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"I don't understand what you're saying," Rukia stated. She sat on the floor of Urahara's guest room, her legs crossed and her back against the wall.

"You don't have to understand. What I'm telling you is the truth." Kisuke replied. He stood in the doorway with Yoruichi to his left, then Uryu and Chad to his right. Isshin, Karin and Yuzu sat out in the hall. The three of them were silent, as Isshin had suggested they be while 'Uncle Kisuke' had his 'meeting'.

"I don't know what game you're playing Urahara, but I refuse to believe that the Soul Society is at fault in this situation."


"Let me explain," Uryu interrupted, pushing his glasses up his rather small nose.

"Very well," Kisuke agreed and stepped aside so Uryu could have the spot light that Tessai had set up.

Uryu cleared his throat at the embarrassing situation before proceeding with his explanation. "We know that it's hard to accept what Ichigo did. He killed a very close friend of ours… as well as a very close friend of yours. Renji and Orihime didn't die because of Ichigo's inner hollow though. They died as the result of the people around Ichigo being so blind to what was happening."

Rukia could lie and say she wasn't interested, but she remained silent instead.

"In short," Yoruichi took over, "Ichigo possessed the ability to overlook his inner hollow as a hollow. He grew feelings for him, trusted him and in-return his hollow held the same feelings. They share a bond none of us can ever understand, and that bond caused both of them to want to get closer, to complete each other."

"That was almost poetry," Tensai sniffled.

"Yes, it was," Yoruichi chuckled.

Rukia blinked once, then again, and again. She rested her elbow against her knee then her chin in her palm. She thought about Ichigo's actions, how he had changed in that short and devastating week, and she realised that hidden within his sudden change of heart was merely someone who'd do anything for the person they loved.

Ichigo loved his inner hollow.

"Whoa…" Rukia have consciously mumbled.

"Tough to get used to, huh?" Kisuke said as he pulled out his fan. "And let's not even start the topic of how far they got into it."

"That's enough Kisuke," Yoruichi scolded gesturing to Yuzu and Karin in the hall. Kisuke giggled, but Yoruichi furthermore ignored him. "Does everything make sense to you now Rukia? Ichigo's instinct is to protect his family, and if he sees you as a threat he won't hesitate to kill you."

"That explains his reaction when he saw me," Rukia thought out loud. "I was sent there to try and kill him, but when I arrived I found out that my information was false. I wasn't sent to kill Ichigo, I was sent there to kill his son."

"Wait! Ichigo has a son!?" Uryu questioned.

Rukia nodded.

"Oh my… I forgot you didn't know." Kisuke giggled beneath his fan. "I assume it was scientific. Like created from their DNA and crafted into an artificial body."

"I don't know and I don't care how you came to that conclusion," Yoruichi commented. Rukia laughed slightly, Chad remained silent and Uryu shifted away from the mad genius/scientist/x-Shinigami captain.

Rukia sighed. "You should see the Soul Society. It's become hectic since then."

"What's happened?" Chad spoke for the first time that evening.

Rukia smiled, though it was with slight sorrow. "Kenpachi has gone crazy, demanding that he be sent to fight Ichigo next. Captain Ukitake, Unohana and Shunsui are working to prove Ichigo's innocence. Mayuri wishes he had Ichigo to experiment on. And, because there are so many different opinions, the Head Captain can't make a decision as to what he believes to be true about Ichigo."

Kisuke pocketed his fan. "What about Central 46?"

Rukia chuckled. "They, and I quote, 'don't believe that the Substitute Shinigami can provide enough of a threat to be of concern, let alone consequence.'"

"Well, I think I've been greatly underestimated."

Rukia's heart beat quickened. Kisuke nearly jumped out of his skin, Uryu and Chad as well. And Yoruichi's mysteriously yellow eyes, for once in all the times anyone has seen her, lit up in fear.

"I agree."

All eyes shot to the hallway. Ichigo stood there with a duffle bag over his shoulder, clad in his Shinigami attire, though his Zanpakuto was nowhere to be seen. To his left was Shiro, grinning softly at the rather humorous reaction he and his partner had gotten out of the unsuspecting Urahara shop gatherers. Then sleeping in Shiro's arms was Yakeru, his sweet and innocent figure melting the hearts of everyone there. Yakeru's small and delicate fingers had a strong grip on Shiro's shihakusho, his legs were clamped around Shiro's waist and his head fit perfectly on his father's shoulder.

"ICHI-NII!" Yuzu screamed. She bound over to her younger-older brother, wrapping her arms around his strong figure. "We've missed you so much! Are you okay? How did you get here? How's Yakeru-san, and Shiro-nii! You're okay too!"

"Shh…" Ichigo whispered. He chuckled softly. "You're going to wake Yakeru."

"Oh… sorry."

Karin marched up to Ichigo, planting her heel on his foot.

"Glad to see… some things never changed…" Ichigo grunted. Shiro laughed.

"Oh, Kurosaki-san, Shirosaki-san!" Kisuke shouted enthusiastically. "So nice to see you both! And I assume this young man Shirosaki-san is holding would be Yakeru-san?"

Ichigo nodded and dropped his duffle bag to the floor. "So nice to see you again Kisuke. How have you been?"

"Good, good," Kisuke replied casually.

"Feels like years since I've seen you," Uryu commented with a smile.

Ichigo shrugged. "Only been a few months. It's nice to see you again too Uryu."

Uryu remained silent as to uphold his 'Ichigo and I are enemies' vow, but on the inside everyone could tell he had missed the dumb orangette.

"Heya Chad."

Chad grunted.


Yoruichi narrowed her eyes. She leapt across the room and swung her foot down on Ichigo. Anticipating this attack, Ichigo blocked the kick with his arm and pushed Yoruichi back to where she originally stood. "That was from your father," Yoruichi explained.

Ichigo chuckled and glanced to the side where his father sat. "Yeah. I figured as much."

"Yer getting old Goat Face," Shiro joked, "You even had to get a girl to attack Ichigo for ya!"

"You be quiet!" Isshin replied, arms crossed in fake hurt. "Unlike you two, my beautiful face will not last forever! And I cannot be a Shinigami all the time because I have to watch my lovely daughters!"

Karin elbowed him in the gut for that.

Rukia leaned back against the wall. She couldn't understand what had just happened… like shit, she was completely confused. They all acted so formally, as if Ichigo popping up out of nowhere was a natural occurrence.

Then suddenly all eyes were on Rukia, all but Yakeru looked at her since he was still asleep. Ichigo was the only one who spoke. He was completely serious. "Hi Rukia," was all Ichigo said.

For a long silence everyone stood still and just watched for Rukia's reaction. She didn't know what to do and so instead just replied, "Hi Ichigo."

"It's been a while, huh? I would've liked to have seen you under better terms then when you barged into my home."

Rukia wasn't sure why, but she smiled. This small talk seemed to have been infecting her, or was it the calm protectiveness she felt in Ichigo's reiatsu? "I guess I could've sent a basket of cookies instead huh?"

Ichigo laughed, Shiro chuckled, the others smiled and Jinta and Ururu came bounding down the hall.

"Oi! Old man! Someone's looking for ya!" Jinta shouted.

"Which old man…?" Shiro questioned, only loud enough for Ichigo to hear. Ichigo rolled his eyes.

"There are two men outside looking to speak with you sir," Ururu clarified. "One has long silver hair and the other's hair is brown, and he's wearing a pink kimono."

"Sounds like Jushiro and Shunsui." Kisuke replied. "Thank you Jinta, Ururu. Tell them I'll be out in a minute."

The two kids nodded and took off back down the hall.

Kisuke glanced at Ichigo. "I think they're here for you."

Ichigo nodded. "We'll put our stuff in the spare room." He hauled his duffle bag back over his shoulder, but not before Rukia tried to take it from him.

"Let me carry it for you."

Ichigo looked at Shiro. They both grinned. Then Ichigo turned back to Rukia and asked, "You sure?"

"It's the least I can do… for… y'know…" Rukia gestured to Yakeru. "He really is a sweet kid."

"Yeah," Shiro replied softly. It was the first time Rukia had heard his voice up close before. She found it rather… beautiful.

Ichigo held out the bag for Rukia to take. "Here, if you can even hold it without falling over."

"I'm not that weak you know!" Rukia took hold of the straps, Ichigo let go and Rukia crashed to the floor. "WHAT IS IN THIS!?"

Ichigo, Karin, Yuzu and Shiro laughed. "The essentials. Food, water, my Zanpakuto and Shiro's."

"How the hell did you carry this all the way here!?"

Ichigo hauled the bag back over his shoulder and replied, "My reiatsu has been compressed into physical strength. It was the only way we could come here without the Soul Society detecting our reiatsu, and the only way we could carry everything whilst running through the Garganta."

"Okay then." Was all Rukia could say. She watched Ichigo disappear down the hall, the opposite direction of the way Kisuke, Jinta and Ururu had gone. Then Tessai's shadow loomed over her, his deep voice sounding through the hall.

"You should go outside. They tend to spend an hour together… getting used to their new bed."

"Eh!?" Rukia squeaked, the initial shock causing her heart to race. After her brain processed what Tessai had said, she asked, "What do you mean?"

Tessai blushed slightly and disappeared down the hallway. Uryu spoke up from the room beside Rukia, "He means they get intimate."

"Oh. Oooohh…" Rukia realised. A light pink dusted her cheeks just as noises begun to pool out of the room at the end of the hall.

Yuzu and Isshin went to instant creep-mode. They tip toed down the hall, hands around the shell of their ears. Just before they could put their ears to the door, Karin grabbed them by their hair and yanked them away, screaming something about having a perverted family.

Rukia, Uryu and Chad fled the scene after the enraged Kurosaki girl. They went for a walk around Karakura to give Ichigo and Shiro some privacy, like Tessai had suggested.

Meanwhile, Yakeru lay asleep on top a thick pile of blankets. Ichigo lay pinned beneath his hollow's seductive grin on top of a memory foam bed. It had been made 'specially' for the couple whenever they arrived at Kisuke's home. The foam absorbed the Spiritual Pressure they'd release during the night (and whenever they had sex) so that no one could detect it. Kisuke was also smart and put bed sheets on it this time so no one would have to spend hours scrubbing out the… remains of Shiro's and Ichigo's intimacy.

"This is a habit you and I need to stop." Ichigo panted.

Shiro chuckled. "A habit? I was thinking it more a hobby by now."

"Hmm… yeah? Maybe a hobby." Ichigo hummed softly as Shiro's fingers gave him a gentle caress down his sides. The talented digits putting his mind into a high like no other. "So… sweet…" Ichigo murmured.

"Glad you think so." Shiro growled huskily, "Because I'm not holding back this time."

"Well hello there Captain Ukitake~! Captain Shunsui~! What brings you two here?" Kisuke greeted with his trademark fan and sneaky grin.

Jushiro smiled back, though his was kind and gentle. "Nice to see you Urahara. We're here to talk…"


"Well, Ichigo Kurosaki of course," Shunsui answered.

Kisuke nodded. "Yes, that's what I thought. Do come in~!"

Shunsui spared a short glance at Jushiro before they both nodded and, against their better judgement, entered Urahara's Shop. Jushiro was instantly amazed by the shelves of stuff. He browsed through everything – the soul candy, the instant gigai, the memory modifiers – and Kisuke was positively thrilled that someone had such an interest in his work! Shunsui on the other hand was a little disappointed when there was no sake in sight.

"Well then, allow me to direct you to the dining room where we can talk about your point of interest, hmm?" Kisuke suggested a little while later. He shuffled excitedly across the floor and slid open the door to his dining room. A small yet highly cozy room was displayed, one with a small table settled in the center with several green pillows around it. Kisuke was always one for tradition, which is why his shop design hadn't changed for at least a hundred years and it wouldn't change for another hundred.

A sharp gasp of pain could be faintly heard down the hallway. Kisuke instantly covered his face with his fan, his cheeks turning red and a giggle escaping his lips.

"What was that?" Jushiro questioned.

"I haven't the faintest idea!" Kisuke lied obviously. He pointed to a room beside them. "It's far more insulated in there. I think you, and the two down the hall would appreciate being separated by a soundproof wall, don't you?"

"Uhh… sure?" Jushiro responded, still not quite understanding what the shopkeeper meant. Shunsui pulled his hat over his face. Unlike Jushiro, he knew exactly what was happening just down the hall.

"B-Bastard…" Ichigo muttered. "Don't bite my neck then tell me to be quiet."

Shiro cackled. "Aw, but Ichi, buggin' ya is so much fun! Besides…" Shiro sucked on the wound making Ichigo let out a well-drawn out moan. "…you're such a masochist."

"Screw you. I am not…" Ichigo barely replied through his high. The pain provided a deadly sin when mixed with the heat in his groin and the pleasure singing through his veins.

"Really?" Shiro asked, feigning shock. He dragged his lips down Ichigo's sinfully sculpted body, stopping right in the dead center of Ichigo's abs. Shiro scrapped his nails down Ichigo's back, the orangette moaning hotly, then nibbled gently on the muscled midriff in front of him.

Ichigo bit his bottom lip. He was positive he was going to explode if Shiro kept teasing him like this… and he hadn't even touched the root of Ichigo's problem.

"So that doesn't even pleasure you a bit?" Shiro purred against Ichigo's chest. "The pain doesn't put a fog over your mind… it doesn't make you horny, or hard?"

"Damn you and your fucking word play…" Ichigo mumbled.

Shiro grinned. "I'll tell you the truth Ichi," he continued to purr in a sweet, sultry voice, "inflicting pain and having pain inflicted cause two very different reactions for your body. Every time you slice into your opponent I can see that faint smile on your lips, but every time I so much as drag a nail across your skin…" Shiro lightly traced Ichigo's abs. He drew circles, squares, triangles, then a line straight down to Ichigo's pants. "…your entire body begs for more."

Ichigo shuddered. Shiro was right, his entire body wanted more. More pain, more heat, more pleasure, and more sweet torture.

And Shiro was the one to grant his request. He placed hot kisses across Ichigo's chest, ran his teeth down Ichigo's abs, sucked gently around Ichigo's belly button, then stopped at the clothe covering his berry's sweet erection. Shiro's tongue dove under Ichigo's hakama for a small taste. He felt Ichigo's stomach muscles retract instinctively and at the same time a small squeak left the orangette's lips.

"Ai! Sh-Shi, stop teasing m-me…" Ichigo whined softly.

Shiro's lips curved into a grin as he retracted his tongue. "But Ichigo, teasing is the best part!"

"Not when you're on… the b-bottom." The last part Ichigo barely got out of his throat due to Shiro's impatient hands tugging off Ichigo's pants. Shiro licked his lips, the sight of Ichigo's hard member practically making him drool. It was times like this where he was reminded of the monster lurking within his insanity, because there was nothing more he wanted than to let it loose and devour his sweet little Shinigami. Shiro smiled darkly, he had promised Ichigo that this time he wouldn't be holding back, that this time his restraints would be broken.

Shiro's tongue playfully flicked the tip of Ichigo's manhood. Ichigo gasped, his legs instinctively snapping shut. Shiro growled lightly, all in a frisky manner, and separated Ichigo's legs with his elbows. His thumbs ran across Ichigo's inner thigh, and though normal people would fight to close their legs, Ichigo was apparently wired differently. He spread his legs wide, allowing Shiro access to his most personal area.

Shiro grinned. "Masochist," he said.

Ichigo pouted. "I am not!"

Shiro chuckled then brought his lips to Ichigo's manhood, easily deep throating the orangette.

Ichigo shrieked in pleasure, most of it muffled by his teeth that were clamped down on his bottom lip. Shiro gave a good suck, running his teeth up and down the hot member. Ichigo threw his head back and moaned, nails digging into the bed sheets beneath him.

'I'll say it again,' Shiro's voice echoed through Ichigo's head, 'Mas-o-chist.'

"I hate you…" Ichigo groaned.

Shiro chuckled, vibrations sending another wave of thick pleasure up to Ichigo's mind. 'I'm sure you do. That's why we live together in a castle, why we have Yakeru and why I'm about to fuck the living daylights out of you.'

Shiro swore he felt Ichigo's dick twitch. He smirked to himself, rubbing his thumbs up and down Ichigo's inner thigh in a soothing manner, and sucking his berry off in the most pleasurable way he could muster. Obviously Ichigo approved, if the muffled moans and pants Shiro heard were anything to go by, which after ten years Shiro knew for a fact that it was.

"Oh Shiro… now…" Ichigo moaned.

Not yet.

"Shiro… F-Fuck me… please."


"Ah… Sh-Shiro! I'm g-gonna-!"

Shiro pulled away. Ichigo let out an embarrassingly needy whine. Shiro stripped himself of his pants, his shirt had been discarded earlier as a way to tease Ichigo, then immediately secured his place back on top of Ichigo. His lips clashed with Ichigo in a beautifully sizzling kiss, Ichigo's hands tangling into his hair, Shiro's hands coiling possessively around Ichigo's shoulders and his tongue entering Ichigo's mouth. It took one snap of his hips to sheath his member into Ichigo's awaiting entrance, immediately nailing Ichigo dead on his prostate. Shiro and Ichigo's voices mashed into a beautiful symphony, each of them absorbing the moan the other let out.

"How is it that you're still so god damned tight?" Shiro hissed before Ichigo connected their lips in another passionately possessive lip lock.

There was no need for conversation. Each of them knew the signs and sounds the other would make and used them to predict exactly what they wanted. For Ichigo, he let out a loud and needy moan to signal Shiro that he was ready. Shiro always turned his attention to Ichigo's neck as a warning that he was going to begin, and that was exactly what happened as Shiro began to move.

Ichigo's fingernails dug into Shiro's shoulders, Shiro hissed slightly but the tight heat around his member distracted his mind from the pain. His tongue skillfully danced around Ichigo's earlobe, his teeth coming out to nibble the sensitive flesh making Ichigo whimper.

"I fucking love you, you know that?"

Ichigo nodded, tugging Shiro away from his ear to kiss him. This kiss was far more ravenous than any other kiss Ichigo had started, as it normally was when Shiro fucked him so beautifully.

Shiro kept his perfect pace with a practised ease. With every thrust he could feel Ichigo clamping down harder on him, with every thrust he knew their climax was coming, but it would just be another highlight to Shiro's life, another reason to love the Shinigami beneath him. Shiro would never let anyone else touch his Ichigo. He loved every intimate touch he and Ichigo shared, almost as much as he loved Ichigo, and he loved everything about Ichigo. From his brown eyes to his orange hair, from his voice to the kind or threatening tone he could pull off, from the way his muscles shifted with everything Ichigo did to the way he looked when he slept so calmly in Shiro's arms. Shiro considered himself lucky to have been born into Ichigo's soul, anyone else and he would've killed them on the spot, but not Ichigo, his Ichigo.

"Shiro… Shirosaki…" Ichigo panted. "Oh god… I love you…"

Shiro smiled and placed a tender kiss onto Ichigo's forehead. "I love you too."

Their reiatsu pooled together, their emotions mixing into one glorious feeling. Shiro gave Ichigo a completely unsuppressed, monstrous thrust, nailing Ichigo's abused prostate and sending sparks flying through Ichigo's blood. He screamed out Shiro's name, coming across both their stomachs and clenching down on Shiro's manhood. Shiro moaned out Ichigo's name, seed releasing inside Ichigo along with a few more thrusts to end the perfect high.

Shiro collapsed onto Ichigo, their bodies molding together perfectly. Shiro held Ichigo close, refusing to let go until he could gather the will to move again. After a perfectly fitting moment of silence, Shiro pulled out of Ichigo, both of them groaning in slight pain, but there was a definite satisfaction shared between them.

"Holy shit…" Ichigo murmured. Shiro fell beside him, instantly wrapping his arms around Ichigo.

"You can definitely… say that… again…" Shiro agreed. He lifted up his chin allowing Ichigo to nuzzle his head into his neck. Shiro hummed softly as Ichigo placed a gentle kiss to his neck, curled around Shiro's protective frame and settled himself to sleep. Shiro hooked his finger around his discarded Shihakusho and brought it overtop his and Ichigo's frame. It didn't quite cover the lower half of their legs, but it was much more comfortable than any blanket, and Yakeru was currently asleep a top the only ones nearby.

Ichigo slid his arm around Shiro and pulled him closer, sharing his warmth with him while also absorbing Shiro's warmth. Shiro tightened his grip around Ichigo, refusing to allow more than an inch separate him and his reason for living. They fell asleep feeling safe, secure and most of all, happy.

"Well, I'll admit that it's not exactly what I expected to hear." Jushiro chuckled softly.

"No, not really," Shunsui agreed as he set down his tea. "Though it does make perfect sense in retrospect."

"Mmmhmm…" Kisuke hummed. "So you see that was why Ichigo attacked Orihime and Renji. He saw them both as a potential threat for the future, and for the present, so he dealt with them immediately. He's really just acting on a simple impulse, an ancient instinct that humans had long since suppressed, known as kill or be killed. Like a dog, he protects those he's learned to trust, and kills those who goes after his master."

"His 'master' being…?"

"Exactly who you think." Kisuke indirectly answered.

Jushiro took a small sip of his tea, while Shunsui leaned back and nodded at the information given.

"Now, I know what you're thinking," Kisuke continued, this time oddly serious. "Ichigo will not attack unless attacked first, or if his inner hollow is put at risk. He's quite the loyal man, a fine man he's grown into over the past ten years. If you get the chance to, you should spar with him for a bit. It's amazing the things you could learn."

"Really?" Jushiro questioned. "Must be because he's been living in Hueco Mundo for all this time."

Kisuke shrugged. "Whatever the reason, even the most level headed Shinigami would burst into a fit of frustration before Ichigo so much as broke a sweat. I'm not giving him any credit for his power, just that he was lucky enough to find the place inside himself where his true potential could be tapped into."

"I bet Mayuri would throw a fit if he found out," Shunsui joked casually. "Or Kenpachi would go berserk."

Jushiro smiled and nodded.

"Well, I do believe it's time for me to tend to some personal business." Kisuke piped up, instantly snapping back into his perverted self. "The soundproof room is no longer needed, so you're welcome to sit in the dining room if you want. If you're thinking of spending the night feel free to have Jinta or Ururu set up a room for you. I'll see you around~!"

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