This story is my attempt in exploring the thought processes of a young girl. It is also a gift for my bestest friend on the internet; Idle Writer of Crack. I wrote this without any specific plot in mind. I just imagined a situation where a girl unwittingly falls in love with a guy and that was it. Please enjoy.

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Something wasn't right. I know that much but why was this happening? Why now? And more importantly, how did this happen?

Yesterday I saw him carry two bags of groceries into his house. Alright. I had seen him plenty of time. Nothing big, really. I was watering my plants; it was a hot day, yesterday was.

He was wearing a simple white T-shirt with a V-neck. I'm not sure how I remembered all this little details but I did. The material was really thin, I thought, because when he stretched his arms, I could clearly see the colour of his nipples through the T-shirt.

They were coral pink?

I blushed whenever I thought about this particular detail. Why was I thinking about his nipples when I was supposed to make breakfast?

I shook my head vigorously before I cracked another egg into the frying pan.

Like I said, something was wrong with me.

"Hinata, are you alright?"

Suddenly, Neji's palm was on my forehead. Gently pushing his hand away, I shook my head, "I'm fine."

Neji threw me a sceptical look but shrugged it off and went to sit at the kitchen table. With Neji out of the way and the fried eggs safely laid out on the table, I went back to the problem at hand.

It had been bugging me so much last night that I couldn't sleep a wink. I looked terrible, I thought, after I saw my reflection on one of the glass doors of the kitchen cabinet. No wonder Neji was concerned.

"Morning Hinata," Hanabi yawned a greeting as she took a seat next to Neji.

"Good morning Hanabi," I greeted, trying to sound as cheerful as always. It must have sounded anything but because Hanabi took a curious look at me and laughed.

"Woah, you look like you just got raped!"

"Hanabi! What kind of a comparison is that?" Neji had a comical scandalized look on his face and I can't help but giggle softly despite Hanabi's vulgar comment.

"I couldn't sleep last night," I offered a simple explanation. They didn't have to know why though.

When I stepped outside my front door I panicked. He was there leaning against the hood of his car while listening to his iPod. There was definitely something wrong with me. I need to fix this fast!

I didn't know how to react and it drove me crazy as to why. It wasn't like he noticed me. It was a wonder how we had lived next to each other for the past five years but had never once exchanged a word.

I lingered on my doorstep, though I wasn't sure what that would achieve. I chanced a glance at him again and noticed that he had his eyes closed. It was very fascinating, the way his bangs swayed gently by the breeze; he looked lovely.

There it was again!

I hurried into Neji's car and in my panic, slammed the door shut rather noisily. Neji just looked at me like I had grown another 300 heads. I paled.

"Wow now Hinata, what had gotten into your panties?"

"Hanabi!" Neji paled. We looked identical now, I bet.

I sneaked a glance at him, hoping he didn't hear the slamming of my door. My heart skipped a bit.

His eyes were still closed. It didn't seem like he noticed. I breathed a sigh of relief. I could sense Neji's growing curiosity so I kept a straight face. Emboldened by his closed eyes, I kept my eyes on him as our car drove by his.

Right as we passed by him however... nothing happened. He still had his eyes shut. I didn't know why I felt so disappointed.

The school bell rang signalling the start of the first class. I dropped my head onto my desk, 'Why do I feel so down?' I was about to add something along the lines of "I have never felt anything like this before" but that would be a lie. I know exactly what my problem was. I just didn't want to admit it.

I was starting to fall for my next-door neighbour.

"What a drag!"

I snapped my head to the right. It seemed that Shikamaru had accidentally spilled water on his desk.

Neji and Hanabi had after school activities so I had to walk home alone. Walking alone gave me some time to think about my current predicament. School had been especially unforgiving today, so I was distracted from my thoughts most of the time. I was sure I would have to pull an all-nighter tonight to get all the homework done.

Looking at my moving feet, I tried to pinpoint the exact moment my heart had decided to thump for him. I thought about last week when I saw him wash his car near sunset. No, that wasn't it. I could barely recall that moment. I thought about three days ago when I saw him jog pass our house from my bedroom window. Not that one too. I only spared him a second's glance.

Then I thought about yesterday and my feet stopped.

He wore that dastardly sheer white T-shirt yesterday. The shirt, the groceries, and the coral pink nipples.

A slight thrill ran down my spine as I cupped my burning face from mortification.

Many would think that it was weird of me to classify the act of falling in love slash developing a crush as a predicament. After all what normal 17 year old girl wouldn't want to be in love; especially with their attractive next door neighbour. That should be the ultimate dream setting!

Alas, as it would turn out, I wasn't a normal 17 year old girl.

Sighing, I tugged on a few strands of hair. When it came to me, falling in love meant not being able to breathe properly when in the presence of his person. While previously seeing him didn't mean anything, now it would burn my face with awkward shyness.

It was a feeling I hate the most. I shouldn't have fallen in love. I had been careless.

My heart started thumping violently as my house came into view. It felt like my chest was on the verge of bursting open and spilling my gooey insides all over the pavement. I slowed down and took deep breaths to pacify my heart.

I was afraid that he would be at his front porch. I was afraid that he would not be.

I didn't want to see him. I was dying to see him.

I was torn.

I was hurting.

When I arrived at the front of his house, it was empty. Dejected or elated, I wasn't sure, I continued walking to my door before throwing another quick glance at his house, just in case.

I really disliked being in love.

After two months of this agonizing torture, I decided that I had had enough. I had two choices. One was to get over him and the other was to get him to like me. I was slightly in favour of the latter but I was Hyuuga Hinata so I opted for the former.

I pushed my face into my pillow, muffling my distressed groan.

I was going to do my best to forget this silly crush.

"Hinata, where are you going dressed like that?" Neji was watering the plants when I stepped outside the house. He was wearing his funny-looking gardening hat and I fought hard not to laugh.

"I was feeling a bit restless so I thought I could run it off?" Neji raised an eyebrow but said nothing. I gave a slight wave and took off at his nod. I didn't usually wear short shorts in public but it was especially hot today so I braved it out.

I jogged to the park at a leisurely pace. When was the last time I had done this, taking some time for myself? I was already beginning to feel somewhat better and I hadn't even started to really run yet. This was going to work in my favour, I cheered inwardly.

It was Sunday so I wasn't surprised to see the park bursting with people, young and old alike. I disliked it because this meant that I would be seen in short shorts by half the town population. I liked it because they would help me distract myself from thinking about him.

I started running on the track.

Here's a goodbye to my life-ruining feelings. Goodbye.

I lied in my bed with an arm resting on my forehead. The ceiling fan can be pleasantly distracting. I closed my eyes and saw his face. In my mind's eye, he was looking at me. He had hair in his eyes, and he was smiling slightly.

"Hinata! It's time for dinner!" Hanabi's loud voice was muffled by the closed door, thankfully.

I sighed and got up.

So much for saying goodbye.

When I jogged back to my house, I was feeling much better. I thought I had done a wonderful job at forgetting him. I believed that my feelings was left somewhere on the jogging track back at the park. I was certain that that was the case because when I stopped and looked at his house, my heart didn't do anything weird.

So when I saw his front door opening, I didn't think much of it. And when he stepped into view, I almost shrugged verbally. But when he paused and directed his gaze at me, I had to stop myself from screaming and stomping my feet in rage.

Clearly, I had failed.

Because when our eyes met, all my previous feelings came rushing back into my head and heart. They came in heavy torrents, swirling and swishing around, effectively suffocating my thought processes. So I just stood there looking at him, channelling all my concentration into breathing deeply to avoid fainting.

He was looking at me. He had hair in his eyes, and he was smiling slightly.

It was unfair.

I pushed my food around my plate. My eyes were stinging, from what, wouldn't you want to know? It hurt. It hurt so much. I couldn't swallow my food. Whatever was swallowed wanted to come back up.

I was hurting.

"Hinata, may I know what's bothering you?"

And it showed.

"I thinkā€¦ I pushed myself too much, at the park I mean. I'm just very tired, Neji."

I wasn't lying, but I wasn't completely honest either.

He was smiling. It was a very small smile. Was he really smiling? Should I smile back? What if he wasn't smiling at me? Maybe there was someone behind me?

I turned around but there wasn't anyone else there. Then I turned back to him.

He was already at his car. He didn't even wait for me to turn back to face him. Maybe he didn't expect me to.

It wasn't his fault but it still hurt and I hated him for it. I walked to the front door and unlocked it just as he got into his car. I was meaning to walk into the house without looking back, but when I heard the shutting of his car door, I couldn't stop myself.

I put my hands behind my back, leaned my back against the door and watched him drive off.

That night I cried myself to sleep.

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