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Everything about them clashed with each other and it was no wonder that they couldn't stand either's presence and only did so (barely) for her sake.

"Umm," Kagome said hesitantly, glancing back and forth nervously and let out a quiet cry of surprise when one side of the Goshinboku caught fire and the other side began to freeze over with ice, "You need to stop this now!"

Hiei didn't bother to listen to her increasingly loud voice and instead glared at the being across from him with irritated red eyes, "I have no need for your help. The Miko does not require your presence." He stated impassively.

Blue-green eyes narrowed and his brow twitched at the pure arrogance dripping from the demon's tone, "This is my mission, given to me by the Sou-Taichou himself," Hitsugaya said with the same apathy that Hiei had just spoke with, "To protect Higurashi Kagome from any Hollow attack."

"That's all fine and dandy, but destroying the shrine's grounds with fire and ice isn't exactly helping things!" Kagome butted in between them, having the advantage because she was actually taller than the two (something she probably wouldn't be able to boost about ever again with anyone else).

Hiei snorted, taking his eyes off the Captain to lazily rest them on Kagome, "The Shinigami is a burden to you," He said flatly, "He is not required to be here when I already patrol the grounds."

"It's my mission," Hitsugaya grit his teeth, growing more and more irritated with the demon. He hadn't been told that a Youkai liked to hang around Higure Shrine, "Kagome-sama has never said that I was a burden to her family."

"Don't call me 'sama', Toshirou-kun," Kagome rubbed her temple and ignored the glare from the Shinigami for the too-cute familiarity, "And no, Hiei-chan, Toshirou-kun is not a burden."

It was odd that they were so similar, but of course that's why they also clashed horribly.

Both Hiei and Hitsugaya seemed surprised when Kagome wrapped an arm around their shoulders, forcibly dragging them into her side so she was essentially hugging them awkwardly at the same time, "You don't need to fight! I love you both the same!"

Both stiffened in her grip from her affectionate words and couldn't help to think of their separate special connection they each had to the Miko.

Kagome smiled mischievously, her arms tightening around the Youkai and the Shinigami,"Besides, I'm the tallest, so you need to listen to me." She joked, not affected by their annoyed stares.

At least with her added into the mix, they clashed a little less horribly...