The next few days had simply become repeats of Monday. Ichigo spent the night in his inner world snuggled up close to Shiro. Zangetsu no longer questioned the strange behaviour, and instead left the two completely alone to do as they wished.

Today was Friday, and Ichigo was glad. With the weekend drawing closer, it meant there was more time for him and Shiro.

Ichigo had just sat under his usual tree when he felt a familiar Reiatsu invade his senses. He glanced out of the corner of his eyes and saw Rukia come storming up.

"What is wrong with you?!" She snapped planting her hands on her hips.

Ichigo's eyebrows furrowed together. Undoubtedly, Ichigo was confused about her behavior. "What are you talking about?"

"Don't play stupid with me, Ichigo! I know you've done something," Rukia shouted. After realizing she had been yelling, Rukia checked her right and her left to see if anyone had heard her. When she deemed the coast clear, she spoke again, only this time with a lower volume, "Please tell me you didn't do anything stupid."

"I didn't do anything," Ichigo said. It sounded like a lie, and it might've been, but Ichigo felt that was the right answer.

Rukia looked away out across the parking lot. Her eyes looked lost in thought and she mouthed a few words. Her nervousness didn't go unnoticed by Ichigo, but before he could question her Rukia asked, "Ichigo, is he back?"

To this Ichigo was stunned. And now that he really thought about it, it probably did look strange to his friends the way he'd changed.

The week before, Ichigo had been upset with his feelings and had started snapping under the slightest of pressures. In truth, he was unable to understand why he liked his inner hollow. It might've been the grin, the eyes or the power. Something made Ichigo want to strive to be more powerful, just to impress the hollow, just to one day be like him...

The next thing he knew, Ichigo had developed feelings for Shiro. He wanted to talk to him, but didn't know what to say... he didn't even know what to call him. That's where Hichigo Ogichi Shirosaki had been born, the nickname Shiro for short.

Then, last Friday, Ichigo's nerves had hit the last straw. He'd been day dreaming about the hollow in his fourth period class and awoke ten minutes later to find his pants abnormally tight. Ichigo excused himself to the bathroom where he found out that his problem had just been made worse.

"Ichigo," Rukia called. "Ichigo!"

Ichigo's head turned away from where ever he was looking in order to face the raven-haired Shinigami. He blinked once, before remembering her question. Ichigo stood up angrily, his knuckles white from the grip he had on his paper lunch bag. "And so what if he is," Ichigo snapped angrily, "What? Don't think I can handle him?"

Rukia's eyes widened. Then suddenly they shut halfway and she sneered up at Ichigo. "I don't think you can! After what I saw around here it's like he's already taken over you!"

Ichigo returned Rukia's glare with a rather scary looking one of his own. "I don't care what you think. I feel better than I have for a really long time and nothing's going to change that."

Tears welled up in Rukia's eyes. When she spoke it was with strain trying to hide her fear, "I don't want to lose you! Okay!?"

"...What is that supposed to mean?"

"I don't want to see you with that mask on. We almost lost you before! Don't put that me and the others through that again, please!"

"Rukia, I'm fine."

"No," Rukia cried, "You're not!"

Ichigo resisted the urge to punch her right then and there. Half of him said he should do it just to get the bitch away, the other half told him otherwise and that Rukia was his friend. Unable to decide what to do, Ichigo turned away and left, tossing his empty lunch bag into a nearby garbage can.

What does she know? Ichigo asked himself a few hours later while he scowled at the sidewalk. There was a pebble in his path and he kicked it fiercely down the road. Ichigo buried his hands in his pockets, stopped walking, took in a deep breath and sighed. Rukia's not going to ruin my day... but, what if she's right? No, I shouldn't think like that... I can trust Shiro, right? ...but what if...?

"Heya Ichi," Shiro greeted into Ichigo's ear.

The orangette nearly jumped ten feet.

"Heh. Did I scare ya?"

"N-No... just surprised. I didn't expect to see you until I got home," Ichigo replied. He took one look towards Shiro and smiled, but what he hid was the sudden DANGER vibe he received. Ichigo was torn between running and kissing, screaming and hugging, hating and loving...

"Surprise then," Shiro returned with a smirk.

The world seemed slow down and almost all motion stopped when Ichigo's Spiritual Pressure did a dramatic drop. The substitute Shinigami fell to his knees, gasping as his old mind invaded his new one, his old senses clashing for dominance against his new.

Meanwhile, Shiro had caught Ichigo in a careful hold. Ichigo's head remained propped against his right arm while the rest of Ichigo's body lay across Shiro's knees.

"Shi... H-Hollow...?" Ichigo mumbled with confusion. His vision had become hazy as his mind begun to fall into depression once again.

"Shh..." Shiro calmed, placing his forehead against Ichigo's, "don't worry my Ichi, I'll get ya home and you'll be fixed up in no time."

"H...Home..." Ichigo murmured. His eyelids fell half lidded and his body went limp.

Shiro lifted Ichigo and himself up off the ground. He scanned the street for the way home, his memorization of Ichigo's large town coming in handy.

Once home, Shiro focused his Reiatsu on the door knob, smiling with glee as the handle opened seemingly on its own. He walked in, door shutting behind him, and nearly ran upstairs to the room that was also, happily, burned into his memory.

Ichigo stared up at Shiro with a dull and completely confused look. His eyebrows fought to burrow themselves together and his head struggled to tilt towards Shiro. "What... What are you... d-doing here...?" Ichigo questioned.

The hollow gently placed Ichigo onto his bed. Shiro ran his fingers through Ichigo's hair while his body slipped on top of him. "Shh..." Shiro hushed again, placing a kiss on Ichigo's forehead.

Ichigo jerked away from Shiro's touch, grabbing the albino's hands tightly to keep them from doing anymore. He glared with uncertainty into Shiro's eyes and spat, "What are you doing!?"

Shiro didn't yell, he didn't try to break free, he did absolutely nothing... except smirk.

"Bastard! What are you-?" Ichigo eye's widened when he was cut off by a kiss, or more importantly, the dominance and passion behind it. Ichigo couldn't resist his instinct, the one that so desperately needed to kiss back.

'You are mine, Ichigo,' said a very pleased Shiro.

His voice... in my head... Ichigo thought. Though panicked he acted rather calm.

'You belong to me. There's no escape, just give in. You're mine. You are mine, Ichigo,' Shiro repeated over and over and over...

Shiro kissed him again, a very long one filled with smacking, sucking, biting and love like no other.

No spell was required to make Ichigo's eyes melt with lust.

Ichigo blinked very slowly, his eyes beginning to stare off into the middle of nowhere. When Ichigo lost his grip on them, Shiro put his hands on Ichigo's shoulders and begun a soothing kneading motion making Ichigo drift further into a relaxed state.

"Ichigo," Shiro whispered, his breath ghosting across Ichigo's cheek making the orangette shiver.

"Sh... Shi... Shiros-saki..." Ichigo whispered back.

"Call me master, Ichigo," Shiro hummed, "I like that."


Shiro licked his lips and placed a wet kiss on Ichigo's cheek. "That's right Ichigo, I am your master. I am your King."

"My Master... My... King..."

"You will do anything that I say."

Ichigo nodded.

Shiro dragged his tongue across Ichigo's cheek, enjoying the taste. "You will live only for me."

Ichigo nodded again.

"You cannot trust anyone besides me."

"Only you, master. Only you..."

Shiro took a whiff of Ichigo's hair, his eyes hazing over briefly as the smell brought him pleasure like no other. "Obey me Ichigo; your friends cannot be trusted. They're trying to separate us, trying to fill your mind with lies..."

Ichigo seemed upset at this. His light brown eyes burned with hatred whilst glowing a mixture of their natural color and swirling with orange. Ichigo's Reiatsu whirled protectively around Shiro, venomous crimson replacing calm blue.

'I own you, Ichigo. You are mine, you are nothing without me.'

Ichigo made a small humming noise. His eyes snapped hungrily at Shiro's skin. His lust flowed out vibrantly in waves.

"Wait, patience my love," Shiro commanded. He scooped Ichigo's hands into his own then pinned them by the wrist to the bed. "All good comes to those who wait," Shiro whispered, this time more as a reminder to himself than a command to Ichigo.

Ichigo whined, begging for Shiro to do anything by pleading with big brown eyes.

And how could Shiro resist?

Shiro started with Ichigo's jaw, sucking hard and licking sloppily up the well-built line. He came to a stop at the teen's ear in which he produced great noises from Ichigo as he nipped the sensitive flesh.

Ichigo's pants had already begun to grow tight and, much to Shiro's amusement, Ichigo assisted Shiro in his teasing by opening up his neck allowing Shiro easier access.

Both Ichigo and Shiro turned to each other, eyes meeting eyes. Ichigo's entire frame had been cracked open into a submissive form like a dog dropping beneath its superior. While Shiro's legs remained hooked around Ichigo's hips like a snake coiling around its prey.

A hand slid beneath Ichigo's shirt, black nails dragging themselves slowly down tanned muscles. Ichigo hissed and his body jerked instinctively forward.

Ichigo's shirt was torn off, quite literally as Shiro threw the strips of fabric to the floor. Ichigo cringed and a moan escaped as Shiro replaced claws with fangs. He dragged his tongue and teeth across Ichigo's skin, stopping whenever Ichigo whimpered indicating a sensitive spot. And every time a good spot was discovered, Shiro sucked, bit and licked the spot mercilessly.

Once again, Shiro caught Ichigo's eyes. Shiro gave Ichigo his all-knowing smirk, and his hand entered Ichigo's pants long before Ichigo could even question it.

"A-Ahh! Shiro!" Ichigo screamed.

Shiro's pale hand wrapped around Ichigo's manhood. He grinned at the hot mess in front of him, slowly dragging a nail across sensitive flesh.

"Nngh..." Ichigo moaned from the combination of pain and pleasure he received. His hips buckled madly and his knuckles turned white from holding onto the bed sheets.

Shiro removed his hand causing Ichigo to whine, loudly. White hands joined together around Ichigo's midriff and crawled up his body until they reached his neck. Shiro took hold of Ichigo's shoulders, giving the boy a silent command to which Ichigo obeyed immediately.

Ichigo sat up and allowed Shiro to pin him against the head of the bed.

Shiro snatched Ichigo's hand once more and held it in front of his face to which the orangette gave him a confused stare. After smirking at Ichigo's cute look, Shiro took Ichigo's fingers into his mouth.

"What're you d-doing?" Ichigo gasped.

Instead of answering, Shiro dragged his teeth across Ichigo's fingers. He sucked gently, then harshly, and repeated... dragged his tongue up the bottom, curled it around the fingers, and repeated.

Ichigo gaped at the work as though it was a work of art. He couldn't help but to picture many other places where Shiro's mouth could be...

'You want this...' Shiro gave a rather harsh suck. 'Here?' He then took hold of Ichigo's burning, clothed erection and squeezed to emphasize his point.

Ichigo moaned loudly.

'Then you're going to have to beg...'

The white of Ichigo's eyes was shown when they rolled back into his head. "Please..."

'Please what? Be specific Ichigo.'

"S-Suck it... please..." Ichigo whined.

One more harsh squeeze.

"G-God! Master, PLEASE suck my-!" The last words were drowned by a moan, but Shiro got the point.

He slowly withdrew his mouth from Ichigo's fingers and at the same time begun to remove Ichigo's pants. Shiro pulled them down to Ichigo's ankles where they would stay for the time being.

Ichigo's manhood stood hard and fully erect, just the way Shiro wanted it.

Without a second to lose, Shiro begun his ultimate play. He drew his tongue around Ichigo's inner thighs, very careful not to lay so much as a hair on the teen's member. Shiro's hands bruised Ichigo's legs with the grip that held him still, but it was the only way to keep Ichigo's wild untamed hips... well, tamed.

Ichigo just couldn't take the teasing anymore... his eyes were glazed over in thick lust, his mind snapped well beyond a million pieces and his entire body not failing to express just how much more he wanted. Ichigo let out a long and low moan that quickly escalated into a growl.

Just when Ichigo was about to scream, relief was delivered. The painful grip on his legs was released into a sensual manipulating rub that got his legs parted even more. The freezing air that froze his manhood was replacing with a sizzling hot cavern, more specifically the mouth of his King's.

Ichigo tried thrusting into Shiro's mouth, but his body would no longer respond to his command. He was running on pure, instinctual ecstasy.

Shiro ran his mouth up and down Ichigo's member. The pressure provided by his lips making a terrifyingly good contrast to the shock of his teeth.

Until, finally, Ichigo screamed. He buried his fingers deep into Shiro's hair and came, lashing out in moans as Shiro cleaned Ichigo's body afterwards.

Ichigo's eyes shut with exhaustion, his frame somehow returned back to lying down across the bed.

Shiro looked down apon Ichigo's face and read many things. Happiness, tiredness and relief were just a few. The albino kissed Ichigo's forehead and removed the rest of Ichigo's clothing from his ankles. Shiro then pulled the bed sheets across his lover's body and sat down on the bed beside him.

"You're so beautiful," Shiro whispered. He begun a petting like motion through Ichigo's orange mop, chuckling as he saw Ichigo snuggle into the touch much like a cat would. "Did you enjoy that, Ichigo?"

Ichigo hummed and nodded tiredly.

"Good," Shiro breathed into Ichigo's hair. He leaned down and placed another kiss on Ichigo's face. "Sleep well Ichigo, we'll want you to have plenty of rest as everything... sinks in."

Just like that, on Shiro's command, Ichigo fell asleep. His breathing calmed and his entire body fell into a deep relaxed state.

'You are mine, no one else's...'

Shiro dragged his fingers along the side of Ichigo's face, smiling with great joy at the peaceful state Ichigo was in.

'I am your King, without me you are nothing...'

"King..." Ichigo murmured. He rolled over so that his face was on the same side Shiro sat.

There was a soft creaking sound that came from the direction of the door. Shiro smirked, having sensed the intruder's presence moving towards the house long ago. Without making a movement, Shiro called, "Urahara Kisuke, sneaking around as usual I see?"

Kisuke tilted his head forward and pulled his hat to shade his face. "I see I am at a disadvantage... You know my name, but I do not know yours."

"I don't have a name."

Kisuke scoffed a grunt. "Ichigo doesn't seem to think so."

"I thought you said you didn't know my name."

"I lied," Kisuke contradicted.

"Obviously," Shiro replied in a tone that returned Kisuke's challenge.

"So," Kisuke's voice returned to an unusually serious tone, "What do you plan on doing to Ichigo?"

Finally, Shiro turned to face Kisuke, a smirk held darkly across his face. "What I tell you depends on what you already know."

"Very well," Kisuke replied. He turned around and took out his fan, placing it in front of his face. "Oh... and do not think I don't know what it is you've done. He must've trusted you a lot if you were able to so easily take control of his mind. So, trusting what Kurosaki-san has judged you by, I believe it'll be safe to leave him in your hands."

And with that, Kisuke vanished.

Shiro ran through what Kisuke had said in his head, and then did it again before glancing at Ichigo. His worries were thrown away when he saw Ichigo's calm and relaxed face, his natural scowl making an appearance whilst he slept.

Shiro kissed Ichigo's lips. He smirked more when, even while sleeping, Ichigo kissed back.

"Hmm... Kisuke Urahara," Shiro chuckled, "He's not as bad as you made him sound, Ichigo."

Of course, Ichigo didn't reply.

"Sleep well Ichigo and have good dreams. You and both should be celebrating, because by tomorrow morning you'll be completely mine and no one will ever be able to separate us."

"No... One..." Ichigo repeated.

Shiro's laughter met Ichigo's ears, and the teen slept smiling.