for you to sleep."

Pressing his hand over her head Kawasari felt dizzy and soon collapsed.

Smiling in satisfaction he grabbed her. "You are playing your part well. Now it's time to go comfort Minako."

He soon vanished from the room with his hostage.

Tokyo park

On the night streets of Tokyo Minako had stopped running and found herself in the park. Her legs were screaming for rest as she went to a bench.

The tears started pouring anew at what she saw. It's not like we were going out. He only did all this for a mission. I get that but why did it have to be his only reason?

She angrily wiped the tears from her face. I thought if I saw him we could put everything behind us but,

The image came back as she saw Kawasari and Yaten in the same room.

He damaged me good that bastard! She wept. I cannot forgive him for that, making me develop feelings and having hope in my dream! He crushed them without a second thought! Things can't go back to the way they were.

An aura came over her again. I don't care anymore. If there is any justice let me be the one to pull the trigger and end this misery!

Then to her surprise a figure stood in front of her as she looked.

"Malachite…no I mean Mr. Lea?" she spoke.

The long green-haired man smiled at her. "What has you in such a state Minako?" He asked.

He waited but she didn't say anything. "I see, Minako tell me what if I were to tell you I am this person named Malachite, how would you feel?"

Looking in his eyes she spoke. "I wouldn't care if you were him. I just don't care anymore." She got up. "If you are, end it please? Take this life and have your revenge."

He shook his head. "I won't do such a thing Minako." He placed a hand underneath her chin. "For you see I am for you Minako."

Not being afraid he let her kiss her. When their lips met she felt like she's done this before.

She broke the kiss and looked at him. "I'm not afraid of you. Are you Roa as well?"

Not answering he changed his hair color and wore a golden Pierrot mask.

Minako smiled at that. "You have my best interest at heart don't you?"

He smiled at her. "See my words proved true and you ended up betrayed by your ideals. But I am still here. I won't force you into anything you don't want to do. Minako, you can have your desires granted. Will you finally accept me?"

He placed a hand on her still wet cheek. "I am only a part of the Malachite that loved you from the past but I developed a different personality during all my trips to your dreams. Mina you can change everyone. We can make everyone suffer with the power of love!"

The blonde heard what he said and she thought she would be more opposed. Since she is a warrior of justice she should stop him now for truth, honor and loyalty.

In a surprising gesture she initiated a kiss. After a moment she pulled away from him. By the heavens, she chose him over her duty for peace and love?

"Do whatever you want with me Malachite, I am yours and only yours my darling!" she said in ecstasy.

Holding her hand he smiled. "I will show you what you are capable of my love goddess."

Before they could vanish a white cat showed up. "MINAKO DON'T GO WITH HIM!"

Mina and Malachite turned to see Artemis along with Yaten.

"Mina, get away from him!" Yaten yelled.

The blue-eyed teen scoffed. "Why would I do that to the man I love, Yaten?" she asked him.

When the cat and teen boy heard that they gave a gasp. "What do you mean Minako?" Artemis stated alarmed. "You can't love this man, he was an agent for Bery!l He can't be trusted!"

Minako's cheerful persona was gone as she gave the cat a glare that would cause a flower to wilt.

Yaten also felt a pang in his heart at what he heard. "Minako I wanted to tell you I'm sorry!"

Giving a glance at Yaten she smirked. "Go and die fools!" she said.

Malachite laughed as he wore his usual attire (a short blue shirt, pants and black boots) with a short cape and flung it in dramatic fashion. "You lost her heart Yaten! You pushed and pushed and then caused her to run to my waiting arms. I should thank you!" he stated which made Yaten glare at him.

"Don't be fooled by him Mina! He is only going to use you!" Yaten yelled trying to persuade the blonde.

Mina looked over him with irritation. "The one I love would never do that to me! We share a love that goes beyond whatever feelings I had for you!"

Yaten's eyes widened at hearing that. "Feelings you had for me?"

"That's right but I'm passed that. He is where my heart lies! He was there for me even if it was in dreams more than I can say about you!" Her voice had acid in it.

The green-eyed boy's eyes stung with tears. "I won't believe any of what you say Mina. You aren't a person full of hate, you are funny, hyperactive at times and a romantic. You don't love him!"

"How would you know about my heart, Yaten?" she whispered this. "My heart was laid bare and you broke it. You damaged me beyond repair and I won't look back ever again!"

Shaking his head he yelled. "No, nothing happened, he," Yaten pointed at Malachite. "Manipulated the situation!"

She scoffed. "That is convenient trying to place the blame on him Yaten!"

Malachite smiled and held her close. "Give it up; I am where her happiness lies."

"You are not her happiness, she is her own person!" he yelled back.

Artemis also got in the conversation. "Minako don't be fooled by his lies! We are here for you!"

This got a laugh from the girl. "Who is this 'we' Artemis? My so-called friends who aren't even here? That ended right after the Sailor Wars, time to move on from that kitty cat!"

Not believing the one he thought of as a daughter he tried again. "That's not true; you are only avoiding the situation! Don't run away from your feelings!"

"I'm not running. My eyes are open to the truth of him and this world!" she challenged boldly.

The cat shook his head. "Mina, this is Malachite! I don't know how he came back but he will only lead you astray! Listen I remember that you had a crush on him back in the Silver Millenium but that's all that was. It never flourished due to Beryl's attack!"

Malachite got involved next. "Silly kitty, that's all you knew. I did have secret rendezvous with her from time to time. It wasn't like Prince Endymion and Princess Serenity but more than enough!"

Artemis found that he couldn't handle that information. "But nothing came of it did it? You or any of his generals were the first ones vanquished!"

The masked man grimaced. "That is something I will rectify now! My love for her will shine bright and nothing will deter my destiny!"

Yaten heard enough. "Your destiny is to go back to once you came! Kawasari told me all about how you ended up getting revived by her father Alderic!"

Artemis turned to the starlight. "Wait who is Alderic?"

Giving the cat a glance Yaten shook his head and turned back to Malachite and Mina. "She didn't go into specifics but I won't let you use whatever ability she has!"

The man looked like he swallowed something bad. "She talks too much! I'll make her punishment last!"

"Minako please don't go! Whatever is happening we can talk through it together!" Artemis pleaded again. His heart was breaking that he didn't want to lose someone important to him.

Not wanting to hear anymore she wrapped her arms around Malachite and planted one on his lips.

Artemis and Yaten stared in shock.

Finishing the kiss she looked back at them with hate filled eyes. "This is my choice Arty. This is my happiness!"

Giving a laugh that would do Lelouch Vii Britannia proud he vanished with Minako, to the shock of the cat and teen.

Running to where they were they looked aghast at what happened. Minako had chosen Malachite.

Looking up in the moonlit sky Artemis and Yaten had sad expressions.

"Minako…if only I had apologized sooner. Don't you see it's all a ruse?" Yaten said quietly.

Artemis was also down as he saw someone he'd die for vanish without a trace. "I should have paid more attention to her instead of worrying about Malachite! She'd complain about dreams and I didn't think much of it!"

Before they could say anything more a figure appeared. "So I have arrived too late?"

Looking up they saw Setsuna Meioh. She had a serious look on her face. "Malachite has left with Minako then?"

The two didn't answer which confirmed her hunch. "You two shouldn't blame yourselves. If anything I should have been more aware of the situation at hand. But with Alderic running loose I disregarded this phenomenon."

Yaten shook his head. "No, we can't blame you either. We all wished we could have done something different but we can't lament now! We have to get to Minako."

The time guardian agreed. "That is why I arrived. During her performance this afternoon I came across Alderic and his son Luca!"

This got their attention as she went into detail about the two.

A couple of minutes later she finished her story. "Luca revealed to me about Malachite being alive. Even though it is surprising I looked up stuff on my end and confirmed it. I don't wield the powers of death but I had a friend who confirmed Luca's claim."

"Luca and Kawasari, wasn't she the one you battled with?" Artemis asked which Yaten confirmed.

"Kawasari also told me about Malachite's plan. Setsuna, is it true you guys hold hidden powers?" Yaten asked.

The garnet eyed woman closed her eyes. She didn't answer for a moment.

"Setsuna, what is it that you know?" the cat asked.

The mature woman finally answered. "I can't tell you yet until Usagi and the others arrive!"

This brought surprise to the cat and teen. "You called Usagi and the rest? Why did you do that?" Yaten exclaimed.

"They are a part of this and their friend and fellow Senshi is being manipulated by a former enemy." The green haired woman replied. "I told Hotaru to stay in her place as back up. It is unfortunate that Haruka and Michiru are still in America."

"It's a good thing that they are coming back since we will need their help in saving Minako! Then you can start talking about this Alderic person!" Artemis said.

Setsuna acknowledged the cat and looked at Yaten. "How are you holding up Yaten? I know this can't be easy for you?"

Yaten only gave a weak smile. "I feel as if my heart is torn out! I…today after the performance a monster attacked and nearly killed Minako and I!" he revealed.

Artemis looked surprised. "That happened? No wonder she looked exhausted!"

The teen nodded. "Thankfully Mina was able to get that Eternal form along with me gaining a new power as well called Axis," he continued. "We beat the monster but then Roa, who was a different form of Malachite, arrived and said how he was coming to her dreams!"

"Which means he found a way to reach Minako's dreamscape? I never thought it possible for a mere minion to have these kinds of abilities." Setsuna brought up. "However where he got this power is beyond me."

The white furred blue-eyed cat asked the next question. "When will they be here Setsuna?"

"Upon hearing my request they would arrive in two days. Thankfully Golden Week starts soon so that will give us more than enough time to get them updated." She said. "I can tell he won't do anything drastic yet but we will stay vigilant"

She walked up to Yaten and placed a hand on his shoulder. "We will save her Yaten. Just believe in us!"

Yaten only faked a smile but appreciated the sentiment. He then went to Artemis and picked him up.

"Artemis, I fucked up big time but I will save her!" he declared.

The cat nodded and licked his cheek in acceptance.

"You can stay at my condo tonight. I have much to discuss before the others arrive." Setsuna stated as the trio headed off.

Malachite's mansion

Back in Malachite's lair the man had finished with Mina as he was placing his pants back on.

Mina was sleeping and had the covers over her bare body.

He looked content at what happened as soon as they arrived to his domain. He had brought an expensive house which was located in the outskirts of Tokyo and rarely came back until this moment.

With her here it will be easy to perform the ritual to use her powers. Soon Mina I will build a world for us! He thought. I am happy in knowing that boy named Ken didn't intervene! I still owe him a lashing! Once again he brought up the teenage boy who ruined his first dream drop. Malachite didn't like the fact of getting blown up by some monstrosity. Whoever that kid was he certainly lived life on the danger zone.

He looked at Mina, to any was else's surprise, love. Even if he manipulated everything, he did it for her!

"I promise I will make you happy! For the ones that denied you your dream I will break them and cast them to hell!" he whispered.

He walked to her and kissed her forehead. She moaned in pleasure and whispered "Mal-chan". Malachite walked out and headed to the den.

In the spacious area he had Kawasari caged with various bindings covering the cell so she could not escape.

She looked weak at best and growled when she saw him. "The bastard finally shows up huh?"

Giving a non-caring chuckle he gave a reply. "I hope you are happy with the arrangements my pet! I informed Luca where I am and he should be arriving soon!"

As if he heard his name the spiky brown-haired boy appeared going as far as busting the door open and rushed in angrily.

"What did you do to my sister!" he raged and sprinted towards him.

The calm man held out his hand a magic circle appeared and trapped Luca in a barrier.

Bouncing off the walls at first Luca punched it but it didn't work.

"Your powers are impressive! I can use you soon!" he said which made him even angrier!

"I should have killed you when I had the chance!" Luca stated. "Let my sister go this instant! I already saw father today and learned all I needed!"

When hearing this Malachite looked surprised. "Alderic is here? No matter. Anyway your beloved sister can't keep her mouth shut so this is her punishment!"

The dog boy looked at his sister and growled. "What do you want for me to do?" he asked.

"See, he knows his place in this Kawasari!" Malachite gloated. "Very soon you are going to rid me of some Senshi that you despise. Do that and I'll free your sister and give back your hearts!"

Not believing him he looked weary.

"You dot want them back, eh pup?" he inquired.

Luca shook his head. "I'll do what I have to Malachite!"

He smirked. "That's what I like to hear. Now time to get some rest because we will have a busy couple of days!"

The barrier surrounding him vanished and Luca looked at his captive sister once again.

Luca don't do as he says! Kawasari pleaded. You remember what happened last time?

The impassive boy gave a look of concern for a moment, shook his head and left. He headed to a spare bedroom.

Kawasari coughed blood as she was still bound in the cage. "Don't use him Malachite! If you want to get rid of the Senshi than use me not him!" she snapped. "He won't be able to handle it!"

Malachite didn't pay her any attention as he began the next phase of his plan. He concentrated and a magical glyph appeared in front of him. As he traversed through the dream realm he came across certain scenarios. He saw in one a boy fighting these weird dark monsters that took on various shapes and sizes.

I won't let you get the chance to go against me! He then thought about how he got these abilities.

Even if Alchemy was the thing that brought a piece of me back it opened something within me. I have a firm grasp of magical formulas as Alderic put it. I also can go through dreams and I used it to my advantage.

After finishing the spell the circle vanished. I still have room for improvement though. I was only lucky that Alderic gave me that book. I just wonder why he's back when he said he would leave me to my own devices. Is he planning something?

After going on about it for a moment he let the issue go. He would figure it all out later. Snapping his fingers a viewing screen of Yaten was shown. To his surprise a woman he didn't recognize was with him and that annoying cat.

Keeping an eye out he waited till his surprise to strike.

In the bedroom Minako was stirring in her sleep. "Yaten…kun." She muttered in sadness.

Tokyo park

Back with the trio they were heading to Setsuna's until the woman stopped.

"What's wrong Setsuna?" asked Yaten.

Her clairvoyance warned her something was about to happen. "Keep an eye out Yaten, trouble is coming!"

Yaten and Artemis looked around and didn't see anything until a purple portal appeared and flying creatures came out of them.

They had the head of a dragon, legs of a lizard and wings of a bird. Their color schemes were pink and had beady yellow eyes.

From what Yaten saw they appeared to have a heart emblem on their chest.

Setsuna and Yaten stood back to back as the mysterious creatures roared and flew around them.

"This is what you sensed right?" Yaten asked which Setsuna nodded to.

Artemis kept close to them too. "What are these monsters?"

The green haired woman noticed the emblem. Can it be? "These creatures are Heartless and their name is Wyvern!"

The teen dodged a tackle and looked at them. "Heartless? Wait you mean from that game?!"

Setsuna also dodged one. "Not important at the moment, Yaten hurry and transform!" She commanded. "I'm not sure how they are here but we have to take them out!"

Before he could say anything on of the creatures was about to land a talon strike on him until Setsuna pushed him to the ground.

Getting up from the ground Setsuna also pulled out her transformation item. "Pluto Crystal Power, Make Up!"

A flash of light erupted and stood Sailor Pluto holding her Key Staff.

Yaten held out his hand and his wrist bracelet appeared. "Healer Star Power, Make Up!"

A moment later Sailor Star Healer stood in Yaten's place.

The Wyvern heartless (a total of 7) started attacking them with talon strikes and tackles.

Artemis was able to find safety and looked on at the battle.

As one was about to land a slash on Pluto, Healer launched her Star Sensitive Inferno to stun the monster with no heart.

Taking advantage Pluto landed a couple of blows to Wyvern with her staff and destroyed it with a Dead Scream.

Seeing the death of one of their own sent the rest of the Wyvern's into a frenzy and they started firing eye beams at them.

Pluto held out her staff and created a garnet colored barrier. The beams didn't get through but it was taxing her energy.

"I don't think I can hold on. These Heartless are powerful!" she muttered.

Holding her wrist Healer wondered if she could transform to her Axis mode again. I don't think I can. My body is still getting used to it. If I should do it I don't think I'll have any energy left!

Pluto noticed her gesture. "Don't risk it if you can't!" she brought up. "We will get out of this!"

Then the three of the Heartless started tackling the shield and the others fired more eye beams at the shield.

Pluto grunted as she went to her knees. Healer tried supporting her as she grabbed her shoulders and sent her own energy to solidify the barrier.

"Sorry I'm not up to par, I'm still drained from my earlier fight!" Healer stated.

The Outer Senshi shook her head. "Again don't worry, we will find away to get through this!"

Then after another tackle and an engery blast, it cracked the shield and soon sent them skidding across the ground before stopping. Landing on their backs they grunted in pain as the flying dragon/lizard/bird hybrid roared as it set their sights on them.

"Pluto, Healer!" Artemis called. I have to help them but I'm still not good with my human form yet?!

As the dragons of prey were coming at them and going to peck and talon them to death torrents of water encased one in a block of ice!

This stopped the Wyvern Heartless attack as they saw their comrade land with a thud. Healer and Pluto got up and wondered who did that.

Artemis turned to see who did that attack. "I recognize that, could it be?!"

A tiara came out of nowhere and sliced off the encased Wyvern's head off!

Healer saw that attack and smiled at who did it. "I didn't know they'd make here tonight?!"

Then a flamethrower attack mixed in with electricity came to damage the rest of the Wyvern and sent the hoard crashing down.

Sailor Pluto instantly knew who it was. "Those attacks could only belong to,"

They looked to see the four sailor suited warriors as they came in view and all had the same kind of uniform but with different color variations with a star choker and tiara accessory.

One had brunette hair styled in a pony tail and was tall. She wore a green mini skirt and donned rose earrings. She had short green stiletto boots on. The back and chest bow was pink with a green heart brooch in the middle. Her eyes were green and she gave a confident smirk.

The next one had short blue hair and a studious look to her. She had a short blue skirt. Her back and chest bow were light blue and had a blue heart brooch. She had knee-length boots. Three earrings attached to each earlobe. Her eyes were cerulean and she had a calm but firm look.

To her left was a girl with long raven hair with a hint of purple. Her colors were a red skirt with a red back bow and her chest one was purple with a red heart brooch. Her foot attire consisted of red high heels and wore star earrings. This one had purple eyes and sported a serious glare.

The one that stood out the most was the one with the meatball-head hair on top which was blond and had blue eyes. She had decorative wings on her back and a crescent moon on her head. Her skirt was triple layered with the bottom being dark blue, the next red and the top one being yellow.

She gave a smile to Pluto and Healer. "I'm glad we made it in time you two!" Eternal Sailor Moon said giving a wink.

"The Sailor Scouts are here!" They cried in unison.

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Looks like things have turned bad!

Minako has turned her back on Yaten and her friends and joined with Malachite.

You find out that Kawasari didn't do anything to Yaten but the damage has already been done. I wasn't going to make Kawa-chan to be anyone's whore.

Hmmhmmm I got the Senshi involved as well? It was going to happen sooner or later.

If it seems like I'm adding on to Malachite's abilities sorry. I never planned ahead on what I was going to do with him. Granted I thought I was going to end this after chapter 3 but it's taking a life of its own.

I hope I shed some light on his powers even if it's farfetched with Alchemy brining him back to life. Yes like anyone I've watched Full Metal Alchemist but I'm using whatever works. You know different fandom and what not.

What could I be planning with Luca? The kid will be a turn changer.

Remember this is happening on the same day as the music festival so Healer wouldn't be able to use her new upgrade as of yet since she still needs to rest.

I don't think I need to explain what happened with Malachite and Mina. I believe, whoever is reading this, doesn't need a picture drawn and know about nature.

Malachite's plan will come. This will cross to the Alderic storyline as well. I just hope I can get the words right.

I'm guessing you readers are surprised with the Kingdom Hearts stuff right? I needed some monsters and they are the ones I could think of. Not really a crossover but just using them.

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