Another month had passed.

I was walking home alone again. Hanabi was away on a class trip to the museum and Neji was representing the school at a Karate tournament in another prefecture. Dark clouds were beginning to gather up in the gloomy sky. I quickened my pace.

By the time I reached my doorsteps, I was already half-soaked by the unforgiving rain. I fumbled through the contents of my school bag, trying to find my key. I gritted my teeth and resisted the violent urge to kick the door.

"Why why why why why!"

I brought my head towards the darkening sky and let the rain drops pelt harshly against my face. I placed my bag somewhere the rain could not reach before settling on the steps. Cupping both my hands, I gathered the rain. I would just have to wait for father or Hanabi; whoever comes back first.

I was so tired. Hugging my knees together, I placed my head on it and shut my eyes. A few minutes later, I got transported back to the time when I first saw him wear the white T-shirt.

There was a soft tap on my shoulder. I shrugged it off. Don't wake me, don't wake me. I wanted to live in that dream forever.

"Hey, wake up."


It was father. It must be him. Why did he have to come back so soon?

I forced myself to open my eyes because father disliked being disobeyed. I tried to move my arms but they just fell stupidly to my sides. My legs were cramped so I couldn't move them either. It was so cold. I felt so weak.

I wanted so much to cry.

I managed to open my eyes to slits and groaned.

"Can you move?"

I lifted my head a bit and saw his blurry outline. I made a noise that sounded like a 'maybe' and let my head fall back on my knees. I tried to get up again but my legs gave away as I began to fall over.


Father swore. If I wasn't too far gone, I would have probably laughed so hard.

It had been two weeks since then.

The finals were close, and I was nose deep in my studies. I hadn't had time to think over the things that had happened. Father was somewhat furious, but I didn't care, much.

I was feeling happy again. I smiled.

Better finish this history essay fast!

When I came to it, I was confused of my surroundings. Everything seemed so different yet so familiar at the same time. The interior looked like my house but the furnishing was all wrong.

"So you're awake."


"Why were you sleeping in the rain?"

So it wasn't father. Sense had started coming back to me so I quickly put two and two together. He must've seen me sleeping like a hobo on my doorsteps, in the pouring rain, and decided to check up on me. Or at least, shake some sense into me. He must've thought I was crazy.


"Did you carry me here?" I wanted to know if he had touched me at all, save for that soft tap on my shoulder.

"No, I dragged you all the way back here. Now answer me; why did you sleep in the rain? Are you stupid?"

At this part of the conversation, I was starting to think over the whole meaning of my life. Or at least the whole meaning of this one-sided love I had grudgingly gone through. Why had I fallen in love with him in the first place? I didn't know him at all. And now that we're finally having a conversation, it struck me so much harder on just how much I didn't know about him.

I didn't know how his personality was like. I had fallen for him purely based on his physical attributes.

I was so disgusted with myself.

I was also disgusted with him!

"Why are you so rude?"

It was unfair. He didn't know what I had to go through just because he wore that stupid white T-shirt! And why did he have to wear it again right now? Why must he exist to torture me?

Yes I was stupid! I was stupid to like you just because of that T-shirt! I was stupid to fall for you!

"Hey hey hey! Stop crying… shit!"

It was all so unfair. I hiccupped.

"I didn't h-have my keys. I just fell asleep… you don't have to call me stupid."

He looked uncomfortable as I sobbed against the palm of my hand. He was just as awkward as Neji and father when it came to comforting a crying person. It was adorable enough to calm me down.

"I, well I shouldn't have said that."

He exited the living room and I heard his footsteps disappeared upstairs. I found it uncanny that he was also similar to Neji and father in the way they refuse to apologize directly.

He came back with a large towel and spare clothes for me to change into. After showing me to the bathroom, he left for the kitchen.

I did not understand this turn of events.

Was this a hint that my fate would entwine with him? Did this mean that I was meant to somehow be actively involved in his life as he was to be in mine? Or was this just a fleeting moment; just a taste of something that I could have had if I had been more proactive and pursued him instead of wallowing in self-pity.

After changing into the spare clothes that he had thoughtfully given me, I decided to join him in the kitchen. I believed that this was but a fleeting moment. I would never get to have this again. We would just pretend that this never happened and carry on with our lives. I believed this, because life was never that kind.

I threw myself on my bed and hugged a pillow. I wasn't sure I did a good job on that history assignment but I was too tired to go and proof read it. I rolled on my back and stared at the ceiling fan. It was indeed very calming.

It had been two weeks since that happened. It was like a dream; sitting in his kitchen, drinking the coffee he made. He looked absolutely lovely in that shirt though it was still slightly wet from the rain. I wondered why he didn't change into something else.

His nipples were clearly showing through the sheer fabric and I had to remind myself every time not to stare. They were a lovely shade of pink. I never knew I had male nipples fetish until I saw his. I was starting to wonder if I wasn't a pervert.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feel of the cool breeze on my face. I believed that we would never go back to that time. I believed it, but it didn't have to be true. How I wished it wasn't true.

That night, I fell asleep with memories of us drinking coffee together.

3 months later, I still found myself deeply in love with him. It was strange to be in love with someone you don't know. I had tried my best to avoid seeing him. I thought if I didn't see him I would forget what he looked like. If I forgot what he looked like, I would fall out of love with him. After all, I did fell in love with his outer appearance.

It was unfortunate though, that I failed again.

The only consolation was that I didn't hurt anymore. I had somehow learned to coexist with this unwanted feeling. I made peace with it, and it promised not to hurt me.

Or so I liked to think.

I suspected the real reason to be because I didn't see him at all for 3 months. Because, though I was still in love with him, the feeling was more dormant now. It was sleeping in the deepest part of my heart waiting for the sight of him to water it into life again.

I intended for that to never happen.

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