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Summary: Shizune is now depressed that she broke her promise with Naruto and has been avoided him so far but how long will it last.

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Shizune didn't know where she was as she felt cold and alone she didn't like this feeling as she walked aimlessly trying to find an exit in the darkness but there weren't any. She wanted to see his face again one last time as she remembered all the time's they had together then she heard her name so she called out who was there then she saw Naruto she was about to run towards him but then a green light hit her as she felt like she was being lifted off the ground as she saw something bright came out of nowhere.

'What's happening to me?' She thought as she saw the bright light hit her eye's then she heard someone spoke as she was staring at the sky. She then saw several Shinobi including Shikamaru,Ino and an Anbu stare at her with disbelief.

"Where am I? What happened?" She asked as she tried to get up but her body felt like hell at the moment so she didn't even try.

"You don't remember? The village was attacked by Pain but he was stopped by Naruto but some how everyone who died during the attack came back from the dead...including you" Shikamaru explained as he held onto his broken leg and Ino beside him started crying out of joy that Shizune came back to life.

She turned her head to the side as she saw a huge crater in the middle of the village as most of it was destroyed she couldn't believe it there was somebody that actually could do something like this Shizune then remembered all the event's that happened to her. One of the Pain's killed her taking her soul out of her body but she was alive but one thing didn't feel right if she heard correctly Naruto defeated Pain then he must know she died...she broke her promise.


Shizune stared at the Tsunade the Hokage who is now in a coma from the Pain's attack on the village she felt sad that she couldn't protect the Hokage who went through so much but that's not why she feel's depressed it's because she broke her promise she made with Naruto. She was killed during the invasion but brought back to life somehow. She should be happy but felt guilt take over her as she didn't visit Naruto in a week so far as she avoided him at any cost she just didn't want to face him...not yet.

She was once again taking care of the sick Hokage of course she would help with the hospital as she tended to the one's that were still injured from the attack. She would always see Naruto running around the village and help rebuild but when they would get close to each other she would either avoid meeting his gaze or go somewhere else for the time being.

She sat there in silence with the sleeping Hokage but heard someone enter the tent she was in and as she turned around to see who it was it was Naruto. Heas wearing his black shirt and his orange pant's but without his orange jacket and headband. She immediately blushed from seeing him but didn't want to show it so she turned around trying to avoid him but that was impossible now. She heard him walking towards her as she felt her heart race with each step he took then she didn't realize it till now but she was holding her breath and started sweat a bit. She wasn't this nervous in a while like when Tsunade would go on a rampage on someone.

"Shizune how's Baa-Chan doing? Is she getting better?" he asked as he sat down next to her.

"Y-Yes she's getting well by the minute we just have to wait for her to wake up but that's all we could do for now" she said as she tried not to look at the blonde she loved so much. She then felt his hand touch hers as it held on to them.

They sat there in silence as Shizune could only hear her heart beat and feel the warmth of Naruto's hand with her's she was going to speak to break the silence between them but Naruto spoke first.

"You've avoided me this past week" he suddenly said making her shake a little but she put on a fake smile.

"I don't know what you mean I've been here most of the time taking care of Lady Tsunade and helping out at the Hospital" she said but she lied to him as most of the time she would go walking around the village thinking what to say to him in a situation like this but she never found an answer as the guilt still had the hold of her when she was near Naruto.

Naruto turned his eye's from Tsunade to Shizune and saw that she was avoiding his eye's. He wanted her to look at him so he placed his other hand on her cheek feeling how cold it felt he knew she must not have taken care of herself due to being worried and busy most of the time. He wanted her so bad that he started to lean forward for a kiss.

Shizune wanted this kiss but as soon as his lip's were about to touch hers she turned from it instead of leaning forward so hers could meet his.

Naruto let his hand fall from her cheek to his hand that was holding hers as he began to shake.

"I love you Shizune you know that right" he said in a hush voice making Shizune finally look at him then she noticed he had a sad expression instead of the happy expression he always wore. Naruto looked at her wondering what she was thinking at the moment and why she was hesitating to answer.

Shizune wanted to say she loved him and it was true but for some reason it never came out instead she said "I'm sorry Naruto...I don't think this is going to work out" she didn't want to say that not to him not the person she actually found love with.

"W-What are talking about?" Naruto said as he looked at her with shock and disbelief.

"I-I broke our promise Naruto I don't deserve do be with you I will only end up dieing again and hurt you" She said as tear's started to fall on both of their hand's "Your the hero of the village and I'm a nobody" She sobbed even more as Naruto immediately pulled her into a hug.

"Don't say that you're the person I love and I don't care about the promise as long I'm with you so don't cry" He said to her he really didn't want to see her like this even if it was over a promise he wanted her happy not sad like this. Naruto held tighter to her as she did the same even if she did die she's alive right now and that's what matter's most to him at the moment.

They stayed like that for a few minute's until Shizune stopped crying as both looked into each other eye's and both knew where this was going but didn't stop as they kissed. Naruto had his hand's on Shizune's hip bringing her closer making the kiss deepen and more passionate while Shizune held on to his hair and held on to his neck.

Shizune broke the kiss to breathe but a moan came from her as Naruto's hand reached inside her robe she knew he wanted more and she did too but then she realize they were still in the tent with the sleeping Tsunade so she stood up and so did Naruto as they continued.

"N-Naruto not here Lady Tsunade is over there" she said before she moaned again from his action's.

Naruto looked at Shizune then to Tsunade but grinned and leaned towards her ear and whispered "She's not awake and she wont know" then he untied her robe as it began to fall but Shizune grabbed onto it and covered her breast's with it.

It was true that doing it here in front of the sleeping Hokage would be exciting but what would happen if they were caught in the act well it only excited her more but she knew it was wrong to do it but Naruto was making her want more and now she couldn't resist.

She let her robe fall down to the ground as she didnt have a bra on but had black underwear she could already feel herself getting wet as Naruto kissed her again and rubbed her soft breast making her moan. Her felt something hit her so she looked down and saw that Naruto was turned on from their action and she wanted to return the favor even.

Naruto saw Shizune pushed him away and wondered why but then found out as she got on her knee's and pulled down his pant's and boxer's revealing his member. She grabbed his length and began to pump it fast making him groan out of pleasure then she placed it inside her mouth and began bobbing her head at a fast pace making Naruto run his hand's through her jet black hair making her take more of him.

She loved this and wanted to make him feel pleasure and she was giving it to him as she felt him throb in her mouth meaning he was close but she continued as he released inside her mouth which she welcomed as she swallowed it. She pulled his member out of her mouth and pumped it again making it erect.

"Naruto it's been so long and how I missed this" she said with a smile on her face as took off her underwear and as she placed her hand's on a table that was nearby as she showed her ass to him wanting him to take her right there.

When Naruto saw this he lost his mind as he grabbed his length and entered her making both moan they haven't felt this in so long well it was just actually a week but it felt amazing for them. They did their best not to make any noise since they were in a tent and everyone would hear them if they did but it made it more exciting for them. Naruto slammed into her repeatedly as all you could hear at the moment was their skin hitting each other and the smell of sex in the air.

Shizune kept herself from moaning but it felt too good she started to moan as Naruto made her turn around as they both were facing each other again but this time he lifted her in the air as Shizune knew where this was going as she wrapped her legs around him as he entered her once again but at a faster pace.

"N-Naruto...more" she moaned into his ear making him turned on even more as he held on to her ass and pounder her even more. Shizune could feel it she was getting close to her end as Naruto thrusted at a fast pace but finally she couldn't take it anymore.

"Naruto I'm going to cum" She told him as she accidently clawed his back making groan but continued.

"M-Me too" He said as was about to explode into her but then he got a perverted idea. He took Shizune as he was still inside her and took her over where Tsunade was and when they were where she was Naruto thrusted into Shizune again as she hovered above the Hokage's face.

"Nooo Naruto this is embarrassing" She said out of embarrassment but her face had a look of lust as they were at their end as Naruto released inside her as she released too above the sleeping Hokage.

They were exhausted and covered in sweat but it was worth it as they both fell to the ground as he was still inside her. Shizune held on to him as he did the same.

"I hate you for doing that but" she looked into his blue eye's "I love you".

"EH" he exclaimed to the first part but smiled at her "I love you too".


Tsunade awoke from her coma and regain her position before Danzo could take over as Hokage and the village was nearly rebuilded as it looked brand new. The other Kage's agreed to a Shinobi Alliance to take down the Akatsuki at the time while Shizune was heading over to Naruto's place to tell him some new's she recently found out.

Naruto was in his new home that Tazuna built himself he didn't have much but a bed and some clothes he still had. He then heard someone knock on his door as he answered it he was somewhat surprised to see it was Shizune.

"Hey Shizune how's it going aren't you busy with stuff with Tsunade?" he said as he allowed her to enter his him but still he was surprise to see her this time of the day she would be busy with paper work with Tsunade or at least help with the Hospital.

"I need to talk to you Naruto" She said in a voice of concern as she turned around to face him as he closed the door behind him. She started to get nervous for the news she had to tell him like ' how will he take it? ' way.

"What do you need to talk about?" He asked calmly but inside he felt nervous for some reason.

"Naruto I'm...I'm pregnant!" She told him in a high pitch voice as she blushed out of embarrassment.

Naruto blinked at her for a moment then "EHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'M GOING TO BE A FATHER!" He yelled as he didn't expect this really he didn't.

"What you don't want to be a father" She said as her eye's started to water but when Naruto saw this he quickly had to choose his word's wisely.

"N-No that's not it I'm just surprised that's all" He said as he walked up to her and held her hand's "Actually for a while I been wanting to do this but now seems like the right time" Naruto got on one knee and dug around inside his pocket and pulled it out making Shizune gasp.

"Will you Marry me Shizune?" He said as he held a ring in his hand. Shizune felt tear's fall from her cheek's as she had a smile on her face "YES" She said as Naruto put the ring on her finger. She was so happy that she pushed him on his bed taking him by surprise as she straddled him.

"I'm so happy" She shrieked in joy as she moved on him but the position they were in made thing's weird for him as he was starting to get turned on and she noticed.

"Naruto you naughty boy" She said in a seductive voice as she started to take off her robes as she started to move her hips making him groan. Normally Naruto was the one who made the first move but now at a time like this she was making the move as she dropped her robe's to her hip's revealing her breast to him.

"S-Shizune don't you think we should tell everyone first" He said as if he was desperate.

"No I don't think so well not now at least not until I'm done with you" She said as she was naked now and had her way with her new husband and the father of her child.

She was truly happy.

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