"PARTY!" shouted Jake before throwing his bottle to the ground.

Sting, who was on the couch, also throw his transparent bottle of alcohol to the floor and let go a loud festive scream.

The other Dominators, stayed quiet and just watch the two boys.

"Come on, guys." Jake jump from the chair where he was standing up "Drink."

Gigante, Glenn and David were holding glasses full of a transparent liquid that they know it was vodka.

"I don´t know." Gigante look at David. "What do you thing, big bro?"

David put down his glass on the table behind them. "I´m out of here." He was almost leaving the living room, when Jake grab him for behind. "What the…"

"Now, Sting."

The scorpion user appeared in front of the Herculeo user and forced him to drink the liquid from an orange bottle where was a labor saying "Liquor".

The red hair boy let go of him after he finished drinking the whole bottle. David coughed and tried to catch his breath.

"You are crazy." He screamed to the two boys that were laughing madly.

"Now then." Jake turned two the Gigante and Glenn "It´s your turn."

Gigante drank all until the last drop and Glenn took some sips.

David was feeling dizzy so he leaned against the wall, trying to get back his balance.

"Let´s get this party started." Jake screamed and turned on the radio very loud.

Two hours after …

The living room was a chaos. Jake and Sting were embracing each other while dancing, the two very drunk and laughing for no reason.

Gigante wasn´t drunk, although he had drank five glasses. His attention was turn to David and Glen who were sitting on the couch.

David was blushing because of the liquor and Glenn got easily drunk after two glasses.

"Tell me, Glenn…" started the Herculeo user "Do you still have a crush on Odin?"

"Oh please. That traitor? He can be handsome but I will never forgive him for replacing me for Sho."

"He doesn´t know what he lost." David touched the phoenix user muscle chest.

"Do you want to touch more?" Glenn open his shirt and exhibited his full upper body, allowing David hands trailed his skin.

Gigante was getting jealous and was almost interfering when the phoenix user got up from the couch with his shirt covering his chest again.

"Let´s dance." He dragged the black hair teen to middle of the living room, where Sting and Jake were making out while still dancing.

Glenn was shorter than David, but he was commanding the dance with his arm around the other teen waist.

"You are really slim. How do you keep yourself in shape?"

"I exercise a lot in my free time." answered David.

"I really would like to see your body without clothes."

Gigante heard this and this time he was really going to get in the middle. He was getting close to them when David leaned over and whispered something to Glenn ear.

The red hair smiled and the two teens walked out of the living room, ignoring Gigante who was standing next to them.

The taller boy was now alone in the living room with Jake and Sting who ended up falling to the floor and fell asleep, with the serpent user resting his head on the scorpion user chest.

´I must follow them.´ he left the room and run upstairs where it was his and David room.

The door was closed, so Gigante spy through the keyhole. He could identify Glenn body that was on top of his big brother body. The two were kissing.

Gigante step back and put his hand over his chest where his heart was located. Tears started forming on his eyes and fall from his chin.

To be continued….

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