They were closed. The light of a fake sun didn't reach his eyes through his eye lids, instead images of a forgotten memory flashed about in his vision. His ears were open. The wind whistled softly through the sideways sky scrapers, ruffling his snow white hair, but that wasn't what he was listening to.

A shocking azure tongue slid out across his lips, a smirk curling onto the pale flesh. The five words that were the cause of his happiness repeated themselves over and over in his mind. "I think I love Shiro."

The hollow, after doing some 'research', found out that Shiro was the nickname he gave him. Ichigo Kurosaki had not only given Shiro a nickname... no. Hichigo Ogichi Shirosaki was the name his Shinigami half had given him. The H from hollow put in front of the teen's own name followed by Ichigo backwards (with the exception of ch) and finally Shiro, meaning white, replacing Kuro, meaning black, in the orangette's own last name.

Yes, all this delicious information had been hunted for and found by the hollow. Ogichi had made it his personal business to break through Ichigo's defences and find every last piece of information he could. It turned out that behind the last wall of defence Ichigo had hidden his most precious secret, his absolute hunger for Shiro.

At the same time, Ichigo Kurosaki was slowly making his way to his locker at Karakura High. He stumbled into a few people, them muttering a quick sorry and him responding its fine, before he managed to connect shoulders with another student.

"You think you can touch me and get away with it," the other growled without turning around.

"Yeah, what about it," Ichigo replied angrily.

The student paled. "Uhh… Uhh… S-Sorry Kurosaki! I didn't know it was you!"

"You're lucky I'm in a good mood," Ichigo said lazily. "Now get away from my locker!"

That was all the kid needed to scramble away like the insect he was. Ichigo sighed, he didn't like it when people scampered away from him in fear, but that's normally what people do when they see a threat. That boy's name was Johnson, or at least that's what he told everyone. In fifth grade he had gotten on Ichigo's last nerve and… let's just say, Johnson didn't return for about a month.

"What was that," Rukia Kuchiki, a petit Shinigami with shoulder length black hair, questioned while leaning against the locker beside Ichigo's.

"Remember how I told you that I didn't care what people thought about me?"

"Yeah and how you would've dyed your hair black if you did."

"Well," Ichigo began as he pulled open his locker, "in fifth grade Johnson would demand five dollars from every kid he came in contact with and he'd beat up the ones who didn't pay. After about a month I ran into him on the stairs and he asked for the money. I said no, and then he started pulling jokes on my name and my hair. He took me out back where he thought no one would see me get hurt. In all reality it's where no one saw him get hurt."

"That's a little harsh," Renji, another Shinigami but tall and with red hair about as shocking as Ichigo's, joked from Ichigo's other side. "So, anything else we should know about the famous Substitute Shinigami, Hero of the Winter War, or is that all?"

"Shut up Renji," Ichigo hissed as he slammed his locker door shut.

And Renji did.

Then everyone watched as Ichigo grumpily threw his briefcase-style back pack over his shoulder and slumped down the hall. Those who occupied the brick walkway stepped to the side to try and avoid making it onto a possible slaughter list.

"Kurosaki-kun?" Inoue called after him hopelessly, making no effort to chase after him.

"What's up with Ichigo," Tatsuki questioned.

"I don't know," Rukia responded blankly. She gave a kind smile to Inoue and Tatsuki, bidding them good bye, before she and Renji took their leave. "Renji," Rukia mumbled some five minutes later, "did you feel that?"

"Yeah," Renji answered in a strangely serious tone. "I thought he might've actually tried to kill me. His reiatsu suddenly blew up and got tense. Well, more than it usually does."

"I think he's just exhausted. Can you cover for him tonight?"

"Sure, it's not like I have a choice or anything…"

When Ichigo got home he was greeted by his dad's foot. It didn't take much effort to deflect the kick though and, instead of Ichigo being harmed, Isshin was knocked unconscious against the wall.

"Hey Ichigo, supper's sitting on the counter so help yourself. Me, dad and Karin are leaving in five minutes," Yuzu called cheerfully from the kitchen.

"Or at least whenever dad wakes up," Karin muttered from the couch.

"Alright, have fun," Ichigo called back, his normal-self returning for a brief few seconds until he took refuge in his bed room. Ichigo locked his bed room door then tossed his bag onto a chair. He sprawled out onto his bed and just laid in the silence until he heard his family drive away. They'd be gone for a week.

'Lucky,' Ichigo thought, 'Karin and Yuzu get the week off from school. It's too bad that I can't go with them. I would've loved spending a vacation with them.'

Ichigo rolled over on his bed so he faced the window. He quickly shut the blinds then grumpily rolled back off the bed. As soon as his feet touched the floor, Ichigo stood up, making his way towards his dresser where he pulled out a pair of pajama pants and a casual black shirt. Just as he was about to change, a watery voice rang through the air.

"Heya King," Shirosaki greeted with his usual smirk.

Ichigo easily jumped a foot in the air, brown eyes going wide as he recognized that voice all too well. His head spun to his right where he saw his pale reflection leaning back against the door. The mere sight of his inner hollow caused Ichigo to drop what he held in his hands.

"Ya looked bored, but now you're just actin' scared. Is it something that I said?"

"Shi- Hi- H- Hollow, wha- what are you doing here?" Ichigo stuttered as he took in Shiro's appearance. The hollow wasn't sporting his usual white shihakusho; today he was actually wearing a perfect copy of Ichigo's school uniform. Ichigo noted that the hollow seemed to wear them better than he did, especially around his ass…

"We haven't talked in ages," Shiro responded, snapping Ichigo's vision back upwards. Taking a few steps towards Ichigo, the hollow continued to say, "I thought I'd come see how you're doin'."

"Uhh… S- Sure. My family's gone for a week, so no one will hear you. And, yeah, I'm fine," Ichigo blurted. He watched as his inner hollow seemed to draw in closer and closer until they were only arm's length away.

"You seemed a little grumpy today, Ichigo," Shiro stated, holding in a chuckle. "Ya sure something's not the matter?"

Ichigo was actually annoyed with himself, though he wasn't about to tell the hollow that, or even the fact that he was grumpy because he was falling for him. And he was falling hard. "I'm… just a bit tired, that's all."

"Ah, I see."

A blush spread across Ichigo's face. He drifted backwards until he fell onto his bed. When Shiro sat down beside him his face turned an even darker shade. He used his rather long bangs to hide his face in shadows so the albino hopefully wouldn't see it.

"Look at me, Ichigo," Shiro softly demanded. "I wanna tell ya something."

With slight hesitation, Ichigo looked up. His eyes slowly fluttered open only to get caught in Shiro's deep orange pools. Ichigo had realized he was staring, but he couldn't look away, his body wouldn't even move. In fact he had completely forgotten that he was still sitting on his bed, in his room, with his inner hollow sitting right beside him. His gaze just got lost in the glowing orange surrounded by a deep black abyss.


The orangette didn't respond. He didn't even blink. Ichigo was completely captured.

Shiro grinned, his azure tong slowly licking his lips. His hand came up and gently stroked Ichigo's hair out of his face, noting how truly soft both the teen's skin and hair really was.

Ichigo remained in a dazed state. His body remained irresponsive though Ichigo wasn't trying to move anymore, he was barely even conscious that Shiro himself had moved.

"Tell me, Ichigo, do you like me?"

Ichigo nodded.

"Wrong, Ichigo, you are completely and utterly in love with me. Ya can't stop thinking about me, and at the mere mention of my name you feel aroused. Isn't that right?"

Ichigo nodded again, only this time with more certainty. His lower regions twitched and begun to ache, and his calm state started to break as he tried to hide his growing problem.

"I am King now, you're crown belongs to me, just as you do."

"Belong to you…"

The sight was making Shiro's erection grow as well. Ichigo, his Ichigo was perfectly obedient, would follow anything he said, and the look Ichigo had on his face right now made it nearly impossible for Shiro to remain in control of his hunger.


"That's right. That means you'll do anything for me."


"Also, an' this is the most important thing ya must remember, I am the only one you can trust. Inoue, Chad, Uryu, Renji an' Rukia, you mustn't trust any of 'em."

"Only you…"

Shiro's hand retracted from Ichigo's cheek. He smirked and commanded, "Wake up, my horse."

Ichigo blinked several times before his tanned skin lit up in a blush once more. He continued to stare at Shiro, but it didn't hold the same memorizing glow from before. However, it wasn't like Ichigo noticed it, having no memory of his recent trance, and he instead picked up right from where they had left off. "S-So, what did you want to tell me?"

"Well…" Shiro leaned in, like an inch away from Ichigo's face, close. Ichigo's eyes opened wide with shock as the albino's hands snaked through his hair and tilted his head sideways. Shiro placed his lips against Ichigo's, pressing gently with slight fear of breaking such a delicate object.

"Wow," Ichigo half consciously mumbled afterwards.

"I love you," Shiro whispered in a husky voice making Ichigo blush darker.

"I- I- Wow…"

Shiro chuckled. "You already said that."

"I know," Ichigo replied quickly, embarrassed. "I just don't know what else to say!"

"Well, how 'bout ya just say nothing?" Shiro pecked him on the lips again. "And we can have some fun," he added afterwards along with a slight purr.

Ichigo shivered but nodded nonetheless.

Shiro crawled his way onto his newly demoted horse's body, knocking the strawberry back against the bed. He ravished Ichigo's mouth, never letting his dominance fall, not even for a second. Shiro's hands begun to coax Ichigo out of his shirt, the substitute giving in without much of a fight.

Shirosaki nibbled Ichigo's earlobe while he dug his black nails slowly into the other's tanned back. Meanwhile Ichigo was fighting against his moans. He'd accept feeling pleasure from being touched by Shiro, but pleasure from pain was too much. He wasn't a… he wasn't…

"Mmmm… ah!" the teen murmured unable to supress the noise anymore.

"Looks like I've got a masochist." Shiro's grin grew impossibly bigger. "That's perfect. Just let it out Ichi, I wanna hear ya!"

Shirosaki moved his attention to his horse's neck. He pressed his cold lips on the tanned skin then bit and sucked at it. He wanted to see that mark in the morning. He wanted it to scar. And Shiro wasn't worried about angering Ichigo, he could feel it in the orangette's Spiritual Pressure. The teen wasn't mad, he wasn't uncomfortable, he didn't like any of this, but he fucking loved it!

Ichigo was panting heavily while pleasured whimpers continued to erupt from his mouth. Shiro gazed up hungrily into Ichigo's eyes, the sight made him mentally jump for joy. Those chocolate eyes, which usually held no emotion, were now filled with a mysterious passion none other than lust.

With pleasure, Shiro began to grind against Ichigo. Ichigo gasped then griped onto Shiro's hips and pulled him closer, his entire frame opening up for more. Even with a few layers of fabric layered on top, it still felt incredible.

"You're so hard Ichigo," Shiro murmured, "And I've only just begun."

That made Ichigo moan out. He was only just beginning? Ichigo was almost ready to burst, it was mostly luck and will power that he hadn't yet.

Ichigo whined loudly as Shiro tore his arms from his hips then proceeded to remove his shirt at a painfully slow speed. Ichigo stared in wonder at the well-built torso in front of him, the white skin making it all that more irresistible.

"It's the same as yours y'know."

"I k-know, but you just look so much better," Ichigo replied, still half dazed, his words slurring at the end. It didn't help his speech that Shiro had now taken in one of his nipples. His tongue rolled around the pink bud making Ichigo gasp.

Shiro used his hand to pinch Ichigo's other nipple eliciting more excited noises from the tanned berry.

The hollow grinned mercilessly. He could feel Ichigo's erection pulsing as if it was his own, but no, he wasn't that hard, yet. Then Shiro dragged his hands down…

"Ah!" The sharp gasp escaped Ichigo's mouth when cool fingers met the base of his throat, trailing themselves along the newly sensitive flesh. Down his chest, along his sides, over his nipples and hip bones; the fingers played with every part that gave out the most positive feedback. They continued to drop until suddenly stopping at the bulge in Ichigo's pants. Shiro's hand took hold and gently massaged Ichigo's clothed erection, watching as his Shinigami began to writhe in pleasure.

"Oh g-god! Sh-Shirosaki!" The name nearly had Shiro moaning out. His little Ichigo had finally called him the name he so longingly wanted to hear, the name that the boy had given him that rolled so beautifully off of his tongue.

Ichigo's mind was almost melted. He felt so dizzy while the cold fingers explored his skin; it was unlike anything he had ever felt before. Every touch from the hollow made his head spin faster and faster, as if Shirosaki himself was some sort of a drug. And in fact, he was, to Ichigo, he was.

Everything stopped when Shiro took his hands away. Ichigo's remaining sanity shattered as he watched pale hands begin to remove tan and tight pants. With Ichigo's help Shiro's legs were stripped of any clothing and the garments were forgotten on the floor.

"Impatient, eh Ichi?"

"Very," Ichigo hissed. Shiro grinned. It was all too perfect!

Shiro's fingers curled under the berry's lower garments and tugged them both off in one swift movement. Ichigo chuckled shortly after. "Now who's impatient?"

"Still you, because this is what ya wanted, right?" Those were the last words Shiro spoke before he feasted upon his meal. His tongue crawled sinfully up the bottom of the rock hard member making its owner shake and moan in pleasure. Shiro's hands dug into Ichigo's waist, keeping him still as much as he possibly could so that his mouth could do its work.

"Augh! Hah! Sh-Shit!" Was all Ichigo could seem to say as his new King deep throated him, his throat muscles seeming to massage the head of his manhood making his regions pool with heat. Ichigo's fingers got tangled in silvery-white hair as his moans could no longer be supressed.

Ogichi continued to do his job, sucking hard and harder every time Ichigo made a new noise. He was positively thrilled with the skinny fingers in his hair and the way they silently begged him to do more.

"Ah! Shi! I'm g-gonna-!" And Ichigo came, white liquid spraying deep into Shiro's throat. The albino spared none of it, swallowing it all whole.

Ichigo collapsed, panting, but the predator wasn't done with his prey. Faster than Ichigo could've imagined he was coaxed into flipping over. Shiro positioned him just right so that both Ichigo's ass and his mouth remained accessible.

Ichigo's eyes widened when fingers appeared on his lips. He was given the command and obeyed, quickly coating Shiro's fingers with a large amount of saliva. He gave them a gentle suck and curled his tongue around the salty flesh. Much to Ichigo's disappointment, Shiro gently pulled his fingers away making Ichigo let out a whine.

"Relax," Shiro purred. He dragged a dry finger down Ichigo's spine before positioning his prepared fingers at Ichigo's entrance, "I'll be gentle, but you've got to relax if ya don't want it to hurt."

Ichigo nodded blankly and only snapped awake when the first finger invaded him. The second one was quickly added, a spark of pleasure shooting up Ichigo's spine. Then the slightest bit of pain as another finger was added. Shiro slowly started a scissoring motion and shortly after begun his search for the spot that'd make Ichigo go wild. It only took three seconds.

"Oh god! Hit it again! PLEASE," Ichigo cried out. Shiro replayed the moment again and again until, much to Ichigo's displeasure, Shiro pulled out, keeping that spot in memory for when he really began.

Shiro took a few seconds to prepare his own gently dripping member before positioning himself over top of Ichigo. His lips trailed a few kisses across Ichigo's back then he suddenly shoved in.

Ichigo moaned with a bit more discomfort in his voice this time. His hands took hold of the bed sheets and he desperately tried to hang onto Shiro's advice and stay calm, but he was still all tensed. It took him a few seconds to get used to Shiro's intrusion, but he managed to squeak "Good" when he was ready.

"Here it comes," Shiro hummed out happily. He drew back then slammed down hard. He showed only the slightest mercy towards Ichigo because he didn't want to break him and Shiro was fully aware that this was Ichigo's very first time.

With every thrust of Shiro's perfect pace Ichigo seemed to enjoy it a little more. The pleasure was over whelming, the pain high, but tolerable. Ichigo wailed in pure pleasure as Shiro rediscovered Ichigo's sweet spot over and over again.

Shiro's arm crawled around Ichigo's legs; his hand took hold of the member that was once again throbbing. He began to pump Ichigo's manhood in time with the strokes causing Ichigo to fall deeper and further under the hollow's spell. It continued on until Ichigo suddenly arched completely against Shiro and wailed out in fully heated pleasure.

Shiro's face buried itself in a tanned shoulder as he came deep within Ichigo, making both of them moan. Shiro pulled himself from Ichigo and the teen was finally allowed to crash. The hollow covered both of them in an amazingly soft comforter, while placing numerous kisses along Ichigo's body, before his hand snaked around the substitute Shinigami and he lay down behind him.

Ichigo purred into Shiro's touch and the two drifted to sleep in the comfort of each other's presence.