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The next day...

Everyone awoke to the peaceful camp. No one was really talking either because they wanted to be quiet or because no one knew what to say. Percy had been up before the camp like he usually was. Today he was going to talk to Chaos and find the truth of everything that he had kept from the Commanders. He had feeling it was something big as well.

Chaos would be getting here by 12:00. That meant they had 2 hours until then. Most cabins just went around their usual routines. They would do jobs round camp or train. Everyone knew that the Last battle was coming in very short time. What worried some was that they were greatly outnumbered. Yes they had Chaos' Army that consisted of hundreds a warriors who knew what they were doing but what if they had thousands that knew what they were doing. They had the campers, they had only been trained to fight better a few days ago. And that's all the people the Gods knew about who were fighting.

Today they also decided that they would have a meeting at the same time that Chaos would be arriving. So Percy and his fellow Commanders knew that today was going to be one of the craziest yet. Percy had spoken to many Ambassadors, Kings, Emperors, Queens, Parliaments or whoever was in charge of the worlds to get their support. Apparently Chaos hadn't been to any of the Worlds to talk to them he had done something else. The Elite team had gone back to Chaos once they left the Commanders. It wasn't really a surprise since the Commanders and the Elites didn't get along very well. Many were confused on why Percy was not an Elite because he was the best in the Army. Even Chaos had said Percy was one of the best soldiers he has recruited. However something seemed suspicious. Chaos left Earth to talk to other Worlds but he hadn't gone, something was defiantly up.

Percy sat on the floor. Charlie and James had gone to talk with some of the campers. Percy had a candle lit in front of him. He was meditating. Percy hadn't needed to meditate in years because he usually had his power under control but after his burst of energy he had decided it best to see if he could use the new-found power again. He had been sat there for about 10 minutes.

Percy concentrated on his inner power. The air around him started to blow, water vapour in the air turned into water and created a bubble around him, a mini earthquake just around his tent, the small flame in front of him grew. The power was becoming wild and uncontrolled. The shields Percy had put around his power to make sure he didn't hurt anyone with his emotions were now gone. He finally let go of the control and let the elements be free. It felt good to finally release everything. His elements, his emotions. It was like a huge weight was lifted from him.

Percy tried to restrain the elements around him again. A piece of rock emerged from the ground and floated in front of him. The fire flew up and surrounded the small piece of rock. Water from the bubble around soon found its way to the floating elements, water made rings around the flaming rock. The air made a ball around the three other elements. Percy reached out to the powers. His fingers touched the air gusting around the rock,fire and water. It was as if it was a solid object touching the air. The son of the sea closed his eyes embracing the power. A tingling feeling went through his fingers it was like being shocked by Thalia but not painful. Percy opened his eyes only to be met by the same blue energy. But instead of shooting in a rush it swirled around the 4 elements in front of him. It swirled up his arm causing it to tingle his arm as well. It shone blindingly the blue light.

Percy opened his eyes only to see that there wasn't anything power wise around him anymore. He could feel the power in him. He felt stronger than he was when he awoke this morning.

"Percy!?" He heard James calling him from outside the tent.

James walked in. He saw Percy sat on the floor and raised an eyebrow.

"You okay dude?" James asked.

"Yeah, just blacked out a second ago." Percy told the half truth not sure to tell him about the blue energy.

"Were leaving for the meeting now. It should be starting soon, Chaos is coming." James informed Percy.

"Yeah I know. I need to speak with Chaos." Percy said standing up. "Let's go."

Percy and James walked into the camp. Everyone was standing around ready to leave.


Everyone stood around Olympus talking among themselves. Percy on the other hand was thinking about the blue energy light thing that happened in the tent. He didn't know what happened. He didn't even know if Chaos could help him with it. Also Percy wasn't in the best of moods with Chaos after Chaos not telling anyone what he was up to.

Now all they had to do was wait. Wait for Chaos to arrive.

Chaos said he would be arriving as soon as he could but something was holding him up at Chaos' world. Everybody was growing impatient waiting. It had been 45 minutes since he should have come. Commanders shared a confused, worried look.

"Do you think something bad has happened back home?" Ashley asked quietly.

"I think so." Charlie responded in a hushed tone so only the Commanders could hear.

"I'm going to go see." Percy told them.

"Were coming with you." Imara said in more of an order than a requested way.

The Commanders nodded in agreement looking at Percy not giving him a choice.

"Fine but be careful." Percy caved in.

"Were always careful." Fred smirked.

"Yeah right." Percy muttered.

"Let's go." Charlie said.

Percy flashed out in blue-green light. Followed my Imara's bright thunderous blue, then Crystal's ice blue light, then Fred's orange-red, after that Ashley's purple, James' dark green and finally Charlie's silvery grey.

Olympus watched in awe and confusion at the bright, colourful exit.


The Commanders looked around to see ruins of their home. Everything was destroyed. Walking around carefully to see if there was anyone around.

"What happened here?" Ashley asked quietly as she picked up some of the rubble.

"Order happened." James said.

"Where do you think Chaos might be?" Fred asked.

"I have no idea. He either escaped or fought and d-" James was cut off.

"Don't finish that sentence." Imara said through her teeth.

"Well what other solution do you have?!" James snapped back.

Imara opened her mouth to argue back.

"Stop it." Percy interrupted.

"Arguing each other won't help anyone. We have more important things to do. We are meant to be a team." Percy scolded them.

Percy looked at the place he had called home for over 700 years.

"Let's go see some of the Planets around this quadrant, see if they're in better shape." Percy said before transporting to another close-by planet.

LINE BREAK- On Olympus

After the Commanders left they all sat in confusion. It had to be half an hour later when people flashed onto Olympus. However it was not the Commanders but the Elites and Chaos. The new arrivals looked like they had been in a battle moments ago.

"Where are my Commanders?" Chaos asked.

"We were hoping you could tell us. They flashed out of here a little while ago." Zoe informed.

"What happened to all of you?" Bianca asked them.

"Order came to our Home-Base everything is destroyed." Lucas told them.

"Everything?" A soldier asked in a whisper of disbelief.

"Yes, everything." Chaos confirmed sadly.

The Soldiers were silent. They were all thinking of the loss of their home that had been given to them when they needed refuge. It had come a shock to everyone. Even though it hadn't effected the Gods and Demi-gods they still seemed upset about the new news.

"I think the Commanders went there to look for you." Bianca said breaking the silence.

"Yes that is most probable." Chaos sighed. "I shall go fetch them now. Lucas do not cause any trouble, please." He added before walking through a vortex.


The other worlds around had been destroyed as well. Luckily they were just planets for Chaos' Soldiers to use rather than for people or creatures to live on. It looked like no one was killed by the attack but no one was positive about that. They hadn't found Chaos around so they decided it would be best to head back to Earth soon.

All of the Commanders looked at all of the destruction.

"How is it possible for one person to cause all of this?" Ashley asked as if she didn't quite believe that it was real.

"I don't know." Blake murmured in response.

"We should head back soon before they start to worry." Charlie said.

"Yeah." James said still looking around.

As they were about to flash out a Vortex appeared and Chaos walked out.

"Why are all of you here? I would have thought that you would be on Earth." Chaos said.

"We came looking for you since you didn't show up." Imara snapped.

"Yes. I do apologise as you can see I was busy with trying to save our home." Chaos said.

"Shall we head back then."

The Commanders nodded and followed Chaos into the Vortex to Earth.

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