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Though most of the episodes won't really have much changes in it, just what Haruhi and Kyouya are thinking during those certain events.

I also recommend that you read the manga :D

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Only those with excellent social standing and those from filthy rich families are lucky enough to spend their time here at the Elite Private School, Ouran Academy. The Ouran Host Club is where the school's handsomest boys with too much time on their hands entertain young ladies who also have way too much time on their hands. Just think of it as Ouran Academy's elegant playground for the super rich and beautiful.

Normal POV

The Ouran high school Host Club is having their regular meeting with their customers, though this time, they were having it in the garden wherein their theme was, "Ouran Host Club's Flower Viewing Reception".

Haruhi, Takashi, and Mitsukuni were dressed in yukatas; and the twins, Kyouya, and Tamaki were dressed in waiter outfits.

"Welcome, ladies!" all seven of them greeted as their customers for today entered the garden and made their way to their designated host for the afternoon.


"So, in which cup would my princess like her tea? The Foley? The Worchester? Or perhaps the Suzie Cooper Gardenia?" Tamaki asks a customer of his.

"Beautiful! These are English antiques aren't they? Which one do you like, Tamaki?" The customer replies. Tamaki takes her hand in his and then gives his reply to her question.

"Which one? Well, none of these compare to my princess." He tells her as he moves to a position in where his face is only a couple of inches away from hers, making her blush.

Flattered, she replies, "Oh, wow! I don't really know what to say!"

Hikaru, Kaoru, and Kyouya

"You mean you've never been to Covent Garden?" Kaoru asks one of his and Hikaru's customers as they eye the food and tea on the table.

"No, all of our antiques are from Portabello Road." She replies.

"I think you'd like Covent Garden. Most of our Victorian Pieces are from there." Hikaru tells her. He was about to say more but stopped when Kaoru accidentally knocks over his teacup and slightly burns his left hand.

"Ack…" Kaoru says as he grips his hand with his not burnt one.

"Kaoru!" Hikaru turns around to face his brother and takes his injured hand into his. He brings the wounded area to his lips and kisses it. Their two customers get excited by the scene happening in front of them and blush as they watch the two brothers intently.

"Honestly, Kaoru. You have to be more careful. From now on, keep your eyes on me, okay?"

"Yes, Hikaru…"

"Oh, I can't take it; it's overwhelming!" Says one of the customers as she cups her face, closes her eyes, and turns away from the scene.

"You have to watch this! You may not get another chance! Who knows when it will happen again!" The other lady looks at her friend to try to coax her into watching the brothers once more, worried that they both not have another chance to see the Hitachiin twins in action.

"You are absolutely right, mademoiselle." The two ladies, who were recently fangirling over the Hitacchiin twins, look up to see none other than the "Shadow King", Ootori Kyouya standing right in front of them.

"All beauty is fleeting. Just take a look at these cherry blossoms. You'll never be able to see them this vibrant again." He says as he takes one of the cherry blossoms in his hand and gazes at it.

"And that's why…" He pulls out a magazine that had Hikaru's and Kaoru's face on the cover that says, "HITACHIIN: Perfect Photobook".

"I've compiled a picture book that contains photos that capture the beauty of each passing day."

"Incidentally, I've prepared similar books of the other hosts as well! And if you ladies are interested in collecting all four of them, I'll discount the full set for you." He then pulls out three more magazines with Tamaki on one cover, Haruhi on another, and Takashi and Mitsukuni in the last one.

The two ladies jumped up from their seats in excitement.

"I'll take them!" The one coaxing her friend to continue to watch the twins said as she raised her left hand in excitement and with her wallet on her right.

"Me too, please!" The girl who felt that the scene was "overwhelming" said as she too raised her left hand and held her wallet in her right.

"Well, now we know how the club makes extra money." The twins said with their hands on their hips as they eyed Kyouya and their two customers and then turned to look at each other.

"But I have to wonder…" Hikuaru started.

"When did he take pictures of us?" Kaoru finished.

Mori, Hunny, and Haruhi

Hunny was mixing some tea leaves for himself, Mori, Haruhi, and two of their customers as Mori, Haruhi, and the two customers watched intently.

'Should I say something to him?' Haruhi thought to herself as she watches her sempai mixing the leaves together.

"Mitsukuni." Mori said watching his cousin. He leaned down and whispered in his ear,

"You overdid it." Hunny gasped.

'He told him!' Haruhi thought as the two customers stared in awe at how Mori was able to tell Hunny the truth though it could have hurt his feelings knowing how sensitive Hunny is.

Hunny lifted the whisk to see that there was only a small drop of the tea left. He stared at it in horror as he realized that there was nothing left that they could actually drink.

He was about to cry when one of their customers took the bowl from the floor and brought it up to her lips.

"Hunny, I'll take it! It looks so yummy!" She said before she gulped down whatever was left from the bowl.

"It's just the right amount for both of us! Anymore would be too much. How did you know? You never cease to amaze me!" The second customer praised as the first one continued to drink.

"Really?" Hunny's exclaims as his face lights up and stops crying.

"Ughh…" Haruhi sighs in frustration.


Haruhi sighed as she stood in the middle of the garden, admiring the flowers.


"Huh?" She turned around to see Tamaki standing behind her with is back to her.

"Are you having a good time?" He asks her.


"The flower viewing reception is going over quite well. But even so, its rather daunting to spend more time to be admired than doing the admiring." He tells her as he turned around to face her.

Haruhi sweatdrops. "Oh, wow, Sempai. You're blooming in more ways than one." She tells him as he turns around to face her.

"You've noticed! Yes, today my beauty is quite splendorous; I'm in full bloom!" He says as he motions towards his face.

"I bet you'll fall for me soon~" He winks at her.

"I swear, this guy must live his life completely unaware of the hardships of this world. And plus, I think Kyouya-sempai looks a lot better than he does today." Haruhi thinks to herself as her mouth and eyes twitches as she watches Tamaki make a complete full of himself again.

"So, Haruhi," The twins say as Hikaru puts his arm around Haruhi's neck and Kaoru holds on of her hands with one of his as he holds a few papers in the other.

"Have you decided your elective courses for this term?" They both continue.

"How about Conversational French?" Kaoru suggests.

"I dunno…" Haruhi replies.

"I think the three of us should take it together. It makes perfect sense, we are in the same class." The twins then turn around to face Tamaki who appears to have been slowly reaching out to Haruhi, hoping to grab her and take her away from, what he likes to call them, the shady twins.

Tamaki then crouched in front of a tree, facing it, and made it his corner of despair.

"Say, mommy dear?" Tamaki says.

"What is it now, daddy?" Kyouya responds, knowing full well that it is he whom Tamaki is addressing as he stops writing on his clipboard.

"I have a new theory. I mean, it's just my hypothesis, but it seems that by being in the same class, Hikaru and Kaoru are able to spend more time with Haruhi than I get to here at the club! This gives them a chance to get close to her, and if that happens-"

"Tamaki," Kyouya cuts him off. "You just now realized that?" Tamaki then gets so shocked it was as if a lightning bolt had hit him. 'Why I hang out with this idiot, I don't know. I also honestly don't see what Haruhi sees in him either.' He thinks to himself.

A white board that had one circle with two thirds of it colored yellow and one third of it was colored red, and another circle that had seven eights of it colored yellow and one eighth of it colored red taped on it.

In the middle of the board, it said, "Contact with Haruhi" and then two arrows that coming out of its box with one arrow pointing to its designated circle. On top of the circle that had a third of it colored red said, "Twins" written on top. And the one with one eighth of it colored red had "Tamaki" written top of it as well.

Kyouya used a stick to point at the twins' circle.

"According to my research, in a single day, the twins spend roughly nine hours of class time with Haruhi," he stops and then points to Tamaki's circle.

"Meanwhile your contact with her is limited to a couple of hours of club activities." He now stops pointing at the board and turns to look at Tamaki. "In other words, your involvement in Haruhi's life each day amounts to no more than a mere 3%." The rest of what Kyouya was saying was blocked out by Tamaki screaming,

"I don't want to hear it! I don't want to hear it!" He then took Haruhi by her shoulders and brought her close to him and placed his face directly in front of hers.

"Listen, Haruhi! I want you to stop hanging out with those shady twins from now on!" He cried.

"Who are you calling 'shady'?" Hikaru protests with his fist in the air.

"Yeah, take a good look at yourself, boss!" Kaoru protests as well, with his fist in the air just like his brother.

Tamaki gasps and moves away from Haruhi. "Yes! That's it! All right then! We can't go on hiding the fact that you're a girl from everyone in the school any longer! All daddy wants is for you to go back to being the girl that you used to be! For you to surround yourself with girlfriends and living a wholesome life!" He cried even more as Kyouya continues writing in his clipboard.

"Who are you calling 'daddy'?" Haruhi asks. Tamaki takes her by the shoulders and shakes Haruhi back and forth.

"So do it! Change back now! Change back now!" He shouts.

"You don't have to rush things, she's going to be found out soon enough." Hikaru says.

"Physical exams are the day after tomorrow." Kaoru continues.

"Physical exams?" Haruhi questions as Tamaki stops shaking her.

All the other hosts stopped what they were doing, stood in front of Haruhi, and stared at her as they realized that she would have to take off her clothes for their physical exam.

"That's right, I forgot all about it!" Kyouya exclaims as the others still continue to stare at her.

'Those idiots better not think of doing anything to hurt her when she takes off her clothes.' Kyouya thinks.

'Wait… What the hell am I thinking?' He shouts to himself in his mind, though keeping his composure on the outside.

"Then that means… there's no doubt. They're gonna know… I'm really a girl." Haruhi says to herself as she puts on finger on her cheek in thought.

'Oh crap! If they find out that I'm really a girl, that means I won't be able to be in the host club anymore! Then that means that I won't be able to see Kyouya-sempai as much anymore!

'Wait… what the hell?' Haruhi thinks to herself, shocked that she would even think of something like that.

Tamaki, the twins, Mori, and Hunny all looked at her shocked as they all felt a bolt of thunder run through them, though Kyouya only continued to write in his clipboard.

'Well anyways, Kyouya-sempai doesn't seem to care anyways. I always had my eye on him since the first day I came to the Host Club, though its most probably just a silly, girly infatuation.' Haruhi thought to herself again.

'I can't believe I had my eye on her since the first day she stepped into the Host Club. It's probably just because I feel curious and intrigued about her.' Kyouya thinks to himself as he goes back to writing on his clipboard.


"Haruhi!" Said girl turns around to face whoever called her name, but instead of wearing the Ouran Academy boys' uniform, she was wearing the girls' uniform instead like the girl she should be, and with the front of her hair braided to make it look like a headband.

Tamaki laughed when she saw him. "Have you been waiting long?" He asks her as the other students stared at them, but mainly at Haruhi.

"What's the matter? You look a little down!" Tamaki points out.

Haruhi cups her chin. "I can't help it; everyone keeps staring at me for some reason." She looks away from Tamaki.

"I'm so embarrassed." She blushes. Tamaki then cups her face with his hand to make her look up at him and then uses his other hand to wrap around her waist and pull her closer to him, causing Haruhi to gasp.

"They're looking at you because you are lovely. Don't you worry, I promise that I will protect you no matter what." She grasped Tamaki's coat somewhere in the chest area, clutching it.

"Oh, sempai, that makes me feel better. Thank you, I mean it."

Tamaki then opens his eyes in excitement as the best part of his daydream comes into mind. He closes his eyes once more and continues dreaming.

"I'm in love-love with you, Tamaki-senpai!" Haruhi and Tamaki both laugh as he continues to spin her around in the air.

"Oh, you!" He exclaims.

"He must be having a great daydream." Hunny exclaims.

"He's kinda creeping me out…" Hikaru says as both he and Hunny continues to watch Tamaki looking like an idiot.

Tamaki then snaps out of his daydream and furrows his eyebrows at the two of them.

"Envious, Hikaru?" Tamaki asks him. "This is all part of my strategy. While you boys take time, blinded by your jealousy, I've foreseen the outcome of this charade!" Tamaki sighs.

He gestures to the room. "This anime's obviously a romantic, school comedy; Haruhi and I are the main characters! So that means we are love interests." He tells them as he makes one of his "princely" poses.

"Yeah? Then what are we?" The twins ask.

"You boys-" Tamaki points at the five of them. "Are the homosexual supporting cast." He pulls out a stick from nowhere and somehow engraves a straight line onto the room's tiled floor, separating the other five boys from him.

"So please make sure that you don't step across this line." He tells them after he finished making the small line in front of them.

"You've got to be kidding." The twins say as them, Hunny, and Mori all look at the line in wonder, annoyance, and curiosity while Kyouya continues to write in his clipboard.

"Oh, so now I'm a homosexual supporting cast, huh?" Kyouya thinks to himself. "Well, Tamaki, how about I teach you a lesson about calling me a homosexual supporting cast. And also, what makes you think that this is about you and Haruhi?" He continues, stressing the 'you' addressing Tamaki.

"Hey, listen, boss." Hikaru starts.

"I don't think you get it." Kaoru continues.

"If word gets out that Haru-chan is really a girl, then she won't be able to be in the Host Club anymore!" Tamaki, shocked about what Hunny just said, he felt paralyzed when he realized that he won't be able to see Haruhi as much as he does now, and its still not enough!

"But, if Haru-chan started wearing girls' clothes, I bet she'd be even cuter than she is now!" Hunny continues.

"She dressed like a girl when she was in middle school, right?" Hikaru asks no on in particular. "She must have been really popular with the boys." He states.

"Yeah. According to my investigative reports, someone would declare their undying love to her at least once a month." Kyouya answers. 'Idiots…' He thinks.

"Oh, I see! So the boss wouldn't even be able to get close to her-" Kaoru starts.

"But we'd be able to because we're in class with her all day long!" Hikaru finishes, just as Tamaki cracks and snaps out of 'paralyzation'.

"No way…" He cries.

The door opens and reveals Haruhi peeking into the room.

"Hey, guys! Sorry I'm so late." Tamaki then runs over to her and grips her shoulders and then pulls her face close to his.

"Don't you worry, Haruhi! We're determined to keep your secret; no one will find out that you're really a girl during tomorrow's physical exams! So please promise you'll stay our beloved 'Secret Princess'!" He cries.

Haruhi blinks twice. "Sure."

"You know what? I think both of us would be a little peeved if we had to watch guys flirt with her." Hikaru says to his brother.

"Then that settles it." Kaoru states.

The title, "Operation Conceal Haruhi's Gender" was written on the top of the white board, and then another title, "also named: 'Operation I Swear Haruhi Is A Boy!' is underway!" was written below the first one.

"Listen up, squad members!" Tamaki says as he points to the board with a stick, facing the other hosts aside from Haruhi.

"At tomorrow's physical exams, position yourself in Formation A. And then, wait for your orders." He commands. The twins salute him and says, "Yes, Sir!" while Hunny stares in wonder and starts to clap.

Haruhi, staring dumbfounded at the scene in front of her, quickly realized wat is happening.

"I've got it! You guys are worried because if they find out I'm a girl, I can't be a host, and therefore can't repay my debt!

"My balance is 5,333,332 Yen. Hmm… Well, guess I'll have to come up with another way to pay you back!" She holds her neck from behind with her right hand and starts to laugh in delight of most probably not having to be in the Host Club for much longer as Tamaki and the twins sweatdrop.

"Do something! The subject doesn't appear to have any motivation!" The twins exclaim to Tamaki in frustration.

Also frustrated, Tamaki yells, "Why'd we get stuck with such a difficult heroine?" to the twins. He then turns to Haruhi.

"Are you saying that you hate being a host? That you hate this club?" He points to her in accusation.

"To be honest, I'd have to say yes." Haruhi replies as Tamaki is now shocked beyond belief. He now goes to one corner of the room and makes it his current, "Corner of Despair".

"I mean you guys aren't bad, but if it gets out I'm a girl, there's nothing I can do, you know?" She laughs to herself again as she starts to ignore what the other hosts are talking about, though she could still hear what they're saying.

"She doesn't seem to care one way or the other!" Hikaru exclaims to his brother and their three sempais who are not in a "Corner of Despair".

"Well, before we do anything else, we have to find a way to motivate her." Kaoru says.

Mori cups his chin as he suddenly think s of an idea.

"Fancy tuna." He simply states and Haruhi gasps. The twins, Kyouya, and Hunny all start looking at her evilly.

Recovering from his corner of despair, Tamaki starts to tempt Haruhi with the idea of finally eating "fancy tuna".

"Oh, that's right! You didn't get the chance to eat any during last episode's party, did you?" He looks at her evilly, and at the same time with success and triumph at finally getting a way on how to motivate Haruhi to follow along with their plan and continue pretending to be a boy.

"Did you hear that? She's never eaten fancy tuna before, isn't that awful?" Hikaru says to his brother in a gossiping manner.

"Wow… talk about difficult childhood." Kaoru replies.

"If only Haru-chan could stay in the host club, she'd have the chance to eat all kinds of yummy things whenever she wants!" Hunny says to his Usa-chan.

"What are you talking about? Don't be silly! Just cause' I'm poor and I've never had it doesn't mean that I'm so much of a glut that I'd go on fooling everyone about my gender just to try some fancy tuna!" She says, nervously and also starts to laugh nervously as well while the other hosts look at her in triumph, knowing that, though she didn't admit it just yet, they already broke her down.

"Am I really gonna get to try it?" She asks herself as she sweatdrops and stops laughing.

The hosts laugh in success.


The Next Day

"We will begin conducting physical examination shortly. All students, please proceed to the clinic in your respective school building." Was announced in the school speakers.

Haruhi and the twins were on their way to their respective clinic when Haruhi asked them a question. "So what's the deal with this 'Formation A' thing you guys were talking about? What do they do during physical exams here at Ouran anyway?"

"It's no different than a physical exam you'd get at any other school." Hikaru answers.

"Yeah. Why would a physical exam be any different for us just because we're rich?" Kaoru answers her as well… but with a question.

"You're right, I didn't think about it that way." Haruhi said as she approached the door to the clinic. Once she opened the door, a line of at least fifty nurses and, right across from them, a line of at least fifty doctors who were also in a line greeted them and the other students.

"Welcome, students!" They all said as the students walked in.

"Wha-what? What is all this?" Haruhi stuttered.

"Just another physical exam." Hikaru answered as he walked past Haruhi who was still unable to move from shock.

"The usual." Kaoru walked past her as well and followed his brother inside.

"The usual?" Haruhi questioned as she followed the both of them inside. She watched as two nurses went up to the two of them and treated them like royalty. One nurse had long hair, and the other had short hair.

The one with short hair bowed down to them as the nurse with long hair said, "Excuse me, Hitachiin brothers. Please, follow me this way to have your height measured." Gesturing to the direction of where they were supposed to go.

"Sure thing!" Both twins replied and all four of them proceeded to where they were supposed to get their height measured.

"Mr. Fujioka?" Haruhi was shocked to find a nurse come out of nowhere and call out his name from behind him.

"I'm your nurse for the physical exams this afternoon." She said to him with a friendly smile.

"Please, come this way." She then took hold of her wrist and pulled Haruhi to where they were going to examine her.

"Oh, uh, ok…" Haruhi replied, obviously still speechless.

Haruhi glanced around the room to see two doctors, one tall one, and one small one who could pass for a child being crowded around by a group of girls.

'Hey, wait a second… Those two look familiar…" Haruhi thought to herself as she was still being pulled away by the nurse.

'No way… it can't be!" She thought as she realized why they both looked so familiar, but the comments of the girls around them seemed to have confirmed her suspicions.

"Why are Hunny and Mori dressed as doctors?" One girl asked.

"I don't know…" Another girl answered.

"Hunny-sempai? Mori Sempai?" I exclaimed in utter confusion. The both of them put one finger in front of their lips and softly and slowly said, "Shh…"

"They're so obvious." She sweatdrops again, as she stands there and looks at her two elder sempais embarrass themselves.

"I brought those two for back-up, just in case something happens." She turns around to see Kyouya right behind her.

"But why are they in doctor disguises?" Haruhi asks.

'If they're just for back up, then why the hell do they have to be in disguises?' Haruhi thought to herself.

"They're just helping to set the mood. Disguises make our operation feel like a real espionage mission." He answers, and again these guys have left me speechless.

'Would he kill me or raise my debt if I tell him that he's starting to act like Tamaki-senpai?' Haruhi asks herself, tempted to point out to Kyouya that he may just be starting to act like Tamaki.

"Hey, Kyouya-sempai?" Haruhi calls out to him.


"Thanks." She simply tells him. Kyouya's face forms into a questioning expression.

"Whatever for, Haruhi?" He asks her.

"For going through the trouble of planning this and making sure that Tamaki-senpai doesn't go too overboard on this thing." She says to him with a genuine smile on her face.

"You're welcome, Haruhi."

'What the hell? What is this feeling? Why is my heart beating so fast?' The both of them thought to themselves as they both felt themselves blushing.

Haruhi watched as a chubby girl was standing on a weighing scale in one of the room's small cubicles as a doctor sat down on a chair right in front of her.

"Wow, Ms. Shiramine!" The doctor exclaimed. "You lost two whole kilograms since this time last year!" They gasped in happiness for her and started to clap their hand in applause.

Ms. Shiramine gasped in shock and happiness. "That's so good to hear! I thought for sure I was heavier!" She exclaimed.

"Not at all! Keep it up and you'll be even healthier next year! Good work!" The doctor encouraged.

"Don't you think it's weird? That these doctors are all so jovial and nice?" Haruhi asks Kyouya as she stares at the scene in front of her in curiosity and wonder.

"They're chosen by the school's chairman; this may be a school, but it's also a business. Therefore, he wants to keep the students happy. After all, most of the students that attend Ouran Academy come from prominent families that have their own private doctors at home, so this is just a formality." Kyouya explains to her, while once again, Haruhi is left speechless.

'These damn rich people…" She thinks to herself as she walks away. Kyouya falls after her, but is stopped when one of the doctors bump into him by accident.

The doctor looks back at Kyouya. "I'm terribly sorry." He apologizes.

"No problem." Kyouya replies as he watches the man walk away from him.

"Huh?" 'That's odd… he looks a little suspicious, and I don't think I've ever seen him before.' He brushes the thought aside and continues to follow Haruhi.


The nurse who led the twins away stood in front of a small cubicle. "Hitacchin brothers, would you please come with me? We're ready to take your chest measurements." She said as she gestured towards the entrance of the cubicle.

The female students watched in excitement. "You can use the area behind this curtain to undress." The nurse continued.

"Doesn't matter to me." Kaoru said as he unbuttoned his shirt.

"We're not shy." Hikaru said as he unbuttoned his shirt as well. At the exact same moment, both twins took off their shirts and showed their chests to the ladies watching them.

"Kyaa!" All the girls cheered. Some of them were even waving their handkerchiefs in the air as if they were going on a long journey.

"See, Haruhi? A rather impressive turn-out today. Physical examination day is quite popular with the ladies." Kyouya told her as Haruhi, Hunny, and Mori stare dumbfounded at the scene in front of them.

'What's wrong with the girls at this school?" Haruhi thought to herself as she continued to watch the twins.

"I won't allow it." Hikaru says to his brother. "It's just not fair! I won't let those doctors touch you, Kaoru." He continues.

"What are you talking about?" Kaoru asks in reply. "You don't seem to have a problem touching me when we play 'doctor' at home. I can't get you to stop tickling me and toying with my body." The girls watched as Hikaru and Kaoru holds each other's naked waists.

"Kyaa!" They all cheered again.

"Come on, Haru-chan! This way!" Hunny dragged Haruhi with him and threw her into a changing stall. When she went in, she felt somebody hug her from behind.

"I've been waiting for you, my princess." She frees herself from his arms and then stumbles and then falls onto the floor.

"Tamaki-senpai?" She eyes him questioningly as she notices that he took off his blazer and is only wearing his dress shoes, pants, and shirt.

Unknown to them, Kyouya goes to the back of the changing room. He slightly moved the curtain until it was big enough for him to see inside, but still small enough to not get noticed and started to watch the pair.

'I don't know what the hell his plan is, but he better not do anything to Haruhi.' He thought to himself.

Tamaki giggles and crouches down in front of Haruhi. "You're so cute when you're surprised!" He cheered.

"Mr. Fujioka?" A voice from outside the stall asks. "It's time for us to take your chest measurements. Once you finish disrobing, will you please come with me?" Tamaki stands up from his crouching position.

"This is it; the inevitable moment has arrived. You just stay back here and wait. Okay, Haruhi?" He tells her as the girls from outside start getting excited over the fact that it's Haruhi's turn.

"What are you gonna do?" She shouts to her sempai, but was quieted when he placed a finger on her lips to shush her.

"Don't you worry… I'll protect you." He then walks over to the entrance of the changing room and just stands there, getting ready to open the curtain and reveal himself.

"Mr. Fujioka? Are you ready to be measured now?" The nurse calls. The girls waited anxiously for the curtain to open and see the newest member of the Host Club, Fujioka Haruhi, in her shirtless form for the first time, not knowing that she is actually a woman.

The curtain opened to reveal a man who, indeed, has brown hair like Haruhi, but with violet eyes.

"Yes. I am Haruhi… Fujioka." He said. All the girls sweat dropped and moved away from the changing room, and the nurse was just too shocked to even move.

The man was obviously Tamaki in a brown wig.

"Wait, that's Tamaki." One girl stated.

"There's no denying it; that's definitely Tamaki!" Another girl said.

"Is he cosplaying as Haruhi?"

"What's going on?"

Tamaki suddenly realized that he did not fool the girls.

Meanwhile, Haruhi has fainted on the floor.

The twins burst out laughing so hard, they were actually crying! "I can't believe he actually did it!" Hikaru laughed, clutching onto his stomach. "They recognize him! I told you they'd see through it!" Kaoru laughed as well as he started pounding his fist on the floor.

Tamaki grumbled in frustration as he removed the wig from his head and threw it to the floor.

He grabbed Hikaru by the neck and started to choke him. "You, jerks! You said there was no way the girls would be able to tell it was me!" Tamaki shouted at him in embarrassment and frustration.

"It's payback for calling us the homosexual supporting cast." He replied to him as all the girls started laughing as well.

Tamaki peeked inside the changing room. "I'm sorry. They figured it out… Ehe." He slightly laughed, though he did not expect to see the eyes of the devil from Haruhi's beautiful face.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" He screamed.

Haruhi sighed. 'Just as I thought. Tamaki-senpai lives in his own carefree, little world.' She suddenly felt a hand touch her shoulder slightly and looked up to see Kyouya's handsome face looking down at her.

"Haruhi, ready?" He asked as he put a hand on his hip. "I went ahead and set up a separate room for you; a special boys' clinic. And I have a doctor standing by sworn to secrecy." Kyouya explains.

"It turns out that all the doctors here today are all on staff at one of Kyouya-senpai's hospitals." Hikaru states.

"Would've been nice if you had said something to us earlier…" Kaoru tells him and Kyouya just smirks.

"I had to get my revenge too. I'm sorry, I just don't think I'm supporting cast; homosexual or otherwise." He says as he simply smiles at them, though laughing inside.

"Is there something wrong?" One of the girls surrounding Tamaki asked him.

"Haruhi is… angry with me…" He cries.


Haruhi knocked on the door of the special boys clinic. "Come in!" Said a voice from inside the room.

She opened the door to reveal a female doctor sitting on a desk in front of the window.

"Hello, Mr. Fujioka. I've been made aware of your situation; if you wouldn't mind, please disrobe for me over there." She directed as she pointed at the changing room.

"Sure." Haruhi simply replied. She went inside the clinic and then went inside the changing room.


Thinking that the issue with Haruhi was settled, Hunny, Mori, and Kyouya were on their way to their own physical examinations when a girl suddenly cried.

"I'm telling the truth!" The three of them stopped walking and turned around to see a group of girls crowding around another girl who was crying on the floor and being comforted by a nurse. "One of the doctors grabbed me by my shoulder and was trying to flirt with me! He then tried to push me into one of the rooms but then I screamed for help! After I screamed, he ran away."

"Wow, how scary!"

"Do you think it was a pervert?" Were the different questions of the girls surrounding the one who was almost attacked.

"I had a feeling this might happen…" Kyouya said as he cupped his chin. The Hitachiin brothers joined their group while they were watching the young girl cry.

"What do you mean?" Asked Hunny.

"A bit earlier today, I saw a strange man, wearing a white lab coat, but clearly not one of our hospital's doctors; I thought he was a little odd…" He continues.

"Shouldn't you have said something sooner?" The twins ask, a little peeved that one of their female classmates could actually get hurt.

"Well, it's no big deal! I'm sure the security guard will catch him!" He replies.

"Tell me, Miss, did you happen to notice where the pervert doctor was headed?" They heard an officer ask.

"Yes, sir! He ran off towards the special boys clinic!" She said. All of the host club members were so shocked that they were paralyzed for a few seconds, when all of a sudden, they all thought, 'Haruhi!'.

'Haruhi! Please be safe. I promise I'll save you. I won't let anyone touch you.' Kyouya thought to himself.

'Damn it! Why the hell am I so protective over her?'

Kyouya ran as fast as he could to the special boys clinic, leaving everyone in the dust. Even Mori and Hunny could barely catch up ot him!

'Damn it, Haruhi. If you get hurt, I'll never be able to forgive myself.'


Haruhi just took off her dress shirt and when she was about to remove her camisole, she heard a bump and a small screech from outside of the changing room.

"Doctor, are you al-" She cut herself off when she saw the scene in front of her: The chair has fallen to the floor, and on the floor, she sees the doctor being trapped in between the floor and a strange man in a lab coat with his hand over her mouth.

Haruhi was too shocked to move. The trespasser then punched the doctor, causing her to be unconscious.

Haruhi was just about to run to the door when she was grabbed and then hugged from behind. "Let go of me!" She screamed as she struggled to set herself free.

"Why, you're so young! You must be a virgin." He whispered directly into her ear. Haruhi started to feel tears fall from her eyes as he pushed her back against the wall. He used his right hand to keep her arms above her head, and used his other hand to unbutton her pants.

"Please! Let go of me, pleas!" She cried. She sucked in her breath, preparing herself to scream, but the man slapped her.

"You make a sound that comes out of that lovely little mouth of yours and I won't just take your virginity away, I'll take your life away as well!" He screamed softly into her ear, causing her to shiver in disgust.

As soon as he removed her pants, he removed her camisole as well, leaving her in her bra and underwear. He then gets the rope from his pocket and uses it to tie Haruhi's wrists together. He also brought out a roll of masking tape and uses it to tape her mouth. Haruhi cried even harder.

'Please, someone; anyone! Save me!' She thought. The man started to kiss and suck on her neck as one hand played with her right breast, and the other started feeling her pussy.

She tried to scream, but of course she couldn't since her mouth was taped shut.

Since he couldn't remove her bra since it her hands were already tied, he silently thanked God that she was wearing a bra that the clasp at the front. As soon as he unhooked it, he immediately started to lick her nipples.

The tears falling from her eyes were almost like a waterfall! She prayed and prayed that someone would save her.

The man was about to remove her underwear when all of a sudden, the door burst open and the man was pushed away from Haruhi.

"You bastard!" Kyouya screamed as he punched and kicked the man whom he just saved Haruhi from.

He started to hear whimpering and turned to Haruhi who slid down to the floor and continued to cry. He stood up from where he was and ran over to Haruhi's side.

He removed his blazer and dress shirt and then placed the blazer on Haruhi's chest to cover from his eyes as he untied the rope that binded Haruhi's wrists together and removed the tape from her lips.

He closed his eyes and then removed the blazer from Haruhi's chest and then replaced it with the dress shirt. He then wrapped the blazer around her to cover the rest of her body. He then took her into his arms and cradled her as she held onto him and cried.

A few moments later, the rest of the host club arrived to see Kyouya comforting Haruhi while a strange man was starting to regain consciousness on the floor, and a female doctor who was already conscious but was too shocked to do anything.

"Haruhi!" Tamaki yelled as he ran towards said girl and his best friend.

"Did he do anything to you?" He asked. Haruhi nodded her head but then replied.

"He touched me and licked my breasts, but Kyouya came at the right time when he was about to remove my underwear." She replied, holding Kyouya even tighter.

Tamaki stood up and faced the intruder.

"How dare you hurt one of my friends; a member of the Ouran High School Host Club! You should learn to never underestimate any of us!" He yelled as he took the man by his collar and brought him up to his face.

"One: Good looks that attract the public eye." The twins said, with the scariest look on their faces as they looked at the man who tried to rape their "toy".

"Two: More wealth than you can imagine." Kyouya said as he stood up while carrying Haruhi in his arms, with also a very deadly look on his face.

"Three: Chivalry that will never be able to over look…" Mori started with a deadly look. "The hideous wickedness of this world." Hunny finished, and even though he is the cutest member of the club, he looked just about the scariest at that moment.

"That's what makes up the Ouran Host Club!" Tamaki declares as everyone gathers around him and stared down at the intruder who tried to hurt their friend.

The man cowered in fear. "Please don't kill me! Spare me my life!" He bowed down to them on his knees. Kyouya signaled for Mori to take Haruhi into his arms.

Once Haruhi was safely in Mori's arms, Kyouya walked over to the man and took hold of his collar and brought him up to his face to look at him directly. "After what you did, you deserve worse than dying! You should feel the guilt of your crime for your entire life! You're lucky I was able to stop you just as you were about to cross the line, because if you did…" He took him by the collar and looked him in the eye. "You would regret ever being born!" He yelled as he threw him against the wall.

The man whimpered in pain as he cried, but his cry also made Haruhi jump up in fear.

"Haruhi, what's wrong?" Tamaki asked her.

"Kyouya! I want to be with Kyouya!" The rest of the host club was shocked, but said host just calmly walked over to her and took her from Mori though in the inside, he was quite glad that Haruhi has spefically requested for him. As soon as Haruhi was in his arms, he started to walk towards the changing room.

"Tamaki. My family's private police force will be here in a few moments, maybe even some students will come here to see what the commotion is about. I'm bringing Haruhi into the changing room where she could have some privacy.

"Hunny-sempai, please come with me." Hunny simply nods and follows him into the changing room.

"Poor Haruhi…" The twins say as they watch as Kyouya and Hunny accompany Haruhi to the changing room.

"It seems that Kyouya does care about our Secret Princess after all." Tamaki says to them.


A few moments later, the Ootori Family Police Force has arrived and arrested Haruhi's attacker whose name turned out to be, "Dr. Yabu". Once the twins heard his name, they couldn't stop laughing even if the situation was very serious.

Once everyone had left the room, the doctor said that she would still like to continue with Haruhi's physical exam. Tamaki then went to the changing room to tell Kyouya and Haruhi.

When he opened the curtain, he was surprised to see Kyouya sitting on the floor with Haruhi on his lap and Hunny watching them. "Kyouya, the doctor would still like to conduct Haruhi's exam – that is, if Haruhi doesn't mind…" Kyouya looks at Haruhi who looks up at him and nods her head.

Kyouya then stands up while carrying her and then once his feet were solidly on the ground, he put Haruhi down as well.

Kyouya blushed as he realized that his clothes were still with Haruhi. "We'll be right outside if you need us, ok?" Kyouya says to her as he leads Hunny and Tamaki out of the changing room. Haruhi sighs and then looks down at herself and realized that she doesn't have her bra with her.

"Umm… Kyouya-senpai?" He peeked his head back in. "What is it, Haruhi?" He asks her, wondering if she's still frightened.

"Could one of you guys please hand me my bra?" Haruhi reluctantly said. Of course she would be reluctant, she had to ask one of her male sempais to get her bra for her!

Kyouya blushed and searched the room for it. He finally found it on the floor, near where Haruhi was pinned against the wall. He walks back to the changing room and places his arm that was holding the bra inside the changing room and waited for her to take it from him. Once she took it from him, he exited the room along with the rest of the host club.


"Poor Haru-chan…" Said Hunny as he and the other hosts stood outside the special boys clinic, waiting for Haruhi to finish her exam.

"Yeah." Replied Mori.

"I can't believe Haruhi had to go through that." Tamaki said as he gripped his hair. Some of the other students stared at them from afar. They were able to tell them that the rapist didn't care that Haruhi was a boy. They told them that all the rapist cared about was that Haruhi is a virgin.

"We're just glad that we were able to get there on time to save Haruhi… especially Kyouya-semapi." The twins said. They all looked at Kyouya to see him leaning against the wall, deep in thought.

"Kyouya, are you al-" Tamaki asks.

"It's my fault." Kyouya cut him off. "It's my fault that Haruhi had to go through that. I noticed someone who I thought was suspicious since I didn't recognize him to be as one of my family hospital's doctors yet I didn't pay any attention to it. Because of my mistake, Haruhi suffered!" He yelled. Due to his yelling, no one noticed the small figure exiting the special boys clinic, walked up to Kyouya, and only noticed her when she slapped Kyouya on the face.

To say that everybody was shocked would be an understatement. Everybody stared wide-eyed at the girl, or boy to most people, who stood right in front of Kyouya who had a scowl on her face.

"Kyouya-sempai, I want you to understand that I do not blame you for this, nor was it your fault. You're not perfect and no one is. There was no way that you could have known that this was going to happen." She said.

"But I could have prevented it!" He protested.

"And it already happened! You can't change the past Kyouya-sempai. If you really do blame yourself, then how about you learn from this and make sure that it won't be repeated ever again!" She yells angrily at him. Kyouya looks at her dumbfounded. The only people to ever talk to him like that was his family; most specifically his dad.

He looks at the floor. "You're right, Haruhi." He says to her. "As they say, 'if you make a mistake, learn from it." He tells her. Haruhi nods at him with a smile on her face.

"Well, now that that's over. Haruhi, are you feeling better now?" Tamaki asks her.

"Yeah, I am! And I'm so glad that you figured out a way to tell them that I'm a boy. Had they found out that I'm a girl, I wouldn't be able to continue being a host! I was also able to complete my physical exam… as a male student of course." They all look at her with a smile on their face, knowing that she secretly loves the host club but still denies it, or wouldn't admit it.

"But let me explain. I'm not doing this cause you're bribing we with food… I'm doing it to pay back my debt!" She smiles.

"You're so cute, Haruhi~" Tamaki yells as he takes her into his arms and hugs her. "I could see right through you; I know you're just after that fancy tuna!"

"What? Hey, cut it out, senpai! Hey, wait! Don't touch me there!" She shouts.

"Red card!" The twins yell.

"Looks like Tamaki-senpai – " Hikaru starts.

" - is the real pervert." Kaoru finishes.

"Who cares? Would someone just please get Tamaki-senpai off of me!" Haruhi shouted.


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