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Year 2024

Earth is in ruins. The apocalypse has ravaged the world to the point that a small fraction of the original population is left in existence. Some of those that have survived the apocalypse struggle to cope with what their world has become. Some of those that have survived have mutated, have become what the humans know as the Inhuman.

The Inhuman are unlike any human. Though they might look human, each of them have dangerous abilities-abilities that could endanger human lives. No one knows how one becomes an Inhuman; one day they are still human, and the next day they have become something else. A certain organization has dedicated themselves to lock up these Inhuman, experiment with them and make them fight each other to the death to amuse them; as well as to perhaps even try to make them become human again. Those Inhuman locked up either wish to stay the same, or to be human.

Those that try to escape the organization have never made it out. But as for their newest Inhuman crawling into the prison of this organization, perhaps the ones originally imprisoned might have a chance to escape and live freely.


I. Angel

A young woman was brought into the headquarters. She was stripped of what she had, and forced to put on a gown of pale white, matching the wings that extended from her shoulder blades. Black handcuffs held her wrists behind her back and chained her ankles together, restraining her from trying to fight the ones leading her down the long hallway. Her long, orange hair was let down (apparently the people who confiscated her things thought that rubber bands would serve as a lethal weapon of the sort) and the only things she had now besides the gown she wore were the underclothing she had underneath.

"Move along now." One of the security officers; a woman in her early twenties with long black hair, snapped at the young one. "You are to be put through a physical examination by Dr. Kirisaki soon. I won't have you acting on such nasty behaviour in front of him. Understand?"

The orange-haired woman just nodded once and rolled her eyes. Whoever the heck this Kirisaki was, he better not try to prod her with anything or cuff her even more. That would just piss her off wholly, and she wouldn't mind beating him to nothing if he tried to pull anything on her.

She was brought into some sort of laboratory, and told that Kirisaki would arrive shortly. They then closed the door, and she heard the click of the door being locked. She was alone, with nothing but machines around her.

Why am I here? I mean, I get the fact that I'm Inhuman, but...It's not fair! It's not fair to just go and lock up-

Her thoughts were interrupted as soon as the door opened. Stepping into the room was a tall man, with long, blond hair that trailed down to his waist. He wore a white lab coat, with black pants and shirt underneath. The blond bangs covered some of his face from her view, but she noticed his light blue eyes, with a slight bit of nervousness emannating from them. Looking at his facial expression, she knew that he must be slightly in awe of her appearance, and maybe a little scared, too. He held a clipboard in one hand, and a pen attached to it with a small piece of rope.

The colour black just doesn't really seem to suit this guy. Monica thought as the man closed the door behind him, before taking a couple steps towards her until he was standing a few paces in front of her. He doesn't seem like the gloomy type...But he's definitely somewhat scared of me. At least he's trying to be nice and hide it from me, even though he's failing immensely.

"Um...Good morning, Miss..." He looked at the clipboard briefly, before looking up at her. "Miss Adenauer." He spoke quietly.

"Please, call me Monica. Miss Adenauer just makes me sound like an old lady!" She responded, crossing her arms as best as she could while they were shackled.

He nodded once, helping Monica remove the shackles from her ankles and wrists. "My apologies, Miss Monica. I am Dr. Sylvan Kirisaki, and I will be giving you your physical examination, as Commander Yukino may have mentioned earlier before dropping you off here."

He was definitely being polite, Monica figured, and he definitley was not as rude as Yukino. He seemed to be a more trustworthy person, and Monica knew that he probably didn't seem the type to be pulling any lethal weapon on her anytime soon, as long as she didn't do anything to upset him. She figured that talking with him would be okay. Even if he did try to hurt her, she would just punch the lights out of him before he could.

"Yukino is that hag's name?" Monica asked as Sylvan gestured to her to sit down on a nearby table.

"Yes, and please don't call her a hag. She would get you killed for that." Sylvan responded as he pulled a chair over from a nearby desk for him to sit on. He wrote down a few things on his clipboard, before continuing. "Yukino is a high-ranking Commander of this organization, and she has the authority to do whatever she wants, as long as she has permission from the organization leader. If she asked him to get you killed and he permitted it, you would be dead by the next day."

The two were silent as he scribbled down a couple more notes on the clipboard, and then he got up from his chair, putting the clipboard aside, before walking over to a cupboard and opening it to reveal a large, white sheet. "Um...I know this is going to sound really weird, but could you please remove your gown and bra? You can-you can cover yourself up with this." He muttered quietly, blushing a bit with embarassment as he extended the sheet to her. "I-I mean, this is a physical examination, and I know it's probably embarassing for you but we all have to go through it...At least, all of us had to when we had other doctors to examine us prior to the apocalypse, Miss Adenauer...I won't look. Honest."

Monica let out a sigh. Of course I should have realized something like this would turn up... She thought to herself as she first removed the gown before taking off her bra. The older man looked away, embarassed as he extended the sheet to her and grasped it firmly, before wrapping it around her so it covered her chest. She was then asked to lie down on the table and keep still.

She heard the click and whrr of a machine slowly coming to life, before a soft buzz echoed through the lab. Must be a scanner, She figured. Probably doing X-rays...

The machine stopped, and then she heard Sylvan speak. "Okay, we're done with that. You can reclothe yourself now." Monica nodded as she sat up, before removing the sheet and reclothing herself quickly. She looked up to see Sylvan looking at newly printed pictures (probably of her x-ray), before he attached them to his clipboard and wrote down some notes before speaking. "You're perfectly healthy. You have the blood type AB, your bones are perfectly stable, heartbeat normal..." He smiled a little. "Everything's fine."

It seemed weird that x-rays could now identify blood types and the conditions of functioning organs, but before the apocalypse there was quite an advance in medical technology, to the point that people could five times longer in all parts of the world than they could. Of course, that brought along more population problems, and everything spirled downwards from there. "Well, that's good I guess..." Monica responded, before pointing behind her back. "What about these?" She asked, pointing to her feathered white wings.

"Well...The wing structure isn't anything irregular, and it doesn't appear to be interferring with your body in any way...I believe it should be alright, but for safety's sakes please don't try to sleep on your back too much. I fear it might bring too much pressure on the wings and most likely hurt you later on if you do so." Sylvan responded, before putting down his clipboard again. "I'll be right back, Miss Monica. Please don't wander off, I still have a few more things that need to be done. And..." He gestured to a nearby plate of cookies, on a table nearby. "You can go ahead and eat some. And before you start suspecting me of putting poison or the like, I can assure you I'm not going to kill you. I don't have the authority to kill anyone here." Monica nodded as he walked to another door and opened it, before walking into the room and closing it behind him.

Before Monica could start pondering about what could Sylvan be doing now, or deciding whether she should go grab a cookie and eat it or not, she heard a quiet rattling, echoing through the air vents. She looked up, and the rattling slowly got louder, getting closer until-

A figure with blond hair tied back in a short ponytail suddenly dropped through the air vent above, and he landed on the floor on both clawed feet. He looked around, before eyeing the plate of cookies. "Yes! Sylvan baked cookies today!" He cheered, before snatching the plate of cookies off the table and swiftly stuffing two of the cookies into his mouth. "Mmm...Hmm...Good." He muttered as he continued scarfing down the cookies. "Thumprint cookies with jam...They're good...Man, Sylvan always makes really tasty baked goods..." He then looked up, seeing Monica. His eyes widened slightly, and he swallowed before speaking. "Oh, sorry. Were the cookies for you?" He asked, handing out the plate of cookies towards Monica.

"Um...Yes." Monica responded awkwardly. She stood, continuing to stare at him. "Who are you?"

His eyes seemed to flash red for a moment, before he spoke. "You don't know who the heck I am?!" He exclaimed, nearly dropping the plate of cookies in the process. "Everyone knows me here! I'm Spencer Henry Houko, a.k.a. Shachihoko! Well, I guess I'm more known to the stupid organization housing me here as Inhuman number 203." He paused, before asking, "Hey...What's your number?"

"Uh..." Monica looked down at her white gown, reading the black number at the side of the collar. "204."

"So you're the newbie!" Shachihoko responded, grinning. "Man, I never thought I'd see some Inhuman look like an angel! You look pretty decent, despite being Inhuman, you know! I mean...You've got wings!" He spoke excitedly, pointing at her white feather wings. "That's awesome, you know! And they're kind of pretty, too-though not as pretty as you completely!"

Monica blushed slightly at the compliment, and she nodded once. "You've got scales..." Monica trailed off, looking at Shachihoko more closely. She had a point about that; as Shachihoko's skin did look like the lime-green scales of a reptile. She also noticed his eyes were flashing red occasionally, and his hands and feet were clawed. He wore the same white uniform as her, except in the form of a t-shirt and trousers.

Shachihoko looked down at himself, before responding. "Yeah, yeah, I know...I swear I looked a lot better before I became an Inhuman. But before that, I wasn't able to crawl through those air vents, you know? I think I like being an Inhuman. Sure, there are probably tons of people that hate being Inhuman and want to get back to normal, but I think I could get used to it for the rest of my life."

Monica glanced at her wings, before responding. "I'm not so sure if I could..." She trailed off quietly.

"I bet you will. Hey, can you fly with those things?" Shachihoko asked, walking a bit closer to her and starting to extend a hand towards one of her white feathery wings.

"Umm...I'm not sure-"

"Shachihoko, please unhand the cookies and Miss Monica before I am forced to shoot you with a dart tainted with narcotics." The two turned to see Sylvan, pointing a small handgun at Shachihoko as he walked towards them.

Shachihoko just let out a groan. "Sylvan, c'mon! She's the newbie around here! Can't I at least say hello and tell her a bit about this place?" He spoke as he literally just dropped the plate of cookies onto the ground. Sylvan just face-palmed himself, letting out a quiet sigh as he put the gun aside on the table where the cookies once were.

"First, it's alright to say hello, but try to give me a warning beforehand if you're going to go visit newcomers." Sylvan started. "And second, when I meant to unhand the cookies, I did not mean for you to literally drop them onto the ground! Inhuman number 148 is next, and you know he hates it if there are no cookies for him to eat!"

Shachihoko let out a breath. "You mean Katsuo, the pig dude? That sucks...Sorry 'bout the cookies. Hey, maybe I could bake a new batch of cookies for you while you're examining him-"

"Dr. Kirisaki. Is 204's examination done?" The three turned to see Commander Yukino walk into the room. She looked at the three icily, but her look was more towards Kirisaki, who nodded once.

"Yes, Commander. 204 is perfectly healthy, and her wings, they-"

"I see." Yukino cut him off, before gesturing to the shackles. "Shackle her. And that boy-" She glanced at Shachihoko with a look of disgust. "What is he doing here?"

"Well, Commander, I needed the assistance and he had the time to drop in to help. Inhuman number 148 is hard to handle on occasion, especially if there are no cookies for him. Unfortunately," He pretended to glare at Shachihoko, but Monica noticed the humor in his eyes, "He ate all of them, so I was going to make him bake a new batch before 148 arrived for his examination."

"I see. You two can continue with whatever you do, and you are coming with me." Yukino finished, glancing at Monica, who was being re-shackled by Sylvan. Monica nodded once, staying silent. As she was ushered out of the room by Yukino, she turned to glance at Shachihoko and Sylvan. Shachihoko waved a little to her while Sylvan gave a quiet nod of respect, watching her go silently.

As soon as Shachihoko and Sylvan were the only people left in the room, Shachihoko spoke up.

"Hey, Sylvan, did Monica have some nice curves underneath her uniform?"

Sylvan blushed with embarassment. "I-I did not look while giving the X-ray, Shachihoko, I am no pervert like you are-" He started, but Shachihoko cut him off.

"Eh, it's okay. I bet she does anyway. And who are you calling pervert, you doctor who gets to see how-many-bodies every day for physical examinations?" Shachihoko questioned, letting out a chuckle as the doctor continued blushing.

Sylvan let out a quiet sigh. "Please shush and go bake some cookies. Katsuo will be here soon, 203."

The green-skinned teen just shrugged, before walking towards a nearby door. "Whatever you say, doctor."