Hidden Beauty

Basket One: New Student

"Class, this is our new transfer student. Previously from Seika High school, please welcome Yasuhiro-kun." The teacher announced, his hand motioning to the boy standing by the door. Said boy, bowed slightly, before focusing his attention back on the ground.

"Would you like to say something about yourself, Yasuhiro-kun?" The teacher asked, spinning the chalk between his chubby fingers.

A moment of silence, and the new student opened his mouth, "I'm Yasuhiro Kuro... I hope we can get along." He muttered out, his hands shoved inside his sweater's pocket.

"Alright, take a seat behind Takahara-kun." With a nod, Kuro went and sat in the empty chair, folding his hands neatly on his desk as he stared at the teacher with a bored expression.

Forty minutes later, the bell rang. Kuro watched the chubby teacher put his things away, and quickly walk out of the room. He gave a little stretch, already feeling tired from staying so still.

Not even a few minutes later, in came another teacher, this time a woman. She didn't waste any time writing the next assignment down on the chalkboard, clearly eager to start off the period.

Ten minutes into her long speech about Japanese War History, Kuro raised his hand, his leg bouncing as he fidgeted in his seat. The woman stopped, frowning as she pushed up her overly large glasses. "What is it," She took a moment to look over the seating arrangement, before spotting his name - "Yasuhiro-kun?" She snapped, putting the glossy paper back on the old wooden desk.

Kuro cleared his throat, shifting in his desk. "I need to use the bathroom." He said, letting his hand fall onto his lap.

"Very well, take the hall pass with you, then." She harrumphed, and turned back to the board.

Kuro shuffled to the front of the room, taking the small card before exiting his homeroom. He slowly made his way towards the bathroom, but came to a harsh stop in front of it.

"... Maybe I should have thought about this some more..." He muttered under his breath, staring at the characters on the door, signifying that it was the men's washroom. He continued to glare at the door, wishing that it would burst into flames.

Wishful thinking, he reminded himself.

Kuro slowly reached forward, about to push the door open, but immediately froze when he saw a shadow loom over him. "Oi, first year, I can't get inside." Kuro turned, eyeing the taller teenager with distaste. The boy had short black hair, and rather nice blue-grey eyes, but a small frown in place.

'Great, this is more awkward than I had thought it would be.'Kuro thought, slowly stepping out of the way for his senpai. He followed him inside, his gaze burning into the others back.

A furious blush found its way to his face, as he realized that the third year was unzipping his pants, standing in front of those weird man-toilets. Quickly turning away (just in time), Kuro swiftly entered the stall, thankful for the privacy, and a real toilet.

Silently, he pulled his pants down, along with his underwear, and sat down on the toilet. 'Oh my God, oh my God, I am freaking out, man.' The thoughts raced through his mind, fingers gripping his pants. 'This is seriously no place for-… for a girl...'Kuro thought, pouting at the stall's door. Once she finished her duty of peeing, she reached for the toilet paper, only to realize that there was none left.

"..." Kuro stared in shock, and let her head drop. 'I HATE BEING A WOMAN!' She cried inwardly, sulking in the dimly lit stall. She froze when she heard the sound of zipping, suddenly remembering about the other guy who was in here. 'It's now or never...'

"U-uhm, excuse me..." She coughed awkwardly, trying to disguise the feminine squeak.

"Ahn?" Was the reply.

"C- Could you possibly pass me some toilet paper... Please?" She felt her face burn, as she absentmindedly poked at the wall. Silence filled her ears, and she thought it was a lost cause, but then a hand swung under the door, holding a large role of TP.

"Th- thank you, senpai!" She practically sparkled, taking the toilet paper from his grip.

"Don't mention it..." He replied, his voice getting drowned out by the sound of running water. She listened to the hand-dryer go off before she finally finished her little bathroom time, and exited only once she knew that the boy left.

A loud sigh escaped her lips, her shoulders sagging as she slowly walked up to the sink. While washing her hands, she looked in the mirror and stared at her reflection.

Short rugged black hair adorned her face, as soft purple eyes stared back at her. "Remind me why I did this all again... ?" She asked herself in a huff. A small smile appeared before she turned the water off.

"Right... Basketball."

After a long boring class of History, Gym, and finally Math, the bell rang and now lunch was currently in session. So far, it was the highlight of Kuro's day.

Kuro stood and put her hands in her pockets, planning to head down to the office for some information and even a form in order to join the basketball club. She sure hoped that she would be accepted, or her crazy idea of cutting her once long and pretty hair and suffocating her already A-cup breasts would have been for nothing! Plus, she really wanted to participate in practice today.

So, Kuro happily stored her text book and note books away before nearly skipping out of the room to head down to the office so she could hopefully find out who the captain of the basketball team was.

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