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"What are you? Stupid?!"

The man's voice cracked through the classroom like a whip, making the students sit up straighter or shift nervously in their chairs. The teacher glared at the students menacingly, but what should they have expected? The student was wrong after all.

"How do you expect to get into these A.P courses, if you can't even get the formula for cellular respiration? That's freshmen work!"

The student in question just stared at his feet, shrugging.

"Who can tell this brat the formula for cellular respiration?" he looked around the room until his eyes rested on a girl, Zelda.

"Zelda!" He called.

"C6H12O6, plus 6O2, becomes 6CO2, plus 6H2O, plus 38ATP," she answered quietly, but firmly.

"Correct. Kevin, write that down," He turned back to the board. How did this man still have a job? He worked with children! The answer was simple. One, he worked at The Black Order Academy for the Gifted, a place where children went only if they were good enough and the people could care less if they had a tough teacher because that was to be expected. Two, he was an alumni, so graduating from the Black Order Academy, and then to work there gave you some weight and respect. Three, and most importantly, he delivered the A's.

Finally, the bell rang, "Class dismissed."

He glared at each one of his students as the class room emptied, over hearing some of their conversations.

"Who do you have next?"

"Professor Walker for English."

"Lucky, I like that class."

He sighed sharply through his nose. All of the students loved Allen. Probably because the class was so easy, he mused, but that would be false. He had walked by the English room and heard them using words to "Describe the Human Condition" and a bunch of other philosophical shit, and the class was freshmen.

The class wasn't easy, Allen was just a softy.

He glared and left the room to a department meeting that was on the fifth floor.

He would just have to go to the damn meeting and by the time it would be done, school would be over and he could drag 'Professor Walker' out of the fucking building and into their bed. Many of the students assumed that he and Allen were close friends. They always questioned how that was possible especially when they were so different and they argued all the time. Yet, at lunch or after school, one would always be with the other.

If only they knew.


"Alright class, so today since I was very happy with your test scores, and we did just finish a unit, I will let you all have a study."

The class all sighed in relief and began pulling out vast quantities of chemistry homework.

Allen bent over to glance at the complex work that was lying on a girl's desk, "Is this all from Professor Kanda?" He asked. The girl nodded, clearly stressed.

"Man, he's a tough one, huh?"

The student's all nodded and a boy named Timothy called out, "Can't you tell him to get off our backs Professor?"

"Now, why would you assume that I would have any luck with that?" Allen asked, a small smiled on his lips.

"Aren't you, like, best friend with him?"

Allen chuckled, "I guess you could say that, but that doesn't mean that I can tell him how he should teach."

The class all groaned and Allen smiled, "Come on, use this time wisely so you don't have as much to bring home, that textbook sure does look heavy!"

The class all nodded and focused their attention back to their homework.


Finally, the meeting was done and Kanda was heading towards the English wing. The meeting was dull, mostly just Komui discussing testing that all the departments would have to have their students take, but now it was the Science departments turn.

He sighed and turned into Allen's hallway and strode down the deserted passage. Finally, he made it, and he walked through the open door, and seeing Allen at his desk typing feverishly on the keyboard.

He approached the younger male and pushed his whealy chair away from the desk. He smirked as the English teacher looked up at him, and he leaned down to kiss him skillfully on the mouth. He separated his lips and took the younger's breath, before moving to the Moyashi's neck.

"Kanda! Stop it!" Allen whined as Kanda leaned further over him.

"Why?" The older man asked, brushing his lips against the shell of Allen's ear.

"What if a student comes in?"

"Then they'll definitely learn something about 'the human condition,'" Kanda sneered.

"BaKanda! I have freshmen too now!" Allen stated like that would stop Kanda.

"So? Like your one to talk, there're fifteen. Remind me, exactly when did you start having sex?" Kanda asked moving his lips down to the base of Allen's neck again.

Allen's face reddened, "Well, I loved you and you loved me so we were ready."

Kanda only smirked, "I think it is because you are afraid of getting your room dirty."

"I still can't look at that desk the same way! I feel so bad for Timothy because he has to sit there," Allen fretted, remembering the time when they had gotten a tad bit too intimate in the classroom.

"Well, he is a little stuck up brat," Kanda reasoned logically.

"Kanda, he's just a little boy!"

"Well, why don't we make sure that you don't have to worry about scarring your students? Hurry up and lets go home."

Allen tried to look at him disapprovingly, but failed as he couldn't help the flutter of excitement blooming in his chest.

Kanda stepped back and lounged at one of the desks with his feet resting on the top. Allen flushed and turned back to his screen. Quickly he finished typing up the work sheet then turned off his computer. He gathered all of his things and shoved them in his back before slinging it over his shoulder.

"Ready?" He asked.

Kanda nodded and stood up. He walked past Allen and through the door. Allen followed and jogged lightly to match pace with the older male.

Allen and Kanda both met when they were students at the Black Order. Allen was a freshmen and Kanda was a senior. It started rocky at first, their relationship. Resulting in many fist fights, but soon they figured out where all that 'passion' was coming from. They had gone to school with Lenalee and Lavi, both teachers too. Lenalee was a biology and anatomy teacher, and Lavi a history teacher. They were still good friends. Though, not every influence at the school was a positive one. Kanda still boiled with rage at the thought of one of the issues with this particular individual.

They continued down the deserted hallway, most of the students were gone by this point, and they didn't run into anyone until they passed the library.

"Hello, Timothy," Allen greeted as they passed the freshmen.

"Good afternoon, Professor Walker," the young boy responded back politely.

"Tch, brat…" Kanda muttered as they passed the student who was now entering the library.

"I don't see why you hate Timothy so much, Kanda," Allen said quietly when they were a safe distance from the young student.

"He has a lack of respect and discipline," Kanda responded simply.

"You think that everyone lacks those," Allen pointed out.


Allen sighed; they now had left the school and were approaching their car. He quickly glanced around to make sure no one was watching, and wrapped his arms around Kanda's neck. He stood on his tiptoes and whispered seductively in Kanda's ear, "Why don't we just go home, and finished what we started, okay?"

"Fine," Kanda responded and welcomed the short kiss that Allen gave him, before turning back to the car and getting in.

The drive was quick, as they lived relatively close to the school. They could have walked but they had been running late that morning because of their, well, late night.

Oh, and how many late nights they did have.

Kanda flicked on the blinker and turned left into a parking space a block down from their apartment complex. Allen left hand moved on its own, walking his first two fingers down Kanda's thigh.

"Moyashi…." Kanda growled as his yanked the keys none too gently from the ignition.

"Hmmm? Yes, Kanda?" Allen asked innocently.

Kanda twisted in the car to face Allen and pulled the younger teacher in closer to him by the collar. He crushed their lips together roughly and Allen couldn't help but moan at the much wanted contact. Their hot breath mingled as their actions became more and more desperate.

"Kanda, we really shouldn't do this in the car…" Allen tried weakly.

"Tch, you're the one who started this, Beansprout," Kanda snorted, "So you should face the consequences."

"But someone might see, and we'll have to clean it up," Allen started again, this time with more resolve. After all, Lavi had mentioned to Allen at their lunch break that his car was being fixed and he might need a ride to school the next morning. Naturally, Allen agreed and forgot to tell Kanda because of the man being so deliciously tempting, first in his classroom then again in the car, so naturally it slipped his mind.

"Fine," Kanda snapped before kissing Allen again, "But you better get your skinny ass into the apartment quickly, or so help me god I will not hesitate to fuck you in the elevator… Hard."

Allen gulped knowing full well that Kanda was serious. As quickly as he could, he got out of the car, grabbed his bag and sprinted into the lobby, much to Kanda's amusement. Allen said a brief hello to the man at the desk before pressing the elevator and waiting impatiently for it to open, hoping that he would be able to get in before Kanda locked the car so that the man couldn't molest him or possibly dirty the elevator. Much to his dismay, Kanda strode leisurely into the lobby, smirking at Allen's panicking expression. Calmly, Kanda walked up to Allen as he waited for the elevator, which, as if to just spite Allen, opened right when Kanda stopped next to him.

The two walked in and the doors closed behind them. Without a word, Kanda pressed the level five button and waited patiently as they started moving up. Kanda glanced at Allen smirking, "Moyashi, do you seriously think I would try something in an elevator?" Kanda asked innocently, even as he moved closer to Allen so that they were being pressed together.

"I have long since learned to judge your bounds Kanda, after the many things that you have tried," Allen said nervously as he backed up, only to hit the wall of the elevator.

"You should trust me more," Kanda whispered, his lips inches away from Allen's.

The elevator beeped as the doors opened to level five.

"It's not that I don't trust you, BaKanda," Allen smirked and ducked underneath Kanda and slipped through the doors before walking down the hall and to their door. He pulled out the keys and turned the nob, before walking into their dark apartment. Kanda came in right behind him and flicked on the switch, illuminating the spacious apartment.

Allen walked further into the apartment and took of his coat when he felt Kanda's stong arms wrapping themselves around his torso. He gasped lightly as he felt Kanda's lips on his neck, and his hands finding their way under his shirt to caress his abdomen.

"Geeze, Kanda, You couldn't even wait to get to the bedroom, huh?" Allen spoke softly.

"Che, Baka Moyashi, I told you not to keep me waiting," Kanda replied firmly and breathed huskily in Allen's ear.

"What do you want me to do? Snap my fingers and make my clothes disappear?"

"That would be nice," Kanda smirked.

Allen turned around to glare at Kanda, only to have his lips claimed, before being thrown unceremoniously over Kanda's shoulder and carried through the apartment.

"BaKanda! Let me go!" Allen whined.

In response, Kanda kicked open their bedroom door and threw the smaller teacher onto the Mattress. Allen bounced lightly as he made contact with the comforter, and he kicked the sheets down to the end of the bed as Kanda approached him, tantalizingly slow.

"Moy-a-shi…" Kanda said softly, teasing Allen as he crawled onto the bed and over his white haired lover. He smirked at Allen before finally descending upon him and crushing their lips together passionately. His nimble fingers worked effortlessly in untying Allen's tie and throwing it across the room. He then undid the buttons of the grey vest and with the help of Allen, untangled him from the annoying piece of cloth.

Finally he was on the white shirt, which he unbuttoned with ease, and he moved his face up Allen's stomach and chest, closing his eyes as he inhaled the addicting scent that was his Moyashi. He breathed hotly on Allen's neck placing three kisses in a row on the sensitive skin before moving back down to his chest.

Neither of them would get much sleep that night…

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