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Allen was deeply regretting his decision to do anything for Kanda under the circumstances that they had agreed upon. Begrudgingly, he opened their closet and pulled out the too-large-for-its-purposes box. Steeling himself, Allen opened the Rubber Maid and began shifting through the items that he and Kanda had come to collect over the years.

After brushing aside a pair of fuzzy S&M cuffs and a cock ring, he finally came across the object he was looking for. He pulled the absurdly short plaid skirt from the box and held it away from his body at arm's length. He gave the article of clothing a distaining look, "Kanda? Are you really going to make me wear all of it?" Allen wined, calling to Kanda who was sitting on the couch reading a book.

"Yes, Baka Moyashi," Kanda responded, most likely smirking.

Allen sighed, excepting the inevitable and began searching for the other clothes that Kanda had requested.

When he had finished the five chapters of To Kill a Mockingbird, Kanda had slammed the book onto Allen's desk and said only two words…

"Wear it."

It didn't take Allen much to figure out what Kanda was referring to. Back when Allen was sixteen still in high school, Lavi had taken advantage of Allen's confusion of what to get Kanda for his birthday and told the boy to dress up like a school girl. Little did Allen know, Kanda was going to like the outfit way too much.

Allen sighed in frustration and started to undress before slipping into the much tighter collared shirt and the skirt. He then put on the thigh high socks and the black shoes before finishing up with the red barrette in his hair.

"Okay, Kanda. I'm ready!" Allen called his face brick red.

He heard Kanda begin to move and he hid himself behind the door of the closet. He took deep breaths trying his best to become as unflustered as possible. He had done this before, but that didn't make it any easier.

"Are you coming out, Moyashi?" Kanda called, laughter laced in his voice.

After swallowing thickly, Allen walked out from behind the door and bent his knees a little so his ass was sticking out. He brought his pointer finger to his lips and said in a feminine voice, "I don't know… I'm a bit shy…"

Allen could tell Kanda was trying his hardest not to laugh. He ignored the uncomfortable twisting in his gut and he skipped up to the bed, pushing Kanda so that he was lying down on the mattress.

"Maybe you could help me with that?" He asked sweetly, straddling Kanda's hips and running one finger down Kanda's chest while still using the other to press into his own lower lip, "And maybe, in return, I could help you with something?"

"Hmm?" Kanda questioned, "And what would that be?"

"Oh, I don't know," Allen said his voice silky and soft. He leaned forward, sliding his torso up Kanda's so there faces were inches apart and their groins were even closer, "anything you want…"

"Are you sure about that, Moyashi?" Kanda purred.

"Yeah," Allen answered, sitting back up while still straddling Kanda's hips, "But I think I know what you need help with."

His fingers worked flawlessly, unbuttoning Kanda's pants and unzipping the zipper. He did this slowly, biting his lower lip to look embarrassed, which he didn't have to pretend to be.

'You know what, fuck it…' Allen thought to himself, he shouldn't feel embarrassed by Kanda, he and the man had done so much together that the feeling of embarrassment should not be one in his repertoire. Kanda wasn't going to judge him… Okay, well, he may tease him senseless but that was about as far as that was going to go.

He grinned and gripped the waist of Kanda's pants and pulled them down with one hard yank.


Allen really did like Saturdays. He and Kanda could sleep in and there was no grading to do. He smiled slightly as he rubbed his face into his soft pillow, the sheets only going up to his waist. He felt Kanda's warm arm against his lower back and the morning was perfection until…


"Jesus Christ…" Kanda groaned beside Allen, and he pulled the sheets up higher as if that would somehow protect him and his lover from a very loud redhead.

The door slammed open, "HEY GUYS! Holly fuck, oh god no!" Lavi cursed covering his eyes and running blindly out of the room only to hit the door frame. "If you guys were in some sort of post-orgasm sleepy-faze than you should have warned me!"

Kanda picked up a pillow from the floor and chucked it mercilessly at Lavi's face, "We wouldn't have to do that if you had nocked! How the fuck did you even get in her Baka Usagi?!"

"Well, you see…" Lavi giggled.

"You know what, I don't care. Just get out!"

Lavi hiccupped and continued to laugh. He walked closer to the bed and fell onto the covers directly in between Allen and Kanda.

"Get out!"

"Hmmm? I don't want to…" Lavi said dreamily his face inches away from Kanda's.

"Erg! Are you drunk, baka Usagi?" Kanda said angrily, smelling the stench of alcohol on Lavi's breath.

"Maybe a little bit?"

"Get out. NOW." Kanda growled.

"But he looks so cute..." Lavi gushed quietly.

It took Kanda a moment to realize who Lavi was referring to. Allen was still surprisingly asleep, his face calm and serein. Kanda's eyes flashed dangerously towards Lavi. Lavi's eyelids drooped lazily over part of his eyes and he had a soft smile on his face as he looked at the sleeping man. Slowly, the redhead extended his hand to gently stroke Allen's cheek.

Kanda's hand shot out and gripped Lavi's wrist. Lavi's eyes widened in shock as his mind struggled to comprehend what was happening. Kanda supposed that he should have been gentler, because of the Usagi's mind being fogged with the alcohol, but his anger kind of threw judgment out the window. Completely ignoring the fact that he was naked, Kanda threw Lavi over his shoulder and got out of bed to chuck Lavi out of their bedroom and into the living room.

Ignoring Lavi's cries, Kanda slammed the door closed, locking it or good measure and returned to bed. He got under the covers and closed his eyes, hoping to get a few more hours sleep.

"Mmm…" Allen moaned as he turned and buried his face in Kanda's chest, still somewhat asleep despite the interruption. God, the sprout slept like the dead. Kanda glanced at the small digital clock that was on the bedside table, seeing that it read 5:30, he groaned silently and closed his eyes trying to get some sleep. Why the fuck was that idiot even there a five freeking thirty in the god damned morning? He tried to calm his mind, but the thought of a Baka Usagi sitting in his living room, or maybe even sitting right outside the bedroom door made that surprisingly difficult.


"Fucker!" Kanda cursed and Allen woke with a start, either from the cussing or the loud sound of something breaking. After untangling himself from the sheets he slipped into a pair of pants, and rushed out of the bedroom. Kanda quickly scanned the room, pissed beyond belief, until his eyes rested on Lavi, who was rolling on the floor in giggles, shards of broken glass surrounding him.

Allen walked out of the bedroom rubbing his eyes and yawning. He was dressed in a pair of navy blue boxers and a white t-shirt. He looked at Lavi and blinked twice, his eyes widening.

"Oh, my gosh! Is he okay?" Allen asked, rushing to kneel next to Lavi and poke his forehead.

"Calm down, Baka Moyashi. He's just drunk," Kanda said slightly annoyed.

"Allen!" Lavi stopped giggling suddenly, "I really want some black raspberry ice cream."

"Huh?" Allen asked, clearly perplexed.

"Please?" Lavi whimpered, giving Allen the saddest puppy dog eyes, begging.

"Uh, Okay… I guess…" Allen stood up and made for the door, "I'll be right back..."

"Baka Moyashi, you're not dressed," Kanda stated emotionlessly.

Allen turned a bright shade of red and darted into the bed room to get changed, calling, "Thanks Kanda!"

"Che," Kanda scoffed and looked at Lavi. He should probably move him to the couch and clean up the glass shards. Kanda gipped Lavi around the armpits, which proved difficult because he was squirming so much, and threw him uncaringly onto the couch. Just as he was going to the cabinet to get the dustpan, Allen came running out of the bedroom in a pair of jeans and a hoodie.

"Bye, Kanda!" he called and gave him a quick peck on the lips before disappearing behind the door.

Kanda sighed and swept the glass shards up and threw them away in the trash before returning the dustpan to its place. He walked down the hall to collect some clothes and to take a shower. He turned on the hot water and began undressing before stepping into the steamy shower.

It didn't take him a while to figure out that the glass shards came from the only sake bottle he and Allen owned. Allen was strictly against alcohol because of his time with Cross, and Kanda didn't drink often because he was very strict about what he put in his body. The sake had been a gift from his adoptive brother Daisya, but it just spent its time gathering dust in the cabinet under the sink.

He quickly scrubbed himself down using his bar of soap and after rinsing and turning off the hot water, stepped out of the shower. He dried himself using a fluffy towel and got dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

Suddenly, he heard spouts of bubbly laughter in his ear, like, directly in his ear. He jumped back and punched Lavi square in the jaw for good measure. Lavi only giggled again, rubbing his cheek, "Man, Yu, you still have a hard punch."

Kanda only glared and attempted to push the wasted redhead as far away from him as was physically possible.

"Hey where's the Moyashi?" Lavi asked, clearly just noticing Allen's absence and began looking or the beansprout around the apartment. He checked the drawers, under the couch cushions even under his shirt, and didn't see any of him. Kanda just rolled his eyes and turned away from the embarrassing man, who was clearly too far gone to not notice that Allen couldn't fit in a drawer the size of a bread box.

"It's a shame…" Lavi hiccupped, "I wanted to look at his eyes up close…"

"What the hell, Lavi!" Kanda snapped.

"But they are such a pretty color… silvery…" he sighed then started giggling again.

Kanda stared off into space. If he ignored the boiling part of him that wanted to murder Lavi, he was actually quite shocked. Did Lavi like Allen?

"Do you like Allen?" Kanda asked softly.

Lavi Laughed, "He's so… Cute!"


"I'm really worried though…" Lavi spoke softly, no humor in his voice, "Bookman says…"

"What did Bookman say?" Kanda said sharply, remembering that Lavi said Bookman had some extremely important news about Allen.

Lavi turned his face slowly so that he was facing Kanda completely, "He said Tiki got out."

Kanda's eyes widened and his mouth suddenly felt dry, "What?"

"Tiki is out of prison," he paused and said as through he just realized this, "I probably shouldn't be telling you this, huh?"

Kanda didn't respond, his mind was racing. What would Tiki do? After what happened last time, he was honestly hoping that Tiki would stay in prison forever, but apparently that was wishful thinking. He needed to call Bookman.

Just the thought of Tiki made Kanda sick to his stomach…

"Hey, Yu? I don't feel so good…"

"Hell no, baka Usagi!" Kanda shouted and dragged Lavi into the bathroom, where the redhead proceeded to vomit profusely into the toilet.

"Disgusting…" Kanda cringed as Lavi passed out on the tiled floor. By this point, Kanda was all over the place emotionally, he was on the verge of slamming his forehead against the wall. Frustrated as fuck, he dragged Lavi by his ankles into the living room, ignoring the sickening thunk as Lavi's head slammed into the door frame. He then, once again, threw the unconscious redhead onto the couch.

He inhaled sharply and fell back onto the other couch away from Lavi.

He wasn't sure how long he sat there, his head in his hands, but eventually he heard the telltale clicking of a key being inserted into a lock. The door was kicked open with a thud, and Allen walked in, his small form being laden with groceries. He nudged to door closed with his foot and dropped the brown paper bag onto the counter.

"Sorry for the big bag Kanda, the drama program was selling cookies in front of the grocery store, and you know I couldn't turn them down. Then when I was walking back home, I passed by the coffee shop on Third Street, and the Celibacy club was selling cakes, and I couldn't turn them down either-"

"Well Moyashi, you certainly didn't follow the whole 'celibacy' thing in high school," Kanda snickered.

"Yeah, yeah. Well I'm not done. I then passed by the bakery on Green Street and the chorus was having a bake sale and I-"

"I get the point Moyashi; you can't say no to anyone and end up with piles of sugary shit that we both know you will end up eating in the middle of the night and getting the bed full of crumbs."

Allen stuck his tongue out and began putting the sweets away.

"Hey Allen," Kanda said softly.

Allen looked up curiously as the use of his real name, "Yeah?"

Kanda paused and looked seriously at Allen as he tried to figure out the best way to word the big news.

"Kanda?" Allen prompted, looking at Kanda wide eyed, "What is it? You're scaring me."

Kanda took a deep breath through his nose and closing his eyes or a second before opening them just as fast, the dark irises concerned, "Tiki got out of prison."

Allen blinked twice then darted out of the kitchen and into the bedroom. Kanda looked at the door in concern walked over to it before rapping on the wood, "Allen, open up."


"Allen…" Kanda said more quietly, resting his forehead against the flat surface of the door, "Please?"

Finally, the door opened slowly, Allen poking his head out and letting Kanda in. Kanda sighed and walked in before Allen could close the door again. He walked over to Allen, who at this point was staring intently at the hardwood flooring. Kanda sighed and wrapped his arms around his smaller partner.

"Allen, you know I won't let him get to you again, right?" He asked, breathing in the scent of Allen's hair.

"Kanda I know that you won't let him hurt me, but…"

"But what, Baka Moyashi?"

"Tiki was crazy, when he lost the case, he just smiled and said that he would get us back for what we did to him, you remember, you were there."

Kanda sighed, recognizing the fact that Allen was right, "I know Allen."

"You're also in danger," Allen said, his voice muffled by Kanda's shirt, "And it's all my fault…"

Kanda pulled away from Allen, angry, "What the hell Moyashi?! Don't you dare say that again, you know full well that it isn't your fault and that it was completely Tiki's responsibility."

"Kanda, if I hadn't been there, if I didn't do what he told me to do then-"

Kanda silenced Allen by pressing a long finger to the rambling male's lips, "Stop right there…"

Allen closed his watery eyes and nodded.

"Everything is going to be fine, stop being the baka Moyashi that you are and don't worry about me. I have had ten years to build up my hatred for Tiki, so if he comes after me I will castrate him for what he did. Second, if he has the gall to come after you then I will make sure he pays tenfold for what he did, and then some."

Allen nodded and smiled weakly wrapping his arms around Kanda.

"We'll be fine."

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