Will P.O.V.

Yes! He shouted as he jumped around for joy.

He was going to Skandia with Alyss, Halt, and Lady Pauline.

Halt came in wearily and asked what was going on.

In return Will decided to toss the letter over to him.

He was so excited, he was finally going to meet his good friend Erak the Oberjal in Skandia.

Halt looked over it wearily.

"Will we're going tomorrow?"

"Yep, Will replied."

But I still need to apologize to Lady Pauline.

"Well better get onto it or you will be packing yourself."

Halt left grumbling something about apprentices and wives.

Will let his mind wonder and thought about how he was going to explain all of this to Alyss.

The Next Day

"Will I'm home!", Alyss called as she walked through the hallway.

Will was hiding from his wife, hoping to surprise her.

As luck would have it, at that exact moment Ebony started barking and Alyss following the dog found Will wrapped in his ranger cloak.

Will still thought that Alyss was trying to find him got up thinking of returning but immediately saw Alyss and tried to run away.

Alyss caught him and kissed him.

Will kissed her back and they eventually broke apart and decided to go to Jenny's diner for a bite to eat.

Will then prepared himself to explain.

Alyss, listened for a while than said,"Will that was a short notice but since I love you I am going along with it."

Will was relieved and he decided to start preparing.


Halt entered their home hoping his wife (Lady Pauline) was not home and he could cook dinner but alas the heavens were not with him today as all he got for dinner was a bowl of cold soup and a note.

Halt, until you are ready to apologize this will be your daily dinner.

P.S. I know about the trip to Skandia and I am coming, even if I am not talking to you.

Halt now knew that it was time to stop being stubborn and apologize.

He braced himself for the humiliation and started begging near the door to their bedroom for her to take her back.

Pauline could hear him through the door and was surprised that Halt would do that.

She had even forgotten what they were fighting about.

So she opened the door and kissed him, letting him know that all was forgiven.