This is my first story hope you like it. I know that there are loads of chaos stories but I will try to make it as different as possible from the . I unfortunately do not own Percy Jackson

Omega POV (Percy)

I ran through the forest chasing a guy named Ryan, a murderer of to many to count. He was only a few steps in front of me I threw one of my throwing knives that I have on my belt and it never runs out just like my arrows. The knife had caught his skin a little bit and blood started to spill out, he was pinned to the tree by his own clothing. "Who are you" he whispered shakily with fear in his voice. "I'm Omega" I stated calmly and the use my bow and arrow to shoot him in the throat. I put my thumb on his fore head and a black cloud started to cover him and sending him into the void. His body faded away. I don't usually do these kind of things for Chaos but sometime he wants me to. My usual job is Commander of the first sector one of the best sectors and because I'm the commander of the first sector I'm also 1st in command for the whole army when Chaos isn't around. Chaos is the creator of the universe. I'm second strongest in the universe only second to Chaos. Anyway I walked out of the forest and I used my watch to phone Charlie so he could let me up onto the ship. "Successful mission, Omega" he said through his watch as he landed to let me on. I got on board "Yeah easy catch this mission" I said while taking off my hood. Charlie, James and Chaos are the only people who know my identity. "I'm going to get some sleep before we arrive home" I said whilst going to my bedroom of the ship. We could of been home easily with my powers that Chaos gave me but he said this way I could get rest before meetings. I lay down on the bed I couldn't get to sleep I started to think about them. It's been 767 year since I left, since I was betrayed and since she cheated on me.


It had been 2 weeks since my new half brother had arrived. His name is Zack and he is a year younger than me (15years old) somehow he hadn't been attacked until he was 15. I don't know how he hadn't been attacked as he is a child of Poseidon who is one of the big three. I guess some people,e are luckier than others. Ever since he arrived he has been a complete jerk he started to get campers to praise him like he had saved the world which I did last year. But none of my closest friends fell for him. Until he started to accuse me of things that I didn't do. First it was Katie she believe him when he told her that I had ruined her garden. Next it was Clarisse who thought I had broken her new spear. After that it was the stoll's who were told that I was the one who stole their money. Next was Nico I was blamed for painting his cabin pink why in hades would I do that? After that I was blamed for breaking Grovers reed pipes. All of the campers started to hate me because of this. It even somehow got to the Roman camp and now all of them hate me too.

Zack has been at camp for 3 weeks now and I was the one who had to train him but now he is on a quest to kill the minotaur. The only people who hadn't believed that Zack was the "best demigod ever" is Annabeth ( my amazing girlfriend), my father (Poseidon), Chiron and my mum and Paul. they were the only people that were keeping me from leaving.

2 days later

Zack has come back from killing the minotaur and everyone is treating him like he is the best. Poseidon has now come to congratulate him and he named him his favourite son that hurt a lot when the words came out and I was there right in front of him as well and to make things worse Chiron said that he was the best demigod ever to live. They both were going on about how great he was. I went to my cabin to send a Iris message to my mum and Paul when it showed me the apartment burnt to the ground. Tears started to run down my cheeks. I wiped them away and ended the message. I sat there for half an hour and decided I would give Annabeth her present now that I made. A necklace with an owl charm on it that had sea green gems as eyes. I walked down to the beach. What I saw shattered my heart. I just stood there. "When are you going to break up with my weakling brother" Zack said. "I'll break up with him tomorrow morning, you are so much better than Percy" Annabeth said whilst going to kiss him again but she stopped when she saw me. "Percy i'm sorry I was going to tell you but I didn't want to hurt your feelings" she said. "And finding out this way wasn't going to hurt" I yelled. "I spent a whole day on making you this necklace just to show you how much I cared and you go cheat on me with my own brother" I said whilst raising my voice. I threw the necklace into the sand and stormed off. I went to my cabin. Everyone I cared about betrayed me. Tears streamed down my face again. I packed some ambrosia and nector, clothes and food. I left riptide behind and all my other belongings. I ran out of the borders, I didn't know where I was going or what I was going to do I just wanted to get away from this place.

It has been 3 weeks since I left and I had ran into a few demigods I took them to the borders of camp then ran away again they all asked me my name but I never told them but I did tell them what happened to me. When they got across the borders they would look back for me but I was already gone I had vapour travelled away so no one would find me. I knew that they were looking for me as I heard the hunters talk about it when I was camping in forests I would soon leave only leaving a sign that I had been there so they knew that. I don't know why they were looking for me. I was running out of food and I had been attacked a million time by monsters but I kept wandering through the country. When I was stopped by a man who had completely black eyes with stars and planets in them? "Hello there Perseus I have watched over you for a while now and have decided that I want you in my army do you accept my invitation?" I thought for a second and nodded at the offer I had nothing else in my life this was the best thing that's happened to me in a while.

~~~~~~~~END OF FLASHBACK~~~~~~~~

Ever since then I got the commander of sector 1 position straight a way. Now all I do is go on missions, train myself and train my sector.

"Yo PJ were here get up" Charlie said. I got up from lying down and out on my hood. We walked out and went to Chaos' office. We knocked on the door and Chaos told us to enter.

"successful mission, Omega" he asked although he probably knew the answer. " Yes sir" I stated firmly. "Percy" he said I knew that this wouldn't be good news as he used my real name. "I a new mission for you one that you may not like. It is on the planet Earth the Titans are rising again and I need you to go help the gods and demigods." He said calmly. I didn't know how to answer I just stood there. "I will be sending your sector and Charlie's sector along with you." He spoke. " When do we leave " I said quietly but he still heard me. "In 3 hours I have already informed your troops but Charlie your troops are leaving tomorrow but you will be leaving with Percy and if things get worse on Earth James will be sent to help but I doubt you'll need him." We nodded and then left.

I was shocked I couldn't get my words out but I just walked to our room ( Charlie,me and James ) I packed my stuff still being silent but Charlie knew that I didn't want to talk about it so he didn't ask me anything about it.