Chapter 31…..The Fall and the Rise

Well I told you guys that the last chapter was my pure fluffy gift to you! Too much sitting around and not enough action! I can't believe that we have come to the end of this story. It really was fun to write but I know it's come to the end. I might do a few one shoots if you guys ask to go with this one, but I'm happy where this one led me.

I still get blown away by all the love for this one! Thank you guys for every second you gave this story. I hope I ended this one just right! Sigh….hope you enjoy!


Fear. That's what the feeling was as Beth and Carol pumped their legs running through the compound both kids in their arms. Fear. They had been almost to the school when the sirens went off. They saw the first walker just as they picked up the kids. A herd the size they had never seen before had blindsided them coming out of the woods on the east side of the wall. The sure size of the herd was enough to knock down a weakness in the wall.

So they ran, as fast as they could. Beth made the house first, throwing open the door she saw that Glenn and Maggie already had the babies packed and ready to go. Beth clung to MJ, "Where is MERLE?"

Before Glenn could answer her, Merle came running up the walkway with walker guts and blood all over him, "Here, we're right here. Got to get the fuck out of here." He grabbed Beth's hand and drug her toward the SUV, "COME ON!"

Beth cling to MJ as Merle pushed her into the SUV. When he got into the vehicle he grabbed her hand, "We're gonna be fine sugar, just hold the fuck on." Beth squeezed his hand and nodded, she knew it would be fine. They might be running but this time Merle was by her side.

Carol was almost to the house when she saw Carl come running across the field with his girlfriend Angel. Carol was so relieved to see him, she hugged him, "We have to go!"

Carl nodded, "Angel's parents….."

Carol looked at the young girl's face and knew that the worse had happened. Carol nodded, "It's alright sweetie, you're part of our family now. Come on you two."

As they ran down the street, she saw Daryl standing in front of the house taking down walker after walker, when he saw her and May; he thought he would die of happiness. He waved to them, "COME ON WE AIN'T GOT ALL DAY!"

Carol ran as fast as she could. Daryl opened the door to their SUV pushing Carol and May in, he motioned to Carl to get him and Angel in the back. Daryl ran over two walkers backing up out of the drive, he quickly fell in behind Merle and Glenn. It took hours for them to work through the maze of walkers and cars, but they finally regrouped twenty miles outside of New Zoar. In the distance they

Daryl pulled Carol and May into his side, kissing both their heads. At least they had each other and that was worth more than anything else. Daryl looked over at Glenn, "Canada?"

Glenn nodded, "Yeah Canada."


Ten years later New Toronto Compound

Daryl sighed as he pulled himself out of bed. He could hear everyone else up downstairs and he smiled. Who would've thought things would be this way for him. At the end of the world he had everything he never thought he wanted. He had the respect of the small community they had.

Not long after the fall of New Zoar, Carl and Angel had followed them to Canada. Once they found the old ski lodge in the heart of the Canadian wildness Carl had left to go find his dad. Carl didn't want his father to go to New Zoar and see that everything was gone. When Carl returned two months later, his father and Michonne were in tow with a small dark skinned baby that had Rick's eyes. Rick had quickly taken over running the New Toronto compound, while Daryl took on the role of head of security. They ended up over the past ten years building a wall that surrounded the large forty acres of land and their numbers went from twelve to ninety.

With the help of Daryl and Merle they were able to get the old generator running and now most of the compound had electricity and running water. Though they still had trouble from time to time, but still a hot shower once in awhile is better than never.

Merle had taken over the role of grounds manager. He had his hand in every pot, making sure that everyone had what they needed and that any repairs got done. Daryl had been so surprised with the changes that being with Beth had done to his brother. Now Merle was pushing sixty he was slowing down, he and Beth had three more boys after MJ. They had MJ, Wallace, Michael, and Adam. Their biggest surprise came just last fall. It had been five years since Adam's birth and Beth was shocked when she ended up pregnant again. Baby Eden was born screaming into the world on a cold October morning and that little girl had her daddy wrapped around her finger. At a year old she went everywhere with Merle, well honestly all his kids went everywhere with him. Merle had turned into quite the daddy. Beth couldn't be happier, she ran the school in the compound and she loved the fact that she had such a large family.

Daryl loved the Dixon brother hunting trips because now they had a ton of boys heading into the woods with them. Not just Merle's bunch, but also Carl's son Richard Daryl. Carl said that he was named after his two fathers, which made Daryl beam with pride. Daryl and Carol had added to their bunch, two sons Hunter and Trap were born one year after they reached New Toronto. Carol had really struggled with the boy's birth and they knew she would never have another baby after them, but Carol didn't care. She loved her little family. So now when he and Merle hunted they drug along the whole group. Daryl chuckled every time he remembered the first time that Trap got his first squirrel, the kid had beamed for a week.

Daryl never really wanted a large family but that was just what he had. He pulled on his clothes and headed downstairs stopping to kiss his daughter on the head, where she saw sitting on the stairs reading. May was growing into a beautiful woman and Daryl knew it was only a matter of time before he had to get his bow out and start shooting some assholes in the head for looking at her. At fourteen she looked like the perfect fusion of him and Carol, "Morning peaches."

May smiled at her father, "Morning daddy. Go with God in there, the boys are being holy terrors and momma is at her wits end."

Daryl chuckled, pushing open the kitchen door, to see his now fifty year old woman glaring at their sons, "HUNTER MATTHEW! TRAP MAYNARD! SO HELP ME GOD! If you don't stop throwing food I'll tell your father!"

Both boys froze when they saw their father standing in the doorway. Daryl had never once hit any of their children, but they all knew their daddy had a temper. Daryl glared at the two nine year old boys, "What the hell are y'all doing?"

Hunter stood up quickly, "Just picking up pa."

Trap shook his head, "On it momma. See we got this."

Daryl walked toward his wife, smirking, he wrapped his arms around her waist, kissing her neck, "Grab me a plate, I'll get us coffee. Let's eat outside while these two CLEAN UP." His last two words pointed at the two boys who were now running around picking up the kitchen for their mother.

Carol laughed, grabbing two plates and joining her husband on the back porch. She sat down leaning her head on his shoulder, looking out at the mountains in the distance, "Thank you. I thought I might have to kill them this morning."

Daryl chuckled, "Not a problem. You know how boys are. Hell ya been leaving with one for over seventeen years now."

Carol stared into his eyes, smiling softly, "It has been that long hasn't it."

Daryl swallowed down a mouthful of food, "Yup. Guess you're stuck with me now."

Carol nodded, leaning in to kiss her husband, "Yup, I guess I am."

May stood in the doorway smiling at her parents as they kissed. May never knew the world before the walkers, and she wasn't sure she would want to know that world. All she knew was she grown up surrounded by people who worked hard and loved with every part of their being. She sighed, as she closed the door, her parents deserved a few minutes alone. May watched as the boys finished up cleaning the kitchen and she smirked, the boys were lucky they didn't get killed that morning. Because everyone knows her momma was a Dixon, and nothing can kill a Dixon but a Dixon.

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