Sting wanted to get up but the weight of Jake, who was sleeping on his chest, wouldn´t let him. Eventually, he gave up and just play with the serpent user red hair.

Gigante entered the living room, stepping over some cracks of glass that were on the floor.

"Gigante, help me." Sting asked.

But the taller boy just kept walking and made his way to the kitchen.

The scorpion user potted "Guess I will have to do this by myself."

He came closer to the serpent user forehead and give a slight kiss. That made Jake wake up immediately.

"Sting!" he brushed his hand on the place he was kissed. "That´s gross."

"You didn´t complain about that French kiss yesterday." Sting smirked.

"That´s different."

"How?" now the scorpion user was curious.

"A kiss on the forehead is something people give to each other when they are in love."

"And a French kiss?"

"That´s only for pleasure." Jake smile but Sting didn´t smile back.

For a while the two stay quiet until the red hair get up and went to the kitchen.

The silver hair teen stayed sit on the floor.

That´s all he was for Jake? A simple thing that he uses to get pleasure?

He touched his lips and the memories of last night instantly come to his mind. Sting really enjoy kissing Jake because the serpent user mouth still had sugar from the candies he ate before and that made the kiss very sweet for him.

"Are you going to stay there or are you going to eat something?" Jake question snap him out of his thoughts.

He get up and entered the kitchen where Gigante was sit on the table and staring at his plate with pancakes without eating one.

Jake was frying eggs and bacon. Sting didn't like to eat very much so he just filled a cup with milk and leaned against the wall, watching the red hair cooking.

Suddenly, he started to feel a huge headache, that made him put his free hand on his head.

"Let me guess. Your first hangover?" Jake smirked and took out of his pocket some white smalls squares that he handover to Sting. "This is going to ease your headache."

"Why don´t you have one?" asked the silver hair teen while taking the pills.

"I got used to drink alcohol that I stopped having hangovers." He turned to Gigante. "I´m impressed how the alcohol didn´t affect you very much."

The blue hair boy didn´t say anything.

"Hey, I´m talking to you." Jake come closer and now he could see Gigante red eyes. He was crying.

Before the red hair could ask, a new person walk inside the kitchen.

"Good day, everyone." said Glenn.

His entrance made Gigante finally look up. The younger brother of David first intention was to tackle down Glenn but he kept calm.

"Where is Big Bro?" asked Gigante.

"On his room. His head really hurts. That bottle of liquor was too much for him."

"Give some of this pills and he will be better." Jake took again the white little squares from his pocket.

Before Glenn could pick them, Gigante took them from the serpent user hand.

"I take care of it." the taller boy left the division and went upstairs.

Glenn started eating the pancakes Gigante left on the plate.

"So Glenn." Jake sat next to him.

"Yes?" Glenn looked at him very suspicious.

"What happen between you and David?"

The tanned boy almost choked up with the food.

"Come on tell us." Sting sat on the table too. "Did he scream in agony? Did he cried? Did he beg you to stop?"

"Are you asking about if I had sex with him or if I tortured him?" Glenn sweat drop.

"So you went the bed with him." Jake smirked.

"Yes, but he were really drunk and most of the things I don´t remember."

"One question." The serpent user said.


"Which one was on top?"

Glenn punch made the red hair fall to the floor and knock him unconscious.

The phoenix user kept eating his breakfast while Sting just kept staring at Jake body lying on the floor.


Gigante reached to his and his brother room and open the door. David was sleeping with his back turn and the blue blanket covering his naked body, leaving only his shoulders exposed.

"Big bro." Gigante shacked carefully his brother to wake him up.

The black hair teen opened his eyes and sat up, touching his forehead with his hand.

"Don´t talk so loud, Gigante."

"Sorry." The blue hair boy opened his hand to show the pills. "Take this to help you headache."

David took all of them without needing water to swallow.

"What time is it?"

"Nine o´clock." Gigante answered.

The Herculeo user got off the bed and walk to the bathroom.

Even if the two always take bathes together as kids, Gigante never could stop blushing whenever he saw his brother slim naked body.

"Have you already eaten breakfast?"

Gigante took a while to answer "No."

"Wanna join me in the shower then?"


"I would like to have someone to wash my back."

"Okay, then."

Gigante started taking his clothes, while David entered the shower.

"Coming in, big bro."

The taller boy stepped in. The black hair teen was already very wet with water which really made him look very good.

"What´s wrong, Gigante?"


"Then came closer or you won´t be able to get wet."

The blue hair boy took his brother place under the shower. After a while, David sit in a chair and Gigante sat behind them, ready to wash his back.

He always loved to touch his big bro skin, it was so soft.

A red mark on David neck caught his attention. He knew who had done it; Glenn.

"Gigante, you are squeezing my shoulder."

Gigante didn´t realize he was gripping his brother left shoulder.


When they finished the bath, they walk out of the bathroom.

David had a blue rob that only reached his knees while Gigante dress his outfit again.

´I have to say it now.´ though Gigante.

"Big bro…"

"Yes, Gigante."

"I love you."

"I love you too, Gigante." David gave his younger brother a smile.

"But I really love you."

The black hair teen stayed quiet.

"From the very deep of my heart." Gigante said.

David this time didn´t smile to him, instead he laughed like he had heard a very fun joke.

Gigante could feel his heart breaking again just like last night when he saw Glenn and David kissing.

His brother didn´t believe he really loved him.

"Sorry, big bro."


Before David could do anything, Gigante throw his brother to the bed, which caused his blue robe to open a little exposing his full chest.


"I´m sorry, big bro."


He was silence by a kiss from his younger brother.