Here's chapter two!

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Allen rolled over in bed and felt the cool sheets against his skin. He sighed in content and buried his face into Kanda's chest. It was so peaceful, it was so calm, it was-

He looked over at the clock- It was six thirty?!

Allen yelped and jumped out of bed before practically pushing Kanda off the mattress.

"What the fuck Moyashi?!" Kanda growled as he caught himself before he hit the floor.

"Its six thirty, and we have to pick up Lavi!" Allen said frantically and ran into the bathroom so that he wouldn't smell like sex in the class room. He heard Kanda storm after him, cursing with his stride. After getting into the shower, Kanda thoroughly scrubbed down a yelping Allen and practically threw him out of the shower to get dressed before following suit.

After being practically molested by Kanda, Allen grabbed a towel from the closet and raked the material over his skin to dry off. He then sprinted to the closet and pulled on a pair of steal grey dress pants, a white shirt and a grey vest. As he was tying on a blue tie, as he couldn't find his usual red ribbon, he heard the blow-dryer running. He nearly laughed out loud; the fact that Kanda was using a blow-dryer was just too hilarious. However, he knew that once Kanda was finished with his task, Allen would be dragged mercilessly out of the apartment building and to work, so he would have to use his time wisely. AKA he was going to scarf down as much food as time permitted in the kitchen.

The blow-dryer stopped when Allen was on his twenty seventh Ego Waffle, and sure enough that was followed by the rough grip of Kanda's hand on his shoulder and him being pulled out of their home. They practically ran to the car and Kanda put his keys in the ignition before driving, well over the speed limit, to Lavi's house. Allen was surprised that Kanda went straight to Lavi's; he honestly was expecting the man to ignore the redhead completely and drive directly to school.

Finally, they arrived and Lavi's and Allen got out of the car to ring the doorbell. Kanda watched the Moyashi's progress up the steps of the history teacher's door, or more correctly, watched the Moyashi's ass as he walked up the steps. God, those pants hugged the man's thighs leaving almost nothing to the imagination. Kanda pondered whether or not to burn all of the Moyashi's tight fitting clothing and make him go to work in sweatpants so that no one would be able to objectify Allen like he hypocritically was now.

A group of men were walking down the street and the wolf whistled at the oblivious English Teacher. Yup, Kanda was definitely going to burn those pants.

After about five minutes Allen was walking back down the stairs with a grinning redhead. They got into the car and Kanda swung away from the curb and down the streets to the school.

"Damn," Lavi commented, grinning, "Yu, you sure are going fast… did you guys have a late night or something?"

Kanda rolled his eyes at Lavi's falsely innocent voice, "Yes, do you want video proof or something?"

"Kanda!" Allen scolded his face heating up.

Lavi chucked, "I would like to see that, I always wondered what you two were like in bed."

"Who ever said anything about a bed?"


Lavi chucked, "I'm sure that it is eventful, after what I had to deal with throughout high school."

Allen blushed, and finally they arrived at the school with Allen practically sprinting out of the car and to the English wing.

Lavi chucked and nudged the dark haired teacher, but then became serious, "Kanda."

That got Kanda's attention. Even if things were serious, Lavi still addressed him by Yu, knowing that it pissed him off. If Lavi called him Kanda, then serious shit had gone to hell. He looked at Lavi.

"Bookman wants to talk to you. He's going to call Allen first, but he wants you to know what he's going to tell Allen, because knowing him, he'll try to brush it off."

Kanda's eyes narrowed, "What does he want to talk about?"

"Just talk to Bookman."

Kanda nodded despite his growing curiosity and headed into the school with Lavi.


It was the end of the day and Kanda was in a very pissy mood. He stormed down the hall seething about exam weeks and poor performances and stupid Allen who let his stupid fucking students bring in candy during the test. He was just about to turn down the corner of the hall when he heard, "Yes, I think it would be him and Professor Walker…"

He halted, recognizing the voice to be a student's. Frowning slightly he paused and listened to the conversation, it sounded like a group of girls.

"With professor Bookman? Oh, god, that's hot…" (AN I am referring to Lavi, not Bookmen here. No offence Bookman)

Kanda's blood began to boil. Is this what girls talked about in high school? Which teacher would be the hottest to pair up? More importantly why wasn't Kanda paired up with Allen?

"Oh, totally! And I bet professor Bookman would be so kind and gentle taking him."

"Yeah, I know right? Professor Walker would definitely be the uke."

"Well, no duh!" a girl squealed.

Kanda twitched.

"Oh, I don't know," a quieter voice started, "I think that Professor Walker would be better with Professor Kanda."

Finally! Someone with some sense! (AN: I'm not popin' a squat on other pairings, this is just of Kanda's perspective)

"Are you joking?! Professor Kanda would crush poor Professor Walker, then Professor Walker would run away to Professor Bookman after being mistreated."

Kanda was about to have a conniption, and yet he couldn't bring himself to stop the conversation. He was shamefully drawn in. More importantly, what were these motherfucking brats talking about?! Kanda never mistreated Allen, so these children could shove it up there asses for all he cared.

The quiet voice continued, "I think Professor Walker would top."

If Kanda wasn't Kanda, his eyes would be bulging out of his head. Who the fuck was this kid? Hmm, Allen toping? The thought had never really struck his mind. Did Allen want to top? Was Kanda supposed to ask him that?

Kanda continued pondering this when he felt a soft voice in his ear, "Kanda, what are you doing?"

Oh fuck no. Not the Moyashi. He turned around slowly to look at Allen, who was watching him with wide silver eyes.

"I think Professor Walker would be very energetic in bed…" that annoying-as-fuck voice continued.

Kanda looked at Allen, who was having a silent gagging fit. The poor English teacher was brick red in the face, which didn't help the act that he looked like he was choking on a Toaster Strudel.

"Do you think Professor Kanda speaks in Japanese when he gets into it?"

That's it. These kids were getting way to into his personal life, and pairing Allen with Lavi made Kanda want to punch a wall. He turned the corner ignoring Allen who was clutching at his arm and made eye contact with the group of girls.

He glared at them all in a way that promised them all lab reports and tedious work, "Is there something that you wanted to tell me, Ladies?" Kanda asked, his voice as sharp as a blade and angry as fucking hell.

All of the girls paled except for one who was standing in the middle of the group. That said student wove her way through the tangle of girls and directly in front of the pissed off chemistry teacher. She was petite with large glasses and a pudding bowl haircut, "Well, do you speak Japanese in bed?"

Holly motherfucker- Did that girl seriously just say that?! Her voice matched the quiet voice that had spoken before, not giving her any brownie points in Kanda's book.

Kanda's glare changed from one that promised homework, to one that promised a life of pain, "You little-"

"Kanda!" Allen reprimanded, coming up behind the taller male just in time, "Don't start anything that-"

"Baka Moyashi, did you not hear what she just said?" Kanda boiled.

"I told you so…" The girl with the pudding bowl haircut said quietly, her face lacking any expression.

The other girls in the group giggled, but then shut up when Kanda set them on fire with his glare. Allen, sensing the heavy atmosphere, mainly emanating from Kanda, pushed the older man away from the girls and spoke soothingly, "Please take this as a lesson, girls, and don't speak openly about other people like that. It's rude to be frank," he softened them with a smile, "Good day."

Allen dragged Kanda away from the girls and down the hall. Finally, they arrived in room 308-E, or Allen's class room. Kanda shook his arm out of Allen's grip and sulked, glaring at the wall, at the windows, at the floor, at everything. Allen chuckled and Kanda glared at him too. The Moyashi was standing up, hovering over his desk with his black framed glasses on his nose as he looked up to laugh at Kanda.

Kanda glared at Allen and said, most eloquently, "Fuck you."

That only made Allen laugh again, "Here," he said, tossing a paperback book at Kanda, "Read this while I grade this last paper then we can go."

Grumbling like a child, much to Allen's amusement, Kanda sat down in one of the desks and opened the book.

"Oh, fuck no!" Kanda cursed upon reading the first sentence of the book. Angrily, he flipped the book over to read the front cover. To Kill a Mockingbird.

By this point, Allen was in a fit of absolute mirth. Laughing uncontrollably at Kanda's expense. When Allen had to read the book in his freshmen year at the Black Order, Kanda had practically ripped it out of the fifteen year old's hand, proclaimed the book to be shit then chucked it out the window. To summarize, Kanda didn't think the piece of literature to be worth his time.

"I'll tell you what," Allen said, grinning as he made a mark on the paper with his pen, "If you get past chapter five, then you can make me do anything, but only one, when we get home."

Originally, Kanda probably would just have said no, reading five chapters of To Kill a Mockingbird was hell, but the more devious part of his brain was currently picturing all the favors that he could get Allen to do for him. An image of Allen in a miniskirt came to mind, and Kanda opened the book again.

Smiling, Allen sat down and propped his legs onto his desk as he made another note on the essay.

Ok, so this story will be more than a one shot. I have a plot in mind, so yeah! I hope that you all enjoyed it!