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"God, what are we doin' here?"

"Lizzie, you know I can't face them on my own."

"God- well- what's she even doin' out here anyway? It ain't like they like you."

"Thanks." Janis rolled her eyes as she pulled a very reluctant Lizzie Mason down the busy maternity wing hallway, headed towards room 435. "They're in town for dad's birthday- remember?"

"That's that day when we sing and have cake and stuff, right?"

"No honey, that's Cinco De Mayo."

"Yeah right bitch, that's the day I get tequila." Lizzie scoffed and Janis laughed lightly. "You ain't takin' my tequila day 'way from me."

"Yeah, well, after this I think even I'm going to break my no tequila rule." She mumbled.

"I don't blame ya, Tonya's a fuckin' bitch." Janis snorted lightly.

"I'll drink to that." She nodded.

"Hey, Jannie," Lizzie grinned before pointing to a room number. "Four twenty."

"God you are such a little kid sometimes!" Janis laughed and Lizzie snorted.

"Bitch please." Lizzie scoffed with a smirk before they got to the room. Janis stood there staring at the door for a moment. "You goin' in there?"

"Ugh." Janis moaned and Lizzie rolled her eyes before grabbing her friend and turning her around.

"Okay look, we go in there, we see the fetus, we get our asses over to the Silver Spoon, where some tequila falls of the back of a truck, and down our throats and if fuckin' Tonya says shit to me, I'll put speed in her coffee."

"Number one, fetus' name is Jamison, and number two, you don't do speed, you're afraid you're going to end up like John Belushi."

"Fuckin' A." Lizzie nodded and Janis smiled before nodding.

"But thanks."

"Look, can we jus' be done with this?"

"Five minutes." Janis held up her hand. "That's all."

"Fine." Lizzie sighed.

Twenty two minutes later Lizzie was sitting between Janis' cousin Noel, and her uncle Harvey, while many other family members talked to Janis, or Tonya and Steve, the new parents. Family members had all flown out when they heard about Tonya giving birth, and people were passing the baby around. Lizzie sighed deeply and looked at her phone before shooting Janis a look.

"I know what that look is," Uncle Harvey said suddenly. "Someone's cranky because they want the baby."

If Tonya was paying attention to Harvey as he handed her son over to the woman who had almost split her marriage up, she would have jumped across the room and strangled Harvey with her own IV. Luck was on their side however, she was busy describing the perfect shade of yellow to the family because it's considered "Gender neutral".

Janis looked over as uncle Harvey instructed Lizzie on how to hold the baby, supporting his neck as he looked up at her with his bright blue eyes. Lizzie stared down at the baby in his little froggy jumper with a blue infant cap and a pair of yellow socks on his hands. Jamison stared up at her; his wide blue eyes were looking her face over as she looked down at him. A balloon suddenly popped and his little body jumped in Lizzie's arms, before he twisted his face up, starting to fuss, Lizzie stood up, holding Jamison closer to her, he quickly quieted down before Janis' Aunt Patricia demanded to hold him, and Lizzie carefully handed him over, supporting his neck as the older woman got used to holding him. Janis smiled as she watched her friend carefully looking over Aunt Patricia for a moment, before looking down, and then over to Janis who quickly pretended to be asking her cousin something.

"God Janis, can we go already? I gotta be at the Silver Spoon in fifteen minutes, and if I'm late Patty's gonna have a fuckin' cow. "

"Yeah Lizzie wouldn't want to miss her shift as a stripper." Tonya snorted and Lizzie turned around with a smirk as Janis swore under her breath.

"Naw, see, I'm the bartender, you remember, the one who would mix ya the drink 'fore you poured it all over yourself for tips." Lizzie smirked and Tonya's nostril's flared.

"I- you- Get out!" she demanded and Lizzie threw her hands up.


"And for the record, I haven't even thought about alcohol in two years, maybe if you found god and quit working at that place you'd find a man, and start your own family, like mine."

"Yeah, sure Tonya."

"Oh no, wait, I forgot, no one would marry trash like you."

"Hey, I may be trash, but I ain't the one who named my kid after a whisky." Lizzie snorted before nodding to Janis who stood up and quickly followed her best friend out of the room, nearly bumping into the nurse who had come into the room. As Lizzie and Janis walked down the hallway, the nurse was walking by them with Jamison in his rolling plastic crib.

"There goes the only good thing Tonya will do with her life." Janis sighed and Lizzie shook her head as she watched the baby go by.

"Nah. She'll just fuck it up like she does everythin' else."

"Such the optimist." Janis nudged Lizzie with her elbow.

"I call it like I see it."

"So what, Lizzie Mason's too cool to have kids."

"Woman please, what the hell kinda person do you think I am? Me with a kid? You outta yer fuckin' mind? Ain't no kid would want me as a momma. I'm way too fucked up for that commitment. Not to mention, there's generally gotta be a father involved."

"Well, maybe Bruce-"

"I toldja I ain't goin' on no blind date." Lizzie shook her head and Janis sighed.

"Just give him a chance!"


"He likes hunting." Janis shrugged. "He's not as bad as the others…"

"God if I go, will you shuddup about it?"


"Okay, fine. But you're buying the first round tonight."

"What happened to it falling off a truck?"

"Yeah, that was b'fore you made me agree to another blind fuckin' date with some guy at the hospital. I'm tellin' ya, no hospital guy's gonna want me."

"So you'd rather keep dating guys like Enos and those guys who go into the Silver Spoon? Because that's worked out so well for you."

"When did you get so cold?"

"Living with you has taught me much."

"Well, we'll see if it's taught ya as much as you think."

"Oh god not shots."

"You're the one who threw the gauntlet."

"Can I throw the towel?" she whined.

"Nope." Lizzie grinned and Janis sighed.

"God I hope I'm not called in tomorrow."

"Lizzie," I looked over at T-Dog who climbed the ladder of the RV and nodded to me. "Shift's over."

"Thanks T." I nodded to him before handing him the hand warmer I had been holding for the past two hours.

"Thanks." He nodded to me before I climbed down the ladder to the RV. The past month had been an insane ride; we were currently staying in a small antique store, it was one of the only stores that hadn't had all the windows smashed out, and the door was unlocked. After doing a thorough search we decided it would be a good place for one night.

I walked through the dark crowded store getting to the back corner of the store Daryl and I had claimed as ours, whacking my knee on an old coffee table from the fifties with an old fifties phone on it.

"Fuck." I grunted and I heard movement from the back of the store.


"Yeah." I whispered as I walked over to Daryl. He was sitting on our bed rolls, one of the places we had hit first after the farm was a camping supply store, where Daryl, Cal and I explained the necessities to everyone. He had a small lantern turned on, this part of the store was hidden behind a couple bookshelves, thus making the light impossible to see from anywhere outside of the store, or inside. A book lay open across his lap as I leaned the gun against the side of a shelf and started unlacing my boots.

"How's it?"

"Cold." I replied. "Cold and dead." I slipped my boots off and then walked over and sat down next to him. He lifted up our unzipped Sleeping bag laying over both of us and I settled in next to him. "What're you readin'?" I picked up the book. "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" I read the title before looking at Daryl. "Ain't many people who think uh Daryl Dixon as the readin' type." I teased and he rolled his eyes.

"Ain't may people left. Ones that are, they ain't gonna give a shit if'n I can read or not, so long as I do my part an' keep all them safe." He replied as he lay back on the sleeping pads.

"Oh please, it's not like you hate keepin' people safe." I lay down next to him, and scooted closer to him, hooking my leg over his, and wrapping my arm around his chest. He lifted his arm and wrapped it around me, letting me settle my head on his shoulder as he looked down at me. "'Sides that, you're good at it." I pointed out and he nodded.

"Ain't much I am good at, but that's one of 'em." He shrugged and I rolled my eyes.

"Quit feelin' sorry for yer'self. I can think uh plenty you're more'n good at." I winked at him him. He snorted before leaned up and kissed his cheek. He looked down at me before turning slightly, making it easier for him to kiss me. I smiled as he buried his hand in my hair, parting my lips slightly as he deepened the kiss.

The next morning I woke up to Glenn walking over to wake us up. "Oh come on guys, we said no sex." Glenn groaned when he saw we were both topless. "If me and Maggie can't-"

"You gonna stop us?" Daryl scoffed and I rolled my eyes.

"Keep your pants on Glenn." I groaned as I wrapped Daryl's shirt around myself. "We didn't."

"Whatcha gotta tell him for?" Daryl joked and I shook my head as I pushed his shoulder lightly. "Why're you still here?" Daryl asked looking at Glenn.

"Rick wants to talk to you."

"Alright, alright." Daryl nodded as he stood up. "Gimme a clean shirt." He requested as I dug through my bag for something to wear. I grabbed a shirt out of his bag and threw it to him. "I said a clean one." He sighed and I looked up at him.

"Honey it's got sleeves, and it ain't covered in walker blood, that's about as clean as our clothes get." I told him and he shrugged before pulling the shirt on. He stepped into his boots and laced them quickly before dropping to one knee beside me, he put his hand on the back of my head and pulled me into a kiss, then stood up.

"Next time let 'em think I'm getting' some when he ain't huh?" he asked and then left without waiting for an answer. I rolled my eyes and a moment later Maggie walked in as I clipped my bra.

"Why do you and Daryl get to do it when we don't?" she whined as she started to help me roll up our sleeping pads.

"We ain't." I shook my head. "I mean, we woulda-"

"If you coulda got away with it, why didn't you?" she scoffed and I laughed.

"Believe it or not, that's not what's most important to us." I told her and she rolled her eyes.

"Oh please," she scoffed. "You threw up again didn't you?"

"Like a four year old with the flu." I nodded and she leaned over to press her hand against my forehead.

"You don't feel very warm… How do you feel?"

"Eugh." I flopped face down on the sleeping pad with my butt sticking in the air.

"Get up kiddo." Cal swatted my rear end making me jump to the side.

"Where we going?"

"There's a general store 'cross the street, we need a team to hit that. You, Maggie and Glenn."

"What's Daryl doing?" I asked.

"Him, me an' T-Dog are hitting the gun shop, see if we can find any ammo, need anythin'?"

"Ammo, and a new cleanin' kit."

"Right, okay, anythin' else?"

"Knife stone'd be nice… And some gun oil."


"What about the kids?"

"Oh yeah, the Lost Boys are going to go to the western wear shop, Lori and Carol are gonna be in the boutique place next door."

"What about my Dad and Parker?"

"Pharmacy." Hershel walked over to us and I smiled at him. "Anything you need?"

"Lizzie's been throwing up a lot." Maggie looked at me and Cal frowned as he started to kneel down next to me.

"You feeling okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, I just need some Pepto Bismol or something."

"Pepto Bismol was created to help negative side effects of over indulgence in food and drink. Have you been drinking Lizzie?" Hershel asked and I rolled my eyes.

"Ain't been nothin' to drink." I pointed out. "It's like when the apocalypse started, all of Georgia turned into a dry state."

"I'll try to find you some Dramamine." Hershel told me and I smiled at him.

"Thanks." I nodded before I sighed and then got up. I finished clearing up mine and Daryl's stuff and carried it to the RV and tossed it inside.

"Rifle Lizzie?" Glenn asked from inside the RV.

"No, I ain't got much ammo for it. Think I'm gonna stick to my crowbar." I nodded to him and he shrugged before picking up his axe. We had picked up new weapons in the town we had gone to after the farm incident.

"The general store is right there." Rick pointed it out to me. "From what I can tell there's only two doors, and the back door was blocked off by a big dumpster."

"The huge hole in the front window doesn't look too promising." I pointed out and he nodded.

"Yeah, I know." He agreed. "You think you three can handle it?"

"Sure." I nodded. "But I hear the Lost Boys are goin' in that Western wear place, you sure you don't want me with them?"

"Beth is old enough." He reminded me and I nodded.

"Yeah I know but-"

"I'd rather have you on team Lovebird."

"I thought that was me and Daryl." I frowned and he scoffed making me smile. "Alright, fine, I'll keep an eye on the lovebirds." I rolled my eyes.

"Hey," I looked back at him. "You sure you're feeling up to it? I heard you last night."

"You know you should mention to Hershel that you need some more Ambien, you need to get more sleep." I told him as I strapped my knife to my waist.

"Yeah well, thing 'bout the end of the world, ain't gettin' enough fiber in my diet. Lack uh fiber makes ya sick, don't it Parker?" I asked the doctor who was walking by.

"Uh, that's usually the case, yeah." He nodded. "But with you lately, I'm more worried about-"

"You ain't gotta be worried about me, I'm fine." I cut him off, before looking at Rick. "Don't hold me back on this."

"I won't. Just, if you need to step back…"

"We goin' or what?" I asked and he sighed before nodding.

"Everyone remember what they're doing?" he asked and everyone nodded. "Okay, anyone need help, just shout." He told us before we broke off into our teams.

I watched as Glenn helped Maggie over the shards of glass still in the general store window, before offering his hand to me. I smiled and took his hand and let him help me before I turned and pushed the glass out with my foot. "You're sweet, but it'll take too much time if we actually find anythin' worth taking in here." I told him and he nodded.

"Oh my god, Lizzie, look at this." Maggie called me over after we swept the store. The entire personal care aisle was practically untouched.

"Damn." I muttered in awe as we stood there for a moment. "That is impressive."

"Right." She nodded, before we started throwing face wash, miniature shampoos, toothbrushes, mouthwash, body wash, some of those facial cleansing pad things Lori liked into the bag. I moved around, grabbing some canned items, tuna, beans, things like that, I got a whole good stash of dried noodles in a cup, and some peanut butter before I saw Maggie and Glenn kissing.

"Come on y'all, the sooner we get out of here, the better." I told them.

"Lizzie's right." Maggie sighed. "Besides, she's here."

"So, if I had to see her topless this morning- Ow!" he was cut off by Maggie thumping his shoulder.

"Oh please Glenn, don't be such a drama queen, ya only saw my back." I rolled my eyes.

"Hey Lizzie, check behind the counter for a gun." Maggie mentioned to me and I nodded.

"Good idea. Besides, only good thing in this store still is behind the counter." I grinned as I looked at the wall of alcohol.

"Oh god, do not go overboard on the alcohol." Glenn sighed and I gasped, pretending to be offended.

"Why Glenn, what ever could you mean?" I asked as I started to step around the counter. The smell of the dead clerk hit me before the sight. I fell to my knees, gagging and Maggie rushed over to me quickly, Glenn close behind her as I dry heaved a few times. I spit, having nothing else in my system to throw up, before Maggie helped me up. "I'm fine, I'm fine." I groaned as I waved her off.

"Are you sure?" she asked and I nodded.

"Yes, I'm good." I held my hands up. "I'm okay." They stepped back and I nodded. "Jus' grab me a water from the fridge, yeah?" I asked Glenn who nodded.

"No problem." He told me before shooting Maggie a look.

"Look y'all, it ain't nothin' a good drink can't fix. Disinfectant you know," I told them as I picked up a bottle of whisky. "This'll kill that bug." I winked.

"Oh, we got tampons! I know that's been on Carol's list."

"Get pads too, not everyone likes tampons." I told her.

"Who doesn't like tampons?" she asked and I raised my eyebrows.

"Oh, right. God she's so young." She sighed and I shrugged.

"I was eleven."

"I don't need to be hearing this." Glenn sighed as he handed Maggie a bottle of water and then handed one to me.

"Yeah well we didn't need to hear you say you saw Lizzie topless, now did we?" Maggie asked and he rolled his eyes. I was about to take a sip of the whisky when my eyes landed on something right next to the condoms behind the counter. I lowered the bottle and then licked my lips as I stared at the box of home pregnancy tests.

"Fuck." I whispered before looking at Glenn and Maggie who were setting a crate of water bottles outside of the store. I grabbed the box quickly and threw it into one of my bags, before putting the cap on the whiskey and throwing it into the bag too. I helped load all of the stuff from the general store onto the RV, leaving it in the kitchen area for Carol to sort through before everyone else started coming back.

"Hey Daryl, gimme a hand!" Sophia called to him as she dragged a cardboard box over to the RV.

"Where's your spotter?" he asked and she rolled her eyes before nodding to the store where both Carl and Hunter were talking to Beth. "Hunter!" he called and Hunter jumped. "Yer a shit spotter man." He told him as he jogged over.

"All you guys were out of your stores." Hunter shrugged. "No walkers were around."

"That's not the point." Carol told him and he sighed before looking at Sophia.

"Sorry Sophia."

"Don't let it happen again." She told him sternly and I smiled as I stepped off the RV.

"Here, let me help." I picked up the box and groaned lightly. "God damn guys, what's in here?" I asked.

"Denim." Hunter told me. "Long sleeved shirts, things like that."

"Good job guys." I nodded. "Daryl's running low on shirts with sleeves."

"We know." Beth smiled. "I don't know what he does with them."

"You and me both honey." I shook my head as I looked at Daryl. He looked less than amused but smiled at me. I smiled back at him and he scoffed lightly before going to help Parker and Hershel. The road had been getting colder and icier so a week before Daryl had put the bike into the RV to keep until the spring, we had been going down the road at a pretty high speed when we hit some ice, Daryl, thank god, hadn't panicked and slammed on his brakes, that would have sent us out of control. We swerved a little, and I had clung to him even tighter, but he got control of the bike, and pulled to the side slowly, before wrapping his arms around me. I held onto him tightly as everyone else pulled over and asked what had happened. It was then he decided to put the bike in the RV for the winter. Parker started riding with Cal and Hunter and Daryl and I drove the RV for the most part.

Sometimes Carol or Lori would spend time in the RV, or Carol and Lori and the kids when they were trying to teach them, Daryl would drive, I'd sit with him, we'd debate over which CD to re listen to, and Carol would yell at us to turn down the music, she was trying to teach the kids life skills. I tried to teach them life skills once, but after my lesson on stitching open wounds with dental floss, Lori made me stop. After we all got everything settled in the RV, Carol offered to ride with us and help me get things settled away.

"Lizzie, I couldn't find any Dramamine, but this Ginger tea should help." Hershel walked over to me and handed me a box of ginger tea.

"Thanks Hershel." I smiled at him and he nodded.

"Let me know if it persists." He told me and I nodded.

"I will." I nodded. I took the tea onto the RV and put it on the counter while everyone was getting ready to go. Carol and Sophia climbed into the RV with me and Daryl, and so did Cal and Hunter. "Who's driving the Mustang?"

"Parker." Cal told me. "He's riding with Hershel, Beth's kinda cranky apparently, Hershel don't wanna deal with it, he's talkin' doc shop with Parker." Doc shop was a phrase Cal made up to say Hershel and Parker were trading stories. "You cool with this Daryl?"

"Sure, you can drive." Daryl tossed the keys to Cal who grinned.

"No problem. We good?"

"We're good." Daryl nodded and I paused.

"Wait, I forgot something." I suddenly remembered and Cal rolled his eyes.

"Quick." He told me and I ran back into the antique shop. I ran to the back corner where Daryl and I had slept and picked up the book Daryl had been reading, before turning and running back to the RV. I hopped on and closed the door behind me. "We good?" Cal asked and I nodded.

"We're good." I told him. He rolled his eyes as Sophia sat down on the couch with Carol and I went to where Daryl was sitting at the table, I slid in next to him and he looked down at me before I handed him his book.

"Thought I weren't the readin' type?" he asked and I frowned before I gently kissed his jaw.

"I said some people wouldn't think'a you as the readin' type; I didn't say me." I reminded him. He looked down at me with a small smile before looking behind us. Carol was busy telling Sophia something, and Hunter was sitting next to Cal who was too busy driving to pay us any attention. He kissed me quickly and I smiled before he stood up. "Gonna go work on my bike." He announced.

"Eugh, if you're doin' that, close the door and open the windows back there, I don't wanna get the kids high off them fumes." I told him and he rolled his eyes.

"Yes your highness." He said sarcastically, though I think he knew I was just giving him a cover to close the door so he could read for a bit while we drove.

We had been driving for awhile and Carol and I were putting things away while she talked to me and Sophia. "Was there anything in that clothing shop?" I asked and Carol sighed.

"Nothing really practical," she admitted. "I just, it's so weird thinking about how we used to dress, and how clothes appeared to us before, all fashion, not a whole lot of function." She was telling me and I chuckled.

"I know." I nodded. "It's weird, innit?"

"Well, when I was in the store, I saw a thong with studs on it." She told me. "Who would wear something like that?"

"You'd be surprised." I muttered and she shot me a curious look. "Not me, no, no, girls I worked with though, used ta wear them short leather pants, things stickin over the top, thought it got 'em better tips." I shrugged. "All I know is I made more tips'n' any'a them, and people didn't generally see me out from behind the bar."

"That's because you supplied the with alcohol, the girls just carried it around and sometimes spit in it when they were pissed." Cal called back.

"What, you think I didn't?" I asked. "I had this shot glass I'd eat somethin' like onions or somethin' hot, like tobacco, and I'd spit in it, and when some sonuvabitch started treatin' me like shit, I'd pour 'em a shot in it, and say some girl sent it to 'em, that way, they'd make eye contact with the girl, then do the shot." I nodded and Cal started laughing hysterically.

"You didn't never do that to me did you?" Cal asked.

"That depends, you ever try ta stick your hands down my pants for no reason?" I asked and he scoffed. "Then no." Carol laughed as she continued putting away things, and then paused, I looked over at her and saw her holding the box of pregnancy tests. She looked at it and then at me and I stared at her for a long moment.

"That happen to you often?" she asked. "Men trying to do that?"

"Not too often." I shook my head as she caught my eye. She handed the box to me and I took it and then quickly stuck it under my arm. Her eyes flickered from me to the door to the bathroom and I sighed.

I opened the door to the bedroom and saw Daryl laying on the bed, reading his book. "Y'all right?" he asked and I nodded.

"Just gotta pee." I pointed to the door. He raised his eyebrows before looking back at the book. I went into the bathroom and closed the door and stared at the box for a moment. I finally sighed and then opened it and tore open one of the plastic envelopes holding the pregnancy test. I unzipped my pants and sat down and pulled the cap off of the test before looking at the back of the box "Easy to use, remove cap and urinate on absorbent end for five seconds," I muttered as I read the back of the box. "Accurate results in only 90 seconds, you can read the results as soon as the line appears in the window." I sighed, before doing my part afterwards I put the stick in the sink and stood up before flushing the toilet.

I picked up the stick and looked at the little window.

Nothing had happened yet.

I paced as well as I could in the little bathroom.

Two steps to the shower.

Two steps to the sink.

Two steps to the shower.

Two steps to the sink.

Those eight steps seemed to take an hour, and yet when I looked at the stick nothing had happened.

I could feel my chest tightening, my breath getting harder to breathe, I groaned as I ran a hand through my hair, god what if- but we had been careful.

I looked at the stick again, still nothing.

I cracked my knuckles and cracked my neck and then looked again.


I was about to run screaming out of the bathroom shrieking and pulling my hair out when very faintly at first a blue line appeared on the window, and then a second one.

I stared at the test for a moment before I went flying to the floor where I had dropped the box. I thumped my knee against the toilet, and my head on the edge of the shower making me let out an involuntary "Fuck!"

"You okay?" Daryl called and I groaned as I rubbed my head.

"Fine." I called back and I heard him get up.

"You sure?" he asked from right outside the door. I quickly sat up on the toilet and put my foot against the door.

"I'm sure, I'm fine, everything's good." I told him and he stood there for a moment before walking back to the bed. I listened to the squeak of the mattress springs and then I let out a small sigh and picked up the box off the floor. I read the back and then dropped it to the floor again. "Fuck." I whispered.

I hid the box in the cabinet where the women kept their tampons and lady stuff, the cabinet I knew none of the men would go through, and I stuck the stick in my pocket. I walked out of the bathroom what felt like an eternity after I had walked in, though in reality it was only a few minutes.

"Y'all right?" Daryl asked and I nodded.

"Hit my knee on the toilet." I shrugged and he nodded, it was a common occurrence.

"Look kinda pale." He mentioned and I shrugged. "Sure you're feelin' alright?"

"I uh…" I shrugged. "I threw up again in the store." I admitted and he sighed before scooting to the side of the bed. I walked over to it and climbed on next to him, he wrapped his arms around me and I buried my face in his chest.

"Keep getting' sick like this, I'm gonna make you talk to Hershel." He told me and I sighed.

"I know." I mumbled into his chest.

"Jus' try ta get some sleep huh?" he said into my hair and I nodded. He kissed the top of my head and I shut my eyes, all of the pressure in the world it seemed resting on my left hip where that god damn strip was. Lord only knows how I was finally going to bring it up to him.

At that moment it seemed like there was more I didn't know then stuff I did.

I didn't know if the test was right, and if it was, I didn't know his view on kids, I mean he seemed to like the ones around camp, but what if he was the sort of guy who could not stand the sound of babies crying.

I didn't know if I'd carry the baby to term, and if I did, how would we care for a baby?

Would Daryl leave when I told him?

That last question made me look up at him; he had his arm around me still, but was using his other hand to read his book. Okay, maybe I did know the answer to that one; He wasn't going to leave me after everything we'd been through… Probably.

There was two things I did know at this point:

1) In the middle of the god damn zombie apocalypse, I, Eliza Dianne Mason was pregnant with Daryl Dixon's baby.

2) I had no idea how I was going to tell him, and for the first time in awhile I was scared to death.

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