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The sun is about to rise. I prop myself against the hard trunk, looking up into the sky and sigh. I've been out in the woods for three hours and still have nothing to show off for. Not that I care, since I'm not going into the wood to hunt in the first place.

It has been two weeks since that night and even though it drives me crazy to talk about what really happened that night, Peeta never brought it up to discuss and I don't dare to.

No, can't do. I don't talk about feeling, at least someone has set it on the table first and tries to stuff my face with it. No. I don't talk about it, I think about it. A lot. Even though I never got the right answer after any of it, I just usually end up with a headache and confused more than before I try to sort it out. I'm helpless.

But still I didn't sleep that night not only because I can't block any nightmares without Peeta but also because I stupidly trying to understand the reason, even as I knew already, in the end I ended up with nothing.

It's not like he pushed me away in the first place, he responded to it the way he always did, gentle but firm. He didn't go rigid as if he got an episode either, he enjoyed it, and as much as I did I believe. But, suddenly he just…

I guess he just too shocked by it as I did.

A lot of things happen between us after we came back to twelve. Working on the book, keeping our broken mind together, holding on to each other for sanity, embracing each other to ward away nightmares. Mend our relationship; growing back together, but no real romance yet until that kiss...

Why did I kiss him again?! I must be crazy. Yes he treats me with affection, but that doesn't mean he still loves me. He never said that he still loves me. He is just being nice. Being helpful. Since we just have each other to lean on, there is no other choice. As Haymitch, well… not so much to lean on.

And… I never love him that way, romantically I mean. Of course I care about him, a lot and I do need him. He is my anchor after all.

Is that really all? Is that the only way I want him to be, as my anchor? Then why did I feel that way when we kissed? Do I finally love him the way he did, before the hijacking?

But I don't want; I don't need that kind of relationship. The last time I lost him is horrible enough; I won't survive things like that ever again. Even though I don't lose him and I can keep him by my side; romance always leads to family, to children…

No. I don't love him that way. I do need him. I want him. He is my ally. The only one that will stay by my side, because we've been through so much together.

We survive together. We help each other back to their feet whenever they fall to their knees, we understand each other, we owe each other, we completed each other… we are compatible.

Ouch… thinking too much is hurt. It's not like I have to figure out the kiss anyway. Peeta said nothing about it. He doesn't treat me any differently either, he still come to eat and sleep at my place. His smile still warm and calming. Nothing is change, so that's it. It happened and that's it, no use to over think it. It won't do us any good.

"That's it," I mutter as I climb down the tree and walk back toward victor village. "Enough is enough."

Today is Peeta's bakery opening day. He has worked very hard for it for months; still there is so much to do. I better go home; he'll need every helping hand he can get.

"Back already? I thought I won't catch you before my shift ended," Kayle, the safeguard of one of twelve's gates, greets me as he opens the gate for me. "And yet, here you are right as my shift end."

He is a tall and sturdy young man with long auburn-colored hair that tied into simple horsetail behind his head. Not an original twelve, he came to twelve six months ago and just like Peeta, You can't ever blew him away. Kay is a very nice and polite guy; you'll have a lot of fun with him around.

No wonder Kay become Peeta's friend in an instant, they have so much in common and ever since the very first time he took a bite of Peeta's almond and peanut bread, he never get over the delicious taste. He is the very reason Mellark Bakery will be up and run once again.

I never really thought about it, but I consider him as a friend too. I don't have a lot of friend and when I did have, she blown up by capitol bomb and he blown my sister up in the capitol. So much for being my friend.

"You know I won't come home late today,"

"No, of course not. But don't you come home too little too empty-handed," Kay smirks. "Are you afraid nobody would touch your game today, Kat?"

I laugh. "Yeah, like you'll refuse my fresh-baked squirrel combine with Peeta's fresh loaf and Haymitch's apple sauce."

"Whoa… I won't dare to refuse such feast. I'll be shamed."

"No, I don't think you would."

We laugh as we walk back toward town square.

"I'll walk you back to the victor village, Peeta gonna need some help with stuff."

"Won't you need some sleep first, Kay?"

"Nope, can't do. He gonna need me, his best man, on a big day like today."

"Really?! Don't you just want to have the first bite of every thing Peeta baked," I chuckle.

"Who?! Me?! Wow… that's hurt Miss Everdeen, but you hit the jackpot," He laughs as I roll my eyes. Like I said, you'll have a lot of fun with him around.

We almost reach Peeta's house when the door open and a beautiful red-haired girl walk out the door followed by Peeta. I watch as they say their good-bye and before I could even brace myself for it, the girl tiptoeing and kiss Peeta.

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