The Tragyls at Hogwarts

Summary: The Tragyls are a pure-blood wizarding family. Waltr Tragyl comes from a long line of wealthy Slytherins. Keriesa Weasley Tragyl, his wife, comes from a long line of poor, but influential, Gryffindors. This story covers the years that their eight children attend Hogwarts (overlaps Harry's time there in later parts).

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The Tragyls at Hogwarts: 1984

Summary: Harris Tragyl, the oldest of eight children, begins his first year at Hogwarts.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter, Hogwarts, and anything you recognize are JK Rowling's.

Note on Years: Working on the assumption that Harry began in 1991. See the HP Source on Nomad's site: for the rational behind that.