"So why'd we come to Okinawa?" The twins asked.

"Because Kyouya's family owns a private beach here." Tamaki patiently replies.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" Mitsukuni exclaims, the obvious excitement dripping off from his tone as he looked out into the beach.

"Yeah." Answers Takashi in his usual stoic demeanor.

"But why couldn't we have gone to the Caribbean?" Hikaru asks.

"Or even Fiji?" Kyouya asks this time. They both clearly didn't know why rich people like them would go to Okinawa when they could've flown off to a different island in a different country where the beach would be, no doubt, nicer.

"Do you think a commoner like Haruhi has a passport?" Kyouya answers the twins.

The sudden hit of realization smacked the two insensitive twins in the face. "Ah…"

"You do realize that I can hear what you're saying, right?" Haruhi asks them, clearly annoyed at the insensitive remarks the hosts were making, secretly glaring at Kyouya who was secretly giving her an amused grin.

"It's so beautiful." One of the guests remarked, staring out into the view as she sat down on a rock with one of Tamaki's arms wrapped around her waist. "Tamaki, being alone here with you and looking out at the sea… it's like a dream!"

"It's no dream," Tamaki starts, pulling away from her to look at her directly in the eyes. "It's real. But if I could have my way, my princess," He then rests his forehead on hers in an intimate gesture "I'd be in your dreams every night."

"Oh, Tamaki…"

A beach ball flew up into the air where it covered the sun like the moon does during an eclipse for about two seconds before falling back down to the ground and rolling away.

"Hey! Take it easy, Hikaru!" Kaoru yells, standing on one side of the net. He then starts chasing after the ball with Hikaru yelling out behind him.

"I'm sorry! I'll get it!" Hikaru chases after his brother and yell, "Wait for me, Kaoru!" While his brother continues running away from him, laughing the whole time.

"It's not my fault!" Kaoru laughs. "The ball is rolling away!" They continue running together on the shore, chasing after the ball while leaving their two customers, who were also their volleyball partners, alone in the court to sigh at the sight of the loving twin brothers.

"Shiro-kun!" The boy in question opened his eyes and lifted up his sunglasses to see the mass of bikini-clad women surrounding him, holding up platters of grapes, strawberries, and cherries as he lied down on one of the blankets, his head resting on one of the ladies' lap and his feet resting on another girl's lap with her massaging it. "Another grape?"

Shiro put on his innocent face and smiled at her. "Yes, please!" She sighed at the "adorable" sight of the "innocent" young boy and fed him a grape.

'Ah, life is good… very, very good…' Shiro thought, enjoying the pampering and attention the ladies were giving him.

The sudden sound of a shutter going off and the sight of a bright flash takes him out of his thoughts. He lifts his head up slightly to see Haruhi looking into the screen of her DSLR. He smiles and shakes his head, replaying this morning's episode in the airport in his mind.


All the male hosts had just arrived in the airport, standing in the domestic flights departure area. Kyouya was, as usual, writing things in his notebook, the twins, Tamaki, Takashi, and Mitsukuni were checking out the gift shop, and Shiro was sitting down on a seat beside Kyouya, silently studying some sheet music and subtly moving his fingers as if he was playing the piano to follow the sheet music he was learning.

Unknown to the six of them, they were all being watched by some of the other people in the vicinity, most of them being young women. They stared at the five older men hungrily, wondering if they should go up to them and flirt since, well, how could you miss out on an opportunity to get with someone as hot as them? Especially if they seem to be single.

The four other hosts in the gift shop all returned to where Kyouya and Shiro were sitting down, patiently waiting for the last member of the club.

Hearing the nearing footsteps of the four guys coming towards, them Shiro and Kyouya looked up from what they were doing and glanced at them. "Found anything you like?" Kyouya asked.

"We got some chips for the trip, a couple of bottles of water and sodas, some sun block since I forgot to pack some, some chocolates, and a pack of One Piece milk candy for Shiro, since we all know how much of a fan he is. I made sure to get the one that comes with a toy." Tamaki answered, going through the plastic bag in his hand. When he found the pack of milk candy, he took it out of the plastic and handed it to the young boy. "Here you go, Shiro-kun. I know how much you love this show so I thought I should get you some." He said, giving him a friendly smile.

"Thanks, Tamaki-niichan!" Shiro cheers. He opened up the pack and popped a piece in his mouth. "Did you guys get anything for Haruhi-neechan?" He asked, his mouth full.

"Don't eat with your mouth full, Shiro-kun." Kaoru scolded. "And yes, we did. Hikaru and I got her a pack of M&Ms and Oreo."

"Speaking of which, where is she?" Mitsukuni asked.

Hikaru opened his phone and glanced at it. "She texted me about five minutes ago saying that she's almost here." Just as he was about to call her up and ask her where she was, a familiar voice got all of their attention, and even that of the other people in the area.

"Hey, guys! Sorry I'm late!" Haruhi yells, running towards them and waving at them.

The six of them all turned to her and all felt their jaws drop at the sight in front of them.

Running towards them was Haruhi, yes, but dressed up like… a girl. But not just any kind of girl, she was dressed up like one of those rocker types. She was wearing a pair of stonewashed normal waist shorts that barely covered her thighs, a muscle top that had The Beatles on it, along with a dark blurred image of each of the members of the famous band, a dark grey washed canvas backpack with tan straps, a pair of classic black Converse, and what appeared to be a black camera bag hanging around her as a shoulder bag.

It was almost as if it was a whole different person.

"Haruhi? Is that you?" The twins asked. Even in complete shock, they were still in perfect unison. They couldn't believe their eyes.

As she neared them, she slowed down to a stop as she saw the way they were all looking at her. "Yeah? Um, is something wrong?" She asks.

The six guys standing in front of her all shook their heads. "It's not that, Haru-chan," Mitsukuni tries to explain, "It's just… the way you're dressed…"

"You guys said I could dress up like a girl during the trip since the customers would be going there separately, right?"

"That's not what he meant, Haruhi." The twins said. Haruhi glanced at them and raised an eyebrow. "It's what you're wearing that's got us shocked."

Haruhi glanced down at herself and realized why they were all looking at that way and giggled. "Oh! Well, this is actually how I normally dress. It actually looked better when my hair was longer and I got to put it up in a ponytail, but I think it still works, right?"

Since she was told that the customers would be going to Okinawa separated from them, she decided to relax a bit and wear her normal clothes, not wanting to wear just a T-shirt and cargo shorts in an airplane.

They all nod their heads, still unable to speak – aside from the twins – at the different style of clothing their innocent "Secret Princess" was wearing.

Kyouya was having a hard time believing that this was his girlfriend standing right in front of him. He always thought of her as cute, but this new look wasn't cute at all, it was… sexy. He found himself twitching at the uncomfortable feeling in his pants. He glanced down and then quickly looked up, realizing that he was getting a hard on. He quickly composed himself by coughing into his fist and tried to get the other hosts to move on and cease staring at their friend. "Well, I think we should all get going or else we'll be late for our-"

"Hey, Haru-chan, is there supposed to be a camera inside your bag?" Mitsukuni asks, pointing to the camera bag resting on Haruhi's hip.

Haruhi glanced down at the bag on her hip and smiled. "Yep! Since we're going to the beach, I thought I might be able to take some really good pictures." She explained. She then looked at each of the hosts bashfully, suddenly realizing that they may be bothered by the fact that she brought a camera without permission. "If that's alright with you guys?"

Snapping out of his stupor, Tamaki stepped forward. "Of course it is, Haruhi! What father wouldn't want his daughter to enjoy her hobby! Now come on, just like Kyouya was saying, we might miss our flight!"

And with that, they all left and checked in.

Once they were finished with the final inspection of their hand carries, the Host Club all sat down on the seats in the waiting area near their gate. Since it was just a domestic flight, Tamaki and the twins insisted on riding in a normal plane rather than a private jet.

Haruhi removed her camera from her bag and took candid shots of the hosts while they were doing their own little thing, including Kyouya writing in his black notebook.

They smiled when they realized how happy Haruhi looked when she used her camera. She stood up and started walking around their area to take some shots of the airport and some competition-worthy candid shots of the other people.

When she sat down, she started going through some of her shots and making the occasional frown when she sees an ugly or blurry photo as she deletes it.

After a while, the other hosts decided to ask her about her hobby. "So, Haruhi, since when were you doing photography?" The twins asked.

Haruhi glanced up at them and thought a bit. "Well, when my mother died, she left her SLR camera to me. I've been into it since then." She explains.

"But you said your mother left you an SLR camera; this is a DSLR camera…"

"They stopped manufacturing film for SLR cameras so when I ran out, I stopped for a while… that was during my last year of middle school. When I got accepted into Ouran, my dad got me this DSLR as a congratulation gift." She then glanced down and stared affectionately at her black 1100D Canon camera, slowly tracing some of the buttons and other features.

The male members all smiled at how content she looked but was interrupted by the voice in the speakers announcing, "Attention! Flight to Okinawa now boarding!" And that was the Host Club's cue to stand and leave.

End Flashback

Shiro was happy that Haruhi was finally starting to show her true colors. His father is a chief policeman and inspector, whereas his mother is a private detective. Growing up, he learned to study people based on their actions and words and find out who they truly are, as well as doing some deep research on them.

He found out about Haruhi's choice of lifestyle shortly after he joined the club, having felt curiosity get the better of him. He found out that though Haruhi tends to dress like a boy, she also has some pretty good fashion sense but tends to hide it until she's comfortable with the people she's hanging out with. She also found some her blog where she posts most of her photos and found it very impressive. Since this would be the first time going to the beach since she got her new camera and started her blog, he couldn't wait to see what photos she would be posting.

This kid was certainly not as dumb or clueless as everyone thinks him to be.

Haruhi glanced down at the screen of her camera to check how the last photo she took turned out. She nodded in content when she saw that it was clear and displayed how much Shiro was enjoying the attention being given to him.

What elementary school kid wouldn't enjoy being pampered by a bunch of high school girls?

Haruhi was having fun taking candid shots of the customers and the other hosts, as well as some non-candid she shots she took of the customers who posed for her with the view of the beach as their background. She knew Kyouya would most likely ask her for some of the photos later to post on the club's website, so she tried to make the photos look as presentable as possible.

"Her alone time with Tamaki is up." Haruhi glanced up from her spot on the blanket under an umbrella to see Kyouya handling a line of women waiting for the chance to spend some alone time with Tamaki on a rock overlooking the water.

She put up her camera vertically and aimed the lens on Kyouya. She glanced down at the photo to see she took a solo photo of Kyouya with his back turned to her, but with his hand towards the next girl in line and his head facing Tamaki with Tamaki and the girl he was currently still with blurred in the background.

She felt her heart flutter and found herself getting slightly turned on by the photo. The fact that he was shirtless was the best part. She was able to capture the perfect muscles running around through his back and couldn't wait to hug him from behind and press herself into that hard muscular back.

After having approved of the photo she looked up to see Kyouya facing her this time. Taking advantage of the moment, she quickly took another photo of Kyouya and then looked at it again to make sure it was clear, since she didn't bother to fix the focus, hoping it would still be the same as the previous photo.

Kyouya was absolutely flawless in the photo. It was similar to the first one she took, except this time, Kyouya was facing her so his abs were shown. The obvious six-pack was incredibly well defined, but the most alluring part of the photo was the fact that he was wearing his swimming trunks quite low so the V below his hips were well shown.

That's it. This photo goes into her private gallery. There is no way in Hell she would let any of those over excited fangirls or absolutely boisterous members of the Host Club see that photo.

Having heard the sound of a shutter go off, Kyouya turned around to see Haruhi staring at the screen of her camera. A few seconds later, he watched embarrassedly as Haruhi looked up and quickly took another photo of him. He found himself blushing profusely as Haruhi stared wide-eyed at the photo, her face starting to turn tomato-red. She glanced up at him again and gave him a playful wink before starting to take pictures of Mitsukuni and Takashi leading a beach workout routine.

He composed himself quickly, not wanting any of the other hosts, or any of their customers, to see him like this.

Haruhi sighed, putting her camera down after taking a few shots of Mitsukuni and Takashi. "This sucks. I thought going to the beach meant a day off. I'm having fun taking pictures and all, but I didn't think we would have to work while we were here…" He mumbled to himself.

"Um, Haruhi?" She turned around and saw three of his regulars standing there, wearing really cute bikinis. "Aren't you going to go swimming with us?" The one talking to her was wearing a really cute orange bikini with a flower of a darker shade of orange between her breasts.

"No, uh… I like looking at the sea from a safe distance." Was her answer, stuttering slightly since she still had to figure out what to say.

"Well if you're not going to swim, would you mind if we sat out here and talked to you?" The one with the blue bikini asked this time.

"But why?" Haruhi asked. "You girls should go swim. You've got cute swimsuits on, why not show them off?"

All three girls sighed appreciatively before running off to join the other girls on the beach.

"I can't believe he fooled us." Hikaru sighed, bending down to pick up the runaway ball he and Kaoru were chasing as they both stopped to watch Haruhi deal with the three girls questioning her as to why she wasn't swimming.

"Who would've thought he'd bring the ladies with us?" Kaoru asked.

"We certainly didn't expect it."

"You were invited on this all-expenses-paid vacation for a reason." Kyouya states, sitting down on a chair under an umbrella and taking notes of who-knows-what. "That reason being to keep our clients entertained."

"We know. But with the ladies here-" Hikaru starts.

"Haruhi can't change into her swimsuit." Kaoru finishes, both of them sagging their shoulders as they glanced at the business-hungry member of their club.

"Don't worry, I've got it all under control." Tamaki says, resting on a beach chair beside Kyouya with the back of his head propped up on his arms. "My little angel shouldn't be prancing around in a swimsuit. At least not in front of two perverts like you."

The "Theatre of Tamaki's Mind" then started to play a scene of he and Haruhi on the beach.

"And then, once the sun has begun to set, Haruhi and I will take a romantic stroll along the shore together." Tamaki's voice over explained. As "he and Haruhi" stopped walking to gaze at the sunset by the sea.

"Oh, wow. What a pretty sunset." Haruhi declared. She then turned upwards to look at Tamaki and gave him an innocent smile. "Oh, Sempai, I'd love to be here with you forever-"

The "movie" in Tamaki's mind finished when Tamaki started convulsing on one of the beach chairs and when his face started turning red. "And then just like that! The greatest day of my life! I don't know if I could handle it!"

"What's the matter with Tamaki? Is he having a seizure?" Asked one of Tamaki's clients.

"Nah, I wouldn't worry about him." Hikaru states, sitting on one of the chairs by the table with Kaoru beside him.

"He gets like this occasionally." Kaoru explained.

By the time the ladies were questioning the twins about Tamaki's sanity, Kyouya was already up and walking away from them to blow off some steam. He had to admit, there was another reason aside from business as to why he invited their customers.

As much as he would like to see Haruhi in a bikini again, he didn't want the other hosts to see her as well… not for three days at least, since they would be in Okinawa for five days, but the ladies' last day would be on the third.

Originally, he hadn't planned on having the hosts work at the beach as well, but a certain conversation they all had with the twins when they proposed going to the beach bothered him quite a bit…


"The beach?" Haruhi questioned.

"Of course! The beach!" The twins confirmed.

"But why?" Haruhi asked, sitting on one of the desks in the clubroom studying.

"Don't you remember what you said?" Hikaru asked.

"You said you wanted to go to a real beach." Kaoru stated.

"Did I say that?"

"Yes, Haruhi, you did." The twins answered, both annoyed at Haruhi's lack of enthusiasm and forgetfulness. The twins then moved to a crowd of bikini-wearing mannequins and gestured specifically to a pair of pink ones with pink ruffles on the bikini top. "We brought you a couple of swimsuits to choose from! Pretty cute, don't you think?"

"Not that one!" Mitsukuni cried. He grabbed a mannequin wearing a blue one piece with a skirt, collar, and a tie that looked very conservative. "I think that this swimsuit would look much cuter on Haru-chan!"

The twins tsked at Mitsukuni while wagging their fingers at him. "I don't think you get it, Hunny-sempai."


"Just look." Hikaru and Kaoru grabbed Haruhi and held her up by each of her arms and gestured towards her chest as Hikaru starts to explain. "This uniform barely hides the fact that Haruhi's as flat as a cutting board."

"A one piece suit like that would only upset her because it draws attention to her lacking feminine physique!" Kaoru explains.

"That's why we carefully selected this two-piece suit, see?" They gestured to the bikini they were pointing towards earlier. "The ruffles help hide the fact that she's so flat-chested!"

Tamaki then, theoretically and imaginatively, hit the twins with a baseball bat and sent them flying through the air. "YOU PUNKS BETTER STOP SEXUALLY HARASSING MY LITTLE GIRL! I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU!"

"So that means… we're not going to the beach?" The twins asked, hiding on the other side of the table Haruhi was using, opposite Tamaki.

Tamaki then turned to his side and rested the baseball bat on his shoulder. "Who said that we're not going?"

"Really? So you wanna go after all?" The twins' fear of Tamaki quickly disappeared and became replaced by excitement.

"Can Usa-chan come too?" Mitsukuni asks.

"I have no problem with that." Kyouya states, taking notes down in his notebook, which were most probably notes for the upcoming beach trip.

"Hm." Was Takashi's usual, stoic reply.

"Huh? We're really gonna go?" Asks Haruhi, dumbfounded at the fact these guys would actually do something so spontaneously.

"Why not?" Tamaki gives her his host grin. "Let's go to the beach!"

End Flashback

As much as he would like to see Haruhi in a swimsuit as cute as that, he knew that his jealousy and anger would overpower him and he would slip up. So, instead of letting the twins and Tamaki see Haruhi like that for three days, he figured he would be able to handle it for at least a day or two.

He shook away his thoughts and continued walking towards his next task.

Haruhi decided to walk along the shore, taking pictures of the girls playing in the water and of the waves as it came closer to her until a voice calling out to her took her out of her concentration. "Hey Haru-chan!" She glanced away for a moment to see Mitsukuni sitting down on the sand, his floaty around his waist and holding a shovel. "Want to go hellfish hunting with me?"

"I think you're trying to say shellfish hunting…" Haruhi murmured. "But I don't think that seems to be that kind of beach, Hunny-sempai, you're not gonna find that many… shell… fish…" It was then that she noticed the bucket full of different types of shellfish resting beside him. "Uh-uh" She looked down to see multiple shellfish all around her and stared at it disbelievingly. "WHAT THE HELL? NO WAY!"

Takashi, noticing the oddity of the situation, glanced up at the mountain of rocks behind him as he heard the familiar sound of an army chanting 1-2-1-2-1-2 repeatedly. He climbed up enough to raise his head and see what was going on.

There, he found Kyouya holding his notebook, a soldier saluting towards him, and a bunch of other armed men hauling pails of shellfish from an army truck.

"Mori-sempai." The glasses-wearing raven-haired teen regarded him. "My family's private police force has stopped by. They wanted to make it up to Hunny-sempai for attacking him at the water park, so they brought shellfish."

"Amazing! Look how many we've got!" Mitsukuni cheered.

"We're gonna have some fancy side dishes tonight!" Haruhi cheered along with him, staring happily at the buckets of tonight's dinner. 'It's gonna be delicious!' she thought, brimming with happiness.

Kyouya smiled at the familiar voice of his girlfriend. He loved it when she smiled and laugh. Who wouldn't? Wanting to see her smile, he walked around the rocks to see her beaming with joy and a slight bit of hunger… was she drooling?

He had to cough to cover up his laughter and sighed in relief when Tamaki started talking.

"My, my! Certainly looks like they're enjoying themselves!" Tamaki remarked, his hands on his hips, watching two members of their club enjoying themselves on the sand. "All is right with the world." He sighed.

From behind him, Mori slid down the rocks to stand by him and keep watch on his cousin.

"Sempai!" Tamaki's eyes widened when he saw Haruhi, now standing, waving up at him and putting a hand near her lips to echo out her voice. "Dinner is gonna be awesome! It's a major haul!"

Tamaki, his hands cupping his cheeks, started blushing and squealing happily at the sight of his "daughter" calling out to him in pure joy. "Oh, I'm just so proud! Look at my widdle gurl!"

Haruhi repeated the two sentences over and over, yelling it so loud that the twins, who were still sitting down on the chairs, Shiro, and their customers' attention were captured.

Tamaki held up a crab in his hand at Haruhi. "Tell, me Haruhi, isn't this crab… crab-tivating?" His eyes glinted in the light as he cupped his chin with his fingers.

Kyouya rolled his eyes at the pun and turned around, taking notes to possibly murder Tamaki.

Haruhi glanced up at him from her seat on the sand and, still happily blushing, answered, "Yeah".

"You're so cute…" All of a sudden, a centipede crawled up from the crab, showing itself to everyone nearby.



"PEDE!" All the girls ran way in fear, whereas the twins ran away with them… though it is hard to tell if they were running away in fear, or running away laughing at their boss' blunder.

Tamaki, in tears from watching everyone leave him, held up a hand as if asking them to come back.

Haruhi then took hold of the centipede and threw it over the rocks. Clapping her hands together to rid herself of the germs and bacteria and whatnot, the twins came towards her and rested an arm on each of her shoulders. "Hey, Haruhi," They both said.

"Now I know most girls aren't the bug-loving type and I certainly didn't think that you were, but-" Hikaru starts.

"Don't you think you could've been easier on that little guy?" Kaoru asked.

"Oh, come on, it's not dead. It takes a lot more than that to kill a bug."

All the girls, knowing that the "dangerous bug" was gone, then started walking towards him and the twins. A chorus of "Oh, Haruhi! So brave and manly!" "He's so sweet!" "Did you see him?" Echoed around the area as the girls gazed affectionately at "him".

The twins, seeing that the spotlight was now on Haruhi, subtly moved away from her and stood beside their still crestfallen king.

"Now isn't that just great?" Hikaru groaned.

"She's not normal; I thought girls were supposed to be afraid of bugs." Kaoru moaned.

"I'm sure she's afraid of something…" Tamaki tried to convince them… and himself.

The twins, smirking at each other, both then turned to Tamaki. "Hey, boss! We just thought of a really good game to play. What do you say? It's called the Who Can Guess Haruhi's Weakness game! So? Think you're up to it?"

"That game sounds terrible!" Tamaki cried.

"Eh, guess you're right." Hikaru starts to taunt as he and his brother start to walk away from the blonde. "She'd only share her weakness with someone she was really close to."

Tamaki stared disbelievingly at the twins before pointing a finger at them. "What are the rules?"

"Now that's more like it!"

"Deadline is sunset tomorrow." Hikaru announces.

"Whoever finds out her weakness first wins!" Kaoru declares.

"We wanna play too!" Mitsukuni cheers, Takashi standing behind him.


The twins then turned towards Kyouya and Shiro. "What about you guys? Are you going to join?"

They both shook their heads. "I prefer enjoying my time on the beach out here in the sun surrounded by a bunch of pretty ladies!" Shiro smirks.

"And I'd rather not waste my time playing some useless and utterly meaningless game." Kyouya huffed. "But… I do have the perfect prize for the game's lucky winner." He then pulled out three pictures of Haruhi during her middle school days. One was of Haruhi wearing her school uniform with her long chocolate hair down, the wind blowing towards her thus causing her hair and her clothes to fly up a little. The second picture was Haruhi also wearing her uniform, except this time it was from the back with her head slightly turned to face the camera as she held up what seemed to be a bunch of documents with her hair tied up in a pink ribbon. And the last one was apparently the best. It was of Haruhi playing volleyball wearing her school gym uniform, which consists of a white T-shirt and a pair of bikini shorts.

Tamaki, Shiro, and the twins gaped at the photos in Kyouya's hand. Once The four of them snapped out of their stupor, Tamaki started trying to snatch the photos from Kyouya's hand, which led to him putting them over his head to make sure Tamaki doesn't reach them.

"I want to join the game."

"I thought you said you wanted to be surrouned by a bunch of pretty ladies?" The twins circled around Shiro, sneering and winking in amusement.

Shiro, with his arms crossed, huffed. "Well, I change my mind."

All of the older hosts stared deadpanned at the elementary student. "Perv."

The next few hours were very tiring for most of the members of the Host Club as they tried to find Haruhi's weakness. The twins tried bringing her and two of their customers to a cave on the beach that is said to be haunted, and even brought some props to make it seem as if a ghost was really there, but only ended up scaring their customers and leaving Haruhi unfazed. Mitsukuni tried locking himself and Haruhi up in the big army truck Kyouya's family's Private Police Force brought to see if she was scared of the dark, which only led to him being scared out of his wits due to claustrophobia and Haruhi having to calm him down. Takashi then tried pointing a harpoon in her face to see if she was scared of sharp objects, but only ended up with Haruhi saying a bad pun about how Mori is a person, not a harpoon. Lastly, Shiro tried scaring her by taking her up to the cliff by the beach to see if she was scared of heights, but Haruhi did nothing but take pictures of the view from above.

Sighing in defeat, the twins sat down on a rock wall by one of the cabanas where they watched Haruhi, who has already descended from the cliff, take pictures of the beach with her feet immersed in the water.

"This game's harder than I thought it'd be." Groaned Hikaru.

"No joke." Kaoru agrees. "I'm totally bored with it already…"

"What kind of heroine is she? She's gotta be afraid of something… right?"

Both twins moaned and groaned their frustrations as they suddenly heard an "Aha!"

Turning around, Hikaru asked, "What's up, boss?"

"What are you doing?" Kaoru asked.

"I found some rat snakes! Surely she'll freak out when she sees these!" Tamaki exclaims, holding up his bucket of snakes for the twins to see.

"Anyone would think those were creepy; that isn't really a weakness." Hikaru pointed out.

"Hold on… I thought there weren't any rat snakes in Okinawa…" Kaoru murmured.

Haruhi traveled quite a distance away from their sight where she sat down on the beach and rested herself and her camera a little when she suddenly heard someone call out to her. "Look up here, Haruhi!"

"What's up?"

"The breeze up here feels great!"

She glanced upwards to see her three regulars standing on top of the cliff Shiro brought her to earlier. "It's dangerous! Be careful!" She warns.

"This feels so good." One of the girls replied, looking out at the ocean as the wind blew through their hair.

"Hey, there're chicks up here, man!" They turned around to see two men, one holding a beer can, climb up the steps to the top and come closer to them.

"Why, aren't we lucky?" The second man replies.

The first man threw his beer can to the side and approached the three girls. "You ladies wanna hang out with a couple of locals?" He asked, a dirty smirk creeping up his face. It was obvious that they have been drinking; you could hear the slur in his voice and you could smell the stench of alcohol from a mile away.

One of the girls, brave enough to stand her ground, stepped forward and calmly asked them to leave. "No thanks. Please, just leave us alone-"

She got cut off when the first man grabbed her and pulled her closer to him. "Oh, come on! We just want to show you girls how to have a good time…"

The girl in the orange bikini, knowing that these men were dangerous, tried to defend herself and the other girl as well. "This is a private beach. You guys are not allowed to be here!"

The other man crept up behind the two of them and pulled them to his chest with each of his arms, causing the both of them to squeal. "Private? Does this mean we're alone?"

Suddenly, a bunch of shellfish flew out of nowhere and hit the first man on the back. Screaming in pain and discomfort, he let go of the girl and turned around to face whoever dared to confront him. Reaching backwards to scratch his back, he saw a boy who was smaller and obviously a lot weaker than him.

"Why don't you quit bothering them?" Haruhi yelled, anger rising up inside of her. "Weren't you jerks listening? You better just leave em' alone!"

"Haruhi!" One of the girls cheered, happy that one of the guys were able to come up and help.


"THOSE AREN'T RAT SNAKES, THOSE ARE POISONOUS HABU SNAKES!" The twins cried, running away from Tamaki in fear.

Tamaki, not knowing what to do, ran towards them, holding the bucket of snakes away from him as he ran. "What do I do? What do I do?"

Kyouya, hearing the loud ruckus the three of them were causing stepped out of the cabana he was taking a nap in while the others were having their game, paused to see what the problem was. He stepped in front of Tamaki, grabbed the pail by the handle, ran to the nearest land of grass he could find, and threw the snakes into the pile of bushes.

The twins and Tamaki, knowing they were now safe, stopped running and bent over their knees, trying to catch their breath. "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING, BOSS?" The twins yelled as Kyouya started walking towards them.

When Kyouya was finally near Tamaki, he raised his fist and slapped Tamaki upside the head. "YOU FUCKING IDIOT! I WAS TAKING A NAP-"

"Kyouya!" They all turned to see a girl with long hair and a pink bikini running towards them. She stopped in front of them and gave them a scared look. "It's Haruhi!" She cried.

Kyouya almost felt frozen. He knew Haruhi was in trouble and he had to go and save her. He stepped towards the girl and gripped her shoulders. "What happened?"

"Me and two other girls were up on the cliff when these two men appeared. We tried to ask them to leave, but they wouldn't listen and started harassing us! Luckily, Haruhi appeared and confronted them, but they're too strong for him." His eyes widening to the size of saucers, Kyouya took off running towards the cliff, hoping he wasn't too late.

The man had Haruhi by his shirt, moving closer and closer to the edge. "What're you gonna do now, loser?" He threatened.

"Don't hurt him!" One of the girls cried out.

"Now don't you try and act all tough, you little sissy boy!" The second man yelled, not flinching one bit as the two girls in his arms struggled against him.

"I got an idea, kid." The man growled, his face close to Haruhi's. Haruhi was feeling panicked inside but knew she had to keep a strong front for the girls. She nearly felt light-headed by the stench of alcohol seeping out from the man's breath. "How about you take a dip?"

"HARUHI!" but Kyouya was too late, the man had already pushed Haruhi forward and let go, letting her fall off the cliff.

"Hope you could swim!" The man laughed.

Kyouya ran as fast as he could and dived in after her, his blood pumping and the worry practically eating him alive.

As Haruhi fell into the water, she couldn't move. She was too stunned and unconscious from the pain of landing in the water from such a height. She felt herself sinking deeper and deeper when all of a sudden, a strong arm held onto her head and another arm wrap itself around her waist, wedging itself in her armpit to lift her up and bring her safely to the shore.

"Nghh…" Haruhi groaned. She opened her eyes to see that she was being carried bridal style by the same pair of arms she felt underwater. She glanced up to see her rescuer and saw Kyouya looking at her worriedly. "Kyou… ya…"

"Shh… we're almost there."

"Thank you for saving me, Kyouya…" Were the last words she said before closing her eyes once again.

"Kyouya-sempai!" The twins called out as he and Haruhi stepped into the sand, nearing the rest of the host club members who were gathered together, waiting for them.

"Where did they go?" He asked, glancing down to see Haruhi opening her eyes again.

Tamaki stepped forward with a towel and wrapped it around Haruhi's shoulders. "We took their ID cards and respectfully asked them to leave." Tamaki explains. "The girls all went back to the hotel, and we called for a doctor who should be here any minute now.

"Thank you." Kyouya sighed huskily, relief washing over him.

"I'm fine; I don't need a doctor, senpai."

Kyouya places Haruhi and gripped onto her shoulders and looked at her straight in the eye. "What were you thinking? You know, you're not like Hunny-senpai or a martial arts master." Kyouya told her sternly. "What made you think you would stand a chance? You against two boys?"

"But it doesn't matter that they're boys and I'm a girl." She argued. "I was there, I had to do something. There wasn't any time to think-"

"That's no excuse, you idiot! Don't forget, you're a girl!" Kyouya growled. He couldn't believe her. He knew she was tough, and as far as they knew, she wasn't afraid of anything! But to do something this reckless and put herself in danger was way over the line. His eyes were starting to turn into slits. Now that his glasses were off, it was hard not to miss the anger that glared through his pupils and to the small girl in front of him. Though his "demonic" side was showing, Haruhi didn't seem fazed by it at all. The fact that he was getting mad at her for something she knew she had to do only made her angrier.

"Look, I'm sorry you had to come and save me, senpai, but I don't understand why you're so mad at me right now. I don't think I did anything wrong!" She shouted back.

Steam was practically pouring out of her ears as she silently dared Kyouya to say something back, yet all he did was let go of her and walked around her towards the beach house, his ears starting to let out some steam just like her. "You don't think so? Fine. But I'm not speaking to you until you can admit that you were wrong!" It took everything inside of him to not do anything else – to yell at her, to scream at her, to let out all his frustrations out on her and make her see the reason why he was so angry.

Turning around to look at him walk away from her, she let out a huff of air from her nose and glared at the ground.

"Haruhi?" she glanced towards the twins who were looking at her worriedly. "Here…" Hikaru held out her camera bag to her, which he took from him and clutched it to her chest. "Shiro-kun found your camera lying down on the sand by the shore… we cleaned it up and put it inside your bag…"

"Thank you…"

"How about we bring you back to your room, Haruhi?" Kaoru offered. Haruhi only nodded as all three of them went ahead and the other four members following them.

Once they brought Haruhi to her room and changed their clothes, the rest of the Host Club, excluding Kyouya, met up with each other in Tamaki's room.

"Did you see that?" The Twins yelled, running into the room and slamming the door behind them. They saw that everyone else was already there, either sitting down on the couch, floor, or bed. They stepped forward into the room and sat on either side of Shiro on the floor. "I have never seen Kyouya-senpai that mad before!"

"Neither have I…" Tamaki admitted. "Not even before we met any of you and not even when I would visit his house unexpectedly! You could have practically felt the anger radiating out of Kyouya! It was terrifying… not even him waking up in the morning could compare to how angry he was at Haruhi!"

"Don't even get me started on how pissed off Haruhi-neesan looked…" Shiro murmured. For the first time in his life, he actually felt scared. This wasn't like the time Hina told him he was moving – no, it was much more than that. The argument between Kyouya and Haruhi was truly frightening. Who knows what would've happened if Kyouya had actually snapped and let go of his anger?

"No kidding… I never thought Haru-chan could get that angry!" Mitsukuni cried, holding his Usa-chan tightly towards his chest.


"But for Kyouya-senpai to act that way just seems so out of character for him…" Kaoru thought out loud.

Hikaru nodded in agreement. "If it was you, boss, it would have been understandable, but for Kyouya-senpai to-"

Some loud knocking on the door suddenly cut him off. All six of them turned towards it and then looked at Tamaki, expecting him to answer it since it was his room. "Who is it?" The blonde called out.

"It's me."

Everyone in the room suddenly froze at the cold voice right outside the door, not wanting to face him after what had just transpired not less than an hour ago. They all glanced at each other, giving the other looks to open the door.

When they heard a groan of frustration, they turned to the door once again. "If you're all done chickening out over facing me, then go to the dining room. The shellfish that were caught today has just been brought to the kitchen." After that, they heard the sound of footsteps walking away.

Letting out a breath they all didn't know they were holding, they all stood up and reluctantly moved towards the door.

Tamaki laughed nervously. "Well, let's not frustrate the Shadow King any more…"

An hour and a half later…

"Ta da!" Mitsukuni, holding a huge plate of crabs on each of his hands, cheered, Takashi behind him also holding a plate of crabs on each of his hands. "Don't they look yummy?"

As they placed the plates on the dining table, Kyouya moved towards them. "I apologize that there aren't any maids around to help you cook, senpai." He apologized, his arms crossed.

"It's no big deal; we appreciate you letting us stay here!" Mitsukuni assured him. He then turned towards his cousin. "Hey Takashi, will you go get Haru-chan?" Without a reply, Takashi turned around and headed out the door.

At the mention of her name, Kyouya suddenly flinched but then quickly composed himself. Unfortunately for him, this did not go unnoticed by the rest of the club members… well, excluding Tamaki…

Turning towards the window, Mitsukuni started to talk to Kyouya to get him to calm down a bit more. Luckily for all of them, by the time they arrived in the dining room, Kyouya had already calmed down and seemed to not want to talk about the events that transpired that afternoon. "It's awfully gloomy out there, huh?" He observed. "It looks like it's about to rain."

"It's not just gloomy outside…" Both Kyouya and Mitsukuni turned towards where the twins were seated at the dining table. "It's pretty gloomy here in the dining room too." Hikaru told them.

Pushing up his glasses, Kyouya asked. "What do you mean, Hikaru?"

"We know you're moping about your argument with Haruhi, Kyouya-senpai. Don't try to hide it." Kaoru pointed out.

"Yeah. You shouldn't have picked a fight with her in the first place." Hikaru agreed.

At that moment, the door opened to reveal Takashi and a well-dressed Haruhi. All of them in the room couldn't help but gape at the sight of her. She was wearing a white A-line, sleeveless dress that was lace, and that had a bow accent at the waist and a pair of black, sleek, cutout booties.

"Whoa!" Mitsukuni and Shiro both awed at the sight of her.

"Haruhi, where did you get that dress?" The twins asked.

"My dad. He must have repacked my bag when I wasn't looking." She gazed down at herself and sighed. "He's always trying to make me wear stuff like this…"

"That's awesome!" The twins cheered, giving a thumbs up. "Way to go dad!"

"You look so cute, Haru-chan!"

"Oh, my darling daughter! Absolutely magnificent! Beautiful! Adorable! The cutest little thing-"

The sound of a pen hitting the ground cut him off. They all turned to see Kyouya crouch down to the floor, pick up his pen, and stand up tall once more. He coughed into his fist and said, "Why don't we all take a seat and eat?"

The only sound heard in the dining room was the sound of the grandfather clock ticking. The twins, Tamaki, and Shiro were sweating like crazy. Mitsukuni, from the corner of his eye, glanced towards the one mistake they made as they sat down at the table.

They sat Haruhi and Kyouya right beside each other.

"Well, this is uncomfortable…" Hikaru muttered, breaking the silence.

"Yeah… kind of awkward…" Kaoru agreed.

Mitsukuni, putting up a brave front, held up a plate of crabs and offered it to Haruhi. "Let's dig in, Haru-chan! These are the crabs we caught! I bet they're delicious!"

Haruhi grabbed a crab limb from the plate closest to her and cracked it open with her bare hands, the meat popping out, causing Kyouya's left eye to twitch. Haruhi then took a bite, eating it like it was just candy.

She repeated the process again and again. Once she was finished with a shell, she would throw it at Kyouya's plate, which seemed to be piling up high quite quickly.

On the fourth time, she said in between bites, "These crabs… are in-crab-ible… get it?" She laughed.

When the pile of crabs on his plate reached his eye level, Kyouya's eye started twitching uncontrollably. Holding back his anger, he tried to calmly talk to her by grinding his teeth as he spoke. "Don't you think you've had enough? Give it a rest!"

"Excuse me? I thought that you weren't speaking to me?"

And that was the last straw.

Slamming his fist on the table, Kyouya stood up and growled at the happily eating brunette beside him. "Are you so proud of what you did that you wouldn't admit the fact that you were wrong?" He nearly yelled, shocking everyone at the table.

"In what part of what happened this afternoon was I wrong, senpai?" She emphasized the word, "senpai", angrying the man even further.

He felt a pang at his heart when he called her that. He knew she had to call him that in front of the others to pick up appearances, but the fact that she drawled it hurt him.

"You fucking arrogant, disgraceful, disgusting shit of a commoner!"



Everyone who was standing up, which consisted of everyone else except Shiro, all stared at the scene. Tamaki, who looked ready to punch Kyouya for saying those words to Haruhi, stared disbelievingly at them.

The twins and Tamaki, who were seated beside each other, were all standing up, their hands slammed on the table as if they were about to jump on it and climb over to the other side where Haruhi and Kyouya were standing beside Mitsukuni and Takashi.

Haruhi, who was staring angrily into Kyouya's eyes, started to tear up. Everyone in the room could see how hard it was for her to hold back her tears. As for Mitsukuni and Takashi who were behind her, they didn't have to look at her face to see she was close to breaking down. The fact that her shoulders were visibly shaking was proof enough.

Not wanting anyone to see the tears, she turned her head away from them, closing her eyes shut and gritting her teeth. "Haruhi-"

"Kyouya!" The man in question turned towards his blonde best friend who was glaring daggers at him. Shaking his head, he whispered to him. "Just go."

Looking at Haruhi once more, forgetting the pain on his cheek, felt guilty at the words he said to her… especially since this is the girl he is in love with. Looking towards the ground, he quickly walked out of the room, shutting the door behind him, and started the slow walk to his own room to cool himself off by taking a shower.

Once Kyouya left the room, Haruhi's knees buckled and she fell to the floor, crying.



She hid her face with her palms. She suddenly felt someone pull him close to his chest and knew right away that it was Tamaki.

"Shh, Haruhi… Kyouya didn't mean what he said. He was just angry."

Stopping her tears for a moment, she spoke. "Maybe he's right…" The other hosts stared at her with a bit of shock. "Maybe I do need to learn how to defend myself…"

"So it took a few cruel words for him to get to you, huh?" The twins sigh.

"Well, it wouldn't hurt for you to learn martial arts or something." Hikaru agreed.

"But, it's not like we're going to force you to learn it." Added Kaoru.

"Besides," They both said, "That's not the real issue here."

"If that's not the issue, then what is?"

They all sighed.

"To be honest, Haruhi-neesan… we were all a little worried about how recklessly you acted." Shiro admitted.

"What do you mean? I didn't cause you guys any trouble or anything?"

Shiro slapped his forehead while the twins shrugged their shoulders at each other.

"That's not true, Haru-chan." She glanced towards Mitsukuni who was handing her a handkerchief to dry her tears with. "I think you should apologize, kay? You made us all worried… especially Kyou-chan… I think you need to apologize to him the most."

Taking the handkerchief and wiping away her tears, she asked, "So you… were all worried about me? But why?"

Everyone sweat dropped.

"You're hopeless." The twins said.

"You think?" Glancing down, Haruhi didn't have the heart to look at any one of them. "Guys, I'm really sorry."

The next thing she knew, everyone in the room was hugging her and squeezing her softly.

"Aw, apology accepted, you little mutt!" Cooed Hikaru.

"You're so cute~ We forgive you!" Squealed Kaoru.

"Oh, my darling daughter! I humbly accept your apology!"

And then all of a sudden, Haruhi felt her stomach rumble in a very unpleasant way. "Is something wrong?" The twins asked.

"I don't feel so good…"

"You must have eaten too much crab…" Hikaru pointed out.

"Be strong Haruhi-neesan!"

"Quick! Let's get her to the nearest restroom!"

Haruhi ran out of the dining room, finding the nearest restroom she could find but not noticing the sound of the distant thunder coming towards the house.

Washing her hands and wiping her mouth in the sink of the bathroom she found herself in, she thought, 'Well that was a waste of a good meal…' She opened the door and peeked out a little to see just where exactly she ended up in. ' I was in such a hurry, I ran into the closest room I could find. Where am I?'

"Are you okay?" She saw a man, shirtless, sitting on one of the chairs with his legs crossed, wiping his hair with a towel that was covering his face.

Haruhi, feeling quite embarrassed, bowed her head in respect. "I apologize, sir, I didn't mean to intrude."

Lifting his head up, he let her see his face but kept his eyes off her. "It's just me, Haruhi…"

"Kyouya…" Standing up, he moved towards her as she began to ramble. "Kyouya, I now know what I did and why I was wrong, and I am so sorry for making you upset with me, and worrying you-"

She gasped in shock when she felt the warm familiar pair of arms circle her, pulling her closer to his hard chest. "Damn it, Haruhi… you worried me to death…" He sighed into her hair.

Putting her arms around his waist, she held onto him tightly. "I'm so, so sorry, Kyouya…" She cried. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry…"

"Sh… I'm sorry too, Haruhi… I shouldn't have said those things to you… I don't even mean them, Haruhi. I'm so sorry…" He felt the uncomfortable feeling of her tears wetting his chest, but he didn't care. All that mattered right now was the fact the girl he loved was crying in his arms because of him. But he was secretly glad she wasn't adding the "sempai" at the end of his name anymore. "I love you, Haruhi…"

"I love you too, Kyouya."

Pulling away from her, he gripped her shoulders and bent down a bit to see her face. "Look at me, Haruhi." She raised her head and the sight of her tears broke his heart. Cupping her cheeks, he wiped away her tears with his thumbs. "I am so sorry for hurting you, Haruhi."

"And I'm sorry for worrying you."

After a few more moments of crying, Haruhi suddenly let out a laugh. Kyouya was shocked to hear the sudden change, but he was glad to see that she finally stopped crying… well, mostly. "I'm sorry, it's just… we just had our first fight!"

He smiled warmly at her before bringing her close to him again. "You're right… this is our first fight." Nuzzling her neck, he let out a sigh. "Just promise me you won't do that again."

He felt Haruhi give a nod as she whispered to him. "I promise."

After a few moments of comfortable silence, Kyouya finally spoke. "You know, I had to send out a bouquet of flowers to each and every single one of the girls we invited. They have been looking forward to this trip, and we don't want to disappoint them."

Haruhi, feeling that he was going to add more to her debt, sighed. "I'll pay you back for the flowers, Kyouya."

Letting go of her, he walked over to the light switch on the wall. "Each bouquet caused my fifty thousand. That's a grand total of six hundred thousand yen, Haruhi." Switching off the light, he turned towards Haruhi who was giving her a confused look.

"Uh… why'd you turn the lights off?"

"If you want to…" He bent down to look at her directly. "You can pay me back with your body." Grabbing her hand, she let out a squeal as he threw her on the bed and put himself on top of her, putting an arm and leg on each side of her to trap her. "Hopefully next time you wouldn't be so naïve to actually believe a person's sex doesn't matter. You've left yourself completely defenseless against me.

'So that's it…' Widening her eyes, Haruhi finally realized why he was making such a big deal about her being a girl and facing two men alone. "You won't do it, Kyouya. I know because it wouldn't do you any good; you wouldn't gain anything from it."

Smirking, he nuzzled his face in her neck again, still on top of her. "You're a fascinating young woman, Haruhi… but you were only right about one thing." Lifting his head again, he touched her forehead and nose with his and breathed into her, his lips only an inch away from hers. "I wouldn't gain anything from having you pay with your body… but after seeing you in your bikini, your outfit this morning at the airport, and your dress now… you made me want you so bad, Haruhi." And with that, he attacked her lips with his, forcing her mouth open and exploring the wet cave of her mouth with his tongue.

Haruhi kissed him back, giving out the same amount of intensity and ferociousness he was giving her. Reaching out, she wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled her closer to him. Kyouya nearly swore into her mouth as he almost lost balance. She was moaning into their kiss like crazy and his cock was growing harder and harder by the second. Releasing each other for air, they both pulled away, their tongues sticking out with a long line of saliva connecting them. After taking in enough air, Haruhi pulled him down to her lips and started grinding her hips with his.

Kyouya was just about to respond when a clap of thunder and a flash of lightning lit up the room, causing Haruhi to flinch and give out a frightened shriek. Pushing him away, she jumped out of the bed and ran to the middle of the room, holding her hands closely to her chest.

Feeling his heartache when she pushed him away, he glanced at her worriedly and reached out an arm to her. "Haruhi?" But then another flash of thunder and lighting went around the room, making her squeal even more. "What's wrong?"

"It's nothing!" She said, walking quickly to the wardrobe that was placed against the wall. "I just remembered that there's some business I have to take care of. Excuse me!" She opened the doors and stepped inside, closing it behind her and assuming the fetus position.

"What business would you have in a wardrobe?" He ran to wardrobe and stood in front of it as another clap of thunder caused her to squeal from inside. "Haruhi, are you afraid of thunder and lighting? Why'd you lock yourself in there?" He grabbed hold of the handles and tried opening it, but it was shut tightly. "It seems like it'll be scarier locked up like that."

"I'm… I'm alright…" She stammered. "I'm used to getting through stuff like this by myself…"

Freezing in place, he repeated the words she just said. "By yourself?" 'Your always by yourself… all alone in your home… you never call us for help even though we're so close…' He had just finally realized what was going through her head when he stood up to those two punks. "I get it." He whispered, smiling slightly. Mustering enough strength, he pulled the doors open to see Haruhi with her knees to her chest, her head buried in between them tightly. "I understand now, Haruhi. I'm sorry I acted the way I did. You grew up without relying on anyone else… But not anymore." Lifting her head up, her eyes in tears again from fear, she saw Kyouya offering her a hand. "You can come out now."

As another clap of thunder went off, she jumped up in fear and hugged him tightly, crying into his chest once again. He wrapped an arm around her waist and held onto her head protectively, assuring her safety. "You don't have to be afraid. I'll always be here for you, Haruhi. I promise that you'll never have to be alone again."

He let her cry on him, not even thinking about letting her go. He swept her off her feet and sat on the bed with her on his lap when he suddenly got an idea. "Haruhi, don't think of this in the wrong way, but I may have an idea that could help distract you during a thunderstorm."

"What would that be?"

"Do you trust me?"


He lifted her up and placed her on the position they were in earlier on the bed. "I just want us to be sure, Haruhi. Do you still trust me?"

"As I said, Kyouya, I always do, and I always will."

He kissed her. No tricks this time; just a simple, long, passionate kiss. He didn't expect her to kiss back, but she did. She held him there and didn't let him move but flinched when she heard the sound of thunder go off. "Sh, sh…" He moved his lips to her ear and started whispering sweet and loving words to her to get her to calm down. "I love you, Haruhi. I'll always protect you no matter what. I love you, I love you so much." He kissed her temple, her forehead, and then the tip of her nose. He skipped her lips and moved down her jaw to her neck and started sucking on the skin there, but not so much as to give her a hickey. He let one hand travel down to her thigh and raised it up, slowly sliding a hand inside her skirt.

He moved his other hand to her back, lifting her up enough to take hold of the zipper and slide it down. She decided to help him by arching her back, but only resulted in him cursing as their hips accidentally grinded each other. She let out a moan and Kyouya thought she couldn't get any sexier or irresistible. He removed her dress slowly, not wanting to ruin something that her seems expensive especially since her father had given it to her. Once the dress was off, he stared at her in awe. Though it was raining outside, somehow, the moon still managed to light up the room, illuminating Haruhi like she was some sort of mysical being.

He bit a nipple through her bra, causing her to arch her neck. Not wanting the other to feel neglected, he lifted up his free hand to play with it while his other hand continued to roam up and down her thigh.

He removed her bra and stared at it for a bit before composing himself and moved a hand towards her panty, realizing just how turned on his girlfriend is despite being frightened by the thunderstorm. "Haruhi, you're soaking wet!"

"Sh-shut up!"

Glancing at Haruhi as if to ask, "Are you sure?" she nodded at him and took hold of her underwear and slowly pulled it down and pulling her legs out of it. He threw it to the side and his eyes widened at the sight of her. With her being finally naked with the moon lighting up her features, it was as if he was looking right at a nymph.

Embarrassed, she turned her head to the side, trying to hide the blush that was starting to show. "Don't look at me like that!" She covered her face with her hands but then felt someone pull them away almost immediately.

"Don't hide your face like that, Haruhi. You're beautiful." He made a trail of wet butterfly kisses around her breasts, down her stomach, and finally to her waiting and begging pussy. Lifting her thighs out of the way and spreading her legs, he brought his face closer to it, inhaling her sweet scent. "So beautiful…" He breathed.

She sucked in a breath as a wet muscle slid right up to the top of her slit. She bucked her hips but stopped when a pair of hands held her down tightly to the bed. She looked down to see Kyouya looking right at her, his piercing gaze turning her on even more.

He licked her up and down, making straight lines and poked her with his tongue. She grabbed onto his hair, making him stay there. Letting go of her hips, he spread her pussy wide open and plunged his tongue inside. She let out a gasp and a moan as he darted his tongue in and out of her. "Kyouya!" She gasped. He smirked at the way she was reacting. The way she writhed in pleasure at his mercy, the faces she made as she moaned, and the way she said his name was a huge turn on for him.

Teasing her even more, he pulled out his tongue and inserted his middle finger, making her squeal in pleasure. "Oh, God…" Stepping off the bed for a short moment, – but without removing his finger from inside of her – he quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans before pulling them down along with his boxer briefs.

Haruhi was unable to get a good look, but she was able to sneak a peek before Kyouya crawled on the bed towards her.

He inserted another finger along with his tongue, making Haruhi writhe in pleasure. Pulling out his tongue, he asked, "You like that, don't you, Haruhi?" He whispered, hot breath going to her pussy. He started scissoring her as she let out a strangled "Yes!"

After a few more moments of tormenting her with his tongue and fingers, Haruhi started to whimper. "Please, Kyouya… take me."

Lifting himself up, he looked at her eyes. "Are you sure, Haruhi?"

"Yes, Kyouya. I want you. I want you to be my first, my last, and my only." She gave him a warm smile, not noticing the flash of lighting that just came.

He positioned himself right at her entrance, the tip sliding up and down her slit. They both moaned and sighed at the contact. Haruhi nodded at him, urging him to continue. He nodded back and pushed himself inside of her. He went in slowly, wanting her to adjust as much as possible. Once he was at the barrier, he asked, "Last chance Haruhi. Once I break your barrier, there's no turning back. Are you sure you want me to continue?"


And with that, he plunged the rest of himself inside. He kissed her lips as soon as her mouth opened to let out a scream, muffling it. They planned on telling the rest of the members about their relationship, of course, but he didn't want any of them to find out this way.

Staying still, he waited for Haruhi to give him the go signal to start moving.

"Okay… you can move now." And slowly, he started thrusting in and out of her. Pulling back until it was just the tip inside before plunging back in, over and over again.

Haruhi was seeing stars. The pain that disappeared and replaced itself with pleasure overwhelmed her. She didn't have the chance to properly look at Kyouya Jr. but she knew he was big and long. The width and length was incredible. She could feel a strange sensation bubbling at the pit of her stomach as she begged Kyouya to go faster and harder.

"Harder! Faster!" She begged.

When she commanded him to go faster and harder, he thought he was about to lose it. He did as he had asked her to and nearly stopped when she cried out

"THERE! RIGHT THERE!" He instantly knew what it was. He aimed for that spot every single time he went in and succeeded every time. With each thrust, Haruhi was moaning out his name. She grabbed his neck with her arms and forced his lips upon hers and groaned. When she let go, she moved her lips to his ear. "I'm cumming!"

"Cum with me, Haruhi." He groaned.

"Cum inside me, please. I'm begging you."

His eyes widened at that. Noticing the problem, she added, "I'm on the pill."

He nodded, going harder and faster as he grabbed her head and forced his lips on hers. The vibrations of each other's moans and groans in their mouth sent them both over the edge. By instinct, Haruhi forced her lips free and cried out his name as they both came at the same time, Kyouya cumming inside of her. Her cries were drowned and hidden behind the final clap of thunder for the night, going unnoticed by the two lovers.

Kyouya rode out his pleasure deep in her womb, thrusting in and out to release more of his cum.

Once they were both done and spent, Kyouya fell down beside Haruhi and rolled onto his back. Haruhi rolled to her side and placed her head on his shoulder and an arm over his stomach. He pulled her closer by laying his arm out around her and letting it rest on her waist.

"I love you, Kyouya."

"I love you too, Haruhi."

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