Ten Years later

She slid through the halls with ease, jumping from shadow to shadow and only pausing when a guard walked by. She met with trouble about half way through, but it was nothing a Captain like her couldn't handle.

Her shoes were thin and slipped on almost as easy as she slipped through the shadows. Her Shihakusho had been replaced with a black Gi (karate clothing) and from her belt hung her Zanpakuto tucked away in its sheath.

After another small moment spent running she stopped in front of a large door. 'This must be it,' she thought briefly before continuing with her mission.

She snuck inside and looked apon the throne room. The room was dimly lit with small candles. 'He's sleeping,' she thought, 'it must be brighter when he's awake.' Her grey eyes scanned the walls, black with red and gold lining, and then gazed apon the floor, dark grey marble better kept than the rest of the castle.

She approached the throne. There were three silver chairs, but only the center one looked used. On both sides of the chairs were curved stairs leading up to a dark chamber-like bedroom. She tiptoed up the stairs, one hand on her sword and the other on the banister.

She came up to a short hall that led to another large door. Sneaking inside was easy, the door was silent when she opened it and that helped as well. Crawling up to a large, four-poster bed planted in the center of the room, she drew her blade and positioned it above her head.

Orange hair stuck out of the top of the red blankets. The figure beneath stirred before settling down and sleeping once again.

With small hesitation, she lifted her sword higher and swung down towards the sleeping figure.

She watched in shock as her blade was stopped by a mere hand. The defender hit her hand with the hilt of his sword and successfully stole away her Zanpakuto. The blade was thrown away, crashing against the wall, and she landed in another man's arms with a blade pressed threateningly against her neck.

The figure in the bed jumped awake, the commotion an obvious cause. The first defender pulled against the curtains and the light of the full moon revealed everyone's faces.

"Rukia," Ichigo hissed after securing the curtains. "How dare you sneak into my home?"

"If you have a death wish," Shiro warned while pressing his sword further into Rukia's neck, "by all means just say so."

Rukia's teeth ground together, her eyes flashing quickly across the room. They froze once they reached the bed. A young boy, possibly age 5-6 stared at her with anger and fear. His hair was bright orange, standing tall and proud, though the color was slightly faded when compared to Ichigo's. His skin was tan making his blank nails stand out. The sclera in his eyes was black too, and the iris was a molten gold.

"Yakeru," Ichigo called to the boy. (T: Burn) Yakeru looked away from Rukia and towards Ichigo. "Here."

Yakeru rose up from the bed and silently made his way to where Ichigo stood. He shuffled around behind and hide behind the X-Substitute Shinigami.

"I was ordered to kill him," Rukia announced. Shiro's grip on her arm turned deathly. Rukia hissed silently as the albino's claws dug through her skin.

"I won't allow that," Shiro counter announced.

"What do you two care? He's a boy, someone of which neither of you should be worrying about."

"Rukia, it's been ten years since you've last seen me, times have changed." Ichigo said, bringing his own sword to Rukia's throat. Despite the noticeable color change in wardrobe, Ichigo's blade remained black, though Rukia had noticed it seemed to be suppressed into a regular katana. "I've got a castle, a life, a family..." Ichigo tilted his head at Shiro, then towards Yakeru.

Rukia's eyes widened. "He's your-?"

"Son," Shiro confirmed. He let go of Rukia and walked around to where Ichigo and Yakeru stood. Picking up the young boy, who was currently yawning, he continued to say, "Do what you will Ichigo, I'll put Yakeru back to bed."

Ichigo nodded then backed away from Rukia. He picked her Zanpakuto up off the ground and threw it to her, much to Rukia's surprise. "Don't give me that look," Ichigo said. He vanished from his spot and reappeared an inch distance from Rukia. He took her by the neck and flash stepped through the castle halls until reaching outside. From there Ichigo threw Rukia into a large boulder then shot a Getsuga her way.

After the debris cleared, Rukia was injured, but not dead. Ichigo pointed his blade in her direction and said with a dark glare, "I'd kill you if I hadn't a message to deliver to Soul Society. Tell the Head Captain that if another Shinigami steps foot on my land they will not return alive."

Rukia returned Ichigo's glare. She watched as Ichigo vanished from her sight again before a painful blow was delivered to the side of her head and she fell into darkness.

When Ichigo re-entered his throne room he couldn't help but to let out a sigh. Furthermore, he climbed the stairs to his bedroom looking down, and then couldn't find the energy to push open the door.

"What's got you so upset Ichigo?" Shiro asked, placing a hand on Ichigo's shoulder.

"Nothing," Ichigo lied.

Shiro raised a knowing eyebrow.

Ichigo sighed again. "I'm just a bit worried, that's all. I thought they'd given up trying to find me..."

"You know them. The Soul Society will never give up, but they won't succeed in getting us either. You and I could destroy them at any time. The fact that we haven't should at least get across to them that we no intention of fighting."

Ichigo smiled. It wasn't so much Shiro's words that made him feel better, but the albino's voice. "You're right Shiro."

"Of course I am!"

"Don't ruin the moment..."

Shiro smirked then gave Ichigo a quick kiss. He opened the doors and held it open for Ichigo to walk inside. Once there he watched Ichigo undress for bed while sneakily taking out a few candles. When Shiro struck a match, Ichigo raised his eyebrow.

"What're you doing?" the orangette asked, now only in pants.

Shiro licked his lips and smirked. "Nothing," he answered innocently.

Ichigo rolled his eyes and sat down in the bed. After Shiro had set the candles out across the room and closed the curtains, he slipped under the covers and waited for his prey to lie down too. After feeling the weight shift Shiro waited a few minutes, then jumped on top of Ichigo.

"Pff... shoulda know you were lying," Ichigo commented into the pillow.

"Wouldn't of been any fun if you did," Shiro replied. He settled himself on the back of Ichigo's legs then placed his hands on Ichigo's shoulders. "Why so tense Ichigo?"

Ichigo shifted, the muscles looking godly in Shiro's eyes. "'m not tense..." Ichigo grumbled.

"No? Well, then I see no point in doing this." Shiro squeezed Ichigo's shoulders then started a kneading motion making the 27 year old teenager beneath him moan. "Yeah, that's what I thought."

"Shut up..."

Shiro chuckled then continued the massage. Reaching certain points he heard Ichigo hiss beneath him, and so he spent a few extra minutes in those areas until all that was left coming out of Ichigo's mouth were moans of pure bliss.

"Gah... what did I ever do to deserve you?" Ichigo muttered with a breathily voice.

Shiro smiled and placed a kiss in the middle of Ichigo's back. "Just be yourself. That's all you have to do."


Shiro felt all Ichigo's muscles relax as he drifted into sleep. Shiro smiled and rolled off the teenager. Slipping his arms around Ichigo's waist, he fell asleep spooning the Shinigami.

Rukia's eyes slowly opened only to be forced shut by a blinding white. She brought her hands to her face to shield her eyes from the light and groaned in discomfort. After a short process of gathering her thoughts, Rukia jumped up and looked around, finding herself not where she fell unconscious.

"I see you're awake," Unohana smiled joyfully from beside Rukia's bed.

"I am," Rukia replied.

"I'd insist that you stay in bed, however the Head Captain would like to speak with you," Unohana informed. She stood and walked towards the closet. From there she gathered Rukia's white Captains robe and held it out for Rukia.

Rukia stood up from the bed and shoved her arms through the white robe's sleeves.

"He's in his office Rukia, go now before he leaves."

Rukia nodded and took off down the hall.

Unohana sighed and looked out the window. 'It seems you've deceived us all,' she thought silently.

Rukia skidded to a stop in front of the Head Captain's office doors. She got down on her knees, calmed her panting and called, "Head Captain, sir, permission to enter?"

"Granted," came Yamamoto's booming voice.

Rukia stood as the doors opened. She entered, vaguely recalling Ichigo's castle to have doors like these. "Sir, you have requested my presence?"

"Yes," Yamamoto responded. As usual, he made no gestures when he spoke. "You were sent to confirm Ichigo Kurosaki's whereabouts. Returning bruised and burnt, I assume you made no progress?"

Rukia sighed. "That is incorrect sir." She looked down, fighting back tears that, to her, were pointless. "I arrived on sight, fighting through various enemies thought to be dead, such as the sixth and eighth Espada. Following the directions I was given, I arrived at the throne room, and took the left stairs."

Yamamoto nodded. At Rukia's silence, he gave her a look that warned her to continue.

"Entering what was supposed to be Ichigo's room; I was prepared to kill the sleeping figure, but was stopped when Ichigo Kurosaki and his inner hollow attacked. In a matter of seconds I was stripped of my sword and rendered defenceless, as if they were expecting me, and the sleeping figure turned out to be..." The words escaped Rukia's lips. She couldn't bring herself to say it.

"To be?"

"Pardon me sir, I couldn't find the right word. It was a decoy," Rukia answered firmly.

Yamamoto nodded. He turned to the left where a Hell Butterfly appeared about halfway through Rukia's explanation. He whispered something, the butterfly flew off and then Yamamoto's gaze returned to the Rukia. "You are excused."

Rukia nodded and left instantly. She could feel the 'not wanted' vibe in the air, and really just wanted to get back to her office immediately.

About halfway back to the fifth division, Rukia started feeling paranoid. She glanced over her shoulder, knowing it was pointless, but still feeling as though she was being watched. Just as she rounded the corner, a hand clamped down on her mouth and another pulled her into the shadows.

"Unhand me!" Rukia screamed beneath the hand.

"Shh," the kidnapper, Yoruichi silenced playfully. "Be quite Rukia, it's only me."

"Yoruichi?" Rukia questioned, instantly turning around once Yoruichi let her free. Sure enough the dark skinned, purple haired, X-Shinigami stood in front of her. Her smile was playful and ever white.

"It's me kiddo. Been a while since I've seen you last huh?"

Rukia nodded, and then got serious. "What business brings you here?"

"I've got some very important things I need to tell you." There was an unintentional pause in Yoruichi's speech as she looked up cautiously. "But that doesn't matter right now. Your life is in danger."

"Why? What's going on?"

Yoruichi turned around and squat down. "On my back, I'm ten times faster than you are."

Rukia complied and climbed on. Sure enough, just as Yoruichi moved, a kido spell landed where she and Rukia just stood. As Yoruichi started to really run, Rukia was forced into hiding her face so the wind didn't take her breath away.

Yoruichi leapt high into the air, easily yet narrowly avoiding a blue ray of light shot at her. A few more seconds of running and she entered Kisuke's Senkaimon home free.

Rukia noticed the dramatic decrease in speed and lifted her head again. She watched everything rush by until eventually she and Yoruichi stood still in Kisuke's training grounds.

"Here we are!" Yoruichi shouted in greatly exaggerated joy.

Rukia climbed off her back and looked around. "Are we in the World of the Living?"



"Two reasons. One, because Kisuke's shop is the safest place to hide, and two, because there's something you need to see."

Rukia went silent and remained silent as she followed Yoruichi out of the training grounds. Once in the shop, Yoruichi and Kisuke exchanged silent words before they both turned to look at Rukia.

"Follow me Rukia. I'll show you what the Soul Society wants to keep hidden so badly," Yoruichi said. Rukia nodded and followed her out of the shop.

Jumping from roof to roof, it took both participants about thirty seconds to arrive at Ichigo's old house. That was... until it exploded.

"What the hell is going on here?" Rukia gasped as the fire from the explosion reflected brightly in her eyes. Then a second thought occurred. "Isshin! Yuzu! Karin!"


The dark haired Shinigami's eyes opened wide and she spun around to her right. Hidden in the shadows were three figures, Karin, Yuzu and Isshin.

"We're all here, safe and sound. Kisuke warned us about the bomb before the Soul Society could detonate it," Isshin explained.

Rukia let out a sigh. She felt a huge weight float off her chest and could almost see it float into the night air... no, wait, that was her breath.

"Alright you four, let's get back to Kisuke's shop before you all catch a cold," Yoruichi parented. Karin rolled her eyes, Yuzu nodded and Isshin... umm... danced? His arms waved in the air as he skipped all the way back to Urahara's.


The Shinigami rolled out of bed, a head ache soon settling in because of the obnoxious pounding at the door.

"Ichigo-sama! Shirosaki-sama!"

"What is it?" Shiro hissed. Ichigo noticed through the dim candle light that Shiro looked ready to murder.

"We have news! It's about the Soul Society, and Kurosaki Clinic sirs!"

"Come in, come in," Ichigo called.

Shiro added, "And I swear if you woke up Yakeru I might be tempted to use Bankai."

"H-Hai s-sir," the now fearful servant muttered. She bowed in apology, her two black ponytails rolling over her shoulders as she did. "The Soul Society has sent word that if you do not surrender in two days they will send someone to eliminate you."

"When the Soul Society says someone...?"

"They mean the Stealth Force and nine out of thirteen Captains and Lieutenants." She answered.

Ichigo looked to be deep in thought, while Shiro on the other hand said, "Right, thank you Loly and please check on our son. I hope he isn't awake... that'd be three nights in a row."

Loly Aivirrne stood and nodded. "Menoly has already been sent in to assist him back to sleep if he wakes."

"Very well..." Shiro looked at the hourglass resting on a table beside the bed. "The hourglass is still half full. You'd best be getting to bed Loly, and tell that to Menoly as well."

"Yes sir!" Loly shouted with delight. She left and quietly shut the door behind her.

'Master Shirosaki doesn't seem to be worried about the Soul Society at all. He's sleeping, and ordering me and Loly to do also,' Loly thought worriedly. 'Well, he's far stronger than that old bastard Aizen! He shouldn't be worried, and neither should I! And there's Master Ichigo too... they're both strong enough to handle anything the Soul Society can throw at them.' And with that, Loly ran off to find Menoly.

Apon arrival of Yakeru's room, Loly stepped in something wet. She looked down, and yelped. Her feet were soaked in blood. Immediately opening the door, she felt a body land against her feet. Looking down she saw Menoly.

"Menoly!" Loly screamed, dropping to her knees and crouching at her friend's body.

There was a chuckle. And then a laugh. Menoly sat up laughing, and soon Yakeru fell of the bed laughing too.

"Just what the hell do you think you're doing!?" Loly yelled, "This isn't funny! You actually scared me!"

"Sorry Loly," Menoly chuckled, wiping a tear from her eye. "It was all Yakeru's idea!"

"It was not!" Yakeru whined.

Loly rolled her eyes. "I should have known..."

"Known what," Yakeru asked with that young boy innocence.

"When you mix the *blood of two demons you get a devil," Loly answered. She jumped at Yakeru, who shrieked in laughter and crawled away. The next few minutes was spent chasing Yakeru around the room. This included through the closet (a walk in, two exit closet), around the bed, under the bed, across many tables, up a ladder and around the ceiling (oh yeah, they all learnt how to stand upside-down.)

All in all, it lasted about five minutes before Yakeru collapsed from exhaustion.

"He's cute, isn't he?" Menoly asked quietly as she tucked Yakeru back into bed.

"Oh yeah, real cute for a devil," Loly chuckled. "He'll make a fine warrior one day.

Menoly agreed.

*Sorry Mpreg fans, but Yakeru was created with science, not sex. Szayel, with their permission of course, took blood from Ichigo and Shiro and used it to create a baby. From which Shiro and Ichigo raised all the way up until now, and continue to do. (Or if you want to invent another way of Yakeru being created, by all means feel free to do so! :D)

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