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To say that Shiro was surprised was certainly an understatement. His eyes went wide, his lips parted and he stared with disbelief into pleading brown eyes.

"I don't what this means, but I don't care!" Ichigo burst. He wrapped his arms tightly around Shiro's body, squeezing tighter as he spoke. "I don't want to remember my friends. I don't want to remember my family. I just want to be with you, and I want the hurting to stop."

Shiro's breath slowed, though he only found it easier to breathe. He could feel the pain in Ichigo's words, as well in the teen's eyes and the look on his face.

Ichigo sniffled, fighting back tears. The silence was unnerving, but he knew better than to question his master. So, uncomfortable silence it was.

"Ichigo," Shiro whispered. The albino gently placed his hand on the back of Ichigo's head, comfortingly running his fingers through the soft orange strands. "Are you sure...? Is this really what you want?"

Ichigo nodded, pulling back so he could look Shiro in the eyes.

Despite the fact that Shiro felt shocked, he didn't feel wrong with what he was doing. And the fact that Ichigo would so willingly allow Shiro full access to his mind meant two things. One: that Shiro's earlier hypnosis had indeed worked. And two: that Ichigo loved Shiro even after knowing about the hypnosis.

"I'm sure, Shiro..."

Any possible regrets fled from Shiro's mind. He grabbed Ichigo's hair. Twisting his head sideways, he pressed Ichigo's lips against his and kissed away most of Ichigo's air. When allowed to pull back, Ichigo was in a half dazed state. His upper body heaved for air, but he said nothing and merely watched as everything except Shiro's eyes became lost in a blur.

"Are you listening, Ichigo?"

Ichigo nodded.


"I'm listening," he replied, slightly annoyed.

"Calm yourself," Shiro commanded. "This is what you want, and you must be calm for it to work."

"I..." Ichigo's breathing slowed. "...want."

Shiro found digging much easier when Ichigo consented to his hypnosis. He grinned, partially from his strong influence over Ichigo, but also from what he found within Ichigo's mind. Previously there were flashes of light between flickers of family, friends and fighting. The three things Ichigo cherished the most. But now the lights produced shadows, the images were of things like Shiro, Ichigo's Zanpakuto, fighting remained, slaughtering had become present and lust. Lust for fighting, lust for control, for power... and the most for Shiro.

Shiro chuckled, his voice producing the laugh in a sinister way.

Ichigo slowly began to fall backwards. Shiro caught him and laid Ichigo out on the stone slab. He pressed his palm to Ichigo's forehead and said, "Close your eyes Ichigo."

Ichigo obeyed.

"Feel yourself relax." Shiro placed his hands on Ichigo's ankles. When Ichigo gave no reaction, he slowly began a kneading motion that would normally prove ticklish, but instead relaxed Ichigo. "Good."

Ichigo continued to prove non-reactant as Shiro's hands travelled across his body. He reached Ichigo's thighs and still received no reaction.

"Can you hear me Ichigo?"


"Can you remember your friends?"

"I can."

Shiro placed a kiss on Ichigo's forehead. "Picture Orihime: her long red hair, wide smile and school uniform. Picture Chad: he's tall, darkly tanned and dark hair. Picture Ishida: about your height, black hair and glasses. Picture the times you went to the Soul Society, all the Shinigami you met and all the faces you've seen. And most of all, picture Rukia: the night she saved you, the day Renji and Byakuya came to take her away, the day you saved her."

Ichigo stirred slightly, a small groan escaping his lips.

"Now watch as a chain grows from them to you..."

Ichigo's hand reached towards his chest.

"...a long, thick and silver chain."

Ichigo could see it all as if he was standing in it. His friends surrounded him, their hearts all linked by a silver chain. He took hold of the thick metal, and an urge to rip it from his chest began to arise.

"The chain shatters."

Ichigo jumped when the chain broke. Links and sparks flew everywhere.

"Your bond to those people disappears. You only know them as people you've met. You feel nothing towards them. They're a pit filled with lies, and hate, and betrayal. They are not worth your trust and they never will nor were they ever a part of your life."

Ichigo let out a long, empty and pain filled cry. His throat threatened to tear itself apart as such a sound came ripping out from his lungs.

And then he stopped, and all was silent.

In his vision he glanced at Rukia, her image slowly dissolving. Ichigo looked at Karin and Yuzu, already forgetting the love he had for them and forgetting the strong will he had to protect them, but he remembered their faces, their status as his sisters and their names.

Ichigo began to walk. His friends all dissolved as he passed them. They shuffled away from his touch and that triggered an anger to boil in his gut. Ichigo reached the back and the man there was facing the shadows. He reached out to touch him and the man spun around to catch his hand. Isshin's face was revealed, scowling with hatred, and then he vanished.

Then Ichigo's eyes drifted apon the form of his mother. Masaki's face held no smile for her son. She too, looked at Ichigo with disappointment. The anger in Ichigo's stomach multiplied. He didn't care who it was, no one would look at him like that. And Ichigo ran forward, Tensa Zangetsu clenched tightly in his hands and rose beside his head. The blade pierced his mother's body, a sickening crunch sounded as he broke through her vitals. Masaki looked at Ichigo with fear. No sadness, no horror... just fear. And Ichigo liked it, a sick gleeful smile present on his lips.

Ichigo woke up and instantly a small smirk spread across his parted lips. Shiro sat beside him, gently running his fingers through Ichigo's hair. Shiro stood, and thus Ichigo did too. Shiro pinned Ichigo to the wall, the orangette not at all surprised and in fact a little turned on by the hostility.

How they survived the war was greatly unknown, not even by 'they' themselves. But here in cracked and falling apart Las Noches sat Ulquiorra, Halibel, Stark, Noitora, Grimmjow, Szayel and Yammi. No longer were they known as Aizen's Espada, but merely as a group not to be reckoned with.

"Ulquiorra, what's your friggen deal?" Grimmjow snapped as soon as Ulquiorra had sat down.

A few others glanced there way.

"Silence, trash." Ulquiorra almost warned. He turned to the others. "I believe Ichigo Kurosaki has entered Hueco Mundo."

The room went silent all except for Yammi. "And how the hell would you know that?"

Ulquiorra remained unfazed as Yammi glared down at him. He continued, "The Soul Society has issued a warrant to all Soul Reapers that Ichigo is to be found and eliminated. The Soul Reaper I came in contact with today confirmed that just before dying."

"So Ichigo's gone rogue," Grimmjow recapped. "Never thought I'd see the day... And he's on our side now too?"

"Did you not hear what I just said? He's defined the Soul Society and come to Hueco Mundo, that does not mean he is on our side. For all we know he may try to kill us off, finish what he started before, or he may not wish to come near us at all."

"Is there anything else?" Halibel asked softly, but Ulquiorra still heard.

"He took something from the the Soul Society. Something important and dangerous."

"Stories can be misleading and exaggerated." A new figure joked with a sly grin. All heads turned in his direction. "Although I am flattered the Soul Society refers to me as dangerous."

Ulquiorra observed while the others stood up, shocked.

"And who the hell are you," Yammi shouted, pounding his fist against the table.

"Now, now, don't get up on my account."

"You hide your face in the shadows," Ulquiorra noted.

Grimmjow laughed, "Why, you too ugly to show your face?"

The figure smirked. He took a step into the light, his white hakama not fazing the Arrancar in the least, until he continued revealing black nailed hands, white skin and finally his face. Ulquiorra knew those eyes well, flashing back to when Ichigo had used Hollowfication.

"The only one ugly around here is you, wannabe."

Of course, Grimmjow took the blow straight to his pride. "Who you callin' a wannabe?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, is that not your name?"

"You wanna fight?" Grimmjow fumed. He slowly reached for the sheathed sword sitting on his waist.

"Hardly," was Shiro's response.

"Please Grimmjow, no need to be hostile." Szayel smiled. "Besides, I do want him in one piece when I study him. His Spiritual Pressure is like none I've ever felt before. And that head, I do believe I'd enjoy studying it when I cut it off."

The tension in the air suddenly grew. Ichigo appeared in front of Szayel and took out his sword, pointing the tip at the Arrancar's throat. He growled with a dead serious look in his eyes, "You take one more step towards Shiro and I'll tear off your head."

"That's a good boy," Shiro whispered in Ichigo's ear. Ichigo smirked and his white duplicate slowly brought his arms around Ichigo's midriff. "Now, from what I can already tell, you're all aware of our situation. I'll fight you if you want, but all we need is a refuge."

"I'll kick your ass!" Yammi shouted from the back of the crowd.

Mimicking actions made by Ichigo long ago, Shiro leapt over the table, landed on Yammi's shoulder and cut off the giant's arm. Yammi felt to his knees, arm bleeding unimaginably. He turned to Shiro, an angry glare across his face.

"Who... the fuck're you?"

Shiro placed his sword on his shoulder and began flaring his reiatsu. Blood dripped from Grimmjow's mouth, Szayel was brought to his knees, Ulquiorra began to feel faint while the others tensed up and took hold of a chair to keep from fainting.

"My name?" Shiro questioned out of habit, laughing slightly as he did so. "My name is nothing to you, so call me whatever ya like. And understand this: if any o' ya so much as touch me or Ichigo, your head is as good as mine."

"We will not bother you, and understand that you are welcome about these parts," Halibel spoke up. She then glanced at Yammi, "Or at least, you are welcomed by me."

Grimmjow nodded, wiping the blood from his mouth. "As long as you don't blow my shit up, we can be considered friends."

Ichigo smirked, crossing his arms he commented, "Can't promise that Grimmjow. It'd be too fun to fuck with you."

Grimmjow turned to Ichigo and then the two began to bicker as they headed for a hallway. Ichigo drew back and looked to Shiro with an expression that read aren't you coming? Shiro chuckled to himself before returning to Ichigo's side, wrapping an arm around his orangette's waist. "Now, now... You two play nicely."

Ichigo turned pink, something completely missed by Grimmjow. He turned to Ichigo and a smirk appeared. "Well, all things aside... long-time no see huh Kurosaki? What, you allergic to letters?"

Instead of growing angry, Ichigo cocked a smirk close to what Grimmjow wore. "Gee sorry. I've been busy. Y'know, kicking your boss's ass?"

"Yeah, I heard about that. Apparently you had Aizen running scared."

"It was priceless."

"I wish I could've seen it," Grimmjow sighed, "He was a real bastard, know what I mean?"

"I think that was the understatement of the year," Ichigo replied.

After a long and rather pointless chat, Grimmjow took Shiro and Ichigo down to where all the rooms were. He pointed one out for Ichigo then told Shiro to follow him for his own room to which Shiro replied he'd be fine sharing the room with Ichigo. After a mere awkward stare, Shiro grabbed Ichigo's collar and proceeded to kiss the substitute hotly.

Grimmjow turned away and shouted something about 'all the gross things he'd seen', but Shiro was the one to notice Grimmjow's light blush.

"The fuck I am!" And Grimmjow stormed off.

Shiro snickered, and Ichigo just smiled. Then before Ichigo could even realise what was happening, Shiro had placed his hand on his hips and pinned him against the wall. He whispered softly, "Shall we go discover our new room?"

Ichigo nodded rapidly, really just interested in pursuing the glow of lust in his master's eyes.

Shiro flipped him and Ichigo around the door so that he now pinned Ichigo against a wall in the room. He tapped the door closed with his foot and Ichigo locked it. Shiro's hands explored Ichigo's back, moving down to his ass, cupping the cheeks in his grip. Shiro thrust against Ichigo and Ichigo could feel Shiro's hard erection pressed against his own.

"You want it, don't you?"

Ichigo moaned.

"You want me, you want me to take you, to fuck you until you can't think straight anymore."

"Yes," Ichigo hissed, his warm breath running against Shiro's neck.

Shiro pulled Ichigo close again, causing him to gasp at the contact. Shiro dove in and took his time to fully give Ichigo a great kiss to which Ichigo moaned in delight. The heat of his groin and the cool touch from Shiro was a deadly contrast. The overall effect was intoxicating.

Then a sudden smirk masked over Ichigo's lust filled features. He gave Shiro a hard shove towards the bed, successfully mixing his strength with Shiro's shock and getting the albino to fall. Shiro landed on the bed and not a moment later Ichigo with his hand resting on Shiro's cock and his lips pressed softly against his lips.

"What're you doing?"

Ichigo smiled crookedly. "Serving you master." Then he instinctively squeezed the flesh beneath him.

Shiro moaned an obvious approval. Ichigo lowered himself on Shiro's body, slowly taking Shiro's hakama with him. He placed the clothing around Shiro's knees then abandoned it there for something much more important.

Ichigo looked up at Shiro, his lips less than an inch to Shiro's manhood.

Shiro nodded. "Do it," he ordered roughly.

And Ichigo did. He licked the tip of the cock, then proceeded to run his tongue down its underside, hearing Shiro gasp. His master's obvious excitement thrilled Ichigo and made his own cock harder. His lips wrapped around the head, then slid down to take in the entire shaft, enveloping it in the warmth of his mouth, going right down to the base of Shiro's hairless crotch until the shaft hit the back of his throat. Ichigo's gag reflex threatened, but he drew back before it could.

Ichigo heard Shiro draw in an uncharacteristic and shaky breath as Ichigo continued his assault. Ichigo continued sucking, working with his tongue, going back and forth in a steady pace, listening to Shiro gasp and moan.

Eventually, Shiro's hand dropped down, clenching a fistful of Ichigo's hair and roughly guiding himself back into Ichigo's mouth. Shiro's grip on Ichigo's head grew tighter as he began to pump with his hips. Soon Shiro's gasps grew more frequent and his thrusts more demanding. Ichigo sensed Shiro was close. And just as the thought crossed Ichigo's mind, he heard Shiro cry out.

Ichigo felt the hot liquid hit the back of his throat and he swallowed more and more until Shiro finally stopped. The albino's hand slid out of Ichigo's hair and fell to the side allowing Ichigo to pull back and slide back up to his face. Shiro's heart hammered in his chest, his eyes swirling mysteriously with lust.

Shiro smiled at Ichigo, chuckling softly. "Remind me... why we never did this earlier?"

"Because your ego always caused for you to be the one watching me as I scream." Shiro laughed harder at that and Ichigo placed a kiss on Shiro's forehead.

Then Shiro flipped them over and hovered over top of Ichigo with a grin across his face. He murmured, "You're turn," then jammed his tongue down Ichigo's throat, nearly kissing the breath out of him. Shiro's hands grasped roughly at Ichigo's crotch as he reached to pull down his white hakama.

But Ichigo stopped him. "Not now Shiro. Tonight I just wanna be with you."

Shiro was slightly disappointed, but nodded nonetheless. "And be with me you shall. Though I guarantee you'll be begging for me later."

Ichigo laughed then stood with Shiro to the side of the bed. He fixed Shiro's pants then stripped Shiro and himself of their Shihakusho's. Ichigo lifted the blanket then he and Shiro settled in.

"How could he do this?" Rukia asked out loud for the third time that day. She vaguely recalled Ichigo repeating her same actions long ago when the Bounts had invaded. She paced through the Kurosaki household's hallway and only stopped when Isshin entered the door.

"Still no signs of Ichigo?"

Rukia shook her head then collapsed onto the couch with a sigh. "Have you told Karin and Yuzu anything yet?"


"Karin is a clever girl. She may already have an idea."

"I know, she is my daughter." Isshin sighed and sat down on the chair. "What should I do?"

"The Soul Society thinks it is best that Karin and Yuzu believe Ichigo to be dead."

"I wasn't asking the Soul Society. I was asking you."

Rukia was silent as she truly thought it over. She then stood and answered, "You tell them the truth."

Isshin nodded and stood as well. "That's what I thought you'd say."