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Summary: Shizune must find the answer to her feeling's for Naruto has he confesses to her.

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The day turned to night filled with silence as the people of the Leaf slept but one women that has been having sleeping troubles thinking of a certain blonde. Shizune the assistant of the Hokage Tsunade was staring at the cieling thinking about what happened today at the office at the Hokage Tower.


Shizune was currently in the Hokage Office organizing files for Tsunade to do but knew the Sannin would just throw it to the side or make a excuse for not doing her job. When she put the paper's on the desk next to her She heard the door open and closed so she turned from the files to the door to see Naruto in his usual outfit but without his Headband on.

"Naruto what are you doing here?" she asked

Naruto didn't say anything but walked up to her and grabbed both of her shoulder's and smashed his lip's on to her's catching her off guard.

Shizune was completely shocked not expecting this but this was Naruto but that's not the point he was kissing her a 16 year old kissing a 25 year old women and this was something she never felt, what was it? Was she suppose to kiss him back or push him away she didn't know what to do except from the blush growing on her cheeks she was producing.

Naruto stopped the kiss himself and backed away to get a good view of her. He smirked and rubbed the back of his head nervously from his action. Shizune saw this and was thinking that he was proud of himself for doing something bold like that to her well it wasn't like it was Tsunade or Sakura he was kissing so he took advantage of that she guessed.

"Sorry that was the only way I could express it" he said staring at her still making her uncomfortable at the moment with his grin he had on all the time.

"Express what?" she asked her voice not sounding angry or shocked but out of curiosity.

"My feelings toward you...I liked you from the first time we met" he confessed to her telling her his feeling's for her.

She couldn't believe it he liked her! "Wait I thought you liked Sakura or what about Hinata everyone know she loves you" she wasn't trying to make excuses but stating the facts.

Naruto placed a hand on her cheek and making eye contact to express the truthfulness he was going to say.

"I thought I liked Sakura but I guess that's what I wanted to think and I can't win her heart that she claim's belongs to Sasuke" he paused then continued "Hinata feel's like she love's me but it's actually my confidence and courage she love's not me" he looked down for a moment with a hint of sadness but looked back up to her with a smile of warmth "But then I met you".

Shizune once again didn't know what to say, she indeed liked him but did she love him, that was her question? She could kiss him and see what's ahead for both of them or reject his feelings for her she didn't know what to say so she looked away from him.

"I don't know how to respond to this Naruto-Kun this doesn't feel right you and me" she didn't want to hurt him so she simply wanted to state to him that they probably wouldn't work out or something like that or that's what she thought at the moment.

Naruto brushed her hair from her face and leaned closer and whispered "Do you want me to kiss you again to prove it?" he asked then lifted her chin to have their eye's to meet and her brown dark eye's was attractive to him he couldn't resist and kissed her making her take a step back and fall back on the files she was organizing eariler and fell to the ground.

Shizune didn't really have a love life but right now she felt like she needed one and Naruto was trying to give it to her and she had to have him. She returned the kiss making it passionate for both of them as she let out a moan but then stopped as she felt his hand's moving inside her robe started to untie it as her slash fell to the ground.

"Naruto-Kun don't you think your moving a little fast at the moment" she said while Naruto waved it off as if it was nothing.

"Well I guess but you know I can't resist you" he then placed his hand on her shoulder and slowly slide the robe off her shoulder making this a moment for him to remember when seeing her soft skin.

She was burning up outside and inside, was she going through with this and she indeed wanted to but was this right or not but she agreed with Naruto it was hard to resist this moment.

She placed her hand on his jacket and unzipped it to reveal the black shirt that he had on underneath it and she placed her hand on he chest as she could feel his heart beat rise from their excitement.

Her robe started to fall to her lower back to show her black bra and he placed his hand on her back rubbing it slightly making her move closer as he could feel her shiver to his touch so he took advantage to this. His soft touch started to make her lose control of herself as she felt her knee's started to give out but she was held closely to Naruto as he continued his touch.

She decided to make their passionate kiss more exciting as she slipped her tongue into his mouth having a amazing battle with his as they gave out a loud moan. Both were enjoying their moment until they heard the door handle twist and they both quickly got their clothes' and their act back together as if nothing happened.

When the door opened it revealed Tsunade clearly half drunk from the sake she drink's when she get's bored or is in a bad mood then everyone would want to avoid her but clearly not drunk enough.

"Shizune there you are and you too Naruto what are you doing here I don't have any mission's for you at the moment so get out of here" she said in a voice of power well the meaning of "Get out of here I'm not in the mood" voice and stared at them like they did something bad.

Naruto quickly answered "Well Shizune was overloaded with this work so she asked me to help" he said and looked back to Shizune to say something to.

"Yes I asked Naruto to help and he did just fine you can go now" she said to him and he quickly responded to her and quickly dashed out of the room before Tsunade could say anything.

"Well finish up and your done for the day Shizune" Tsunade said and closed the door behind her. Shizune was embarrassed thinking she was almost caught in the act by her boss the Hokage and was happy by that she got away but slightly disappointed when she and Naruto was interrupted but she guess this was a good sign that they couldn't work out but till then she would have to organize these file's once again and get good sleep for the night as if this was just a dream.


She rolled in her bed back and forth for not knowing what she was feeling was it a fever or a need or maybe this was something to do with Naruto was this love she was wanting?

She didn't know what to think but she did know she had to confront this one way or another so she got in her usual robes and walked in the street's of the night to Naruto's apartment.

Once she got to his door step she knocked on his door several time's then it opened to reveal Naruto in his black shirt and his green frog boxer's half asleep until he noticed it was her and now fully awake.

"H...Hey Shizune what are you doing here so late it's like past midnight" he said even knowing the thing's they did together earlier of the day but still wondered.

Shizune didn't know what to say but this "Can we talk inside" she said and Naruto nodded and let her in and closed the door behind her and turned around to meet Shizune pushing him against the door.

They stayed there for a full minute then she leaned closer to him and touched his cheek as if he was something precious like not wanting to let go of. Then she placed her lip's against his again but soft making it amazing for both of them.

Naruto knew where this was going so he kissed back but with force making it more exciting and it did. She grabbed his hair as he placed his hand on her cheek and the other on her hip. He couldn't take it anymore he stopped the kiss and picked her up bridle style and took her to his room and gently place her on his bed.

He removed his shirt as she removed her robe on her own this time and they kissed once again as he layed on top of her as she was underneath him.

This lasted for a few minute's and they both stopped as he placed his hand behind her and unclipped her bra making her turn her head to the side from the embarrassment but he tried to make her conformable as he stopped for a moment then continued. He lifted it off of her as he saw her C cup sized breast's.

"Your beautiful do you know that Shizune" he said to her as she looked back to him but with a full grown blush making look like she was turning red.

She looked down from her breast down to his green boxer's he had on and decided to have fun with him now. She pushed him to the side catching him off guard and straddled him on his waist.

She backed up and placed her hand on the side of his boxer's and slowly pulled them down taking this moment to take in but proceeded anyway and pulled them off fully like she just ripped them off instead.

Beneath the boxer's was his member she was shocked to see it was about 9 inches long and big for a 16 year old but this was better than she thought so she grabbed it making him groan from the touch as she stroked it several time's to get used to the length.

She looked at him having a face of pleasure "Do you like this Naruto-Kun you naughty boy" she said sounding naughty or trying but succeeded in doing so as he grinned from it.

She decided to take it to the next step and lowered her lip's on the head licking the tip of it as he was already producing pre-cum having no taste but she took the length into her mouth slowly until it hit the back of her throat.

Naruto was enjoying this and grabbed her head pulling back up and down making her deep throat him several time's until she couldn't take it anymore and pulled back up coughing. He was concerned for her because it felt like he forced her to do too much for him such as this.

She stopped coughing "It's ok" she said then continue to give him head again but faster making him thrust forward into her mouth.

Naruto was reaching his limit this was it now or never as he felt it going to burst "CUMMING SHIZUNE" as he blasted his seed down her throat.

She swallowed the most as she can as some dripped from her mouth as some of it was too much but she didn't mind as she licked it off her chin.

She looked at him hungrily and took off her pantie's showing him her pussy that was dripping wet at this point. She lowered herself on his full erection he had still and she engulf the large beast pushing her inside's apart makeing her feel like she was being torn apart.

"Shizune you ok" he asked in a hoarse voice from the pleasure he was receiving.

"Y...Yes this is my first time" she confessed to him through her entire life she never had a love life until now she simply never had the time since she was on the road with Tsunade and helping her all the time but now she can finally find love or to say make love.

"REALLY well this is great me too well you can tell I suppose" he said when he thrusted up in her making her moan out load as they were making slow love making at first then a few minute's later he thrusted faster making her cum this time as she let out a silent scream when she kissed him.

Naruto wanted more pleasure or to make her feel more as he made her get on her knee's and thrusted in her in the doggy style position as her breast shake from the rocking of her world she was receiving.

This again lasted only for at least 20 minute's then he made her lift her leg up in the air as he held on to it as he continue his fucking. Each thrust started to make him go on the edge of not just shooting his load in her well if that would happen he would just continue to fuck her until she would beg him to stop but he knew she yell for him to continue.

Shizune was having a blast this was better than she was expecting as she felt Naruto fuck her relentless as if was trying to make her lose conscious well that's what it looked like any way.

Naruto was getting close to his end as he let out a warning as he was about to pull out but Shizune wanted him to release inside her so she told him to do it inside so he did. He filled her completely as she let out a loud scream hopefully no one would hear but that was impossible if not as Naruto gave out a grunting noise as he filled her completely.

They both fell to the bed exhausted from their fun time.

"I...love you Naruto-Kun" she said looking at his sweaty gaze with a smile on her face as he smiled back to her.

"I love you too Shizune" he responded to her as he grabbed her hand and held it gently and kissed it making her love him more of his action's he caused through out the entire day.

"This is your fault you know that" she said

"Yeah I know and I loved every moment of it" he said as he fell to a deep slumber as she did too having the recent event's repeat in her mind that happened today.

Maybe she did find love after all.

DarkSpartan96: Thanks for reading this story and hopefully make more with my perverted mind. Am I perverted...maybe! Also I'll try to make my stories longer than 2,000 word's and make it long as 3 to 5,000 word's if possible.

This story was just a thought at the moment and mostly about love for Shizune but still has a small lemon to the end just for the kick's of it.